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Jeri Jacquin

This week on DVD and Digital HD from writer/director Simon Aboud is a lovely tale of growth in many ways in THIS BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC.

Bella Brown (Jessica Brown Findlay) isn’t your ordinary young woman. Obsessively neat, precise in every way and a bit of a shut in, she works at the local book store. Staying to herself, an unexpected storm brings an accident that puts her face to face with cranky neighbor Alfie (Tom Wilkinson).

Not wanting to do any more than is necessary to help; Bella also meets Vernon (Andrew Scott), Alfie’s cook who is berated constantly by the elderly gentleman. When Vernon decides to cook for Bella, Alfie goes ballistic and fires him. Not that Vernon minds especially when Bella hires him.

Bella tells the young cook that she can’t pay him; Vernon is fine with that considering Alfie still has to pay him for a few months. Well, Alfie isn’t about to let it all go without a fight and Bella is introduced to it when her landlord shows up for an inspection and dismayed at the condition of the back yard.

Giving her thirty days to restore it, Vernon can’t help due to hay fever and Bella hates the outdoors! Yet the prospect of being homeless brings her gloves and shovel out of retirement. Frustrated and to the point of giving up, Alfie makes a deal that will keep him fed by Vernon’s deliciousness and put Bella on good terms with her landlord.

Then she meets Billy (Jeremy Irvine), a young man who captures her imagination with his creations. Believing she had found something special, is devastated when both her heart and her garden are ravaged by an emotional and literal storm.

Soon she learns that her world is about to become more beautiful than she could have ever imagined.

Findlay as Bella is so lovely as a young woman who clearly has kept herself to herself. She has the potential to be so much more but doesn’t realize it until three of the most different men come into her life to show support, friendship, loyalty and love. In that she blossoms beautifully.

Wilkinson as Alfie is as amazing as he always is. A gentleman who lives by himself and sees little in life but his garden, he isn’t all that different than Bella. When the two get past their differences, they see their differences aren’t different at all.

Scott as Vernon is funny with his hay fever and pretty amazing chef. Although constantly irritated by Alfie, there is a bond between the two that Vernon nourishes and even appreciates even if he doesn’t show it.

Irvine as Billy is a young man who sees something in Bella and it is the thing she doesn’t see in herself. Seeking her out at every moment, he wants to know more about her and loves the story her mind has created.

Other cast include Anna Chancellor as Bramble, Sheila Hancock as Mother Superior, and Eileen Davies as Milly.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

THIS BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC gets four sunflowers out of five for beautiful storytelling if nothing else. Just an ethereal look at a young woman who may be different in the eyes of many with her OCD compulsions and outlook on life but truly is as easy to love. 

The characters are complex yet drawn to each other in the most amusing way filled with insecurities and a great capacity of love and understanding. Something those rough edges can be smoothed with a little bit of time and a good gardening tool.

Every one in the cast brings so much to the story and I am in awe of them all. I absolutely love this film and everything about it with an ending that is heartfelt and giving.

In the end – grow your own happiness!

THE TONIGHT SHOW: Johnny and Friends Opens the Curtain on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Now available on DVD from Time Life is another amazing three-disc collection from a television late-night icon with THE TONIGHT SHOW: Johnny and Friends.

There is something amazing about remembering the phrase, ‘heeeeeere’s Johnny’ every evening coming from America’s television sets. Settling down for the night Johnny Carson became a staple of entertainment that made us all laugh before falling asleep. 

That’s just a fraction of what most people know about this late night star. For instance, Carson was a Nebraskan boy who loved magic tricks and created The Great Carson quickly earning a few dollars for it. He also was a military man joining the US Navy and serving as a communications officer. 

After his service, Carson returned to Nebraska going off to college receiving his BA in Radio and Speech and, here is a surprise, minored in physics! He began his broadcasting career in 1950 and continued to move up with television spots on To Tell the Truth, Who Do You Trust? and met Ed McMahon. 

By 1962 after Jack Paar’s departure, NBC finally signed Carson and once the show took off, McMahon joined his partner in crime. From then on characters and sketches included Art Fern, Carnac the Magnificent, Floyd R. Turbo, Aunt Blabby, El Mouldo and The Maharishi just to name a few.

Both New York and Hollywood sent Carson as many stars as there were in the sky to the show. From Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Richard Pryor, Paul McCartney, Muhammad Ali, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny, Burt Reynolds, Don Rickles, Charlton Heston, Jerry Lewis, Sean Connery and so many, many more filled each evening’s time slot. With this collection you can add Steve Marin, Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy. The comedy was never ending!

Carson spent thirty years hosting The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and received Emmy Awards and in 1987 was inducted to the Television Academy Hall of Fame. In 1992 Carson would receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom only to be followed up by the Kennedy Center Honor.

Time Life has brought this never before released anywhere classic collection of the series to fans. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit www.timelife.com. 

This 3-disc set of Johnny Carson and friends Steve Martin, Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy celebrates amazing comedy with side splitting laughs for three of my own personal favorite funny men. 

On Disc 1 is one “wild and crazy guy” with Steve Martin who, as a young comic, almost didn’t get another chance at The Tonight Show. Once he polished his act, Martin came back several times to bring audiences serious laughter that continued on to his film career.

Disc 2 brings one of the most beloved comics who made his mark in comedy, television and film. Robin Williams was unpredictable and off-the-cuff fun brought fans quickly to see what he would do next. Sitting across from Carson was always an experience to witness with results that had me laughing to tears.

Finally, Disc 3 brings Eddie Murphy to the forefront on Carson’s couch and to our late night. His break out in Saturday Night Live meant that being on the show gave us all the opportunity to hear what laughs were to come and what project he was working on next. 

These are three stellar comics sitting on the sofa of an icon and now, with the wonderful help of Time Life, we get the chance to revisit their early years and remember how they made us laugh. Sharing each disc with family and friends is a great way to step into a time machine while still introducing the younger generation to some of the most side-splitting comics ever.

In this 499 minute 3-disc set from time life is nine full shows that include the commercials of the time. Seriously, the commercials added to the laughs but at the same time aged me a bit. All in great fun!

In the end – prepare for greatness!

BOB HOPE Salutes the Troops Brings the Best to Our Best

Jeri Jacquin

It is an opportunity to see the best in one of our greatest entertainers of all time as Time Life brings to DVD BOB HOPE Salutes the Troops.

Bob Hope has been a mainstay of troop entertainment for generations bringing laughs, singing, dancing and a thankful heart to those who have served. Over fifty Christmases of his life were spent entertaining our military from battleships and battlefields all over the world.

From Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand and the South China Sea on board the Midway, USS Hancock and the USS New Jersey, there isn’t any place that Bob Hope wouldn’t go for a show. That includes Guan, Okinawa, the Philippines and Formosa on the USS Kitty Hawk to Thailand, Los, Spain and Cuba and Saudi Arabia. 

All of the performances in appreciation to the troops as Hope did his part to bring moments of joy and laughter in a tense time. 

This commemorative 3-disc set is available exclusively at WalMart bringing some of Bob Hope’s historic television specials across five decades. The set is packed with patriotic memories, laughs and the stars who shared the stage on military bases from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia.

Time Life has brought this never before released anywhere classic collection of the series to fans. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit www.timelife.com. 

The DVD includes Bob Hope’s Christmas Cheer in Saudi Arabia that originally aired in January of 1991 during Operation Desert Shield, The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the World with the USO that originally aired in January of 1969, and Bob Hope: Memories of WWII as he looks back to the war with his wife Dolores. 

The Bob Hope Christmas Special airing January 1965, The Bob Hope Christmas Show in January 1963, The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the Globe with the USA airing in January 1972 and The Bob Hope Christmas Special airing in January 1973. 

Each of these shows bring guests such as Maria Osmond, Dick Elbers, Ann Margaret, Jill St. John, Lana Turner, Vida Blue, Lola Falana and LA quarterback Roman Gabriel and astronaut Alan Shepard just to name a few!

The most amazing part of this collection is that the entertainment is not only for the troops now, audiences everyone can once again revisit the fun. That’s what makes Time Life so amazing! They have brought back memories for many of us but also a chance to share with our families some of the best comedy by an iconic star that isn’t really seen anymore today.

His dedication was astounding and the troops loved him, Bob Hope will always been thought of with fondness and light – I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way. BOB HOPE Salutes the Troops is over 395 minutes of Hope for the Holidays bringing happiness that can now continue to do so for years to come.

In the end – thanks for the memories Mr. Hope!

BONES Brings its Final Season to DVD:
All Twelve Season Come in a FLESH & BONES Box Set!

Jeri Jacquin

This week is a big one for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment with the release of BONES The Final Chapter but that’s not all. The FLESH & BONES COLLECTION is also here with all 12 seasons together for the first time ever!

In 2005, television audiences were introduced to a series that was intense and different. The story created by Hart Hanson brought the writings of Kathy Reichs to life. Reichs was a novelist and forensic anthropologist which provided a treasure trove of stories to be told.

Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is a forensic anthropologist who is part of the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington D.C. FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) discovers that Brennan, who he nicknames Bones, has the skills he needs to help investigate unidentifiable remains. These two come together to seek out the answers through science and a little humor.

Discovering that actually need one another to solve crimes that doesn’t mean that Brennan doesn’t make her feelings about it all quite clear. When boss Dr. Daniel Goodman assigns her from season one, this leads to 12 seasons of the most fascinating stories on television.

The finale of season one was emotional when Booth looks into the disappearance of Temperance’s parents and a reuniting with her brother Russ but a strange message left by father Max is the cliffhanger. That is only season one as the intensity grows well into the final season.

Immediately the season takes off with a bang when Zack kidnaps Bones but it doesn’t last as Booth has come to understand his ways. Being blamed for a series of murders, Zack becomes a target and knows that Temperance and Booth are the only ones who can help.

