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A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS is an After Holiday Hilarious Gift on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray/DVD and Digital HD along with STX Films and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the return of our favorite ladies to show us how to be part of 

The holidays have arrived and Amy (Mila Kunis) is hoping to have a quiet and comfy holiday with daughter Jane (Oona Laurence), son Dylan (Emjay Anthony) and boyfriend Jessie (Jay Hernandez) and his daughter Lori (Ariana Greenblatt). Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and Kiki (Kristen Bell) are also trying to hold down the home front.

Of course plans don’t apply to their Moms! Amy is distressed when Mom Ruth (Christine Baranski) shows up with Dad Hank (Peter Gallagher) in tow. Carla is happily surprised when Mom Isis (Susan Sarandon) arrives and Kiki breaks out in a sweat when Mom Sandy (Cheryl Hines) arrives wearing her face on a sweater.

Knowing this is going to be a holiday for the books, Amy, Kiki and Carla decide there is only one thing to do – have drink and do a little tearing up for themselves. Making sure they vent to each other before the madness gets out of hand, they make sure to do one last thing before leaving the mall because, well, Amy needs a tree!

Amy and mom don’t waste any time annoying each other as Ruth continually tells her daughter that she obviously doesn’t care about giving her kids an amazing Christmas. Kiki can not handle the smothering mom Sandy is doing to the point of visiting a therapist! Carla is thrilled to have her rebel mom around but Isis has her own agenda for the holiday visit.

All three women are pushed daily to their limits and it comes to a freeze when each must decide how to handle their respective mothers with boundaries and maybe a bit of alcohol as well.

Okay, a lot of alcohol!

Kunis as Amy is doing pretty well with her life and obviously happy with the continued relationship with Jessie. All seems to be going great with a quiet Christmas but that changes when Mom in the form of Christine Baranski, shows up. I love the combination of these two ladies as mother and daughter. Baranski is perfectly annoyingly adorable as Ruth and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hahn as Carla is, and it I have to admit this, is my favorite character of the three ladies. Probably because she doesn’t hold back much in the way of sarcasm and the joy of just loving life. Also, can I be any happier that she finds something special in the way of the very talented Ty played by Justin Hartley of This is Us television drama fame. Sarandon as Isis is also the perfect Mom to Carla and I also loved her calling b.s. when she heard it.

Bell as Kiki found herself in the first BAD MOMS and it shows in this film. Having a little more control over her life, that gets a little setback when Mom Sandy shows up. What is even more frightening is that Bell and Hines are perfection together! Hines uses that mom-guilt to its highest level and I’m thrilled when Kiki remembers who she is and sets her life straight again!

It’s nice to see Hernandez return as Jessie and put up with all the nonsense that Amy’s mother brings to the holidays. Gallagher as Amy’s Dad spends the film just letting things go along until he finally has a say about it all – and it’s pretty sweet. Lawrence returns as Jane who knows how to push Amy’s buttons, Anthony as Dylan loves the gifts and Cade Cooksey returns as Carla’s son Jaxon. 

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

The Bluray/DVD Features include an awesome Gag Reel, Additional Scenes, Crew Music Video and Trailers. Digital HD allows us all to watch anywhere we like on our televisions, computers, Tablets and even Smartphones.

Being busy over the holidays I didn’t have the opportunity to see this film in theatres so having the opportunity to see the Bluray was so much fun. I laughed so hard and couldn’t believe some of the topics these ladies decided to cover – including the apparently un-awkward talk between Carla, Ty and some hot wax. Yes, look for that because it’s worth ever jaw-dropping moment!

We have all had those moments during the holidays where the pressure makes us crazy, the gift buying is overwhelming, the gatherings mean baking as if we all don’t have enough to do and the star on the tree top is trying to remember that we love our crazy families no matter what.

These three ladies give us a few lessons on how to handle it all as A BAD MOM’S CHRISTMAS gives us 11 months to prepare!

In the end – celebrate the next holiday like a mother! 

THE JACKIE GLEASON SHOW In Color Brings Back an Icon of Comedy on DVD from Time Life

Jeri Jacquin

Time Life is bringing some of the best in comedy for the next generation as THE JACKIE GLEASON SHOW In Color comes in February.

John Herbert Gleason who came to be known as Jackie brought his unusual comedy styling’s through the character of Ralph Kramden the bus driver in the television series The Honeymooners. His life didn’t start out quite as funny being raised by a single mother after his father walked out with hat in hand and didn’t come back.

When his mother Mae passed away when Jackie was 19, he was taken in by a friend who introduced him to his first comedy job. A few years later he would be signed by Jack Warner and appeared in such films as the 1941 NAVY BLUES and in a film with Humphrey Bogart in 1941 with ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT.

Television came to call in 1949 and after several shows, he would host The Jackie Gleason Show in 1954-55 that brought audiences iconic characters such as Joe the Bartender, The Poor Soul, Charlie Bratton and Fenwick Babbit with so many more.

In 1966, Jackie Gleeson returns with a new season and color episodes of The Honeymooners. His guests would include Milton Berle, Red Buttons, George Carlin, Nipsey Russell, Phil Silvers in color. 

This DVD gives viewers a look at four never-before-seen released episodes that have been beautifully remastered. There are also three Honeymooners sketches that haven’t been seen since originally aired.

The show was recorded in Miami Beach and happily had bragging rights as the place of sun and fun. Taped there until the final 1970 season, the master tapes stayed in the vault until now. 

Staring off with Jackie spending a little time with Red Buttons is comedy and timing that is nothing short of delightful. Seeing the very handsome and young Frankie Avalon singing once again is such a treat for me as he was one of my mother’s favorite singers. 

Not to be outdone, Jackie spends time with Phil Silvers are they dance and annoy one another over the word ‘aluminum’. On stage with a cigarette in one hand and an comedic insult in the other, Jackie lets everything fly. Instead, Phil gives us a bit of his own version of a mix of romantic song with an operatic flare.

The most amazing part of the DVD is the revisit of The Honeymooners as Jackie returns as Ralph Kramden, Art Carney as Ed Norton, along with Sheila MacRae as Alice Kramden and Jane Kean as Trixie Norton. When a dog’s doctor report comes into Ralphs hands, comedy is inevitable.

Sammy Spear as Jackie’s orchestra leader, he musically announces guests such as song-bird Florence Henderson and the very funny Morey Amsterdam who also provides a little cello entertainment. There is also more from those amazing Honeymooners.

Nipsey Russell brings song, dance and clever poetry with his comedy and Jackie knows a talent when he sees it. The comedy of Jan Murray decides to teach Jackie how to golf just a little better. 

Milton Berle stops by to exchange humor with Jackie and the show also includes Edie Adams singing about the famous cabaret and sharing some famous impressions. A suit wearing young man you may know as funny man George Carlin has short hair and no bear but still hilarious.

Time Life continues to bring never before released anywhere classic collections of television shows for fans to revisit and remember what has made television so special. Time Life has released Mama’s Family, CPO Sharkey and The Tonight Show and they now reminds of us of a time when sex and politics were up for grabs with ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit www.timelife.com. 

That’s what makes this collection so amazing; revisiting the weekly entertainment that kept families laughing can now be experiences once again. The comedy is superb and even racy at times (especially for the time period), the music is very nostalgic yet the ladies are lovely and the fun was clearly had by all.

Jackie Gleason came to be known as The Great One and for good reason. He gave us all laughs and from stage, television and the big screen, Gleason made an impact in every genre he undertook. Even in his later years nothing stopped him from making us all laugh from his character in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT to his final film role in that is beautiful with NOTHING IN COMMON along side Tom Hanks. 

In the end – he reminds us all of ‘how sweet it is!’

VICTORIA & ABDUL is Perfection on Stunning Bluray!

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray/DVD and Digital from director Stephen Frears, Focus Features and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the story of an unlikely friendship between VICTORIA & ABDUL.

Abdul Karim (Ali Fazal) is a clerk in a prison in India and his life is about to change. Queen Victoria (Judi Dench) is to be given a tribute coin and Abdul is the tall man for the job. Along with a shorter Mohammed (Adeel Akhtar), they sale toward England and Abdul is very excited.

There is no time for looking around much as Abdul and Mohammed are given a crash course on how to present to the Queen. Sir Henry Ponsonby (Tim Pigott-Smith) lets the two men know that everything is to be precise and quickly. 

During the dinner, Abdul and Mohammed make their way toward Queen Victoria and after a quick nap the presentation is made. Walking backwards, Abdul does the unthinkable and makes eye contact and gives a smile to the Queen and what turns into one moment becomes an unlikely friendship.

Much to the horror of Sir Ponsonby and Lord Salisbury (Michael Gambon) as well as her ladies Lady Churchill (Olivia Williams) and Miss Phipps (Fenella Woolgar), the Queen begins to prefer the company of Abdul. They inform the Queen’s son Bertie (Eddie Izzard) and a plan is formed.

Queen Victoria asks Abdul about his land, language and his story as they share walks and private times. It is clear that Abdul cares very much for the Queen and she for him, especially discovering he is married and demanding he get his family and return. That doesn’t stop the Queen’s staff, along with Dr. Reid (Paul Higgins), from looking into Abdul’s past. Believing they can stop him with what they know, it only manages to infuriate the Queen in Abdul’s favor.

Including a knighthood which sends the entire palace into a tizzy and a decision that will not only put their loyalty in question but show how Queen Victoria wasn’t napping any longer. 

This is a friendship that is filled with understanding, forgiveness and even unspoken love.

Dench as Victoria once again proves why she is a queen in her own right. She is smart, strong, delicate, wistful and a woman who sees so little to move forward for. Once the Queen’s inner light is ignited, Dench shines every moment of the film. I quite honestly could not take my eyes off her performance and the ending brought me to tears.

Fazal as Abdul is a man who doesn’t see the world in such an aggressive way as those around him. A simple jail clerk who happens to know how to write is sent across the world to do one simple thing and it turns into a friendship. Fazal delivers his lines with the innocence I see in Abdul in that how one sees the world is clearly different than the Queen. There are moments where he is clearly confused, moments of profound joy and deep sadness and Fazal gets every drop of emotion out of the audience who is just as enraptured as the Queen.

Izzard as Bertie is just the worst that a son could possible be. Instead of being happy for the emotional reviving of his mother, he sees Abdul as an interloper and acts like a spoiled child instead of a future ruler. Izzard just pours it on and gets the reaction he wants!

Akhtar as Mohammed just wants to go home, and when he sees that the Prince and others want to use that against his friend Abdul – his response is epic! Pigott-Smith as Ponsonby is confused by the relationship between the Queen and Abdul but at the same time has a faithfulness to the way things ought to be done. Higgins as Dr. Reid is just another lackey who isn’t happy about Abdul’s presence and finds himself faced with the wrath of the Queen. Gambon as Salisbury wants one thing only – for Abdul to be gone and the crown to go back to normal.

Williams as Lady Churchill isn’t happy to have the Queen’s ear and convinces Miss Phipps to do the extortion deed. Woolgar as Phipps has a moment in front of the Queen that is nerve wracking to watch but awesome to experience. 

Other cast include Julian Wadham as Alick Yorke, Robin Soans as Arthur Bigge, Ruth McCabe as Mrs. Tuck, Sukh Ojla as Mrs. Karim, Kemaal Deen-Ellis as Ahmed and Simon Callow as Puccini.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

The Bluray includes the Bonus Features of Judi & Ali and The Look of Victoria & Abdul. Included in the pack, DVD and Digital HD along with theatre quality sound. The Digital means you can enjoy VICTORIA & ABDUL on television, computer, Tablet and Smartphone!

VICTORIA & ABDUL is absolutely Oscar worthy in every sense. There is nothing about this film that goes wrong with me. The story between Queen Victoria and Abdul is delightful, funny, testing, sad, misunderstood and heartbreaking. 

Mixed in with that is the ugliness of those around the Queen with their jabbing, back biting, underhanded, and horrible treatment of Abdul and Mohammed. Instead of embracing the cultural differences of these two men, they found ways to cut them to the quick – and right to their face in some cases. 

The cinematography is amazing and it is a period piece which is going to grab me from the word go. I absolutely adore the costuming which is always an important part of a period piece because it adds such a richness to the storytelling. 

I’m warning anyone who sees this film on Bluray to keep a Kleenex handy because for the ending you are going to need it. The chemistry between Dench and Fazal is everything I wanted for this story to be told – thank you both for making me laugh, smile and shed a tear.

In the end – an extraordinary true story of a queen and her new best friend!

Relive the Shocking Moments with GAME OF THRONES: The Complete Seventh Season on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Winter is here! HBO brings GAME OF THRONES: The Complete Seventh Season to Bluray and DVD with every shocking episode that keeps fans coming back for more.

The chess pieces are all set to play at Arya (Maisie Williams) deals with House Frey and learns Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is now King of Winterfell and her feet head in the direction of home. That isn’t stopping the White Walkers who continue their march toward the wall. Gathering together at Winterfell, Jon Snow makes every effort to forge alliances and Sansa (Sophie Turner) lets him know she is not happy. Knowing they need House Umber and House Karstark, Jon understands the need to grow their army.

Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbaek) shows up on the doorsteps of King’s Landing trying to woo Cersei (Lena Headey) into a great alliance which she quickly, and with a smirk, declines. Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) tries to forget the exchange but informing Cersei that they need allies. 

The mother of Dragons visits her next home at Dragonstone and she isn’t alone as Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) is still by her side as well as the dragons. Plans are being made to send soldiers to Sunspear while the Unsullies make their way to Casterly Rock. To her surprise, Melisandre (Carice van Houten) arrives telling her of the potential of partnering with Jon Snow. Not convinced that he should go, a letter from Samwell convinces him even more that he must meet with Daenerys (Emilia Clarke).

Samwell (John Bradley) is also busy discovering a way to heal Jorah (Iain Glen) of the illness that took him away from the Queen he loves. When Jon and Daenerys finally meet, he is taken aback at her demand that he subserve himself before her. He lets her know that isn’t going to happen and that the reason he has even come is for the dragonglass that can only be found on the island. 

Sansa continues on at Winterfell and Bran (Isaac Wright) tries to explain to his sister of his change. Another sibling reunion happens as Arya returns and shows a side of herself that Sansa has never seen. Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) sees that Arya has become skilled with her sword. As this happens, Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) gives Bran a weapon that he might well remember and begins a scheme that pits sister against sister. 

Jaime is now in Highgarden as Cersei must convince her allies that a delivery of gold is not far away. It is what Jaime and Bronn (Jerome Flynn) find at Highgarden sends them back with news for Cersei that sets up her next move.

When Jon and Daenerys go into the cave that has the dragonglass, they find ancient cave drawings that tell them a story she must now accept. What Daenerys learns sets her on a path to help Jon fight the White Walkers at the Wall. She also takes matters into her own hands by the treason of two soldiers loyal to Cersei against the advice of Tyrion. 

Jon knows that the only way to convince more of the Houses to help is to capture a White Walker for proof they exist. As the Night King moves forward, Daenerys arrives to help and several events bring Jon to pledge himself to her. 

Finally, Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, Jamie and Cersei are brought together as they all try and explain what is happening with the White Walkers. Cersei patiently listens and agrees to help but what she says and what she does are both questionable. It is Samwell returning to Winterfell where he speaks with Bran about Jon’s true place in the Seven Kingdoms.

Of course, the Army of the Dead is still on the march!