Turning 40 for Temperance starts out with helping co-workers, Booth is surprised at what is happening with her but can’t linger on it. Their next case is the death of a man who helps autistic children. Perhaps that is what brings on Cam and Arastoo wanting to adopt but also Booth and Brennan thinking of expanding the family.

That gets put on hold when the priest who married them is discovered murdered, but was he? Booth investigates deeper and discovers there is a darker truth to it all. It becomes clear as he uncovers more that the family may be in danger. Max helps defend the family and the truth surfaces. Aubrey is also faced with a difficult decision regarding her own family member and it isn’t an easy one.

Zack’s case has been waiting for an appeal but Hodgins thinks there may be evidence to help his case. Getting help from Gordon Wyatt and Angela, they take it all step by step and believe they have enough to solve the case but it might not be enough.

Bringing the series to a close I’m sure wasn’t an easy one as each of the characters in BONES is distinctive and, after 12 years, have become part of our weekly viewing. In the next to the last episode, the six main characters are telling us a story from their perspective. I’m actually not going to get into detail because this is definitely an episode that begins to clear the decks but don’t think for a moment it isn’t intense!

David Boreanaz takes the helm in the final episode that is filled with emotion and twists that are everything the television audience has come to expect from the show. I will admit my jaw dropped a few times followed by “I didn’t see that coming”. 

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The 525 minute 3-disc DVD of BONES The Final Chapter includes the episodes The Hope in the Horror, The Brain in the Bot, The New Tricks in the Old Dogs, The Price for the Past, The Tutor in the Tussle, The Flaw in the Saw, The Scare in the Score, The Grief and the Girl, The Steel in the Wheels, The Radioactive Panthers in the Party, The Day in the Life, and The End in the End. Also, the Special Feature of Back to the Lab: A Bones Retrospective and, of course, A Gag Reel.

THE FLESH & BONES COLLECTION of BONES is amazing with all 12 seasons together for the first time ever which includes over 6 hours of Bonus Features. Those features include Back to the Lab: A BONES Retrospective, BONES at Comic Con, BONES: Inspired by the life of Forensic Anthropologist and Author Kathy Reichs, A Visual Effects and Making of Featurettes, Audio Commentaries on Select Episodes, Gag Reels, Deleted Scenes and so much more!

Deschanel as Temperance took that character to places and emotions that were ever changing. Boreanaz as Booth was the yin to Temperance’s yang and I couldn’t even begin to imagine this series without these two actors. It’s always emotional when our favorite shows come to an end but, there is good news as well for BONES fans.

All 12 seasons means you can once again journey with your favorite characters and storylines because 20th Century Fox understands our need to keep our favorites close. Watching BONES from the very beginning gives us all a chance to pick up on nuances we may have missed and remember why BONES became such a hit series!

In the end – they gave us heart and humor and we can only give out heartfelt thank you for an amazing ride!

WICHITA Brings an Unexpected Creepy to DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from directors Matthew Ward, Justyn Ah Chong and Candy Factory is a thriller that takes twists to another level with WICHITA.

Jeb (Trevor Peterson) is a writer on a children’s television show. Threatened with the prospect of losing the show by the executives, he takes a team of writers to a cabin in the woods under the auspices of saving the show.

What the writers don’t know is that there are hidden cameras hidden as Jeb has another idea of his own. Raven (Persia White), Natalie (Caitlin Gerard), Clark (Demetri Goritsas), Billy (Christopher Robles) and Joan (Melinda Lee) are in the cross-fire of madness. Watching them he becomes obsessed and even more intense. It all comes to a head when he is fired from the show completely.

Running home to Mama (Sondra Blake) brings out even more darkness and now there is no turning back from it all. As the others in the cabin begin to discover what has been happening with Jeb, it becomes a race to survive. What comes next is a fear that needs to be stopped!

Peterson as Jeb was absolutely terrifying in this role. There is an innocence about him yet when the spit begins to fly I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him. The amazing ability to mix the Jekyll and Hyde of this character added to the thrill of the storyline.

The ensemble cast works together so well that it is a ride the viewer is willing to go on. I am still weirded out with the final scenes between Raven and Joan being trapped in the room with Jeb. Horror, thriller and twist fans should make this a night of lights out with someone to hang on to. 

Candy Factory Films is a forward-thinking, filmmaker-friendly company dedicated to producing unique and compelling films. Candy Factory is at the forefront of a new vanguard reaching distinct audiences. With award-winning and acclaimed films across every genre, Candy Factory is committed to creating and fostering communities around independent and progressive cinema. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.candyfactoryfilms.com. 

WICHITA is a mash up of every scary, fear and evil part of us with a dash of a boyish face you can believe in – until you can’t. I loved the addition of Mom’s story and casting Blake absolutely makes it clear that Jeb isn’t singing with a full hymnal.

WICHITA is available June 20th on DVD but also iTunes, Amazon and Google Play with a running time of 85 intense-never-a-sane-moment minutes. With an ending that will leave the entire film up for discussion, the storyline never lets up for a moment and certainly takes its own demented path with ease. 

The Official Selection of the 2016 Santa Fe Film Festival, Official Selection of the 2017 Film Invasion Los Angeles, and Official Selection of the 2017 Durango Independent Film Festival WICHITA takes us on a journey that is disturbing yet also fascinating from beginning to end.

In the end – something psycho this way comes!

Welcome to the Reception and TABLE 19 
on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray/DVD and Digital HD this week from director Jeffrey Blitz, the comedy writing of Jay and Mark Duplass and Fox Searchlight Pictures is the best group at TABLE 19.

Preparing for a weekend getaway wedding, Eloise (Anna Kendrick) isn’t as happy as one would think. Also invited is Walter Thimple (Stephen Merchant), the Kepp’s Bina (Lisa Kudrow) and Jerry (Craig Robinson), Rezno Eckberg (Tony Revolori) and former nanny Jo Flanagan (June Squibb).

Showing up in their wedding finery, they head to the reception discovering they are all being seated at table 19 in the back of the hall. Spending a few moments making introductions, Eloise shows up and proceeds to lay it on thick.

She informs them all that she was once the maid-of-honor but broke up with boyfriend Teddy (Wyatt Russell) who happens to be the brother of the bride. Stunning her table-mates with her forwardness, Eloise gets a bit brutal informing them of why they are at Table 19.

Bina and Jerry spend time snipping at one another, Walter can’t seem to answer direct questions put to him; Rezno has a mother who pushes him to find a girl at the reception and Nanny Jo has tales to tell of the bride and her brother. 

Eloise tries to forget that she’s in the same room with Teddy and it is everyone at table 19 who stands by her – and each other. The most unlikely table becomes the most likely to find the true meaning of friendship.

Kendrick as Eloise is endearing and has a biting wit that gets her into a bit of trouble. Losing brides maid status is the least of Eloise’s’ problems yet sitting at table 19 offers her more than she could have ever expected. Kendrick has the awesome knack of bringing relatability to a character and even when she’s being a tad wretched, she easily receives forgiveness.

Kudrow as Bina is a woman clearly unhappy with the way her life is turning out. Feeling alienated from the young married life she remembers is causing a rift now. Kudrow gives us her funny side mixed in with a motherly attitude towards the group. Robinson as Jerry seems to have become fixed in his life as a diner owner and book reader but that’s only on the surface.

Russell as Teddy has a magazine rack full of issues and wishes Eloise would just go away so he won’t have to deal with any of them. Merchant as Thimple is absolutely hilarious as his story unfolds. He starts as the odd man out who isn’t as odd as people may think. Revolori as Rezno is a young man clearly trying to find his way through life and at table 19 he’s doing it wearing a furry tie. He is a straight forward character who clearly needs to break free!

Squibb as Nanny Jo is the jewel in this film, the icing on the wedding cake and the stuff that older lady’s are made of. I loved every moment of her performance and no one could have ever done it better. She is amazing and all I could think is how cool it would be to hang out with a Nanny Jo. 

Other cast include Margo Martindale as Rezno’s mother Freda, Thomas Cocquerel as Huck, Andrew Daly as Luke Pfaffler, and Maria Thayer as Kate Milner.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

TABLE 19 is a quirky, twisted, hilarious, heartfelt, jaw drop of a story filled with moments that are so relatable for anyone who has ever attended a reception. None of this surprises me as the Duplass brothers have once again brought every range of emotion in one afternoon. If anything else, the next time anyone attends a reception after seeing the film will wonder why they are at their assigned table.

Of course I’m leaving out a lot of detail because I had such a good time watching this film that I want everyone to enjoy it as well. This cast is just magical bringing out the best and worst of their characters only to discover that we are all broken in some way or another. This is the film you share with everyone because every minute is relatable!

The Bluray and DVD Special Features includes Deleted Scenes of Carol Milner Kills It, Cousin Donny Toasts It, Infamous Kate Works It and Table 19 Swings It and the Featurettes Table of Rejects, Head of the Table and Table for Six. Make sure to give the special features a look because it adds so much more to the film.

Quick to judge, quick to anger, quick to run and quick to realize that we all need one another to get through the craziness of life. These characters just remind us to have a sense of humor while it all plays out the way it’s supposed to. So, get some cake and gladly sit up at TABLE 19.

In the end – you are invited to the wedding of the season.

We Can All Relate to Being in THE WEDDING PARTY on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

On DVD this week from writer/director Thane Economou and Candy Factory is a reminder that June is the time of weddings and all that entails when part of THE WEDDING PARTY.

Paul (Joel Johnstone) and Margene (Meg Cionni) are finally married and now it’s on to the party. The wedding party aren’t even back down the aisle before the craziness begins. First, Jim (Blake Lee) is babying a broken heart but finds a little smile when he sees former high school sweetheart Alex (Allison Paige). 

Seeing the madness Alex is going through keeping everything on schedule, Jim agrees to be her partner-in-line making it all work. Paul and Margene decide to divide and conqueror dealing with their families but Margene isn’t really happy about it.

But that’s not the only problem as Katie’s Dad Ned (Michael Adler) is speaking in tongues so to speak, Pastor Kyle (Deniz Akdeniz) is praising-the-lord-and-passing-the-judgment, Bethanie (Ziah Colon) can’t stay away from the Xanax, bridesmaid Greta (Kat Palardy) can’t keep her voice from calling stray cats, dealing with the ex-Zeb (Pete Ploszek) and groomsmen Skylar (Moses Storm) dealing with Aunt Sylvia’s (Pamela Dunlap) sexual advances!

Every thing that can happen does happen when you are part of a wedding party.

Johnstone as Paul is a man that clear isn’t sure that he is ready for marriage but it’s harder to turn back once the deed is done. Cionni as Margene is beautiful as all brides are and tries to make everyone happy but doesn’t include herself in all of the festivities.

Lee as Jim is nursing a broken heart but discovers that it might have healed without knowing it when he sees Alex and their night if filled with craziness and laughs. Paige as Alex is moving the wedding along with her binder in hand and finds herself having a good time with Jim – even if the self absorbed ex-Zeb makes an entrance.

Storm as Skylar sort of steals the show with his need to conquest at a wedding and to discover if the rice and birds is a myth. I have to say I loved watching his goofiness, especially when confronted by Aunt Sylvia who calls his b.s. Notice the rubber tracks of his shoes on the ground!

THE WEDDING PARTY received Best Feature Film at the Tulsa American Film Festival, the Technical Brilliance Award at the St. Lois International Film Festival, Official Selection at the Sedona Film Festival, and winner of the Best of Fest at the 2016 Fayetteville Film Festival.

Candy Factory Films is a forward-thinking, filmmaker-friendly company dedicated to producing unique and compelling films. Candy Factory is at the forefront of a new vanguard reaching distinct audiences. With award-winning and acclaimed films across every genre, Candy Factory is committed to creating and fostering communities around independent and progressive cinema. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.candyfactoryfilms.com. 

THE WEDDING PARTY is probably the most realistic and hilarious film I’ve seen because everyone has had these issues at a wedding. If anything, this film is a fair warning that family and friends are fair game when it comes to celebrating nuptials that are a green light for disaster.

With every laugh the film provides there is also a sense of ‘oh my gawd’ because it’s nice to know that when planning and going through with my own daughters wedding, that our crazy wasn’t exclusive. I believe THE WEDDING PARTY should be critical seeing for anyone that is planning that special day.

In the end stakes rise and cake falls with this wedding party!

Take a Trip Back to the Cornfield of Comedy with HEE HAW Pfft! You Was Gone! on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from Time Life is a trip back to the cornfield of comedy with the release of HEE HAW Pfft! You Was Gone!

Seriously, I can honestly admit that my childhood included the Sunday ritual of tuning into the CBS series Hee Haw. After Sunday dinner, my seven member family would find out places on the braided carpet (have I aged myself?) with popcorn and prepare to spend time laughing.

Running from 1969 to 1971, Hee Haw was hosted by the country singers Buck Owens and Roy Clark. Filled with country culture and music, there was an equal mix of comedy and musical guests including Merle Haggard, George Jones, Dolly Parton and more. 

Sketches on the Joke Fence and pop ups in the cornfield captured audiences’ funny bone. The iconic and song-stuck-in-your-head “Where, oh where, are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? I search the world over, and I thought I’d found true love, You met another and Pfft! You was gone!” were only part of the hilarity.

Grandpa Jones was often asked “Hey Grandpa! What’s for Supper?” and trust me sometimes the menu sounded very southern and delicious. If you needed a visit to Archie’s Barbershop, you could be sure to hear a twisted fairy tale or two or perhaps visit The Culhanes of Kornfield Kounty with Minnie Pearl and Junior Samples.

A Season 1 episode includes Merle Haggard singing Mama Tried and sketches from The Culhanes and KORN News. From Season 2, Marty Robbins crooned to television audiences I’m So Afraid of Losing You Again. The comedy of Owens and Clark with Pickin and Grinnin brought even the singers to laughter.  

Dolly Parton brought her famous song Coat of Many Colors in 1972 along with Roy Clark and his stunning performance of There’ll Be Peace in the Valley For Me. The Kornfield Kounty gang returns along with the newest tale from Archie’s Barbershop and a menu of vittles with Hey Grandpa, What’s for Supper?

George Jones brought his voice of hurt to the song Nothing Ever Hurt Me Half as Bad As Losing You and Tammy Wynette sang Kids Say the Darndest Things. There is more KORN News and a new menu from Hey Grandpa! What’s for Supper?

Time Life has brought this never before released anywhere classic collection of the series to fans. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit www.timelife.com. 

It seems only appropriate finishing up with another iconic show song as Buck Owens and Roy Clark would gather with the cast and sing “We loved the time we spent with you, To share a song and a laugh or two, May your pleasure be many and your troubles be few…” with a final closing to another episode of HEE HAW.

Anyone who was part of the HEE HAW era will love revisiting the show once again. Time Life gathers us one and all back together to remember southern comedy, charm and music. This series brought families together to share laughs and see our favorite country musicians sing the hits we would hear on the radio. 

I think that’s what we all miss most about entertainment, finding something that reaches the entire family enough to make them want to sit around the television together. HEE HAW brought just that and we now have a chance to have Sunday dinner and race to our favorite spots with popcorn and have a fun as a family.

In the end – it’s the best down-home country variety show!

A Different Buddy Story When Pulling an ALL NIGHTER on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Looking for a buddy film with a twist? Well, on DVD and Digital HD this week from director Gavin Wiesen and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment wants you to prepare yourself for an ALL NIGHTER.

Martin (Emile Hirsch) is a banjo player in love with Ginnie (Analeigh Tipton). Uncomfortably he agrees to meet her father Frank Gallo (J.K. Simmons) over dinner and immediately knows this is going to be uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because six months later Martin is single.

A surprise knock on the door from Frank puts Martin’s emotions in high gear when Ginnie can’t be found. Jumping from friend to jobs, the two turn into detectives trying to find people who may know where she is.

That of course means dealing with those who want to make Martin feel worse and people challenging the dynamic-duo. Roberta (Kristen Schaal) and Gary (Taran Killam) are friends who are so busy trying to deal with their own relationship they can’t be of much help. Then there is Megan (Xosha Roquemore) and her crazy boyfriend Bri-baby (Trenton Rostedt) who would rather throw up and fight than to be helpful.

Discovering where Ginnie lives, Frank turns a search for his daughter into breaking and entering with cops chasing them through the streets of West Hollywood. Sitting in a jail cell, Frank and Martin get real and life changes for them both.

Simmons as Frank is very funny in this role. Snappy wit and ice blue eyed stares I enjoyed the laughs he provided. He is the well dressed and self-assured one of the two but sometimes impeccable on the outside can mean a mess on the inside.

Hirsch as Martin is a self-doubting and depressed ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to get his act together. Spending the evening on the Ginnie-hunt with Frank isn’t exactly his idea of a good time yet something begins to change for him. Every step Martin is being dragged yet this buddying between Hirsch and Simmons is pretty cool.

Schaal as Roberta is a complete psycho yet I know someone exactly like her! Killam as Gary is just a whipped human being and when he tries to escape, doesn’t help Frank and Martin but sure makes me laugh! Tipton as Ginnie is basically the beginning and end of the film as the focus of the all nighter. 

Other cast include Jon Bass as Trevor, Shannon Woodward as Lois, Meta Golding as Kelly, Jon Daly as Jimothy, Stephanie Allynne as Tracy, Rebecca Drysdale as Lizzie, and Connor Barrett as Dean. 

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The ALL NIGHTER is a dynamic of two totally different people but with one goal – even if it means wearing a pink princess shirt to do it (congrats on that Simmons!). I just love the relationship between Hirsch and Simmons, not just because of the age difference because really that fades fast, but because their one commonality isn’t what keeps them going.

I think it’s more about these two guys who both have serious issues with life and relationships discovering they are in the same boat. Paddling against one another for a bit, they slowly begin to let the current take them and stop fighting each other. Of course finding all this out on the streets of West Hollywood brings the laughs.

In the end – the fastest way to get over an ex is staying up all night with her dad!

A UNITED KINGDOM Stands for Love and a Country on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

This week on Bluray and DVD from director Amma Asante and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a story of love and country along with A UNITED KINGDOM.

Studying law in 1940’s Britain, Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) is out one night with friends when he sees Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike). They begin seeing one another much to the displeasure of Ruth’s parents and even more so when she tells them she is engaged.

One announcement he does make to Ruth is that he is Prince Seretse Khama of Bechuanaland and he would soon need to return to his country. Thrilled at the prospect of joining him, the couple begins to make plans. What they don’t count on is the reaction of those around them because of the differences in the color of their skin. 

Ruth’s father makes it clear that if she goes, he will disown her which upsets her mother and sister. Seretse’s Uncle Tshekedi Khama (Vusi Kunene) who has been regent of their people while the prince has been away at college is furious and claims the tribe will now allow it.

Returning to Seretse’s homeland in South Africa, his Uncle wastes no time in expressing himself as Ruth is berated by Ella Khama (Abena Ayivor) and his sister Naledi Khama (Terry Pheto). Thinking nothing else could possible happen, Seretse’s Uncle tries to stir up the villagers to turn against their future King.

That is when Sir Alistair Canning (Jack Davenport) and Rufus Lancaster (Tom Felton) begin to use the strong arm of politics to try and break the couple apart. But Seretse begins to discover that there is perhaps something even more sinister behind their plan to bring more than a couple under their rule.

Tricking Seretse into returning to Britain to work on the matter, a time of exile begins and the fight to protect their own country as they call upon the international community to help restore what would become the Republic of Botswana.