Clarke as Daenerys moves closer to the Iron Throne but has more than enough obstacles in her way. I love how in the midst of madness, Clarke portrays her character with slow deliberateness and gets a little irritated now and then and all I can think of is ‘she’s keeping it together better than I would!’. Of course as this season unfolds, she is forced to learn a history she didn’t know and accept what she always thought was a story told in childhood. 

Harington as John Snow is meshing everything he has become over the seven seasons. He still believes in the Stark family (even if treated like an unwelcomed guests at times), the brotherhood of the Nights Watch and all while being drawn to defeat the White Walkers at all cost. Basically he’s a busy guy! Harington is amazing and I am so with every bit of his characters twists and turns. The ending of this season is going to be interesting in Season 8.

Dinklage as Tyrion is still at the side of Daenerys and believes in her being Queen. Where Tyrion has come is a far cry from the drinking and womanizing Lannister that so irritated his father and still does Cersei. I see his character growing even more as the pieces move around the Seven Kingdoms chessboard. 

Heady as Cersei finally has what she has always wanted, to sit defiantly on a throne and do what ever she must to defend it. She doesn’t hesitate to take out anything in front of her and that includes family of any kind. Trusting no one has always been part of her problem and I suspect (since I haven’t read the books) it will continue to be a problem. Coster-Waldau as Jamie wants to support his demented sister but there is clearly a part of him that may not be all in but that doesn’t stop him from fighting for Kings Landing. Jamie is another character that has gone through so many changes that what happens next may have me cheering for another Lannister!

Turner as Sansa is finally discovering what it takes to be a leader. All grown up and filled with life lessons no one should have to learn, she thinks more clearly than ever and is ready to defend Winterfell. Working along side Jon Snow, it is a chance to be a Stark family once again. Williams as Arya once again joins the fold and boy it is a wild ride when these two women let everyone at Winterfell know that they are no longer just Stark children. Arya is strong, tough and every bit a badass that Sansa needs to never again let anyone take advantage of a Stark.

Bradley as Samwell is Jon Snow’s secret weapon! Dedicated to finding answers, he pours through books and even some he shouldn’t to make things happen. I love the simpleness of this character and Bradley still gives him a strength that is quite unexpected at times. Glen as Jorah is the recipient of Samwell’s knowledge and no one needs more allies than the Mother of Dragons.

Christie as Brienne is wielding her sword once again for House Stark. She is watching every move that is made around the new ruling family and isn’t about to let anything, even seeing Jamie Lannister again get in her way of loyalty. Van Houten as Melisandre returns and this time wants to help Daenerys accomplish her goal. I love her smoothness in delivering news…good, bad or indifferent she delivers. 

Asbaek as Euron is just a throw around don’t-give-a-damn Greyjoy! He would even marry Cersei to get his butt on the Iron Throne and when she doesn’t swoon so easy, he goes out and brings back a kill to impress her. Flynn as Bronn still has Jamie’s back but is equally surprised when the battle at Highgarden begins.

Gillen as Littlefinger is still up to his old manipulating tricks. It must be said that Gillen is absolutely had his hand in everything that has gone on in GAME OF THRONES. Whether it is a big manipulation or small, Gillen has performed brilliantly and I have to give his character props for fooling so many for so long by just being Littlefinger. Wright as Bran has a part yet to play I suspect but I have to admit that Wright’s portrayal is a little bit freaky to witness – awesome!

Other cast include: Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth, Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei, Indira Varma as Ellaria Sand, Conleth Hill as Varys, Hannah Murray as Gilly, Kristopher Hivju as Tormund Giantsbane, Rory McCann as The Hound, Joe Dempsie as Gendry, Joseph Mawle as Benjen Stark, Ben Hawkey as Hot Pie, Vladimir Furdik as the Night King, and Megan Parkinson as Alys Karstark.

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

The Bluray and DVD contain Exclusive New Bonus Content that includes a bonus disc containing Conquest & Rebellion: An Animated History of the Seven Kingdoms, a 45-Minute Never-Before-Seen Extension of the Clio Award-Winning History & Lore, From Imagination to Reality: Inside the Art Department, Fire & Steel: Creating the Invasion of Westeros and Audio Commentary from David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Lena Headey, Kit Harington, Iain Glen, Pilou Asbaek, Gwendoline Christie, Liam Cunningham and more.

The episodes include Dragonstone, Stormborn, The Queen’s Justice, The Spoils of War, Eastwatch, Beyond the Wall, and The Dragon and the Wolf.

GAME OF THRONES: The Complete Seventh Season on Bluray is so stunning to see. It is even more vivid that the series airing on HBO. I mean I have an excellent television but the Bluray just absolutely blew me away. There are only seven episodes which bummed many GOT fans but none of us can say the season was any less epic. 

The stories continue to be complex with no simple answers (which I love) and clearly the Iron Throne is up for grabs. George R.R. Martin is responsible for creating this amazing kingdom and cast of characters that has enraptured so many of us. Writing A Song of Ice and Fire, it became the jumping off point and in 2011 and in it’s first season alone, GAME OF THRONES garnered 13 Emmy nominations and Peter Dinklage winning Best Supporting Actor.

This is what excellent storytelling and television can do when we all look for epic reasons to stay home on a Sunday night. It is what brings conversations at the office, on a road trip or waiting at San Diego Comic Con International for the panel to begin. GAME OF THRONES has brought conversation and fans of all ages into a world that is truly a wonder to behold.

So, expanding your home entertainment library to include GAME OF THRONES: The Complete Seventh Season is a must. Trust me, it looks very cool on the shelf next to seasons one through six. As Season Eight is still in the works, there is nothing better than marathoning every season until we hear the epic opening music and map of the Seven Kingdoms!

In the end – who will take the Iron Throne?

The Eric Liddell Story is One of Faith

Jeri Jacquin

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has every right to be amazingly proud of their DVD release of ON WINGS OF EAGLES: The Eric Liddell Story directed by Stephen Shin and Michael Parker.

Eric Liddell (Joseph Fiennes) has returned to China after winning a Gold Medal at the 1942 Paris Olympics. Believing he was born to help others through his faith and the missionary teachings of his parents, he returns to the classroom to teach children.

It all becomes dangerous when in 1937 Japan invades China at the beginning of World War II. Finding help in Xu Niu (Shawn Dou), the two continue to find a way to reach the towns and villages. Knowing the danger is increasing, Eric sends his wife Florence (Elizabeth Arends) and their children to Canada.

Florence knows right away that Eric intends to stay to fulfill his duty to help the villagers as much as he can. During a wedding ceremony, the Japanese capture Eric along with the entire church congregation and inter them in camps. Separating families, he takes on the mantle of leader and all that it implies trying to make their lives livable.

When the camp leader discovers who Eric is, he demands that they race. Providing him with nutritious food, Eric finds a way to distribute it to the children and those who are sickly. Xu Niu is outside the camp as well finding ways to bring in necessary food and medicine when he is able and always keeping an eye on his friend.

As the camp runs low on food for both the prisoners and the Japanese soldiers, Eric tries his best to compromise with results that are devastating. It doesn’t stop Eric Liddell from bringing hope to all those who rely on his strength to survive their time as prisoners.

It is hope that makes them stronger together!

Fiennes as Liddell is a quiet man who seems to have the ability to bring people such joy. Believing that helping others is what his duty on earth is, Fiennes brings a gentleness and strength to the role. That is what I enjoy about this actor in that his emotions come through his eyes and expression. Portraying Liddell is a challenge in itself and Fiennes gives it so much soul.

Dou as Xu Niu shares such a beloved friendship with Liddell. Seemingly inseparable throughout the film, it is clear that there is no boundary between these two individuals. Seeing one another as family is exactly what this film is all about. Fiennes and Dou make it feel so believable and lovely.

It also must be said that the music by Scott Greer is just absolutely lovely and powerful. It doesn’t drown out the emotions that we need to be feeling about the story but instead gently reminds us that investing our emotions in the story is a good thing.

The cast is exceptional with the addition of Augusta Xu-Holland as Catherine Standish, Richard Sanderson as Dr. Hubbard, Jesse Kove as Hugh Johnson, Simon Twu as Chen Quan, Shigeo Kobayashi as Yoshinori Yumoto, Zach Ireland as David Marshall and Bruce Locke as the Elder Xu Niu.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment brings amazing quality motion picture and television productions. Such films as BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, UNDERWORLD BLOOD WARS and PASSENGERS also available for your home entertainment library – there is so much more. To see more of what they have to offer please visit www.sonypictures.com. 

I have intentionally left out details in my review because I truly want the viewer to have the chance to feel the film in every scene. ON WINGS OF EAGLES: The Eric Liddell Story is such a heartfelt film of love, family, friendship and loyalty that endures through a struggle that is unfathomable. 

The cast draws us into a journey and an era that could sometimes be so unforgiving and incomprehensible yet brings out the best in people. From helping one another to finding friendship and help from the villagers outside the electric fences, it is a reminder that evil may seem so tall but good doesn’t need a yardstick.

In the end – it is the true story of hope!

More Than a Tennis Match – BATTLE OF THE SEXES Serves on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from directors Valerie Faris, Jonathan Dayton and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the BATTLE OF THE SEXES.

This film tells the story of two tennis players in 1973 – Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) who is frustrated by the treatment in pay of women players and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) who is frustrated by life!

When King discovers that women players are still being overlooked when it comes to the tournament winnings, she confronts Jack Kramer (Bill Pullman). Kramer tells her that people want to pay to see men play more than they do women which enrages King to the point of a mutiny.

Deciding to break away, she recruits other women players to start their own tournaments and find companies willing to make the winnings worth while. That means more time away from home as husband Larry (Austin Stowell) cheers on her career. Riggs is watching all of this with interest much to the irritation of his wife Pricilla (Elisabeth Shue) who wants him to forget the court life.

Stopping before a tournament in San Diego, King meets Marilyn (Andrea Riseborough) and finds herself drawn to her. Dealing with her feelings of betraying her marriage and who she truly is comes with a price for King. Someone who notices is teammate Margaret Court (Jessica McNamee) who predicts doom.

Riggs decides he wants back in to the tennis life and comes up with the idea to take on the top women’s tennis player in a battle for court superiority. Thinking it is King he will be playing, it quickly becomes clear that Court is woman he will play. The media turns the match into a frenzy that hits women players the hardest at its end.

Not to take it, King agrees to play Riggs next and another frenzy begins both on and off the court. Riggs marital life has hit an all time low and King’s husband realizes that their life together is fracturing.

Neither one of them is going to let anything stop what is to come for game, set and match!

Stone as King is actually quite stunning in this role. She totally made me forget that she wasn’t King and I don’t mean just in the haircut and glasses. During this era it was clear that the majority believed a woman’s place was in the kitchen (a saying used many times by Riggs) and Stone plays this duality with strength and grace.

Carell as Riggs is just crazy with his ability to rev up a crowd. We are use to seeing Carell in roles that are quiet, contemplative or hilarious but never as a man who couldn’t stop himself from grabbing attention any way he could. He also gives an uncanny performance that brings Riggs front and center but also reminds us of how far we’ve come from such a display.

Riseborough as Marilyn clearly lives her life as openly as one could in the early 70’s and wants King to do the same. When she meets Larry in the hallway scene I can honestly say my jaw dropped not knowing what was to happen next. Shue as Pricilla thought she had tamed her wild tennis player/gambler/womanizer but clearly the caged animal escaped. It was good to see Shue in the film.

Other cast include Wallace Langham as Henry, Ashley Weinhold as Kristy Pigeon, Mickey Summer as Valerie Ziegenfuss, Fidan Manashirova as Judy Tegart Dalton, Martha MacIsaac as Peaches, Natalie Morales as Rosie Casals, Sarah Silverman as Gladys Heldman and Alan Cumming as Ted Tinling.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

BATTLE OF THE SEXES brings fantastic performances by Stone and Carell who carry this film from beginning to end. Yes this is about a tennis match watched around the world but more importantly it is a closer look at the lives of these two amazing tennis players.

King’s life began to change in so many different ways because she decided to stand up for herself. Knowing that her work & sport was not being valued, I wonder if she knew that it would also change her personal life as well. What an time to be living a double life and Stone’s performance gave us that look.

Riggs was just a man wanting to find a place for himself when the world his wife created for him just didn’t fit. Taking the chance of putting himself as the loud-mouthed bad guy in the early 70s, it worked and allowed him to find his own life. Carell brought all of that out and showed us the insecurities as well.

This is a story that needed to be told and directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton dared to take it on. A story that delves into the lives of sports figures could be touch and go but the two directors gave it humor, tension and a peek at the world in the 1970’s and not just in sports.

In the end – he made a bet and she made history!


Jeri Jacquin

Now on Bluray/DVD and Digital from director Hany Abu-Assad and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a film of survival with THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US.

Alex Martin (Kate Winslet) is a photographer trying to get to her own wedding! Bad weather is keeping her away when noticing that doctor Ben Bass (Idris Elba) is also trying to desperately get to his destination. 

She offers to help get him there by sharing a ride on a smaller two-seater with pilot Walter (Beau Bridges) and his dog. After brief introductions, they both look out at the beautiful scenery of mountains and snow. Noticing that the storm is shifting course, Walter attempts to make adjustments when the unthinkable happens.

The plane goes down deep in the high mountains as Ben checks on Walter and Alex for wounds. Immediately he goes into survival mode trying to keep the unconscious Alex warm and taking care of Walter – and the dog. Time goes by and Alex wakes up with a badly hurt leg and realizes they need to leave right away.

Walter wants to stay behind and wait for a rescue but is reminded by Alex that no one would know how to find them. After an encounter with a wild animal, it becomes clear to her that going down is the only way to survive. Along with the dog, they bundle up and begin a trek that is dangerous and soul crushing at times.

The two must come to rely on one another and being equally as stubborn come head to head on how they are to survive. 

Winslet as Alex is head strong and makes rash decisions but in all of it knows they have to get off the mountain. She doesn’t understand Ben’s resistance to the idea and takes it upon herself as if to say ‘stay then…I’m outta here!’ I have to give her props for that because there are moments I’m wondering why Ben is so obstinate – then I remember he’s a guy! (Just kidding guys!) Winslet is no stranger to playing strong and slightly stubborn characters so this fits her perfectly.

Elba as Ben has a ton of issues and the plane crash just seems to enhance them. As he gets to know Alex he starts to understand that whatever is keeping him so balled up could possibly be the reason they will die. There is something about Elba’s presence that is just smooth and endearing which helps since the movie is fairly predictable but enjoyable with him in it. He’s smooth with eyes that will melt anyone staring to long into them.

The winner here is – Walter’s dog! I love this dog! He is smart, he is brave and puts up with the two humans who, at times, don’t have a clue what it is they are doing. If I was lost or stranded anywhere I want this dog with me…of course I’d give him a better name than ‘Walter’s Dog’. He deserves better!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The Bluray and DVD includes the Special Features of Love and Survival: Creating Chemistry, Mountain Between Then: Shooting in Isolation, The Wilds: Survival Stunts, Deleted Scenes and Director’s Commentary by Hany Abu-Assad.

Also included is the Digital copy that allows viewing from television, Computer, Tablet and Smartphone for anytime instant streaming and download.

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US is beautifully done in the way of cinematography. The mountains are stunning and every scene brings more beauty in the midst of human tragedy. I have to admit that if I found a cabin in the woods I might be tempted to stay just to take it all in.

The relationship between Alex and Ben is inevitable as fear and survival bring about human frailties. Being together kept them focused in the sense that when ever one of them felt it was over; the other would push to continue. Winslet and Elba are strong and difficult in character and it seemed almost a challenge to each other to survive. It is a beautiful story with an ending that the audience wants to happen.

In the end – what if your life depended on a stranger would you survive?

ROWAN and MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN Brings Season Two to DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from Time Life is another amazing DVD filled with comedy that is still relevant, irreverent and hilariously funny with ROWAN AND MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN: The Complete Second Season.

Comedians Dan Rowan and Dick Martin hit the American television airwaves in 196 with a special called Laugh-In. A show with in-crowds, be-ins and love-ins it call came from beautiful Burbank, California. Little could they have predicated that the show was so successful that they would come back to television the next year!

Bringing in a combination of hippiness and slap stick comedy, there were fast-paced one-liners and skits that were filled with sex and politics and all led by Rowan and Martin. The series also became home to regulars such as announcer Gary Owens who had one hand over his ear.

Classic pieces that stand out are Sock It To Me, Cocktail Party, The Fickle Finger of Fate and Gladys and Tyrone, with salutes from everything to pollution, the telephone company, the post office and Pigmeat Markham wearing his robe announcing “Here comes the judge! Here comes the judge!”. 

Tiny Tim would remind us to “tip toe through the tulips” with him and if you needs something visual there was always Rachel Welch.

Two of my all-time favorite characters on Laugh-In were and are Ernestine the Telephone Operator and the young girl Edith Ann ‘who is only five years old’ sitting in her large rocker telling tales of family life finishing with ‘and that’s the truth’ followed by a raspberry.

That’s what made ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN absolutely amazing to watch. The witty repartee between Rowan and Martin had the audience convinced that the latter may not be the bright bulb of the duo. All of that followed by a door backdrop called the ‘joke wall’ where 60’s music way play and stopped by the opening of a door and the cast laughed at one another’s jokes. 

It all ended when Rowan would turn to Martin with ‘say goodnight Dick’ and the reply ‘goodnight Dick’ ended the show. 

Time Life is taking us there again with the first season which means I get to reminisce all over again. The seven-disc set has twenty-six episodes of fun, mayhem, hilarity and comedy the likes of which will never be seen again. 

The DVD features Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Chelsea Brown, Ruth Buzzi, Judy Carne, Henry Gibson, Goldie Hawn, Arte Johnson, Dave Madden, Pigmeat Markham, Gary Owens, Alan Sues and Jo Anne Worley.

Also included are Classic Long-Running Features Sock It To Me, Here Comes the Judge, Cocktail Party and The Fickle Finger of Fate as well as Tiny Tim sings and Explores Beautiful Downtown Burbank, Gladys and Tyrone on the Park Bench plus an ode to Walnettos, and Rosmenko (Arte Johnson) Duets in Russian with brother Bobby Darin.

Guest Stars include: Jack Benny, Victor Borge, Mel Brooks, Johnny Carson, Tony Curtis, Sammy Davis Jr., Phyllis Diller, Kirk Douglas, Peter Falk, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hugh Hefner, Rock Hudson, Davy Jones, Peter Lawford, Jack Lemmon, Liberace, Rich Little, Marcel Marceau, Bob Newhart, Richard Nixon, Vincent Price, Don Rickles, Rod Serling, Nancy Sinatra, The Smothers Brothers, John Wayne, Flip Wilson, Henny Youngman and so many more.

Another Bonus Feature are interviews with Dick Martin, Gary Owens and Ruth Buzzi!

Time Life continues to bring never before released anywhere classic collections of television shows for fans to revisit and remember what has made television so special. Time Life has released Mama’s Family, CPO Sharkey and The Tonight Show and they now reminds of us of a time when sex and politics were up for grabs with ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit www.timelife.com. 

For LAUGH-IN AFFICIANDOS, Time Life also offers LAUGH-IN: The Complete Series available exclusively at www.TimeLife.com/Laugh-in. 

ROWAN & MARTIN’s LAUGH-IN also brought to the forefront those who would go on to do more amazing comedy such as the absolutely inspired Flip Wilson and Arte Johnson playing a Russian. Yes, that is unexpected and fantastic comedy of this series. 

Anyone want to tip-toe through the tulips once again with Tiny Tim and his ukulele or how about Ruth Buzzi’s spinster lady who just couldn’t seem to cut a break on the bench or in love! Judy Carne is introduced as the ‘sock it to me’ gal and Goldie Hawn shares with the world her memorable giggle.

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In was a television event that happened week after week. I’m not sure my parents were too thrilled in the beginning with my wanting to join in the comedy. Eventually it became their weekly guilty-pleasure until the show ended in 1973. 

What this variety show did was open the door for so much talent to come through keeping comedy coming to our television screens. Time Life brings it all to a new generation who now can share in what made us laugh in the 60’s and 70’s because, quite honestly, it hasn’t changed much. 

Pushing the boundaries of sex and politics mashed up with comedy is what we need again today and ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN: The Complete Second Season continues to do just that. This DVD couldn’t be released at a better time than now and I can’t wait for more seasons to follow!

In the end – just say goodnight Dick!

It’s a Night that Changed Everything as DETROIT comes to Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Currently on Bluray/DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Annapurna Pictures and writer/director Kathryn Bigelow is the stunning DETROIT.

It all begins on the night of July 23, 1967 when Detroit police raid an unlicensed party for returning Vietnam vet. As people are being arrested, others throw rocks at police and loot stores. That is when Governor Romney orders the Michigan National Guard and the Army to restore order. 

The R&B group The Dramatics has arrived in the city with big dreams of getting a recording contract. Just seconds before they are to perform, police bust in and order everyone to leave immediately. When the mayhem starts, Larry Reed (Algee Smith) and Fred Temple can’t find their friends and end up at the Algiers Motel. While there they meet Julie Ann (Hannah Murray) and Karen (Kaitlyn Dever), two white girls and they spend a little time together. 

Also at the hotel are Carl Cooper (Jason Mitchell) and Aubrey Pollard (Gbenga Akinnagbe) who are hearing the police outside. Julie and Karen aren’t impressed and meet up with the Vietnam vet Greene (Anthony Mackie). As a joke, Carl uses a racing pistol to pretend to shoot out into the street and the Algiers is fired on by every law enforcement available.

Melvin Dismukes (John Boyega) is a grocery store security guard who wants to help the police with what is going on at the Algiers. Police Officer Krauss (Will Poulder), who already has a chip on his shoulder, along with Melvin and other soldiers get inside the Algiers where they find Julie, Karen, Carl, Aubrey (Nathan Davis Jr.), Larry, Fred (Jacob Latimore) and Greene. Krauss takes it upon himself to take lead on the situation sending everyone else on to handle other situations on the streets of Detroit.

What happens at the Algiers is disturbing, relentless and shocking bringing about one of history’s biggest secret of madness.

Poulter as Krauss is absolutely fantastic in this role which is kind of weird considering what is role is – that of a man who has no business being a police officer. He is cruel, deceptive and full of himself in all the wrong ways. What this person allows to happen is unimaginable yet it is true. Poulter takes on this role and doesn’t hesitate to let it play as it should.

Boyega as John is a man who wants to help keep the peace and shows it from the moment his character is on screen. Even to go as far as making law enforcement and the military comfortable, it becomes clear that not everyone is wanting a peaceful end to an already struggling night. Once part of Krauss’ madness, he continues to try and keep things calm until it becomes clear that it is all crumbling.

Smith as Reed is a man caught in something that can never be imagined, along with Latimore as Fred these two men can only keep themselves alive minute by minute and do so in stunning performances. Mackie as Greene understands the insanity he is involved in and coming home alive, he is once again fighting for his own life.

Other cast includes Ben O’Toole as Flynn, Jack Reynor as Demens, Dennis Staroselsky as Detective Jones, Darren Goldstein as Detective Tanchuck, Zurin Villanueva as Martha, Joseph Jones as Morris, Leon Thomas III as Darryl, Ephraim Sykes as Jimmy, Samira Wiley as Vanessa,  

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

Annapurna Pictures focuses on creating sophisticated content that appeals to a conscious and diverse audience. Their vision is to put filmmakers and artists first to give an authentic voice no matter the genre or medium. Films such as THE GRANDMASTER, JOY and PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMAN and brought by this studio. For more of what they have to offer visit www.annapurna.pictures.com.

The Bluray includes the Bonus Features of The Truth of Detroit, The Cast of Detroit, The Invasion of Detroit, The Hope of Detroit, Detroit – Then and Now, and Algee Smith and Larry Reed: “Grow”. DETROIT can be viewed also with the Digital copy that can be seen on television, computer, Tablet and Smartphone. 

Kathryn Bigelow is an award-winning director with films such as THE HURT LOCKER and ZERO DARK THIRTY. Bringing her vision of one night in history, she tells the story without sugar coating it in any way, which causes such an intense viewer reaction.

DETROIT is a film that absolutely refuses to hold back anything that might make the viewer uncomfortable. By doing so it asks us all to know the truth about what really happened the night at the Algiers Motel and be informed about who and what is responsible.

The performances in DETROIT are stellar and should be recognized for taking on the subject matter and being a part of telling an important story.

In the end – it’s time we all knew!

The Twists Come and All is Shattered on DVD!

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from director Natasha Kermani, VMI Worldwide and Cinedigm comes secrets and lies that lead to being SHATTERED.

Kate (Molly Burnett) is a young woman who is introduced to Mayor Forest Burnett (Ray Wise). He instantly thinks she would be a good match for his son Ken (Tom Malloy) and the Mayor is right. Kate also notices that the Mayor’s wife Maureen (Arianne Zucker) doesn’t seem too happy with her life no matter how much she smiles.

Married and starting their life together, Kate and Ken make the announcement that they are going to adopt a baby boy. Finding a nice house and raising son Logan (Tate Birchmore) and adding young daughter Emma (Kayleigh Finnegan), their life seemed wonderful.

But young Logan begins to show signs of not being well, outbursts and seeing things, Kate knows they need help. Forest doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with his grandson and Ken lets his father take the lead. When Dr. Panfil (Eileen Dietz) suggests that they discover more about Logan’s birthparents, the elder Burnett isn’t happy.

After an accident, Kate takes it upon herself to go to Maureen to ask for help. Believing there is more here than Forest or Ken are saying, it is time for her to find out for herself what everyone seems to know but her. 

What Kate finds is not only disturbing and changes her life completely but it leaves her shattered!

Burnett as Kate tries to do what’s right for everyone but herself. Listening to the elder Burnett as the political and forceful leader of the family, she knows that it’s up to her to find the truth. Knowing that being under someone’s thumb isn’t a way to live, Burnett gives the character strength to stand up. It is nice to see Burnett again since her stint on the daytime television soap opera Days of Our Lives. 

Wise as Mayor Burnett is a piece of work but then again I knew he could be. His performance in the iconic series TWIN PEAKS as Laura Palmer’s father, I knew he could be devious and terrifying with the calmness that is equally frightening. Wise is an amazing actor who has had a career I’ve enjoyed.

Zucker as Maureen is a woman who is in pain by the life she is living. Keeping it all together by dressing smartly, smiling and having more drinks than she should, it is clear that this character is trapped in her own making. Zucker is also a Days of Our Lives cast member who is playing opposite of Burnett once again.

Malloy as Ken is a man who is caught up in a life planned by his father. There are clearly issues of who he is and his place in the political dynasty his father is trying to create. The problem is that the deception he is responsible for goes deeper than Kate could have imagined.

Other cast include Jonathan Camp as Jax, LaRita Shelby as Pam, Shivonne Michelle as Emily, Adam Huss as Rocco, and Alfonso Freeman as Dr. Minton.

Cinedigm is a leading distributor of amazing content in storefronts, digital platforms, Internet and Demand platforms for cable television. With an extensive library of over 52,000 films and television shows, Docurama films, next-gen Indies and Independent films. At its inception, Cinedigm has played a pioneering role in transitioning movie theatres from traditional film prints to digital distribution to advance worldwide cinema modernization. For more on what Cinedigm has to offer please visit http://www.cinedigm.com. 

SHATTERED is a film that is based on true events from T.T. Johnson’s bestseller The Shattered Faberge Egg. The story has just about everything including greed, secrets, mystery, and power politics mixing it all together with the Deep South sprinkled in. Interesting considering the political landscape going on now that includes everything listed above!

The twists and turns will keep you guessing because even I didn’t think it could get any more complex until it did. 

In the end – this is a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller!

Bluray Races Home with LOGAN LUCKY

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from director Steven Soderbergh, Bleeker Street and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the race to revenge led by LOGAN LUCKY.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) feels like his life continues to be plagued by a curse. Losing his job doesn’t help, dealing with ex-wife Bobbie Jo (Katie Holmes) and adorable pageant daughter Sadie (Farrah Mackenzie).

Brother Clyde (Adam Driver) and sister Mellie (Riley Keough) stick together as family trying to do what’s right. When they decide that isn’t happening, Jimmy and Clyde decide they are going to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway and it will only work if they get the help of Joe Bang (Daniel Craig). That means Clyde has to get himself incarcerated.

When the day for the heist approaches, everyone has a job to do and Jimmy is making sure they get it done. What looks like chaos and mayhem is actually a coordinated show of force – just their way.

FBI Agent Sarah Grayson (Hilary Swank) is sent in to investigate after the robbery and the gang puts the world right – in their way. Not about to give up, she is frustrated by what seems to be the perfect crime.

Just know not everything is as it seems when dealing with the Logan’s!

Tatum as Jimmy is a sweet and charming dad, a brother dealing with sibling issues and a man just plain tired of the struggle. It isn’t hard to give the southern charm considering Tatum is just that – minus the revenge issues. Drive as brother Clyde is softer spoken but when he does talk make sure you listen. When Jimmy tells him of the plan, brother Clyde may have a few questions but none of them bring his loyalty into question.

Craig as Bang is absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing when he uses a certain term for the prison garb he is stuck wearing. This is certainly an interesting role for Craig to take on and the blonde hair is pretty bangin’ too! Keough as Mellie also doesn’t hesitate to work with her brothers on the plan but her relationship with Sadie is sweet.

Mackenzie as Sadie is as adorable as she wants to be and dealing with adults is just not part of her day. Instead, she wants to show her love and her rendition of John Denver’s Country Roads is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and heard. Holmes as Mom Bobbie Joe isn’t thrilled with Jimmy and his inconsistent fathering. Swank as FBI Agent Grayson just can’t seem to get a handle on what went down on robbery day!

Other cast include: Jim O’Heir as Cal, Boden Johnston as Dylan, Sutton Johnston as Levi, David Denman as Moddy, Charles Halford as Earl, William McCullough as Bobo, Jack Quaid as Fish Bang, Brian Gleeson as Sam Bang, Dwight Yoakam as Warden Burns and Seth MacFarlane as Max Chilblain. Cameos include Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon and LeAnn Rimes. 

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

LOGAN LUCKY Bluray has the Bonus Features that are Exclusive to 4K Ultra HD, Bluray, DVD and Digital that include Deleted Scenes. The 4K Ultra HD brings the ultimate movie watching experience with color brilliance and High Dynamic Range, the Bluray unleashes the power of your HDTV with the feature of 6X the picture resolution and theater-quality sound. Digital lets viewers watch the film on all your favorite devices.

The story is twisted, funny, smart, different and interconnected with people who know how to make it all come out right. Each character is uniquely different with their own trust issues embedded into the storyline. 