Oyelowo as Seretse gives a strong performance as a man unwilling to be told by either side who to love or how to rule. He portrays a man who thinks carefully before reacting and believes in the premise that left unchecked; Britain could take what belongs to his people. I enjoyed Oyelowo’s portrayal of this man who was before his time.

Pike as Ruth portrays a woman who is also before her time. Learning that the opposition of being with Seretse was hated on both sides, she still chooses to stand by her husband and the country that adopts her in the end. Pike’s performance gives us only a taste of what it must have been like and that is more than enough to know that the beginning of their life was difficult beyond belief.

Kunene as Tshekedi Khama is set in his traditional ways and is the catalyst for Britain do try and take what is not theirs. Ayivor as Ella Khama has a spiteful tongue having no difficulty in telling Ruth what she thinks but then again family is always the first to have an opinion. 

Pheto as the King’s sister Naledi Khama is not happy at first believing their people would never accept a white Queen. Once she becomes aware of how everyone, both black and white, are treating Ruth, it is time someone was on her sister-in-law’s side. 

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

A UNITED KINGDOM includes the Bonus Features of Making of A United Kingdom, Filming in Botswana, The Legacy of Seretse and Ruth and London Film Festival Opening Night Gala Premier. 

A UNITED Kingdom is a story of two people who were unwilling to give either side the satisfaction they sought. Whether through the color of their skin, the politics or the under handedness of mining their land – they may have stumbled but did not fall.

This history of King Khama is complex enough yet the film gives us all a look that makes looking further into the story a must. The performances of the film are strong and do not sugar coat in any way the issues of the 1940’s both in Britain and in Botswana. 

Yet the strength of these two people brings both the hope and the belief that when facing injustice head on, something has to give!

In the end – it is the story of a love that shook an empire!

LAND OF MINE is a Heartbreaking Must-See on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital on June 6th from writer/director Martin Zandvliet and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is childhood gone war with LAND OF MINE.

It is the year 1945 after the end of the war with Germany on the shores of Denmark. Sgt. Carl Rasmussen (Roland Møller) is given the duty of removing 2.2 million mines along the Danish West Coast. Ordered to make the beaches safe is his primary and painstaking job.

Arriving to do the job is a group of Germany boys Sebastian (Louis Hofmann), Helmut (Joel Basman), Ludwig (Oskar Bokelmann), Wilhelm (Leon Seidel), Manfred (Lark Seidel), August (Maximillan Beck), Rudolf (August Carter), Hermann (Tim Bülow) and the twin brothers Ernest (Emil Belton) and Werner (Oskar Belton).

Clearly afraid, the boys make it clear to their captors that they will do the job well because they just want to go home. Rasmussen doesn’t show any empathy for the boys while teaching them during the day and boarding them up in a shed by night without food.

The boys soon realize that they are not going to be able to go on without food and sneak out to find anything they can. Discovering what is happening, Rasmussen realizes that these are merely boys and tries to help them even though the townspeople and Lt. Ebbe Jensen (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) would rather they meet an ugly end. 

Rasmussen even becomes compassionate with the boys and befriends Sebastian somewhat hearing his story and that of the other boys. He reaffirms to them that they will be going home once the beaches are cleared.

One afternoon could change everything when an accident brings out the ugliness that Carl once felt and Ebbe is ready to send the boys to another mine field.

This is where a life altering moment can happen – but will it?

Møller as Rasmussen hits the screen immediately as a man who has no humanity of the German soldiers who destroyed his country. Making it clear he is not a man to be played, he keeps his eye on the goal – to take out every mine every placed on the shores of Denmark. Møller gives his character anger, resentment and even a callousness that is frightening. 

Hofmann as Sebastian is a boy with hope on so many levels – hope they will eat, hope they will get the job done, hope they will go home and all while trying to survive. Although the character of Sebastian sees a lot it can be easy to forget through the film that he is a boy hoping to make it to manhood. Hofmann gives his character heart and charm.

The Belton brothers play Ernest and Werner and I don’t think I can recall the last time I was so moved by two characters love for one another. The stronger looks out for the weaker but never out of pity, out of dedication and the will for them both to survive. Absolutely beautiful!

Basman, Bokelmann, Seidel, Lark Seidel, Beck, Carter, and Bülow play young men who know they are in a desperate situation. Forced to fight in a war they had no business being in, they are now paying for the sins of others. Watching their characters work together, struggle together and even occasionally struggle against one another is heartbreaking with every move they make on the beach. Well done young men, well done!

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment brings amazing quality motion picture and television productions. Such films as BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, UNDERWORLD BLOOD WARS and PASSENGERS also available for your home entertainment library – there is so much more. To see more of what they have to offer please visit www.sonypictures.com. 

Although the Geneva Convention of 1929 forbade using prisoners of war to do dangerous work, the British and Danish commands might have changed the wording to “voluntarily surrendered enemy personnel” to get around the Convention. The boys from 15-18 years of age were used to clear out the Danish coastline of all the mines left by German forces which took over five months. 

This film is a marathon of emotions from the first frame until the end. From the ugliness of war to the anger of those left behind, this film captures the stark realities of what is left after war. Every scene carries in it the cruelty and turmoil that people can do to one another and even the compassion brings about distrust due to fear.

My heart went out to the boys and every time they walked the beach I physically held my breath! That is what this amazing cast has done for this film, leaving the viewer drained not even realizing it has happened until the credits roll. 

The cinematography is equally as stunning and graceful giving the film an added character in the film. The intensity of the boys on the beach doing such a dangerous job would not have the same impact without the amazing shoreline shots. 

Director Zandvliet also directed APPLAUSE, A FUNNY MAN and is in the process of his new film THE OUTSIDER. He had brought a mixture of war with twists in a piece of history many may never have known.

LAND OF MINE was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. It has won the Audience Award for the AFI Fest, won the Tiantian Award for Best Actor at the Beijing International Film Festival, also Best Actor for the Bodil Awards, Carlo di Palma Award at the European Film Awards, Gijon International Film Festival, Goteborg Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival and the list goes on and on.

The Bluray includes the Special Feature of a Conversation with Director Martin Zandvliet which I highly recommend making time for.

In the end – they survived World War II now they must survive the clearing!

LOGAN Slashes onto Bluray with an Additional Noir Version

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray/DVD, Digital HD and 4K Ultra HD this week from writer/director James Mangold, Marvel Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the final ending to the saga of Wolverine with LOGAN.

The story picks up as Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is a washed out limo driver living well beyond 2016. In fact far into the future and his dream is to buy a big boat and sale away from humanity. That was the plan until a man named Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) showed up in his limousine.

Pierce makes it plain that he is looking for someone believing that Logan may have answers. Logan assures the intruder that who ever he’s looking for is of no interest to him. That’s when the name Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) is mentioned angering Logan.

Taking off for a hideout, Logan is trying to keep things safe which is about to change when a little girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) comes into his life. Pierce and Dr. Rice (Richard E. Grant) are looking for the girl and stopping at nothing to make sure it happens.

Laura and Charles connect to one another and it becomes clear that there are more young mutants in hiding from Dr. Rice and Pierce. Logan isn’t happy about any of this and knows the only way to stop it is to get Laura to safety.

The danger along the way is hard, fast and out for only one thing – to destroy the young mutants by any means possible. There is a new mutant on the horizon who will challenge them all!

Jackman looks amazing in the Noir version of the film but then again I do have a soft spot for black and white films. Certainly older and a little easier to take a whack at, Jackman is and always will be Wolverine for many fans who are not happy to see their favorite character slash off into the sunset.

Holbrook as Pierce is another transformed human who has a young guy chip on his shoulder. With the air of invincibility he goes after Logan, Charles and Laura trying to make a point (pun intended). Stewart as Charles also takes this one final journey with an old friend. Grant as Dr. Rice is the next generation psychopath who doesn’t mind killing a kid or two.

Keen had the best part in the film I should think. There isn’t much dialogue and she has the angry eyebrow of Jean Grey with a few moves of her own. It took a hot second to realize there are new X-men in town.

Other cast include Stephen Merchant as Caliban, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gabriela, Eriq La Salle as Will Munson, Elise Neal as Kathryn Munson, Quincy Fouse as Nate Munson, and Reynaldo Gallegos as Rey.

The Bluray/DVD and Digital HD are not the only benefits of owning LOGAN for the personal home theatre library. The LOGAN Noir version is actually pretty cool to watch. It’s a different perspective that is even darker in the telling than the color version. Director Mangold says, “During production of LOGAN I took many black and white photographs and noticed how striking and dramatic our gritty setting and characters appeared in monochrome.”

He continues with, “The western and noir vibes of the film seemed to shine in the format and there was not a trace of modern comic hero movie sheen. Then, white editing, Fox and I started posting some of the black and white stills online and fans responded enthusiastically. Many hoped they would get a chance to see the finished film in carefully timed, high contrast black and white. Well, sometimes hope becomes reality!”

See, sometimes fans can change the course of the way their super heroes are seen.

The LOGAN 4K Ultra HD and Bluray Special Features include LOGAN Noir – black and white version of the film, Audio Commentary by Director James Mangold, Deleted Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary by James Mangold and Making Logan – behind the scenes documentary.

Adding to the collection of the X-men films then LOGAN is a must-have. So prepare for a slashing and bashing that comes with hanging out in mutant territory.

In the end – don’t mess with the limo driver! 

GET OUT Hits Bluray 

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray/DVD and On Demand from writer/director Jordan Peele and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the social thriller GET OUT.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) are headed to visit her parents for the weekend. Unsure of how he will be received, Chris tries to have a positive attitude about the whole endeavor. His friend Rod (LilRel Howery) agrees to take care of the couples’ dog and stay in contact.

Arriving at the home of Missy (Catherine Keener) and Dean (Bradley Whitford) Armitage, their first meeting seems a good one. Chris also meets Rose’s brother Jeremy (Caleb Jones) and housekeeper Georgina (Betty Gabriel). He learns Missy uses hypnosis in her work and after an evening discussion believes she has hypnotized him to stop smoking.