Director Soderbergh brings a crispy to this southern-fried heist using auto racing for a little down home fun. Leading the audience down the two lane highway of goofiness, I’m a fan and I don’t mind saying so!

In the end – see how the other half steals!

HOLIDAY INN Dances onto Bluray with its 75th Anniversary Edition!

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray and Digital in time for the holidays from director Mark Sandrich and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the singing and dancing at the HOLIDAY INN.

Jim Hardy (Bing Crosby) has decided that his touring days are over when he buys a supper club called the Holiday Inn. Believing that girlfriend Lila Dixon (Virginia Dale) would be joining him, he is unaware that dancing co-partner Ted Hanover (Fred Astaire) is about to steal his gal. 

Manager Danny Reed (Walter Abel) wants to keep things going with flowers when he meets Linda Mason (Marjorie Reynolds) who is ready to trade her florist talents for more musical ones. Reed sends him to Hardy at the Holiday Inn! Meeting once again, Jim and Linda discover that they work well together and the supper club becomes a hit.

Being happy together it isn’t going to last long when Ted is on the jilted end of Lila and visits his friend Jim. Having one to many holiday drinks, Ted ends up on the dance floor with Linda and the crowd loves it. Now he wants to find out who the mystery girl is and partner up again.

Imagine Ted’s surprise when he discovers that Linda and Jim are a couple. Since they aren’t officially together, Ted decides he is going to do what ever it takes to win the gal once again away from his friend.

Once again alone, it is Jim’s housekeeper Mamie (Louise Beavers) who gives him a straightening out by letting him know he needs to fight for the love of his life. Whether singing or dancing – it’s all about getting the girl!

Crosby as Jim wants nothing more than a simpler life running a supper club at an inn that is only open on holidays. Figuring this gives him the rest of the days to be creative and write more songs, he looks forward to it all. Of course there is the problem of girlfriend Lila having other plans. This is a smooth role for Crosby as the crooning love struck inn owner who only has eyes for Linda.

Astaire as Ted certainly has trouble keeping his hands on any girl let alone just one who can dance as well as he does. That aside, Astaire is fast if not light on his feet. Watching these two talented actors on the screen together is just fun and amazing.

Reynolds as Linda has dreams of singing and dancing her way into a better life. Finding joy in being part of the Holiday Inn, she is a tad upset when discovers that Jim isn’t being totally honest with her. Not a good way to go guys! She is lovely however and her singing - beautiful. 

Dale as Lila is just as shifty as Ted which had me wondering how these two didn’t realize they are perfect for each other! Equally light on her feet with Astaire, she just glides across the screen in her ever so delightful costumes.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

HOLIDAY INN is absolutely memorable in that I can recall watching this film with my mother time and time again on television. She could never get enough of Crosby’s crooning or Astaire’s dancing and it passed on to me. 

This is also the film that brought the song White Christmas to the lips of each and every holiday after this 1942 classic. The song would bring artist Irving Berlin an Oscar for his wonderful work. 

The Bluray includes both the black and white version as well as the color version of HOLIDAY INN. There is also a Bonus Disc of Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn: The Broadway Musical – a full length Broadway production based on the timeless classic film. 

Additional Bonus Features are A Couple of Song and Dance Men: An intimate retrospective of Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire featuring and interview with Ava Astaire-McKenzie, All Singing, All Dancing: Experience the making of the unforgettable song and dance numbers, Coloring a Classic: Learn how the film was color designed to transform the black and white classic, Feature Commentary by Film Historian Ken Barnes, including Archive Audio Comments from Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby and John Scott Trotter, and Theatrical Trailer. 

On Bluray for its 75th Anniversary, HOLIDAY INN is fun, dazzling foot work and sweet songs in a film the likes of which we will never see again. 

In the end – we are all dreaming of a White Christmas!

BOB HOPE: The Ultimate Movie Collection Brings the Best from an Icon!

Jeri Jacquin

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has knocked it out of the park! Bringing twenty-one classic comedies by a beloved American icon with BOB HOPE: The Ultimate Movie Collection.

Bob Hope (aka Leslie Townes Hope) has spent 80 years in the business with a career that includes television, films and entertaining on the road. Appearing in more than 70 films and hosting the Academy Award a record number of times, he also managed to write a few books.

He began his career in the 1920’s with stage work and then became a voice on the radio before acting around 1934. Hope worked with several studios, actors and some of the times leading ladies including Katharine Hepburn, Hedy Lamarr, Jane Russell, Lucille Ball and Rosemary Clooney.

One of the most iconic pairing’s of singing and dancing, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby made several pictures that are still a thrill to watch today. Now, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment brings some of Hope’s best work with comedy, song and dance.

THE BIG BROADCAST OF 1938 is Hope’s first appearance on screen opposite W.C. Fields in this comedy on the ocean. THANKS FOR THE MEMORY, also released in 1938, has Hope as a stay at home writer husband dealing with a working wife and a former love. 

In the 1945 film ROAD TO UTOPIA directed by Hal Walker, Hope and Crosby play something they both are familiar with – vaudeville performers, except in Alaska. Before they even get there, a treasure map sets them on another course with others hot on their snowy trail!

Larry Lawrence, played by Hope, is a radio broadcaster who is checking out a Cuban haunted castle. Along for the mayhem is Paulette Goddard and Paul Lukas to make sure everything goes as crazy as spiritually possible in the 1940 film THE GHOST BREAKERS.

The next year, ROAD TO ZANZIBAR brings Hope and Crosby together again but this time in Africa as Chuck and Fearless bring hilarity to the jungle. Of course they aren’t about to ignore the fact that the beautiful Dorothy Lamour is also part of the cast.

ROAD TO MOROCCO brings the band back together as Hope and Crosby manage to drift to the Mediterranean landing where the Arabian Nights introduces them to Princess Shalmar of Karameesh. The Princess is the lovely Dorothy Lamour once again and Anthony Quinn is Mullay Kasim. 

Hope is Sorrowful Jones in this 1949 film of the same name as a free wheeling man who enjoys his life. That is all about to change when a bet is placed and Jones gets a little girl as a marker. When the father doesn’t come back Jones gets a real life lesson! The film also stars the red headed beauty Lucille Ball, William Demarest and Bruce Cabot.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

BOB HOPE: The Ultimate Movie Collection also includes an all-new documentary American Masters: This is Bob Hope. It explores Hope’s life with unprecedented access to personal archives, film clips, radio and television shows. Billy Crystal reads excerpts of Bob Hope’s writing and interviews with Dick Cavett, Linda Hope, Leonard Maltin, Tom Selleck, Kermit the Frog as well as writers Sherwood Schwartz and biographer Richard Zoglin.

Also included is Bob Hope and the Road to Success, Entertaining the Troops, Command Performance 1944, Command Performance 1945 and Hollywood Victory Caravan.

It is equally important to mention the work that Hope did for our troops. Between 1941 and 1991, Bob Hope would pack up his own duffle bag and head out entertaining military personnel in over 57 USO (United Service Organizations) tours. It began in 1939 when Hope volunteered to perform for the passengers on the RMS Queen Mary. 

Two years later, his first official USO performance was at March Field, California and that’s practically in his own back yard. Hope would go global and travel during World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Lebanon Civil War, Iran-Iraq War and the Persian Gulf War. 

That is what an amazing human being does for his fellow human beings. For his service, Hope was awarded the Sylvanus Thayer Award by the United States Military Academy in West Point in 1968. President Bill Clinton signed an act of Congress in 1997 giving Hope Honorary Veteran status. 

‘Thanks for the Memory’ is a song Hope became famous for on that first volunteer gig and made the tune iconic on every tour and to this very day.

This is an extraordinary collection of Hope’s film performances and I have to say it is a pleasure to sit back and watch films that make me laugh, delight the eye and remember the reason we still celebrate Bob Hope. 

The music is worth celebrating, the cinematography is stunning and yes I am partial to black and white films of all kinds. There are songs that have become part of the musical fabric of America and dance moves that inspired generations to come to put on their shoes and show us how far it could all go.

BOB HOPE: The Ultimate Movie Collection is such a must have for anyone who wants to truly expand their home entertainment library. What is also amazing is that these are films that families can sit together and enjoy. For me that’s important in showing the new generation the origins of good filmmaking and the music that created the stunning musicals we have on film today. 

In the end – twenty one classic comedies worth every moment to watch!

Prepare for an ATOMIC BLONDE to Shatter on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray/DVD and Digital with a kick and a bang from director David Leitch and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the ATOMIC BLONDE.

It is Berlin and the Cold War as Lorraine (Charlize Theron), a British agent with MI6 and a mean set of skills. Interrogated by Gray (Toby Jones) and Chief C (James Faulkner), they want to know about the mission to retrieve information stolen from another agent.

It is a list of top secret information that can hurt agents everywhere hidden in a watch. Landing in Berlin, Lorraine makes contact with Percival (James McAvoy), a twisted agent living a life more like a bohemian who is good at getting things. Under the cover of retrieving the agent killed, Lorraine begins to poke around given bits and pieces by Percival.

One thing she learns is that there is someone named Spyglass (Eddie Marsan) who has memorized the information. That brings more curiosity to Lorraine and she wants to know what other secrets everyone is keeping from her. Meeting Delphine (Sofia Boutella) might be the key to so very much more.

It is a game of cat and mouse with a high body count when dealing with an ATOMIC BLONDE!

Theron as Lorraine is not anyone I’d ever mess with. Focused, strong, smart and highly aware of her surroundings, she takes a beating but gives just as much in return. Theron doesn’t need tons of dialogue to get the job done. Her eyes and face are expressive until they are not. I love seeing her tear up the screen, not just physically but her intense presence.

McAvoy gets the chance to be sleazy once again. Trying to fit into the scene of Berlin he buys information with Jack Daniels and Jordache jeans (if you don’t know that name kids, ask your grandparents). McAvoy gives the slick chain-smoking character the right amount of angry charm that I enjoyed watching. He’s getting good at being bad!

Jones as Gray wants to know every detail of what happened to the mission yet doesn’t seem shocked at the answers. Goodman as Emmett gets the suspicion of Lorraine from the moment he steps into the room yet there is more to it than just being American.

Marsan as Spyglass is a timid man who knows a little too much about everything and uses it to try and save his family. Boutella as Delphine is the mysterious woman who captures Lorraine’s attention as she watches the chess pieces move all around the board.

Other cast includes Roland Moller as Alekander Bremovych, Bill Skarsgard as Merkel, Sam Hargrave as James Gasciogne, Johannes Johansson as Yuri Bakhtin, Tig Schweiger as the Watchmaker and John Goodman as Emmett. 

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

ATOMIC BLONDE continues to get four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five on this stunning Bluray. Why? Simply put it’s a heck of a lot of fun to watch, the soundtrack is smokin’, the cinematography is fantastic and the action is none stop from start to finish. It truly is the reason we go to the movies!

The story isn’t geared toward any one demographic as it plays to its strengths and not the political correctness of it all. There just isn’t anything about ATOMIC BLONDE that I didn’t like. Theron is absolutely beautiful and coming off of THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS where she is a real bad gal, in ATOMIC BLONDE she is another type of real bad gal and this one I’d want on my side.

What can be said about the cinematography but wow, absolutely wow. Of course Theron makes the screen look amazing just by her presence but the dark, rough way the film is shot lends such an underworld feel I just loved. 

The soundtrack includes a few awesome songs such as 99 Luftballons performed by Nena (remember that video?), Father Figure by George Michaels, Der Kommissar by After the Fire, The Politics of Dancing by Re-Flex, Voices Carry by Til Tuesday, I Ran by Flock of Seagulls and Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. I spent a lot of time lip-synching while watching Theron drop kick a few bad guys!

The Bluray/DVD include the Bonus Features of Deleted Scenes, Welcome to Berlin, Blondes Have More Gun, Spymaster, Anatomy of a Fight Scene, Story in Motion with Commentary by Director David Leitch, Feature Commentary with Director David Leitch and Editor Elisabet Ronaldsottir.

ATOMIC BLONDE is taken from the Oni Press graphic novel series The Coldest City by Antony Johnston who also authored Wasteland.

In the end – she’s about to go atomic!

KIDNAP Doesn’t Stop!

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray/DVD and Digital HD from director Luis Prieto and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is a chase of adrenaline when dealing with KIDNAP.

Karla Dyson (Halle Berry) is a single mother working as a waitress taking care of her son Frankie (Sage Correa). Making ends meet the best she can, spending time with Frankie at the park is extremely important. Keeping an eye on him with the ‘Marco Polo’ call out, Karla takes an important telephone call.

Panicking because her husband wants full custody, Karla takes her mind off Frankie for only an instant. In that instant she realizes Frankie isn’t answering her and turns to see a woman shoving Frankie into a car. Racing after him, a chase begins as Karla tries desperately to get anyone’s attention to help her.

Banging metal puts both cars facing one another and Karla sees the face of a man named Terry (Lew Temple) and a woman named Margo (Chris McGinn) who make it clear that they want money. Even that doesn’t go as planned when the chase begins again into a small town. Trying to get help from the local police, Karla becomes impatient and hits the road once again.

At the end of a road Karla comes face to face with Terry but no Frankie! That’s when she digs deeper and to her shock discovers that she needs to keep her cool if they are all to get out alive.

They took the wrong child!

Berry as Karla puts up with a lot from people being a waitress. Keeping her cool comes from focusing on the one thing that makes it all worth it – her son Frankie. When the horror begins Berry carries the weight of the film and certainly takes her share of the physical punishment.

Temple as Terry holds his own and although he doesn’t say much, his appearance is daunting and I certainly wouldn’t want to meet up with him. McGinn as Margo tries to sweet talk Karla believing that they only want money and it all will stop. Once these two characters get in the same vicinity of one another I couldn’t help but yell, “No! Don’t get near her!”

Other cast include Jason George as David, Kurtis Bedford as Del, Carmella Riley as Stephanie, Brice Fisher as Tyler, Andy Wagner as Dean and Aaron Shiver as Bill. 

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

KIDNAP contains the Bonus Feature of a Thrilling Behind-the-Scenes Look inside KIDNAP along as well as a Digital HD copy that can be watched on television, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

KIDNAP is a roller coaster from start to finish as Berry carries the film into a chase that I think any mother would have participated in when it comes to their child. Being a good mother is important to Karla because of the amazing connection with her son Frankie. It becomes even more prevalent when she sees him being stuffed into a car!

From the car chases to accidents, this is a character that who isn’t about to let someone else determine either of their fates. She tries to reach out but the clock is ticking and Karla knows it. The ending is a little more than stunning with twists and turns that don’t stop until the films end.

In the end – vengeance is a Mother!

HALO: The Complete Video Collection Stuns on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Get ready for awesomeness as SHOUT! Factory, Kew Media Group and 343 Industry brings a franchise that has captured the world with HALO: The Complete Video Collection.

Let’s dive right in with HALO 4: Forward Unto Dawn that is directed by Stewart Hendler begins as the United Nations Space Command. Students of this military academy go through intense training for the war on the outer colonial planets expanding worlds under the UNSC.

A long lasting peace is about to come to an end as a war that will span the galaxy is about to break out. Tom Lasky becomes an unwitting leader when the academy falls under alien attack. Fighting to protect the students, Lasky also finds help from super-soldier Master Chief John-117.

In HALO: Nightfall is directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan and executive produced by Ridley Scott and David Zucker. The story is of Jameson Locke, a man hunter who finds himself caught up in an attack on the colony of Sedra. When agents of the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) come to the planet, Locke isn’t about to trust any of them. They do find a frightening artifact that forces them all to come together to survive and trust one another.

HALO: The Fall of Reach is directed by Ian Kirby and produced by Sequence telling the story of the origins of Master Chief and a Spartan program. Designed to train the children kidnapped for military training as most ultimate weapons to fight against invaders, they will be tested when The Covenant makes it clear they intend to wipe out humanity.

The next saga, HALO LEGENDS is an anthology that brings seven stories with Master Chief, what the Spartans are capable of and the in-depth look at a rivalry with the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit www.shoutfactory.com.

The Kew Media Group provides premium content to over more than 150 countries worldwide. Currently the Kew Media Group contains over 275 theatrical feature titles along with television content that includes drama series, non-fiction, special event programming, kids’ series and mini-series. To see more of what they have to offer please visit www.kewmedia.com.

Get prepared Halo fans because this 6-disc Bluray and DVD set has over nine hours of galaxy-spanning action. The Special Features of each disc includes a commentary from The Halo Team, Remaking the Legend: Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 4: A Hero Awakens, Halo 4: Forerunner ViDoc, Halo 5: A Hero Reborn, Halo Waypoint: Heroes Never Die and so much more bonus content!

This is an absolute must-have not only for Halo video game fans but those who are into the mythology of the Halo universe. I have to say I remember my sons talking about Halo and that drew me into wanting to see this amazing collection. There is something very cool about now understanding what is going on around me when Halo is in the house.

Each piece is intense and done with amazing animation. The episodes are seamless in the telling and kept me completely riveted moment to moment. HALO absolutely stretches out into this universe that explains why fans keep coming back for more.

Created with the world’s leading animators from Japan, HALO LEGENDS brings the viewer to battle between humans and the Covenant. The animation is cutting-edge and masterfully brings breathtaking visuals with gripping adventure.

This is a collection for loyal fans and pop-culture enthusiasts and SHOUT! Factory is making it available October 31st and pre-orders are available now.

In the end – here is your chance to go beyond the game!

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Roanoke is Back to Chill with Season Six on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Do you have the spine to be chilled once again? Good! Because 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and co-creator Ryan Murphy has brought to Bluray the frights with AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Roanoke – The Complete Season 6.

Making a documentary about married couple Shelby (Lily Rabe & Sarah Paulson as Lana Tindall) and Matt Miller (Andre Holland & Cuba Gooding Jr. as Dominc Banks) tell their story about My Roanoke Nightmare. Venture from Los Angeles to North Carolina, the couple find a worn down farmhouse believing they can remake it into their dream home. Their dream turns into a freakish nightmare!

Matt asks his sister Lee (Adina Porter & Angela Bassett as Monet Tumusiime) to keep Shelby company but the two women do not like one another. That might not matter considering what is to happen next! Almost immediately a group of people come into the house and leave behind a video of what can only be considered a murder. Matt isn’t sure what is happening when he returns but Shelby isn’t having it and takes off in Matt’s car which leads to another witnessing of horror.

Both Matt and Shelby believe that everything they experienced was stages as a way to force them out of the house. Calling the police, the couple think they now have a handle on it all. Lee brings her daughter Flora to the house on a visit. Down in the cellar the couple find more recordings and realize they were made by the previous owner. Not happy about the new find, the couple knows they can’t just financially walk away.

It becomes clear that Flora is visiting her mother Lee against the child custody agreement with her ex-husband. Lee is willing to do that to spend more time with Flora but the young girl seems to have made friends with a little girl named Priscilla. Lee discovers that Priscilla isn’t exactly human and finds Flora’s hoodie in the highest tree tops but the girl is no where to be found.

To make matters worse, Shelby is beginning to suspect that Lee might have had something to do with her ex’s unexpected death. Lee is more interested in finding Flora and hires Cricket (Leslie Jordan) to use her psychic abilities to local the girl. That’s when they discover that Pricilla is a young girl from the 16th Century who tells the story of ‘The Butcher’ Thomasin White (Kathy Bates and as Agnes Winstead) of the Roanoke Colony. 

Leading her people, Thomasin is left behind as her husband and forces her to look for a way to survive. In doing so she gave herself to a force that relocated everyone to the farmhouse where Shelby and Matt now live. If that doesn’t cause those in the house worry, Matt is caught by Shelby in the forest and the police show up to arrest Lee. 

Dr. Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) arrives at the house and actually saves Shelby from the attack the creature with the body of a man and the head of a pig. He explains the horrifying events in the house and the history of the house. He tells them that all of what is happening is due to Thomasin. Leading them to Flora turns out to be a big mistake as Cricket comes to know who the true Roanoke leaders is and what happened to the colony. Thomasin doesn’t have time for stories and surrounds the house letting them know she has Flora.

But there is more than Thomasin’s story as Doris Kearns Goodwin reveals that the house was once owned by Edward Philippe Mott (Evan Peters). He used the house for affairs and art and also taken by Thomasin and put through her horrors during the Blood Moon. Trying to help him escape only leads to the Polk family kidnapping Lee and Shelby. At the fire in front of the Miller’s, Ambrose (West Bentley) does the one thing that could end the nightmare and Lee arrives to flee with the Shelby and Matt.

The story and documentary of My Roanoke Nightmare turns out to be a bigger success than anyone could have anticipated. So much so that a net idea Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell brings the actors back to stay during the Blood Moon. The shows producer really wants to expose Lee for murder and Shelby isn’t thrilled about returning with Matt. The actors and crew prepare for the next part of the filming and it doesn’t take long for things to begin happening.

Rory who played Edward Philippe Mott in the original series starts off the madness but Agnes who played Thomasin is further out of reach than the crew could have imagined. Shelby is shocked to learn that the only reason Matt has returned is for Scathach (Lady Gaga), the woman in the woods. That is the least of her worries as the Polk family has a score to settle and meat is on the menu. 

Escaping the bloody nightmare at the farmhouse isn’t going to be easy, it isn’t going to be clean and no one is spared from the madness of horror. Even after everything that has taken place, something draws people back as television specials are created returning to the farmhouse to try and understand what happened.

But on the hilltop there is a face that knows exactly what happened!

Other cast include Cheynne Jackson as Sidney James, Frances Conroy & Robin Weigert as Mama Polk, Finn Wittrock as Jether Polk, Colby French as the Police Officer, Grady Richmond as Ishmael Polk, Orson Chaplin as Cain Polk and Estelle Hermansen as Priscilla.  

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

AHS: Roanoke Bluray includes the Special Features of The Paley Center for Media: Q & A with Cast and Creative Team from PaleyFest 2017, American Horror Story: Roanoke Promos. The 3-disc set includes all ten episodes! Revisiting AHS Roanoke is fantastic especially with the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY having recently begun on FX. 

This is an amazing group of talented actors pulling off the crazy impossible! Having two people play two of the same characters in a reality style documentary with the same thing happening again only to come back and live the nightmare for real by both the real people and the actors that portrayed them is absolutely brilliant. 

I adore Kathy Bates and this is one of the reasons why (as if there needs to be a reason). The characters of Thomasin and Agnes are full of emotion, rage, frightening calm and a couple of hundreds years of relenting anger to work through. There isn’t anything this actress can’t do and on her seasons of AMERICAN HORROR STORY she continues to prove it time and time again. I have to say, I kind of love her portrayal of Thomasin – does that make me scary?!

Paulson as Audrey, Lana and Shelby – she gets to really rack up the frequent horror miles! Once again her characters are put through the ringer and Paulson takes it all in stride. She has the amazing ability to show so much threw her eyes and when her character goes stone cold – so is Paulson’s ability to make that a shivering thing to watch. Rabe as ‘real’ Shelby is solid and just so lovely to watch – until it gets brutal!

Gooding Jr. gets to run through the crazy that is AHS and he seems to fit right in. He is an actor playing a real character by reenacting the real characters horror. Well, there you go! Simple right? Gooding Jr. takes his role and gives it such a smooth spin. Holland as the real Matt tells his story but comes back to a place for very selfish reasons and, as we all know, being selfish has its draw backs.

Peters as Rory and Mott gets a chance to go completely out there with these characters. Starting out in AHS as a youngster, he has repeatedly brought more and more excellence as an actor. I do love to watch him take his characters and go as far as I think he can and then surprise me going even further. Bentley as Dylan and Ambrose White has the unique ability to freeze me while he is performing. Of course it could be those eyes but his talent is equally frosty!

Bassett as Monet as Lee isn’t holding back either. Playing Lee she brings that disturbed character to a higher level and this is the perfect actress to do it. What is amazing is the switching between Adina Porter’s Lee character and Bassett – they are both just so frakken fantastic.

Lady Gaga gets her chance to be horrifying as Scathach and there isn’t anything wrong with her performance in the slightest. O’Hare as Dr. Cummingham/William van Henderson is always a joy to see and I love how different he is with each season of AHS. 

This season is particularly full of twists, turns, stellar performances, shocks, jaw drops, fantastic locations, creative mythology and so much more. Go back to the story that threw audiences for a loops with AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Roanoke – The Complete Season 6.

In the end – life imitates grisly reality television!

The Most Successful Norseman Series Brings its Fourth Season to Bluray with VIKINGS

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the series that has fans coming back for more with VIKINGS Season 4 Volume 2.

Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) wastes no time upon his return to Kattegat challenging his sons if one of them wants to be King. The one to step forward is Ubbe (Jordan Smith) but for a completely different challenge. Wanting his sons to return to England with him, he is surprised when Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) tells Ragnar that he has his own plans with Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard), Harald (Peter Franzen) and Hvitserk (Marco Llso) to take the Mediterranean.

Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) also has no intention of going to England with Ragnar even after he apologizes to her for everything that has happened. Thinking that his time might be up in this world, the ravens have other plans for Ragnar. When he returns to Kattegat it is to ask Ivar (Alex Hogh) to go to England. Before anyone leaves, Ragnar wants Bjorn to find peace with Rollo while Lagertha refuses to find peace with Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland).

Before he leaves, Aslaug reveals a vision she’s had but Ragnar and Ivar won’t be stopped from going to England. When a storm capsizes the boat, Ragnar and Ivar get to shore and King Ecbert (Linus Roache) is told. Trying to find peace with Rollo (Clive Standen), Bjorn ends up in jail with his companions but safe passage isn’t far away.

Lagertha decides it’s time to reclaim what is hers and takes Ubbe and Sigurd captive with every intent on removing Aslaug from the throne. Proclaiming herself queen, Lagertha hears from Aslaug that she will tell her sons not to fight back if she can leave free. Of course the new queen has a plan of her own with Astrid keeping Ubbe and Sigurd in check.

In Aethelwulf, Ecbert promises that nothing will happen to either Ragnar or Ivar and introduces them to Magnus. Ragnar makes a claim about Kwenthrith and Ecbert admits a few truths of his own. After a few drinks the two reminisce about Athelstan and Ecbert is surprised when Ragnar asks him for death. Refusing to take part in it, he instead agrees to take Ragnar to King Aelle so that Ivar can go home. In the same agreement, he tells Ecbert that Wessex will not be the focus of his son’s revenge.

Before returning home, Ivar learns from Ragnar of his plan and when Ivar lashes out promising revenge before he is taken to a ship going home. Ragnar sees Alfred and gives him a gift of his father before a journey where he has time to rethink all that has happened. Ecbert can not stay away and when the time comes, he knows that he has lost a friend.

Ivar returns to Kattegat to find Lagertha on the throne and his mother gone. When he challenges the new Queen she ignores it and focuses on building Kattegat’s back up. But a longship brings a mysterious stranger and more challenges begin. Bjorn reaches the Mediterranean and along with Rollo they attack Algeciras. Coming in contact with praying men in the mosque, Floki wants their lives spared. The news of what has happened to Ragnar reaches Spain and Bjorn and Lagertha is told by a mystic that a son of Ragnar is planning to take her down.

A return to England is on the minds of Ubbe, Sigurd and Ivar as a way to revenge Ragnar. Help is also on the way when Earl Jorgensen brings his ships to help the Lothbroks. Floki knows that Ivar will stop at nothing to go to war and so he builds him a chariot and now he had the ability to be a true leader of the troops. 

Ivar wants total leadership of the armies but Bjorn has something to say about it. As the Viking troops advance, Athelwulf knows he needs more help and turns to Ecbert and in Northumbria, King Aelle is taken and his fate is sealed.

A surprise attack on Kattegat brings the capture of Egil who lets it be known that it is King Harald that ordered the attack. The Viking army is still on the move and Prince Aethelwulf tries everything to stop them. When he is forced back to Wessex, he tells Ecbert to retreat which he will not do. Instead, turning his crown over to his son, Bjorn then allows him to decide his own fate. 

As the brothers decide where they will go next, it is Ivar that stands out with an action that brings even Bjorn into shock. 

Fimmel as Ragnar has taken this character to depths that are absolutely amazing. He is not a vocal character by any means but when he does speak, the clan better listen. As Ragnar has grown season by season, it is clear that both the good and bad choices of his life are coming to a decision that had the viewing audiences’ jaws dropping. I can not think of one actor that could have done what Fimmel has for the role of Ragnar.

Winnick as Lagertha has also gone to hell and back as a woman in a world where wielding a weapon and shield is equally as important as having a family. Lagertha has also made good and bad choices but is solid and strong even when she is wrong. I have to give props to a bad ass chick who can give a look that says ‘yea, I was wrong – what about it?’ Winnick is powerful and she’s back on the throne!

Ludwig as Bjorn has grown out of his father’s shadow. Wanting to get back to the sea and do what Vikings do is now his motivation. Making a name and life for himself, Bjorn also begins to understand Ragnar more and more. Standen as Rollo grabs onto the creed of ‘once a Viking always a Viking’ and it’s good to see him back with the axe of nightmares.

Andersen as Ivar is one crazy individual who doesn’t have a problem being without legs. His mind is sharp and his decisions are sharper. Being the son of both Ragnar and Aslaug means he isn’t someone to be toyed with as he can mix plotting, war and revenge in a wine cup and swallow in one breath. Sutherland as Aslaug doesn’t fair as well with Lagertha this time around as her own plotting just doesn’t have the umph that hers does. 

Roache as King Ecbert has played the game with Ragnar to the point that they are both played out.  

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

 VIKINGS Season 4 Volume 2 also contains the special features of The Queen and the Shield Maiden, Vikings – Valhalla and the Legacy of Ragnar Lothbrok, Creator’s Audio Commentary with Michael Hirst and Linus Roache on Selected Episodes, The Journeys of Bjorn Ironside and Deleted Scenes. There are ten unrated episodes with extended and deleted scenes not shown on television.

The episodes include: The Outsider, The Vision, Two Journeys, In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning, All His Angels, Crossings, The Great Army, Revenge, On the Eve and The Reckoning. 

The History Channel has brought a magnificent series to television and it just gets better and better. Yes I hate when the show loses characters but I know that means more room for the story to go in another direction as it should. There is so much more to come and I, for one, will be there when it happens.

Of course if you have ever been to San Diego Comic Con International you know that fans wait in ridiculously long lines to see the actors from the series. They want to know as much as can possibly be shared and share their own costumes of proud VIKINGS. Of course I have my own drinking horn that is always used when watching VIKINGS.

If you are looking for action, adventure, intrigue, fantastic costuming, intense story lines and all wrapped up with actors who have made VIKINGS a smash, then this is the show for you. Catch up on all the prior season of VIKINGS and look for VIKINGS Season 4 Volume to on Bluray!