Yet Chris can not shake the feeling that something else isn’t right around him. During a weekend gathering he meets Andrew King (Lakeith Stanfield) and realizes he knows him but not by the name. He calls Rod to share his suspicions as they turn it into joking.

Meeting the Armitage’s friends Chris speaks with Jim Hudson (Stephen Root) who says he believes the young man has an eye for the exceptional. Hudson owns a gallery and is also blind. During the gathering something happens to the man introduced as Andrew whom Chris takes as a reason to leave as soon as possible and Rose agrees.

That’s when all secrets are revealed and Chris fights for his life!

Kaluuya as Chris is an affable character who is keenly aware that there might be a problem meeting Roses’ parents, especially since she didn’t tell them he is African American. Once at the parent’s home, Kaluuya’s performance is that of a young man with great instincts who hopes he is just being over sensitive. Remember, always trust your instincts!

Williams as Rose is a young girl who is in love and wants her parents to meet the boyfriend. Trying to help Chris get past his nerves, Williams gives her character a little naïve attitude until its time not to.

Keener as Missy is just dumpy diapers from the beginning. I don’t think she smiled once actually but instead constantly giving sterns looks. Okay, so she wants what’s best for her daughter and a smoking boyfriend isn’t it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Keener in a role like this and it is absolutely creepy.

Whitford as Dean is the jolliest member of the Armitage clan. He friends Chris right away and tries to make him comfortable at their bbq. Whitford has that brilliant smile and dancing eyes which work hugely in his favor for this character. Jones as brother Jeremy is the guy most of us would think locked in a basement. He isn’t really all there. Root as Hudson seems like the normal neighbor interested in Chris’s talent and how he can help.

Henderson as Walter freaked me out immediately and then it was crazy from that moment onward. The scene between Walter and Chris cutting wood was crazy good. Gabriel as Georgina just had me staring at the screen with her robotic answers and deep stares. Stanfield as Andrew jumps right into his role and needs to rethink that outfit – seriously.

Howery as Rod is hilarious from start to finish. Worrying for his friend he comes up with scenarios that cracked me up and if you get a moment to see the deleted scenes you’ll understand even more.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

GET OUT is a thriller that had audiences in the theatres going nuts and now you have a chance to see it for yourself or see it again! The twists and turns are unsettling as this film brought in &100 million at the box office. That should tell you what an original thriller GET OUT truly is.

The Bluray Combo Pack includes a Bluray, DVD and Digital HD with Ultra Violet, Alternate Ending with Commentary by Writer/Director Jordan Peele, Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Writer/Director Jordan Peele, and Unveiling the Horror of Get Out: Go behind the scenes for the making of GET OUT.

Also included is a Q&A Discussions with Writer/Director Jordan Peele and the Cast: Jordan Peele sits down with the cast to answer fan questions on the film hosted by Chance the Rapper, Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Jordan Peele. It is the Alternate Ending that has to be seen to be believed.

In the end – just because you are invited doesn’t mean you are welcome!

WILLARD Returns on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Now on Bluray and DVD Combo Pack from director Daniel Mann and SHOUT! Factory is one of the creepiest films of the 1970’s all because of WILLARD.

Willard (Bruce Davison) is the epitome of a social misfit! Taken advantage of by his boss Al Martin (Ernest Borgnine) who stole his father’s business out from under the family and mother Henrietta (Elsa Lanchester) who never lets up.

Feeling as if there is no hope in his life Willard meets Socrates, a rat who lives outside in the garden of his home. He finds solace in his friendship finding ways to spend more time with his long tailed friend and meets another smart rat he names Ben. 

When Willard’s mother passes away, he discovers that there is no inheritance and the taxes are due on the house. Inviting Socrates and Ben along with their friends to live in the house, Willard tries to find a way to get the money for the back taxes. Befriended by new employee Joan (Sondra Locke) tries to help Willard which costs her as well.

He also learns that Martin is up to no good trying to find away to take more away from Willard. That’s when he gets the idea to enlist his housemates to get back and those who have wronged him.

That is until those he’s wronged come calling!

Davison as Willard is so innocent looking that it’s easy to see how he could be taken advantage of. Working for a man who clearly has taken his father’s business and a mother who just won’t give Willard a moments rest – it’s not surprising he would turn to something else. Socrates and Ben are totally different creatures and Willard comes to learn that the hard way. Davison carries the film from beginning to end!

Lanchester as mom Henrietta doesn’t give Willard a moment’s peace when no one is around and pops right up and becomes flamboyant when friends visit. Awesome performance! Locke as Joan does her best to be a friend to Willard and seems to be making headway but Ben has other plans.

Borgnine as Al Martin is clearly the most despicable character of the film. Taking advantage of Willard’s family stealing the business created by his father and then plotting again Willard shows that what goes around comes around. I love when Borgnine plays a bad guy because he does it so awesomely well.

Other cast include: Michael Dante as Brandt, Jody Gilbert as Charlotte Stassen, William Hansen as Barskin, John Myhers as Carlson, J. Pat O’Malley as Jonathan Farley, Joan Shawlee as Alice Rickles, Helen Spring as Mrs. Becker, Sherry Presnell as Mrs. Spencer and Alan Baxter as Walter Spencer.

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit www.shoutfactory.com.

WILLARD is a film that is memorable in every way. So much so that here it is 2017 and I remember it like it was yesterday. Seeing the film once again reminds me of how amazing thrillers were during that film era. 

This film is a thriller in every sense and that’s what I love the most. I don’t need tons of special effects nor do I need slasher gore instead suspense and originality which is what WILLARD gave and now on Bluray/DVD Combo Pack continues to give to a new generation.

The Special Features of WILLARD include New Audio Commentary with star Bruce Davison, Theatrical Trailer, TV Spot, Radio Spot and Still Gallery. The Audio Commentary is so cool to hear Davison speak about his role.

In the end – friendships can be brutal!

Steele and Grey are Back in FIFTY SHADES DARKER on Bluray!

Jeri Jacquin

On Digital HD now and Bluray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD as well as OnDemand next week from director James Foley and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the next chapter in the story of lovers who are becoming FIFTY SHADES DARKER.

Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is still reeling after the break-up with Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Getting a job at a publishing company working for Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), she keeps herself busy but it doesn’t stop Christian from reaching out. During a night out, Christian shows up asking Anastasia to please speak with him and she agrees.

While at dinner they talk about where their relationship needs to be before Anastasia would even consider reconnecting. That is when Christian begins to understand that he can no longer hide if he is to have her and explains parts of his past. Feeling that love between them might be possible, Anastasia is thrilled.

So is Christian’s mother Grace (Marcia Gay Harden) when the couple arrives at party being thrown at the Grey estate. Anastasia sees Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger) who promptly lets her know that her happiness isn’t going to last. Upset by her words, the couple leaves the party only to deal with another disturbing event caused by a young woman named Leila (Bella Heathcote).

Trying to keep Anastasia protected, it seems as if their problems are coming from all around as Christian tries to maintain control. From her boss Jack at the publishing company, to a mysterious girl following Anastasia and Christian’s Mrs. Robinson – control is about to be taken from them both!

Because in their world it is all about control.

Johnson as Anastasia wastes no time wanting to work things out with Christian. Jumping right back into a crazy life, this time she has more to say about their situation. Finally figuring out the secrets that Grey has been hiding, Anastasia decides there is nothing so frightening that she can not deal with it for his sake.

Dornan as Grey does the most personal evaluating when he finally starts to come clean about his past. There is still more to discover I’m sure but at least there are some answers to make fans happy. Dornan isn’t as angry looking in this film giving Christian smiles and a sense of humor making his role more endearing.

Basinger as Elena is definitely a problem child who is clearly not happy that Christian has won Anastasia back. She gives us a little 9 ½ WEEKS smoldering and clearly isn’t happy with Grey’s choice. Heathcote as Leila is a woman in pain and she wants everyone else to suffer, especially Anastasia. 

Speaking of the Grey’s, Harden as Grace is elegant, beautiful and thrilled Anastasia is back. Ora as Mia is flighty and Grimes as brother Elliot is still hot and heavy for Anastasia’s roommate Eloise played by Kavanagh. 

Other cast include Kate Kavanagh as Eloise, Rita Ora as Mia Grey, Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey, Victor Rasuk as Jose, Andrew Airlie as Carrick Grey, Robinne Lee as Ros Bailey and Max Martini as Taylor.

FIFTY SHADES DARKER opens up the door to more of the storyline and a glimpse into what is going to happen next in the tale of these lovers. The storyline in this installment answers many of the questions from the previous film but clearly leaves more to come. 

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey remain the hot couple that brought people into the theatres for a shared experience and will continue on this Unrated Edition on Bluray/DVD and Digital HD. That’s exactly what audiences will get with FIFTY SHADES DARKER, twists, turns, answers and plenty of tension and wardrobe changes.

The Bonus Features Exclusive to Bluray are A Darker Direction – Director James Foley explains how his vision had to meet with fans’ expectation, New Threats – An introduction to some new, dark and threatening characters, including Jack Hyde, Leila and, of course, Elena Lincoln also known as Mrs. Robinson, The Masquerade – This Featurette about one of the film’s most iconic scenes, Intimate with Darker – An intense look and discussion about the intimate, sensual and provocative world of Fifty Shades Darker, including a visit to the Red Room and the new toys. 

The Bonus Features on Bluray and DVD are Deleted Scenes, A tease to FIFTY SHADES FREED – a teaser to the next Fifty Shades film, Writing Darker – Author E.L. James and screenwriter Niall Leonard trace back the history of the book, Dark Reunion – The filmmaker and cast members discuss being reunited for the film.

There is also a 4K Ultra HD combo pack available which includes the Ultra HD Bluray, Bluray and Digital HD that has all of the Special Features available.

The Fifty Shades series of films keeps fans of the books coming back for more. Knowing that there is another installment means that to satisfy everyone until then, there are going to be plenty of FIFTY SHADES DARKER viewing parties! Nothing wrong with that because with this Unrated Version and Combo Pack – there is plenty to see again and again.

In the end – every fairy tale has a dark side!

A DOG’S PURPOSE Offers a Special Four Legged Love on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray this week from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and director Lasse Hallstrom based on The New York Times best-selling novel of A DOG’S PURPOSE.

Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad) is a dog who finds his person in 8-year-old Ethan (Bryce Gheisar). They spend their every waking moment together and Bailey doesn’t want it any other way. As Ethan becomes a teen he meets Hanna (Britt Robertson) and the three are happy together.

When Ethan has an accident and his life changes, he goes off to college to study to become a farmer. That means Bailey stays behind on Ethan’s grandparent’s farm until old age takes him.

But Bailey comes again as Ellie the training police dog, then Tino a girl’s best friend and then Buddy. As this new incarnation, Bailey recognizes his surroundings and the smells of his previous life. Finding his way back to the farm he sees Ethan (Dennis Quaid) who is living alone on the farm.

Not wanting to deal with it, Ethan pushes the dog away but not for long. Naming him Buddy, he begins to see something he can’t explain in the dog. Seeing that Ethan is alone, it becomes Buddy/Bailey’s mission to find another smell he recognizes. 

Back in town Buddy/Bailey finds Hannah (Peggy Lipton) and knows that this is what is missing in his two legged friend’s life. There is one more thing that Buddy/Bailey wants for his best friend and it’s only something Ethan would know!

Gad as Bailey/Tino/Ellie and Buddy is the perfect voice for it all. There are inflections in his voice that are meaningful, loving, sad and very playful. The dual performance of this lovely dogs and Gad’s voice make the film so lovely that dog lovers won’t be able to help but run the gambit of emotions.

Gheisar as 8-year-old Ethan has a lot to deal with for such a young boy. His father goes through his own issues that keep Ethan at arms length but having Bailey gives this young boy hope and love. K.J. Apa as the teenage Ethan is strong knowing that no matter what his father does, he has the love of his Mom and the devotion of Bailey – and he certainly needs it.

Quaid as the adult Ethan is a man who clearly holds some resentment about the way life has taken its turn. Not wanting anything to do with another dog in his life, there is something about the dog that shows up at his door that changes everything for him – including opening doors he shut long ago.

Robertson as the teenage Hannah is a young girl who clearly is perfectly suited to the country life with Ethan. She absolutely adores Bailey and when an event changes all their plans for the future, she is heart broken. Lipton as an adult Hannah is wonderful because I have always been a fan so when she shows up in films I’m delighted. Her role isn’t a big one but it sure makes a point about life!

Other cast includes Juliet Rylance as Ethan’s Mom, Luke Kirby as Ethan’s Dad, Gabrielle Rose as Grandma Fran, Michael Bofshever as Grandpa Bill, Logan Miller as Todd, Kirby Baptiste as Maya, Nicole LaPlaca as Wendi and Pooch Hall as Al.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

Amblin Entertainment brings quality film such as BRIDGE OF SPIES and the recent release of GHOST IN THE SHELL. Developing and producing films also through DreamWorks, Participant Media, Reliance Entertainment and Entertainment One, discover what is coming on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AmblinEntertainment.

A DOG’S PURPOSE is from the bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron and it has transferred onto the screen in such a unique and lovely way. Each incarnation of dog is just so adorable which means I’m going to go through my “I want a dog” phase for a while – thanks so much for that!

There are so many amazing messages of love, family, devotion, protection, hope, belief in the human-canine connection. Of course anyone who has had a dog as part of their family knows all of this to be very true. I don’t think anyone should watch this film without a tissue box next to them. 

The Bonus Features on the Bluray and DVD include Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Lights Camera Woof!, and A Writer’s Purpose that tells the story behind Cameron’s beloved best-selling novel. Included in the Bluray Combo Pack is a DVD and Digital HD with Ultra Violet bringing the best picture with 6X picture resolution and theater-quality sound. 

In the end – every dog happens for a reason!

SAVING BANKSY is a Riveting Look at the Artists Iconic Work on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Coming this week to DVD from director Colin Day and Candy Factory Films is an incredible journey to save a rat with SAVING BANKSY.

In San Francisco in 2010, the graffiti artist known as Banksy made his way through the town leaving works in the most spectacular places. The problem became that the city did not see his works as art but instead enforced the graffiti laws. Where ever the art popped up, the city would demand that the building owner have it removed.

One man, Brian Greif, took it upon himself to try and save what became known as the Haight Street Rat on the side of the Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast by spending time and money to have it removed from the side of older San Francisco building. His goal was to be relatively simple, save the rat and donate it to a museum where everyone could enjoy it.

What should have been relatively simple project turned into a struggle by those who don’t see it as art, by those who want to make money off Banksy’s work by taking it without asking and how to get it out of Greif’s apartment! Offered large sums of money, Grief has maintained that it’s about the art, much to the dismay of collectors.

Streets artists such as Ben Eine, Risk, Evok, Niels Meulman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen E. Friedman speak about how their art is seen and the struggle to be accept as artists.

This is the story of one man’s journey to save a rat!

SAVING BANKSY is an amazing piece of documentary filmmaking that takes the viewer on a journey that needed to be taken. It is fascinating and equally sad to think that the “art world” doesn’t see the contribution of street art. Banksy has brought mystery to his work to be sure but it is the messages to the work that have brought understanding and conversation – which is what I thought art was suppose to do.

I have been following the artist Banksy for so many years because his work is different, controversial, hilarious and endearing. This documentary is truly a must-see for those are curious about Banksy, want to see his work and understand the treatment of street artists, then SAVING BANKSY gives it all.

Candy Factory Films is a forward-thinking, filmmaker-friendly company dedicated to producing unique and compelling films. Candy Factory is at the forefront of a new vanguard reaching distinct audiences. With award-winning and acclaimed films across every genre, Candy Factory is committed to creating and fostering communities around independent and progressive cinema. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.candyfactoryfilms.com. 

The DVD also includes an exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Featurette which goes deeper into the story of the Haight Street Rat and offers up additional in-depth interviews not seen in the theatrical cut of SAVING BANKSY. It also includes art collector Brian Greif and British street artist Ben Eine who goes into detail about his relationship with Banksy. 

Please take a moment to watch and then share about the art you may have not realized comes from the mysterious yet riveting artist known as BANKSY. Yes, I said art because no one will ever convince me that his work is anything less than that. I do hope that in the years to come that Banksy feels there is a time he can come forward and put the art establishment in its place. 

I also hope that someday while strolling down a street that I discover a Banksy that I can touch, smile and keep on walking. That’s how it should be.

In the end – I guess it’s not art unless you sell it for a lot of money!

HBO Series DIVORCE: The Complete First Season is an Event on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from HBO from creator Sharon Horgan and director Jesse Peretz is the fantastic first season of the HBO series DIVORCE: The Complete First Season.

Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and husband Robert (Thomas Haden Church) are silently heading to the birthday party of friend Diane (Molly Shannon). A speech by Diane’s husband Nick (Tracy Letts) makes it clear that their marriage isn’t a happy one either. A gun goes off, Robert is freaked out, Frances calls an ambulance and Nick is on the floor.

When Robert discovers that Frances has been having an affair and gal pal Dallas (Talia Balsam) knew as well, he isn’t going to make her life easy. Their kids Lila (Sterling Jerins) and Tom (Charlie Kilgore) are oblivious to what’s going on. But a dog always manages to pave the way into a conversation that needs to be had.

Robert is starting to annoy everyone from his workers to the bed ridden Nick who has finally woken up. Being told to shut up, Robert can not understand why Diane and Nick would ever want to stay together.

With divorce seeming a better idea than marriage counseling, Frances and Robert are being told it’s time to tell the kids. They both also are putting together their finances and Robert realizes he is in the financial outs as well! Now that Nick is lucid, Robert wants to find an investor for a project to get him back on track.

Frances finds out Robert has gotten himself a lawyer and decides to lawyer up with Max Brodkin (Jeffrey DeMunn). During the initial meeting, Frances unloads to make sure there are no secrets that can be used against her. Finally signing on the dotted to get her gallery space, Frances finally gets the chance to do what she’s only dreamed of.

Robert and Nick meet up to talk about the Fun Space but instead Nick tells his friend that its time to think about saving his marriage. Learning who her lawyer is, Robert decides to lawyer up – up with Tony Silvercreek (Dean Winters)! Frances, Dallas and Diane take a night out visiting another gallery meeting Carson Hodges (Frank Whaley).

Agreeing to keep things normal for the kids comes to a screeching argument when the Christmas schedule brings tradition into question. Going to Frances’ parents for Christmas means trying to find a way to avoid the problems with telling the truth about their marriage. 

Robert meets up with Kathy, a woman from his past who clearly doesn’t see things as he does. While trying to find his way Robert meets a woman who he feels will somewhat even up the affair-score. Frances gets the shock of her life that Robert has been ruining their financial lives for quite some time. 

It is down to the lawyers getting together in a room with Robert and Frances to point fingers. Frances feels as if she is being portrayed as an absentee mother while Robert gets all the props. Noticing her lawyer isn’t cutting it, she changes lawyers while trying to work with Robert on being fair.

Being served in public sets Robert on a destructive path while trying to start his new business Fun Space USA. An accident sends the parents into a nicer state but it is hanging on by a thread with Robert holding the scissors. Frances finally opens her gallery with the support of her friends and family. 

When a lawyer move pushes Robert, he pushes back – in the worst way one ever could!

Parker as Frances is brilliant in her role trying to keep it together and stay the doting Mom to the kids. Dodging all the verbal bullets hubby Robert is firing keeps this character on her toes. Knowing that it will take time to decide what is best for their marriage; Parker’s character takes the hits and keeps on believing.