In the end – heavy is the head that wears the Viking crown!

The ESCAPE ROOM Brings Survival to DVD

Jeri Jacquin

This week on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand from director Will Wernick and Lionsgate is a thrill in tight spaces and what it takes to survive from the ESCAPE ROOM.

Christen (Elisabeth Hower) wants to do something unique for her boyfriend Tyler’s (Evan Williams) big thirtieth birthday. Boarding a chauffer bus, they all turn over their cell phones and purses being told they are participating in mysterious escape room game.

Toasting with champagne, they drive around the city with blacked out windows waiting to arrive at their destination. Walking in the building it is dark and has an eerie look about it but that doesn’t stop their excitement of the game. Along with Natasha (Annabelle Stephenson), Anderson (Dan J. Johnson), Conrad (John Ierardi) and Tabby (Kelly Delson), they begin to explore their surroundings.

Coupled in separate room, they each are set a task of getting out of what ever restraints they have been put in. The only one alone is Tyler who isn’t sure what his task is going to be and Christen isn’t with him. Discovering Anderson and Natasha in the next room, now the three of them work on the next clues to get out of their rooms.

That leads them to lovebirds Tabby and Conrad who make quick work of their puzzle. In each room they also find a mysterious card. Still looking for Christen they are weirded out when they see her in a cage and realize they have 45 minutes to get her out.

Room by room they look for clues but things begin to go horribly wrong and panic sets in. Tyler, Natasha and Anderson are now fighting for the life of Christen as the clock shows them no mercy and escape seems hopeless.

It’s not a game any longer.

Williams as Tyler is sharp and leads the group in solving the puzzles. With the exception of a momentary breakdown, he knows it’s time to focus and get them all out alive. To be honest I think I’d follow him before the others who seem to be losing it. Stephenson as Natasha begins with other things on her mind, or perhaps I should say some other person. She doesn’t let go of it and it becomes her crazy trigger.

Johnson as Anderson seems to get plenty of grief from girlfriend Natasha and I’m fairly sure I’d be setting her up if I were him. Ierardi as Conrad is just a guy that is pretty crazy about girlfriend Tabby (they are cute if not a little saccharin laden) who happens to be celebrating a friends’ birthday. I might rethink ever going to a friend’s birthday ever again.

Hower as Christen has the crazy role of sitting in a cage and watching everything that happens to her friends. The good news is that at least her friends thought enough of her to try and figure out how to rescue her. 

I have to give a serious shout out to the blue eyed sexy Billy Flynn who opens the film. Yes, I knew right away that Chad from the soap Days of Our Lives was going to be cool to watch. My only downside is the big question – why couldn’t he have been in it more?

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theatres, television, home entertainment and more. Theatre franchises include THE HUNGER GAMES, and DIVERGENT along with JOHN WICK. Now, adding this film to it’s 16,000 motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at http://www.lionsgate.com. 

ESCAPE ROOM has the Special Features of a Director’s Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers and a Trailer Gallery. I had to watch the bloopers and they totally cracked me up which is a little twisted for a thriller/horror film right?

ESCAPE ROOM is a thriller that has some real cool bite to it. The clues are crafty and clever and if I was ever in that situation you might as well take me out early. I never would have thought of (without giving anything away) the intricacies of the clues – well played!

This is also the perfect film if, like me, you happen to love spending the entire month of October watching one thriller-horror a night! I mean isn’t that what everyone does? It’s a way to bring together the love of being scared out of our wits and ESCAPE ROOM certainly qualified!

In the end – will you survive?

WIZARD OF LIES Comes to Bluray from HBO

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from director Barry Levinson and HBO Home Entertainment is an inside look at corruption and destruction with WIZARD OF LIES.

Bernie Madoff (Robert De Niro) had one of the biggest businesses on Wall Street. Known for being a wizard of making money, people from all walks of life put their life savings into investments. Along with sons Mark (Alessandro Nivola) and Andrew (Nathan Darrow), they were living the life of success.

That is until Bernie must tell his family that the FBI is investigating the business for fraud. This sets in motion a rush to see who will get the information needed or destroy the information first as the FBI raid the offices. Frank DiPascali (Hank Azaria) makes an effort to get to the 17th floor first!

As the SEC begin their intense investigation, family, co-workers and investors begin to tell their story of how Bernie brought them all in to the business. Now called the worst Ponzi scheme in American history there is over $50 billion (yes, that billion with a ‘b’) in other people’s money gone. 

Bernie doesn’t seem to understand the predicament he is in as wife Ruth (Michelle Pfeiffer) begins to see her family unravel. Mark and Andrew have all but stopped talking to their parents and brother Peter (Michael Kostroff) is make it clear to authorities that he knew nothing of what Bernie had been doing.

When the news catches wind of the story, every person who has ever invested with Madoff comes to the realization that their lives have been destroyed. Bernie and Ruth try to decide how to get free of it all in the most dramatic way possible and his sons are bombarded by the press with the allegation that they knew everything.

As the evidence mounts, there is only one thing Bernie Madoff can do, plead guilty and go to jail. Thinking that will stop everything from reaching his family, he couldn’t be more wrong as Ruth, Mark and Andrew continue to be affected by the lies Bernie told for almost twenty years. 

This is the story of one man’s lies to the ruin of lives.

De Niro as Bernie Madoff is amazing to the point where I forgot it was him behind the makeup. The fascinating part of his portrayal of this man is how Madoff can not seem to grasp what he had done. There are moments where I kept saying out loud ‘you’ve got to be kidding me man!’ when he would seem to play innocent. That’s what De Niro does for a character that had me so involved in the story what I’m yelling at a man playing the character of a man I’ll never meet. Frakken awesome!

Pfeiffer as Ruth is a woman who can not even imagine that a man she spent most of her life living with was capable of such a thing. Becoming comfortable in the life that Bernie provided, she can not wrap her head around how deep the affect might be. When it all comes down fast, Pfeiffer just brings on the sadness, sass and pain that came hard. Playing opposite De Niro, she is definitely an equal partner in making this story line work.

Nivola as Mark is a son who just wanted to be a part of his father’s business. Constantly told by his father that he isn’t ready, it all begins to make sense when the FBI steps in. The bigger problem is that Mark can not get past what his father did and the public fallout. It begins to become an obsession that is tragic.

Darrow as Andrew knows the only way to get away from what his father has done is by totaling cutting his parents out. Keeping his family safe from the government and the public means doing what ever he must to set things as right as they can be.

Other cast include Kathrine Narducci as Eleanor Squillari, Steve Coulter as Martin London, David Lipman as Martin Flumenbaum, Kelly AuCoin as Agent Cacioppi, Amanda Warren as the SEC Investigator, Mark La Mura as Ike Sorkin, Kristen Connolly as Stephanie Madoff and Lily Rabe as Catherine Hooper.

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

The WIZARD OF LIES Bluray includes the Bonus Features of In-Depth Interviews with stars Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer plus director Barry Levinson and author Diana B. Henriques. I highly suggest giving this extra a look-see!

WIZARD OF LIES is a compelling look at the story of Bernie Madoff with its twists and turns. The addition of the jail house interview with Diana B. Henriques who wrote Wizard of Lies: Bernard Madoff and the Death of Trust, adds such authenticity and draws the viewer in immediately. I have to say that I was so wrapped up in De Niro and Pfeiffer’s performances that I reacted strongly to the entire film.

Having a look inside the family there is honestly nothing that surprised me in their handling of the situation. How does a family deal with knowing that their lives and everything they believed they have worked for is all a lie? The man they trusted to lead them is a lie? I can not even imagine it.

The script written by Sam Levinson, who also wrote and directed ANOTHER HAPPY DAY, and directed by his father Barry Levinson is well done and shot beautifully. I would expect no less from the Levinson group. 

In the end – only those you trust can truly betray you!

OPEN WATER 3: Cage Dive Brings Teeth to Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from writer/director Gerald Rascionato and Lionsgate is an ocean trip of survival with OPEN WATER 3: Cage Dive.

Brothers Jeff (Joel Hogan) and Josh Miller (Josh Potthoff) along with friend Megan Murphy (Megan Hill) decide to head to the Australian coast to go cage-diving with great whites. Learning what to do and seeing the sharks come around, the friends are looking forward to their time in the cage.

Without warning, a massive rogue wave turns their lives upside down – literally – as the three friends are now drifting in the water surrounded by sharks. A camera is rolling and continues to document the sharks attacking the others on the boat. Trying to stay together, the three friends believe it’s only a matter of time before the sharks come for them.

During the night they find a large life raft kit and feel like they are finally getting away from the sharks. It also gives all three time to talk and it becomes clear there are unresolved relationship issues with the two brothers.

They find a survivor floating in the night water but one moment of panic puts them all back in the water and fighting for their lives once again. 

Hogan as Jeff is trying to keep it all together but when you are surrounded by sharks that might be difficult. Potthoff as Josh is treading water in more ways than one and when you have something with large teeth swimming around your feet it’s time to come clean about life. Hill as Megan is doing double duty in the relationship department. Megan mainly remains calm until that one moment on the raft and then she’s done for. 

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theatres, television, home entertainment and more. Theatre franchises include THE HUNGER GAMES, and DIVERGENT along with JOHN WICK. Now, adding this film to its 16,000 motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at www.lionsgate.com. 

OPEN WATER 3: Cage Dive is the kind of film that shark lovers have to see. First of all, the cinematography is pretty fantastic. It’s difficult enough to do a story in the water but to make a film that has both day and night scenes and sharks, well that’s cool.

There is such a mixture of stories here as well, with the news stories, the relationship drama and how videoing everything leaves nothing to chance and survival in open waters. Does it give viewers bites? Yes. Is it intense? Absolutely. Did I watch it twice – okay yes I did.

That’s what makes OPEN WATER 3: Cage Dive a film that I would ask friends over and watch with the lights off. There are so many jumps and eye coverings going on that it should be shared with friends – just be in charge of holding the popcorn bowl!

In the end – they must fight to survive using only their courage!

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell No Tales Sails onto Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Jack is back coming to Bluray/DVD and Digital HD as directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg along with Walt Disney Pictures is PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites) is a young man who wants one thing – to see his father Will Turner permanently returned to dry land. What he needs is Poseidon’s Trident and the map that will lead him there to break the curse holding his father deep in the ocean. 

Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) is a young woman who holds a map to the where the trident is and only she can read it. Basically it’s because she can read the stars where as most pirates can’t, well, read. 

Someone who can help them is Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) but he’s not having the best lucky with a crew lately. As if that’s not enough, Henry tells Jack that a ghost named Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) pretty much wants his head on a platter.

Unphased by the prospect of losing his head, Jack is more focused on what he’s always focused on – getting his hands on the Pearl! When Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) comes upon the hair flowing Captain Salazar, a deal is struck to find Jack together.

Jack, Henry and Carina try to stay one step ahead of Barbossa and Barbossa tries to stay two steps ahead of Salazar. As they all get closer to the prize, there are still scores to settle and a few surprises for them all.

This is the life of a pirate!

Depp as Jack Sparrow puts a period at the end of his time as a pirate. His usual throwing caution to the wind and not being upset by much, Depp throws out lines and facial reactions that continue to make us all laugh. Jack Sparrow is endearing and even to the very end he seems to be able to come out with what he truly wants.

Thwaites as Henry Turner is a young actor that is able to pull off the role of a kid who just wants his Dad back. Becoming somewhat of an expert on the legends of the sea, Thwaites is charming, caring and daring all rolled into one. Scodelario as Carina is a smart young woman who is misunderstood by, well, pirates. Looking for the trident is her mission to finding her own family.

Rush as Barbossa is his usual peg-legged self who wants to keep the money rolling in and going up against Jack is just topping on the cake. Bardem as Salazar is kind of creepy but then again he is a tad upset at Jack so we have to let him get out his frustration. The cgi around his character is more than a tad disturbing and cool at the same time.

Other cast include Kevin McNally as Gibbs, David Wenham as Scarfield, Stephen Graham as Scrum, Adam Brown as Cremble, Orlando Bloom as Will Turner and Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann. There is also a cameo appearance that had the audience cheering so look out for that!

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment began distributing under its own label in 1980 and continues to bring quality programming to kids and kids at heart. Home of the most beloved animated features including SNOW WHITE, PINOCCHIO and SLEEPING BEAUTY to name a few is what keeps families coming back for more. To see what is currently available to add to your own family library please visit. www.movies.disney.com for their At Home titles!

The Bluray Bonus Extras include Dead Men Tell More Tales: The Making of a New Adventure – Join the filmmakers and cast for an up-close look at the film’s creation, encompassing eerie ghost sharks, astonishing undersea set pieces, Jack Sparrow’s extended family and much more, in this fascinating collection of stories: A Return to the Sea, Telling Tales: A Sit-Down with Brenton & Kaya, The Matador & The Bull: Secrets of Salazar & The Silent Mary, First Mate Confidential, Deconstructing the Ghost Sharks, Wings Over the Caribbean, An Enduring Legacy, Bloopers of the Caribbean, Deleted Scenes and More!  

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Men Tell No Tales is a fantastical journey’s we have all enjoyed with Captain Jack Sparrow. Although the film brings the story full circle and the special effects are pretty darn cool, it is almost addictive how we all keep coming back for more! Of course we would because it’s Disney film!

It has been an adventure from 2003 until now with characters that are memorable and have become iconic. Disney has done a good job in wrapping up this series of films in such a way that no will be disappointed.

Everyone jumps on board for another adventure and a few surprises as well. This is fun for the family filled with laughs, adventure, action and characters that once again have us cheer for our favorite pirate. Of course no one else will ever be Jack Sparrow so thanks for that Johnny Depp!

So prepare matey’s for a journey through the sea of adventure.

In the end – it is the final tale of a pirate’s life!

Nothing Changes like Change in SILICON VALLEY: The Complete Fourth Season on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray from HBO Home Entertainment is the continuing look at the world through the eyes of those at the beginning of the technology age with SILICON VALLEY: The Complete Fourth Season.

Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) has helped to change Pied Piper to the video chat app called PiperChat. That isn’t the problem really as the team is trying to fund it on their own. Dinesh and Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) know there is only one more play and it’s with Russ Hanneman (Chris Diamantopoulos). Richard (Thomas Middleditch) isn’t happy about what it going on around him and feels that he needs to take his ideas elsewhere. That leaves the CEO job open and Dinesh is offered up.

Richard’s first lock out is when he asks Dinesh for data and is told he is locked out. Not about to be stopped, he finds a way in and discovers that the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act has been violated by PiperChat. 

Gavin (Matt Ross) and Jack are back from China but there is something happening that causes Gavin to use a video chat to find answers. Discovering what Jack is up to, Gavin reaches out to Dinesh to shut down the app altogether. Avoiding legal problems that Richard knows about is the only way to make it all go away.

Of course it isn’t that easy yet Jack manages to avoid dealing with the legal implications of COOPA. Richard is working like crazy on his internet project and its about to take a turn when Monica lets him know that she knew someone who was working on something similar once. Turns out it is Peter Gregory and Richard gets his hands on the archives of his work. The problem he discovers is that Hooli once again has their hands in everything.

Gavin is on board with helping Richard, especially when its discovered that it could knock Hooli out. Richard works out a business plan but wants to keep the launch less than obvious. Erlich (T.J. Miller) believes that Laurie (Suzanne Cryer) is going to be forced out of Raviga by Ed Chen but it isn’t much of a surprise for anyone. 

Dinesh doesn’t know what to do about his relationship with Mia (Phoebe Neidhardt) but that might not be an issue when he discovers a hack that is disturbing. Deciding to talk to Richard about what has been happening, he isn’t the only one not happy with what has been happening as Gavin turns everything over to Richard.

Leaving a mess, Richard is confronted by Russ about the whole thing and it turns, shall we say messy? Reaching out to Dan Melcher to work a deal, he has to babysit Erlich which turns into Erlich trying to get a job with Feldspar.

Pied Piper in online and breaks the top 500 app! Richard knows he needs to find an attorney and begin litigation for the royalties. Of course he is a step behind when Burke has a longer arm and pins Richard against a wall after a failed Hail-Mary threat. 

Who knew weather would put the Pied Piper team once again close to ruin from the storage center. Richard reaches out to Erlich to get a meeting with Feldspar thinking they could get something going with their VR tech. Dinesh and Gilfoyle manage to use Pied Piper’s algorithm that gives the VR a boost. With an offer of a $25 million buy out, Richard learns from Monica (Amanda Crew) that it’s a farce by Feldspar and that she is willing to fund them.

Going into Hooli-Conference, the Pied Piper team sneak in with their routers. Placing them all around the convention, they wait for Feldspar to bring in their VR presentation only to watch it fall apart and Hooli phones go haywire by exploding. Now Jack has to deal with millions of devices affected.

Richard uses Anton to store data and Barker takes off to China as they have no choice but to increase production. Gavin has run off to Tibet but learns Barker has been taken hostage. Knowing he has to rescue him, it means coming back reinstated at Hooli’s CEO.

Pied Piper is back on investors radar and it is Gavin who offers Richard a deal. That’s when he discovers Richard has made a deal with Bream/Hall. Angry, he threatens Richard who lets Gavin know that he isn’t worried at all. In fact Richard makes a threat, or prediction of his own saying he plans to make Hooli obsolete.

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

SILICON VALLEY has become one of the most popular series on HBO with it’s storyline that is tech based mixed with comedy. These characters are worth every minute to keep up with because the twists and turns are insane and cool. 

The series was created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky with the story of five guys who are trying to get their start up company started in the Silicon Valley. HBO premiered the show in 2014 and has already been reviewed for a fifth season!

The DVD includes the episodes Success Failure, Terms of Service, Intellectual Property, Teambuilding Exercise, The Blood Boy, Customer Service, The Patent Troll, The Keenan Vortex, Hooli-Con and Server Error.  

There are laughs enough for all yet there is also intricate story lines in the high-tech world that had me learning far more than I ever imagined. I’m pretty much a tech failure being I just want things to work when I turn them on and don’t care how that happens. The cast play off each other with ease and that’s the biggest thing that makes this show work. 

Each character has its own idea of how the world works and the clashes are sometimes beyond belief, yet I tune in for each episode knowing there is so much more to come. I certainly don’t claim to understanding everything they talk about but I’m dang sure willing to learn.

SILICON VALLEY brings us all on the ride of satire embedded in a bit of reality with a quirkiness that makes it one surprise after another. If you are looking for a unique view of the world through the eyes of techies then get in on the fun. SILICON VALLEY: The Complete Fourth Season is now available on Bluray and Digital HD.

In the end – they are changing the way things change!

STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars Brings the Bug Gang Back Together!

Jeri Jacquin

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the original STARSHIP TROOPERS, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment along directors Shinji Aramaki and Masaru Matsumoto bring us back to fighting bugs with STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars on Bluray and DVD.

Twenty years after Johnny Rico (voiced once again by Casper Van Dien) and friends gave the bugs a good what-for, he finds himself on Mars with a band of new recruits. Carl (Justin Doran) is now a General who is trying to stay one step ahead of Sky Marshall Amy Snapp (Emily Neves). Carmen Ibanez (Luci Christian) is commanding her own ship as well.

Training his Martian troops, the one thing Rico doesn’t expect is an attack by the bugs. The Federation can’t send help soon enough but then again Carl suspects that there is something bigger at play here. Reaching out to Carmen, he tells her that Rico needs her help.

Once the major attack begins, Rico acts like a commander making sure his soldiers escape. Left on Mars surface, he is visited by the familiar face of Dizz (Dina Meyer) who helps him figure out a way to stop the bugs before they completely take over Mars.

Sky Marshall Snapp goes before the citizens sending fear about what the bugs have planned next. Not listening to Carl’s advice, saving Mars is in the hands of Rico and the troops who know that everybody fights and nobody quits!

There is no one else I’d accept as the voice of Johnny Rico. Van Dien returns, vocally at least, to bring Johnny Rico back to us. It has been some time and the battles have had an affect on him not just physically. A little older but absolutely wiser, he is still haunted by the death of Dizz and remembers a simpler time with Carmen and Carl. That’s what makes STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars awesome – it’s a trip down memory lane but doesn’t take away from the battle that is still happening with the bugs.

Also returning is Dina Meyer as the voice of Dizz as she straightens out Johnny a bit. It is awesome that she returns and without giving anything away, fans will be thrilled. Doran as Carl is a little unnerving vocally but he hasn’t changed when it comes to being evasive about what is going on around them all. Christian as Carmen listens when Carl says Rico needs help. Neves as Sky Marshall Snapp has a plan of her own and like Carl, is playing it close to the vest.

Other cast include DeRay Davis as One-Oh-One, Scott Gibbs as Baba and Juliet Simmons as Camacho.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment brings amazing quality motion picture and television productions. Such films as BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, UNDERWORLD BLOOD WARS and PASSENGERS also available for your home entertainment library – there is so much more. To see more of what they have to offer please visit www.sonypictures.com.

Celebrated anime filmmaker Shinji Aramaki of APPLESEED ALPHA and APPLESEED EX MACHINA along with sci-fi master Ed Neumeier return us to the 1997 iconic STARSHIP TROOPERS film. A sci-fi classic (and I can’t be friends with you if the film isn’t on your guilty pleasure list), STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars brings this animated gang back for more bug battles and a storyline that twists and turns.

The Bluray includes Traitors of Mars: A Look Inside Bugs and Powered Suits, Traitor of Mars: A Look Inside Story and Characters, Expanding the Universe – 20 Years and Counting, Continuing the Universe and Traitor of Mars, Deleted Scenes, and Photo Gallery. The DVD includes A Look Inside: Motion Capture and A Look Inside: Music.  

STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars is available on Digital August 22, on 4K Ultra HD/Bluray Combo Pack and DVD this week and STARSHIP TROOPERS 20th Anniversary 4K Ultra HD Edition September 19th. 

This animated film is a blast from the past while giving us more story with a new crew of soldiers who could only be trained by Rico. There are iconic phrases that could only be uttered by Rico melding the iconic 1997 film with 2017 animation. There is action, fun, memories and bugs who need taking care of so On the Bounce, Troopers!

In the end – Johnny Rico is back!

THE STRAIN Brings Season Three to Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray and you NEED to have it is creators Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s ancient vampyric tale of THE STRAIN: The Complete Third Season.

This season brings a lot of the groups issues into the forefront starting out with Eph (Corey Stoll) hitting the bottle harder than usual. The Master has Eichhorst (Richard Sammel) kidnap his son Zach (Max Charles) and it’s too much for him. What is keeping him going is working on a bioweapon to stop the Strigoi. 

Fet (Kevin Durand) is helping those who need his knowledge of the tunnels but Eichhorst is once again ahead of the game. Setrakian (David Bradley) is working on the translation of the Occio Lumen looking for ancient answers to stop the madness. Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) is watching the humans and agrees to help begrudgingly. 

Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) is still trying to get the magical ‘white’ from The Master and wants to live forever as promised. When Quinlan offers to work together with Eph to switch the Lumen for Zack but also confesses to his vampyric bloodline and what will happen once The Master is dead. Gus (Miguel Gomez) has a secret of his own and it’s discovered by Angel (Joaquin Cosio) much to his sadness.

Palmer’s health is going down rapidly and Eichhorst brings in Sanjay Desai (Cas Anvar). Now the strigoi have managed to take over Manhattan and are using the underground tunnels to take over all of New York. There is a huge battle as the group begins to scatter to keep Eichhorst and The Master from tracking them all but it doesn’t stop Eichhorst and Dutch makes a quick move to help them escape.

Fet and Setrakian know they have to get to The Master’s sarcophagus and use silver to trap the strigoi leader. They also discover that a signal they believe is his voice but need a comparison. Palmer is discovered on a cargo ship by Setrakian who gives him one dose of the white with the promise of his help.

Desai is using humans as live subjects but Eichhorst wants quicker results. Even more disturbing is Palmer admitting to Setrakian and Fet that there is blood processing centers everywhere. Eichhorst discovers where the Ancient’s are hiding and does what he always does, his worst!

Palmer discovers a nuclear bomb and fights Eichhorst for it only to work with Setrakian to lure The Master into his silver lined sarcophagus. What Palmer doesn’t see coming is that he needs a new host and gains Palmer’s memories. Placing the bomb at the Statue of Liberty, Zach has been with the strigoi Kelly-Mom and Eph wants his son. Not to be stopped by the creature he takes matters into his own hands. Zach is furious and takes revenge on Eph in the worst and most tragic way possible. 

Stoll as Eph has gone through several transformations as each of the traumatic events puts him to the test. This actor has taken his character to dark places and makes, shall we say, ‘human’ decisions that are totally done out of emotion. Where his son is concerned he is somewhat blind to the truths that are obvious to others. This season Stoll is seriously put to the test with an end result that is horrific.

Sammel as Eichhorst is just a villain to the bone and he does it beautifully (and makes it look easy). There are very few moments where Eichhorst shows his emotion but more-so amused by the humans every move. Of course it’s because of his history so don’t expect him to go soft on the humans any time soon.

Durand as Fet is strong, consistent and the guy I’d want on my side of any fight. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and even though he shows heart, it doesn’t mean much gets past him. Always on his toes and stands up for the human race I love this character and that Durand brings it.

Bradley as Setrakian is a man who has lived well beyond his years. In those years comes knowledge that is engrained in mystery he knows only he can unravel. I love Bradley’s straight forward gravely voice that tells the group exactly how it is and what they can expect from the enemy they are trying to destroy. 

Penry-Jones as Quinlan is my hero! Seen by most as the creature that could turn any time he wants to, I see Quinlan as their only hope. He is strong, introspective, ancient on his own terms and doesn’t stand a fool. Keeping his distance from caring about his human counter parts, there are moments where it is easy to see how he could care and the reasons he can’t. Well done Penry-Jones, absolutely well done!

Other cast include: Natalie Brown as Kelly, Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch, Samantha Mathis as Judtine Feraldo, Jack Kesey as The Master.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

THE STRAIN: The Complete Third Season contains the Special Features Under Siege Companion Series Into with Carlton Cruse, The Strain: Under Siege Companion Series, Vamp Boom Music Video, Deleted Scenes and a hilarious Gag Reel!

This series is in its final season, yes, I realize that is almost bringing fans to the point of tears. This has been an amazing ride and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over. We have all come to go along for the ride and invest in these characters – even the horrible ones. Nothing is ever as it seems and with the last season I can certainly say it’s all happening so fast and is jaw dropping.

That is what makes Season Three so thrilling to watch. The twists and turns come into play but it all comes together seamlessly but not obvious. Most of us were raised to see vampires in a certain Bella Lugosi-Christopher Lee way, Guillermo Del Toro introduced a vampire like no other and gives us a creature that won’t soon be forgotten.

THE STRAIN has been awarded the Critics Choice Television Award, Satellite Award, Saturn Award (three times), Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (twice), Golden Reel Award, Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award, Golden Maple Awards, Visual Effects Society Awards and Visual Effects Society Award. There should be a category for just plain sheer awesomeness award and I’d be giving that one out. 

Watch THE STRAIN’s final season every Sunday night at 10 p.m. on FX!

In the end – they will save humanity at all costs!

It’s Time to Experience HBO’s BIG LITTLE LIES on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin 

Coming to Bluray this week from creator David E. Kelley, director Jean-Marc Vallee and HBO Home Entertainment is the unbelievable limited series BIG LITTLE LIES.

The story begins in Monterey when a death occurs on the steps of the local school. Through the investigation, the police speak to Madeline Mckenzie (Reese Witherspoon), a well known Mom who takes no guff from anyone as she raises her elementary school daughter Chloe (Darby Camp) as well as a teenager Abigail (Kathryn Newton). 

Also, Celeste (Nicole Kidman) who is a mother of twin boys is a seemingly close friend to Madeline. New to Monterey is Jane (Shailene Woodley) who is raising her son Ziggy (Iain Armitage) all by herself. This is where the stories begin!

Madeline and Jane meet the first day of school when Madeline discovers her teenage daughter is acting out. At a stop sign there is a confrontation and Madeline ends up on the asphalt. Jane stops to help and their friendship begins from there.

Being new to school, Ziggy is accused by his classmate Amabella (Ivy George) of hurting her. Her mother Renata (Laura Dern) isn’t about to have it and wants something done. Jane meets with the principle and says that Ziggy denies hurting anyone but that’s not good enough for Renata.

If that isn’t bad enough, Madeline is dealing with ex-husband Nathan (James Tupper) who pushes constantly. Part of it is due to his new wife Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) who doesn’t know her limitations when it comes to Abigail who drives Madeline to distraction. That distraction upsets her husband Ed (Adam Scott) who thinks she spends way to much time worrying about everyone else – except him.

Celeste and her husband Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) are also having issues when he has a problem with not knowing every little thing that goes on in the family. Their relationship is based on physical issues and not always good ones. Perry tends to resolve issues with an angry frightening tone.

Jane’s story is unclear to Madeline and Celeste but they both figure she will tell them in time. Yet Ziggy is coming to the age where he is asking questions about his father and where he might be. Jane continues to say she doesn’t know but Madeline believes there is more that she isn’t telling.

To keep from losing her mind completely, Madeline works with the local theatre on a production of Avenue Q which now the mayor objects to. Not about to give up, she talks Celeste into legal intervention to get city hall of their stage. Perry isn’t happy about this either.

Celeste and Perry begin therapy with Dr. Reisman (Robin Weigert) and she immediately asks questions that have the couple very uncomfortable. With Perry always traveling out of town, Celeste continues with therapy as she is confronted with the issues that are plaguing her.

Jane finally tells Madeline about Ziggy’s father and a search begins for the man. Jane isn’t sure how to handle all of her feelings as she plays out in her heard what could happen. 

Renata is wielding her ugliness towards Jane and Ziggy by not making him welcome to a party. Madeline is furious and decides it is probably best that she put together a little fun of her own to keep Renata at bay. Of course the fact that she has a long arm means that there will be more problems between the two later.

Jane has finally had enough of Renata when she discovers there is a petition to have Ziggy suspended from school. The two come together for a confrontation that could either help or hurt but they are still no closer to the truth about the bullying.

The night of Avenue Q, Madeline is thrilled that everyone has shown up, that is everyone but Celeste and Perry. When Celeste is defending herself, Perry is hurt and a statement he makes later has her realizing that maybe it’s time to leave.

In the meantime Nathan discovers that having Abigail living with him is harder than he could have imagined, especially when he discovers she has found an interesting way to raise money for Amnesty International. 