Church as Robert is brutal with his one liners and “purse in the trash” with perhaps a banana retorts. Living under the same roof his tantrums are that of a teenager to my mind yet I get it but still – a teenager. Even their therapy sessions I’m in a bit of shock when he goes off the verbal rails.

Shannon as Diane is hilarious, dangerous and hilarious as that one friend who just has no filter when it comes to anything about her life. Balsam as Dallas wants what’s best for her friend Frances and doesn’t believe its Robert. 

Jerins as Lila is such a sweet girl one minute and a pre-teen with all that entails the next minute. Kilgore as Tom isn’t sure exactly what’s happening around him but has other things to do so let’s his parents hash it out on their own. Jemaine Clement is Julian Renaut loves the fun of an affair but not the commitment.

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

DIVORCE is the perfect series for Parker and Church to show off why they are outstanding at their craft. I have to say the scenes in the therapist office between Parker and Church are stunning and I can not remember a pair more matched than these two. 

There isn’t anything about this series that I don’t like. It is a whirlwind of two people trying to cope with what it means to be an adult and be married. Anyone who has gone through a divorce will understand the swamp that a husband and wife go through to come out the other side relatively sane.

Mixed into the harshness between this once loving couple is a twisted comedy that I can’t help but laugh at. With each move they make toward divorce, Frances and Robert are clearly and totally discombobulated with where this is all going to lead them. The finishing line isn’t visible to them at all because of the unresolved issues between them with a final episode that will shock!

Parker was nominated for the Golden Globe Aware for Best Actress in a Television Series Musical or Comedy. The soundtrack of music is completely wonderful and it is definitely one I’d like to own. A mixture of memories that fits 

The Bluray includes the episodes Pilot, Next Day, Counseling, Mediation, Gustav, Christmas, Weekend Plans, Church, Another Party and Détente. The Exclusive Special Features are Audio Commentaries with star Sarah Jessica Parker, Executive Producer/Writer Paul Simms and writers Tom Scharpling and Adam Resnick. 

In the end – it is for better or worse, or worse!

To win a Bluray copy of the HBO Original Series DIVORCE: The Complete First Season please visit http://moviemaven.homestead.com!

SPLIT Revisit Stellar Performances and Fright Now on Bluray!

Jenise Jacquin

This week on Bluray from director M. Night Shyamalan and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the fantastically creepy SPLIT.

The film star James McAvoy (be still my heart!) as a man who has several serious problems named Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig, Barry, Orwell, Jade, The Beast and Kevin Wendell Crumb. One day he kidnaps Casey (Haley Lu Richardson), Marcia (Jessica Sula) and Claire (Anya Taylor-Joy) taking them to a dark and dismal location. He kidnaps the girls with a plan but Claire is an extra not planned on. It is clear this man has a problem with girls and when they stick together against him; their main goal is to escape.

Claire realizes that this man has the voice of a young boy name Hedwig and tries to be convincing about the need to escape. It also becomes clear that this man is responsible for different personalities who have different agendas. One by one each girl tries to escape and their different tactics keep their captor on edge. What they don't know is that something sinister called The Beast is more terrifying than any of the personalities they have ever seen. 

McAvoy portraying all of these different personalities gives him the opportunity to cement his status as an actor. The most interesting thing about him is that he takes roles that are as equally diverse as the personalities in SPLIT (except perhaps not quite as frightening). I enjoyed the transition between the characters - from the sweet, helpful innocent to the creepy-man-next-door but what I loved most is the spots of 
creepy/mean characters, there are moments of compassion. Especially when he becomes Kevin because there is a moment where you feel for him and what he is going through. In the short time he is Kevin you feel his emotions down to the core and forget everything that came before it. No matter what he does he's a sexy man - call me!

Taylor-Joy as Claire is the character most involved with the splits. She is secluded and misunderstood even before she is kidnapped with the girls and is perfect for this role. It's a good life lesson actually for teens that you never really know what is going on. Claire is actually very smart but has been through a lot and does a great job of hiding it. Taylor-Joy gives the "weird kid" persona something to think about but in a calm, collective, peaceful and beautiful kind of way. You will see exactly what I mean from scene one!

Richardson as Casey was the reason Claire was in the car in the first place so we blame her for everything...period. Sula as Marcia is the follower and she had no guts so there isn't about to be no glory. Even when Claire tells her to stop putting them all in danger, Marcia just does what Marcia does.

Betty Buckley as Dr. Karen Fletcher gets a personal shout out from me. She kept all the characters in line and respectfully sought out to help each one individually. I believe her character is one that sticks out because her presence made me feel like I was in the film not just watching it. Buckley captures different aspects of film because it made me root for her who rooted for Kevin and the other personalities. She had a huge role in a way in how the character behaves because she calls him out when he tries to put something over on everyone. I just plain out enjoyed her performance. 

Other cast includes Sebastian Arcelus as Casey’s Father, Brad William Henke as Uncle John, Neal Huff as Mr. Benoit, Robert Michael Kelly as Joe, and Jon Rainey as Dr. Clerque.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

I really think the film is as creepy, original, and suspenseful on Bluray as it was the first time I saw it on the screen. It isn't a bloody horror film but a suspenseful and smart telling of a man with a serious problem. The different ideas and characters always kept me aware but still creeped out wondering what was going to happen next and who is going to show up at the door - and when you are going to meet The Beast. 

I'm making sure to leave tons of information out of this review because this is the film you want to experience for yourself and personally I hate when people give to much away - its more fun to discover the creepy within us all right? SPLIT will definitely give you just that and don't be in such a hurry to hit the stop button on your player because nothing is ever quite finished the way you might expect. 

The Bluray includes the awesome Bonus Features of Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes with an introduction by M. Night Shyamalan, The Making of SPLIT, The Many Faces of James McAvoy, and The Filmmaker’s Eyes: M. Night Shyamalan. The Digital HD and Ultraviolet Watch It Anywhere gives instant streaming and download on your television, computer, Tablet and Smartphone.

In the end - Kevin has 23 personalities and the 24th is about to be unleashed!

Edited by Jeri Jacquin 

A Look at the Iconic Golden Arches with THE FOUNDER

Jeri Jacquin

Today on Bluray/DVD and Digital HD from director John Lee Hancock, the Weinstein Company and Anchor Bay Entertainment is the story behind McDonald’s with THE FOUNDER.

It is 1954 and Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) is a man who is always on the move with his supply business. Working for Prince Castle who made five-spindle shake makers, he sold them one at a time to restaurants. He was surprised to receive a telephone call from Dick McDonald (Nick Offerman) ordering several of the machines. 

Living with wife Ethel (Laura Dern) in a beautiful home in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Kroc is always looking for the next big thing to keep their lifestyle. Always on the road, he becomes more and more irritated with the drive-in burger experience.

Still intrigued by the telephone call for more than one of the machines, Kroc goes to see what restaurant needs more than one! He arrives in San Bernardino, California to see something stunning. People lining up to get a McDonald’s hamburger, fries and a coke, Kroc loves the food.

He introduces himself to Dick and Mac McDonald (John Carroll Lynch) and they give him a tour of their hamburger assembly line process, quality produce and service. Kroc knows that this is a business he wants to be part of and convinces the brothers to go into partnership with Kroc franchising out to others.

Rollie Smith (Patrick Wilson) and wife Joan (Linda Cardellini) show interest in the business and he shows interest in Joan. Finding a boom in the franchising of McDonald’s, Kroc is constantly being stopped by the brothers in making any changes per their contract. If that isn’t enough, Ethel is alone more than with her husband.

Kroc wants to make McDonald’s iconic and without the brothers so with the help of Harry Sonneborn (B.J. Novak). His new company, Franchise Realty Corporation, begins the takeover of land that any McDonald’s is on. Changing the name to The McDonald’s Corporation, he buys out the brothers which includes the name and takes a new wife.

McDonald’s is now a part of the American landscape!

Keaton as Kroc is stunning in this role. He has this amazing ability to hook me into watching every character he has ever portrayed and the role of Kroc is no exception. I love the way he turns a phrase and gives this character charm – even when I really didn’t want to like Kroc. 

Offerman as Nick plays a man who is clear about his business goals. Knowing that the idea of McDonald’s was something special, he does try his damnedest to keep Kroc in line. It’s when things get out of control that Offerman gives us a look at a man who believed in something and someone only to be taken advantage of. Lynch as brother Mac is the brother who absolutely breaks my heart. He wants to believe that expanding would mean so much and was hit the hardest when it turned on them both. Lynch is one of my favorite actors because he can play both the villain and an endearing character and make it look easy.

Dern as Ethel is a woman who is the perfect housewife taking care of Ray when he is home. Supporting every endeavor he takes on means she also comes in second in every endeavor he takes on. Cardellini as Joan is a subtle character who is beautiful, talented, smart and believes in Kroc.

Wilson as Rollie wants to be part of the McDonald’s franchise and offers suggestions. Having his own restaurant, Rollie believes he has a lot to offer Kroc. Novak as Sonneborn is the key to changing everything in the initial deal with the McDonald brothers and it is brilliant actually. Novak is the level headed character in the film while everyone else is shouting and outraged.

Other cast includes Justin Brooke as Fred Turner, Kate Kneeland as June Martino, Griff Furst as Jim Zien, Wilbur Fitzgerald as Jerry Cullen, David de Vriest as Jack Horford, Andrew Benator as Leonard Rosenblatt, and Cara Mantella as Myra Rosenblatt.

The Weinstein Company is the film studio founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein founded in 1979. Since 2005, TWC has released such films as VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA, THE READER, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, THE KING’S SPEECH, THE ARTIST, DJANGO UNCHAINED and THE HATEFUL EIGHT. The Weinstein’s have received 341 Oscar nominations and won 81 Academy Awards. 