As with all secrets, there comes a tipping point as Celeste deals with Perry, Madeline has a moment of realization about her life with Ed and Jane learns the truth about the bullying that is more shocking that she could have imagined and in one snap of time everyone’s life will change.

It is a moment that could save them or ruin them all.

Witherspoon as Madeline is a total spit-fire who doesn’t take crap from anyone. She goes from 0 to bitch in a split second but she had me cracking up the entire time. Probably because I recognize some of those qualities in someone I know. Witherspoon is fast talking, fast paced and tries to give this character so much to occupy her mind; it’s easy to see she has real problems that can not be avoided forever. I just loved her in this role.

Kidman as Celeste has the role of a woman torn by a life and a husband that she seems to adore. Being a part of her kid’s life is so important to this character that she is willing to put aside the mounting issues that are a frightening reality that can’t be hidden much longer. Kidman handles this role with elegance, grace and with a manner that puts everyone else’s needs before her own life. An amazing performance!

Woodley as Jane is a woman who is full of secrets and the time is coming where those secrets can’t stay hidden much longer. It served her well for a long time but as her son gets older it becomes clear daily that she needs to face her fears and face the truth of the life she has been hiding behind. Just so well done!

Dern as Renata is a woman who is in dire need of something, anything! This character is that woman who will do anything to make sure that everyone else follows her directions. That form of control is hiding the fear that she really feels and to watch it unravel is truly interesting. Dern has always been a favorite of mine and between BIG LITTLE LIES and her returning role in TWIN PEAKS: The Return, she continues to be high on my list.

Skarsgård as Perry is a nightmare to watch. His presence is loving at times but there are moments where you can see something else, something frightening and that means has Skarsgård done his role proper. Scott as husband Ed has more patience with his wife than I ever could have. Trying to be supportive and understanding, Madeline pushes the boundaries of that until he lets her know things have to change. I applauded when he stood up for himself! 

Kravitz as Bonnie is a yoga-practicing-health-food-eating step-mother to Abigail who drives Madeline to distraction. It is an interesting dynamic that happens in a lot of extended families. Tupper as Nathan is an ex-husband who doesn’t embrace his mistakes because he’s to busy trying to be super dad to make up for them.

Newton as Abigail is a teen character that just drives me nuts. Yes, I raised four teens and I can assure you none of them ever talked to me like that. It might have had something to do consequences because Abigail certainly didn’t seem to have any.

Other cast include Larry Bates as Stu, Larry Sullivan as Oren, Virginia Kull as Ms. Barnes, Merrin Dungey as Detective Quinlan, Hong Chau as Jackie, Santiago Cabrera as Joseph, PJ Byrne as Principal Nippal, Sarah Burns as Gabrielle, Sarah Baker as Thea Cunningham, Jeffrey Nordling as Gordon Klein and Joseph Cross as Tom.

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

The Bluray and Digital HD includes the bonus features of About BIG LITTLE LIES – An extended behind-the-scenes look at the series with never-before-seen cast & crew interviews and Inside the Episodes with director Jean-Marc Vallee and writer David E. Kelley. Included as well is the Digital HD Ultraviolet that allows viewing on iTunes, television, computer, tablet and Smartphone.

BIG LITTLE LIES is an amazing limited series and I couldn’t help but binge watch on Bluray. There was no way I could sleep without knowing what was going to happen next and this cast made it all look so effortless. Witherspoon, Kidman and Woodley gave performances that were both intense, hilarious and stunning.

It is the story of the lives lived behind closed doors and the faces we put on to everyone else. It is about the secrets we keep from one another and the excuses given when the cracks begin to show. Most of all, BIG LITTLE LIES is a coming together when lives are torn apart which is stunningly done by Kelley and director Vallee.

I didn’t know what to expect from this HBO limited series but I can tell you that I would absolutely love if it were continued – at least for another season maybe? There is so much more of their stories to tell and by the end you will want to see more as well.

It’s time to experience BIG LITTLE LIES for yourself! We are giving away copies of the series and to discover how to get yours please visit http://moviemaven.homestead.com.

In the end – a perfect life is a perfect lie!

HBO’s CRASHING is Looking for the Nearest Sofa!

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray this week from the mind of Pete Holmes and HBO Home Entertainment is the comedy series CRASHING: The Complete First Season.

Pete (Pete Holmes) is a Christian comedian who is trying to make his way onto the comedy circuit. Married to Jessica (Lauren Lapkus), Pete is happy with his life and where it is all going. Off to hand out flyers for his time on stage at the club, Pete comes home to find Jessica is bed with art teacher Lief (George Basil).

That’s when Jessica tells him she wants a different life and is moving to Florida with Lief. Pete goes on a comedy bender and meets Artie Lange who lets Pete spend a few nights crashing on his couch. When Lange goes on the road he takes Pete with him as a protector to keep from going on a drug or alcohol bender.

When that goes haywire, Pete meets T.J. Miller who gives Pete a day or two crashing on his couch. But when Pete learns he has to go save his belongings from Jessica’s yard sale, T.J. is along for the ride for sure. Lief tries to make amends with Pete by helping him retrieve comedy notebooks.

When the annual parent dinner comes around, Pete begs Jessica to go with him. She is surprised that he hasn’t told his parents of their divorce but feels the need to help him through it. Unfortunately, when Pete’s Mom begins on Jessica, all hades breaks loose.

Pete calls into Lange’s podcast and his guest Sarah Silverman encourages him to come and join the show. He arrives and begins sharing his messed up relationships and how it is being a Christian and a comic with Silverman. Later that night she sees Pete handing out flyers and invites him to come crash at her place.

Being cool with him, Silverman offers to help Pete get a ‘warm-up’ job with the Rachel Ray Show that goes amazingly well. Happy to have a job doing something fun, he has a new pep in his step. Of course after meeting Liefs wife and a few drinks, things go a little awry and so does the job.

Finally, Pete and Lange goes to the party of a friend back home at his church. After going through some serious talk with the pastor, he sees Jessica who seems to be having a crisis of faith of her own. This isn’t your ordinary baptism and Lange decides that perhaps he is missing something about it all.

This is the life of the ones who make us laugh!

Holmes as Pete is a seriously confused but hilarious guy who just wants to succeed at comedy. It’s hard to do when there isn’t any money and only so many couches you can crash on. Yet he manages to go from place to place meeting some hilarious individuals in their own comic right along the way. He is charming, sweet and in some sense innocent and that’s how he stumbles onto so many sofas. There is a part of this character that any soft hearted person would want to protect but then again he’s to fun to watch just how he is. Wonderfully done Pete!

Lapkus as Jessica also looks so sweet and innocent, that is until Lief comes out of the bathroom to Pete’s surprise. She wants something different and since she can’t get it from Pete, she’s happy to sell everything and start over again. Basil as Lief is a guy who just seems to not get it, or he does but is trying to take the Zen attitude and be buddy-buddy with Pete. He certainly made me laugh a few times.

The appearances of Arte Lange, T.J. Miller, Sarah Silverman are just fantastic because they see something in Pete and yet it feels like they weren’t acting at all.  

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

The Bluray includes the episodes Artie Lange, The Road, Yard Sale, Barking, Parents, Warm-Up, Julie and The Baptism. CRASHING includes the bonus content of Guest Star Fan Club – Pete Holmes talks about his experience working with Lange, Miller, Buress and Silverman, Comedy Extras – the stylings of Miller, Nancheria, and Holmes performing scenes from Season One, About Crashing – the hilarious lowdown on CRASHING with Pete Holmes and executive producer Judd Apatow, The Art of Crashing – What it takes to make it in the comedy business from Pete Holmes and his cohorts. 

CRASHING: The Complete First Season is truly a good time with a few tugs at the heartstrings along for the ride. Pete Holmes does a fantastic job of bringing a mixture of laughter and life to the series. If you haven’t seen enough, check out the Bluray as his first ever HBO stand-up comedy special Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds is included.

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In the end – God help him!

The Stork Brings BOSS BABY to Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming this week on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD Combo Pack from director Tim McGrath, DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the arrival of the new boss in town with BOSS BABY.

Tim Templeton (Miles Bakshi) is a creative young man who has the best time with his parents. Encouraging his imagination for fun, Mom (Lisa Kudrow) and Dad (Jimmy Kimmel) always take time from their busy jobs at Puppy Co. working for Francis Francis (Steve Buscemi) to celebrate being a family.

His life is about to change with the arrival of Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) introduced as his new baby brother. Boss Baby is a well dressed brief case carrying kid who immediately takes over the house with his demands. Tim feels like he is being put on the back burner with Mom and Dad deciding to do something about it.

Doing his own recon, Tim soon discovers that Boss Baby can talk! Wanting to immediately tell Mom and Dad, Boss Baby tells Tim that there is a way to put everything back the way it was. Explaining he comes from BabyCorp, he tells of a plot to put babies out of business by Puppy Co. who is creating a puppy that stays a puppy forever and Boss Baby needs to stop it.

Tim is on board, especially if it means his life will go back to normal, and the brothers only have two days to stop the madness. A lot can happen in two days between brothers!

Who else could be the voice of Boss Baby but Alec Baldwin! He is hilarious and smooth at the same time with some of the best lines ever. I couldn’t stop giggling with his vocal performance mixed with amazing animation. Bakshi doing the vocals for Tim is a young man who just didn’t expect a baby brother and certainly didn’t expect to go on an adventure that would last a lifetime.

Buscemi as Francis Francis is on a crime spree with a bigger connection that Boss Baby could have imagined. Kudrow as Mom clearly wants her two boys to bond and Kimmel as Dad is also pleased when his sons seem to be having fun together. 

Other cast include James McGrath as Wizzie, Conrad Vernon as Eugene, ViviAnn Yee as Staci, Eric Bell Jr. as Triplets, David Soren as Jimbo, Edie Mirman as Big Boss Baby and narrated by Tobey Maguire.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

DreamWorks Animation brings amazing animated entertainment to films, television specials and series for the young and young at heart audiences around the world. DreamWorks Animations has brought iconic and beloved films such as the SHREK, MADAGASCAR, KUNG FU PANDA and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. For more of what they have to offer please visit http://www.dreamworksanimation.com. 

BOSS BABY Bluray/DVD and Digital HD include the Special Features of New Mini Adventure: The Boss Baby and Tim’s Treasure Hunt Through Time, The Forever Puppy Infomercial, BabyCorp and You, and Babies vs. Puppies: Who Do YOU Love?

Also included is The Boss Baby’s Undercover Team, Cookies Are For Closers: Inside BabyCorp, The Great Sibling Competition, Happy Accidents: The Deleted Scenes of THE BOSS BABY and Gallery. 

BOSS BABY is a charming film that is also hilarious which means there is something for everyone. It is definitely a story about family and the expectations we place on each other but it all works out when love is in the mix. I would expect nothing less from DreamWorks where that is concerned.

The story of BabyCorp really did have me laughing and the deep secret behind Puppy Co. was a total and fun surprise. That’s hard to do with an animated film but BOSS BABY gives it all wrapped up in a really good time that can be watched again and again.

The animation is lively, colorful and absolutely fun from start to finish. What makes the combo pack so much fun is that if you didn’t get enough of BOSS BABY, there are new adventures to be had which means more family fun time. 

In the end – Boss Baby means business!

HBO says Farwell to GIRLS: The Final Season on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Time to bring out the Kleenex people as HBO Home Entertainment brings to Bluray the sixth and final season of GIRLS.

It has been a while since Hannah’s (Lena Dunham) article in The New York Times about Jessa and Adam (Adam Driver) and she is off to the Hamptons. She meets Paul-Louis there which makes the trip not as bad as she thought. 

The happiness between Ray (Alex Karpovsky) and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) are clearly evident which is driving Marnie (Allison Williams) a little nuts. It happens to divorce people who just aren’t ready to see that sort of goings on. When the group goes on a trip to Poughkeepsie, Desie (Ebon Bachrach) is busted for using Oxycontin and Marnie is not about to have any of it.

Hannah has a clear moment and realizes that she is so into her own life that she didn’t even notice that her friend was in trouble. If that isn’t drama enough, Elijah (Andrew Rannelis) and Shoshanna get into a hot mess bringing up past-peeves and accusations and maybe even a tad bit of jealousy towards Jessa (Jemima Kirke).

Once again Hannah has to answer for something she did, or in this case wrote. Chuck Palmer isn’t pleased with an article Hannah has written accusing him of funny business with his students. Instead of a lecture, Chuck and Hannah talk about their work, how he treats women and how she needs to work on her fact checking skills. Just when she thought all was well, in a single second it all changes.

Ray isn’t having an easy time either not feeling appreciated by Marnie but that seems to be the least of his worries. He learns that life is fleeting only in Ray’s case a little more fleeting on this particular day.

Not feeling well physically, Hannah heads to the ER and runs into Joshua from “One Man’s Trash”. Not ready to deal with that? Well, then she isn’t about to deal with the news that someone is pregnant!

Adam and Jessa want to make a movie together and they want it based on what happened with Hannah, and ask for her okay on it. Loreen shows up and Hannah blurts out the news which is a bad idea since Loreen is dealing with a cannabis situation of her own. When Loreen goes missing, Elijah and Hannah track her down and she blurts out Hannah’s news. Sending Elijah into a blunt moment, he announces his feelings about the matter.

Ray is on an emotional roller coaster about Hermie and Marnie doesn’t really care and Ray spills how he’s feeling about it all. Marnie finds out about Hannah but wants to know who the father is and in a moment of frustration Hannah tells Adam her little secret which in turn frustrates Marnie who finds out from Adam!

Knowing she can’t put it off any longer, Hanna tries to find Paul-Louis to no avail and sees part of Adams film and is surprised by it. Babysitting an ex-boyfriend for Elijah so he can go on an audition only to come back and find the two eating pizza.

Marnie gets a wake up call with a notice on her door, a parents who won’t enable and the eye opening realization that some things in her life just aren’t as real as she thought. Having a moment of clarity she reaches out to Desi. Speaking of moments of clarity, Adam decides that he wants to be a baby-daddy and for a second there is a recons illation for he and Hannah. 

Ray hits it off with Shoshanna’s former boss, Hannah interviews for a college job, there is an engagement party, Marnie wants to clear the air with everyone and Jessa knows who she wants in her life. 

That doesn’t stop Hannah from the biggest decision of her life and that’s leaving the city but she didn’t expect a new roommate as Marnie goes with her. It also doesn’t mean that drama doesn’t follow as the finale episode gives us all one more reason to love these GIRLS.

This has been a story about friendship, craziness and the life of GIRLS!

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

The Bluray includes the Bonus Features of Enjoy a Goodbye to Girls: Extended Cut – a special version of the series’ finale – and an exclusive Audio Commentary with Lena Dunham, Judd Apatow and Jennie Donner. Plus get Inside the Episodes and Favorite Moments Features spotlighting each of the girls most memorable scenes. 

Also includes on the Bluray is two-discs of over 310 minutes of girl time (yes we love you too Adam!) along with a Digital HD Ultraviolet copy that can be played on your television, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

GIRLS premiered on HBO in 2012 with a story created by Lena Dunham with Judd Apatow as executive producer. This comedy-drama has allowed audiences to follow the lives of four completely different though all together same women. In 2013, GIRLS won a Golden Globe Aware for Best Television Series. 

Dunham has taken us on a wild ride through relationships, hardships, sadness and the realities of life with GIRLS and we are truly sorry to see them go but – in our hearts wish them well. Yes, we get that involved with our characters sometimes and its okay with me.

In the end – they were our GIRLS!