Anchor Bay brings amazing entertainment to those extending their media library and is also celebrating their 20th Anniversary. From theatrical to home release, Anchor Bay brings STARZ Original series, AMC Network series, The Weinstein Company, Radius, children’s entertainment, fitness, and sports to fans. To discover more of what Anchor Bay Entertainment has to offer, please visit www.anchorbayent.com. 

THE FOUNDER is such an interesting look at a place known all over the world. I remember my first McDonald’s visit when I was five when the outside was red and white with the big arches on either side of the building. 

The one thing that I and others never thought about was the story behind those golden arches. This film is a double edge sword in that it’s a history I want to know but one that I’m surprised to learn. The McDonald brothers are portrayed as two men who have a grand idea and it works for them in a fantastic way.

That is until Ray Kroc comes in and although I understand his excitement, I was very upset in a way about how he went about it all. Does that mean I’ll never eat a McDonald’s French fry ever again – hardly. 

Keaton puts his stamp on this role and along with Offerman and Lynch, THE FOUNDER is a film I highly recommend. The cinematography, costumes and sets are amazing and brought me back to that era with ease. This is a story that is well done by writer Robert D. Siegel who is also known for the 2008 film THE WRESTLER.

The Bluray includes the Special Features of a Behind-the-Scenes Gallery Featurette and Press Conferences. The Digital HD allows viewing from your television, computer, tablet and Smartphone.

In the end – risk taker, rule breaker and game changer!

National Geographic’s MARS is an Epic Adventure that Needs to be Seen on Bluray!

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray this week from National Geographic, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and the Executive Producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard is the series MARS.

The year is 2033 and a mission to Mars that is not starting off well. With the crew consisting of Commander Sawyer (Ben Cotton), Hana Seung (Jihae Kim), Amelie Durand (Clementine Poidatz), Robert Foucault (Sammi Rotibi), Javier Delgado (Alberto Ammann and Marta Kamen (Anamaria Marinca) they are being observed carefully by CEO of Mars Mission Ed Grann (Oliver Martinez).

On Mars the terrain is difficult as the crew of the Daedalus look for a place to set up a base camp. The story also unfolds as SpaceX works on a reusable rocket in the present and Kelly becomes the only person in NASA to spend the most time in space while Antarctica becomes a practice settlement. 

Jumping four years on Mars, a massive storm means the crew must look for somewhere else to set up a camp. Walking through the blinding storm they find the most unexpected place to begin again.

At the same time some of the crew is suffering from “cabin fever” and the commander is made aware of it. It isn’t in time however as a botanist opens an airlock sending the camp into chaos and killing himself and other members of the team. So much is lost setting the mission back but repairs begin.

After everything that has happened to the crew and the question of whether to continue or return home is the topic of conversation. That could possibly be a useless conversation when the crew believes they have found life on Mars!

Other cast include Kata Sarbo as Ava, Antoinette Fekete as Sam, and Cosima Shaw as Leslie Richardson.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The series filled with realism mixing drama and documentary adds the appearances by Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Petranek. There is everything to be pulled in by MARS and it’s our human curiosity to know more about the planet that makes this series inviting.

This cast brings everything unique to each character and although they are sharing the same experience, they are experiencing it so very differently. Knowing that they must rely on one another, it isn’t as if they can call ‘home’ and get help. 

I found myself jaw dropped, gasping for a breath (especially when the airlock opened!), curious, wondering, shocked, and more which is, I’m sure, exactly the intent of MARS. To bring out the amazing emotions that are engrained in our desire to know more about the red planet. Added to this is the breath taking cinematography and special effects that invite the audience to be on MARS with the crew.

The Bluray includes the episodes Novo Mundo, Grounded, Pressure Drop, Power, Darkest Days and Crossroads. The Special Features include Making MARS, BEFORE MARS – A Prequel, BEFORE MARS Behind the Scenes, Getting to MARS Featurettes, Living on MARS Featurettes, More MARS Featurettes, and Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes.

It is so worth the time to watch the special features of MARS because they are as amazing and stunning to see as the series itself. With two hours of cast and crew interviews, how often does a series give you a prequel on the same Bluray as the series? I can’t recall it happening.

In the end – we went to the moon because we wanted to; we went to Mars because we had to!

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY Shares a Moving Story on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Coming this week to DVD and Digital HD from director Mark Schmidt and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a film based on a true story when WALKING WITH THE ENEMY.

It is World War II when Elek Cohen (Jonas Armstrong), a young man who is aware that the Germans are moving into villages all around them. Going away to be part of a work crew, their treatment is nothing short of horrible.

When Elek walks away with his friend Miklos (Simon Dutton), they return to their village in Budapest only to discover none of their family can be found. They have disappeared and a new family has taken over the house.

They learn that the families may have been moved west but no one really knows for sure. Told they are in Yellow Star houses, Elek finds Hannah (Hannah Tointon) who tells them Jozsef (Simon Kunz) is there. 

Told there is a place up in the mountains called Waldensee where they might be. It is hard to know. Needing Schutz-pass, they are told it is the only way to be safe. But, when Hannah is chased home by German soldiers, the unthinkable happens in a series of horrific events. 

Regent Horthy (Ben Kingsley) of the town is under pressure by Col. Skorzeny (Burn Gorman), a man who doesn’t reason at all. Niklos Horthy (Shane Taylor) tries to back up his father but to no avail. 

Elek is taken in by Miklos, Hanna’s Uncle who gives him a job delivering the precious Schutz-passes. Soon Col. Skorzeny announces that these passes will no longer be valid putting the Hungarian Jews in even more jeopardy.

When Elek has to rescue his friend from the Germans, they dig up a suit belonging to soldiers and make a daring rescue like nothing that has been seen before. When an armistice comes it doesn’t stop the Germans for attacking. Now Regent Horthy does what he must to protect Hungarian citizens but to no avail.

The Germans begin to tear the city apart and its Jewish citizens are rounded up. Elek decides the only way to help is by putting on the German uniform and using it to their advantage. Saving those he can he knows that Eichmann continues to deport more and more Jews. The Glass House were they are taken too is overflowing with those they have saved.

When the trains are cut off, Elek knows there has to be another way to get them out. Walking on the road are those who are holding Swiss passes and when a German convoy comes upon them, he knows not all can be saved. The Germans attack the Glass House and take everyone into custody but as they come under attack from the Russians, Elek is still in the German uniform.

He will never stop trying to save as many as he can.

Armstrong as Elek is devastated that his family was gone when he returns to the village. Watching all the Jews around him go through the same, his plan to save them by wearing the German uniform is as dangerous as one would imagine. Armstrong gives his character such sadness yet a strength that comes across so genuinely.

Kingsley as Horthy is a small role but important in that he wanted to protect all the citizens of his country. Trying to keep the Germans at bay for as long as possible, it was only a matter of time before even his attempts would fail. I enjoyed his performance as I always do.

Dutton as Miklos is of the same heart as Elek in his passion for saving as many lives as he can working with others who sacrifice everything – even their lives. Kunz as Jozsef does what he can and his sacrifice includes a beard. 

Gorman as Col. Skorzeny is as vicious as he can be. Pushing his way past Regent Horthy, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks when putting Eichmann in charge of the Jewish population. Gorman has the perfect appearance of someone to be afraid of!

Tointon as Hannah is the one thing Elek has to keep him whole. She tries to stay strong for him, even at the cost of losing her own family. Tointon is a bright spot in the middle of darkness.

Other cast includes, William Hope as Carl Lutz, Flora Longhurst as Rachel, Simon Hepworth as President Szalasi, Andrew Brooke as Capt. Kovarcz, Charles De’Ath as Lt. Krieger, Mark Wells as Ferenc Jacobson, Mark Wingett as Sorenzi and Charles Hubbell as Adolf Eichmann.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is a story that not only teaches history of a dark time but what human beings are capable of. Elek is just one of so very many who put their lives at risk to save anyone they could. That is what makes these story’s that come to screen so very powerful.

The film is inspired by the story of Pinchas Rosenbaum who dealt with the German occupation of Hungary and the towns and village of Budapest toward the end of World War II. 

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is love, loyalty, family, community all rolled in to self-sacrifice and dignity to always do the right thing. That makes this film a teachable moment for us all.

In the end – a hero emerges!

HBO Brings VEEP: The Complete Fifth Season on Bluray and Your Chance to Get it Home!

Jeri Jacquin

One of the best shows brought to us all by HBO Home Entertainment is none other than Julia Louis-Dreyfus and VEEP: The Complete Fifth Season.

Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is on the move and working everyone to get a decision on the presidency. Of course she is also dealing with a stock market, hackers from China and the infamous female fear of her face breaking out because of the stress. She’s not the only one wondering what to do next when Amy (Anna Chlumsky) has to make the decision to get back into the lions den. 

The staff itself seems to be rethinking things! Working in Nevada, Richard (Sam Richardson), Jonah (Timothy Simons), Amy and Dan (Reid Scott) are stomping but the later two have an awkward moment when Amy’s sister Sophie shows up. Selina brings in a man knows as The Eagle aka Bob Bradley (Martin Mull) for a task force on banking. 

Have a Twitter moment gone totally wrong; this is a perfect time for the gang to blame the Chinese hackers to cover it all up. That’s the least of it when there are ballots missing that could put Selina in the big chair.

In politics, the death of a family member can help in the polls and Selina is no different but it’s not going to stop what’s going on in China. The count continues in Nevada as Dan and Amy do what they can to try and save the day.

Selina decides that Thanksgiving is as good a time as any to get away from everyone and she must decide what to do about Charlie (John Slattery) and their relationship. Dan knows something is not all mashed potatoes and gravy with Tom James (Hugh Laurie). 

As if there needs to be just a few more things, an article comes out saying that a staffer on Selina’s team called her the c-word and Amy has to find out who it is. The answer shouldn’t shock anyone but just in case a shocker is needed, Catherine (Sarah Sutherland) comes clean about who she’s in love with.

Tom James it at it again when Selina discovers that her White House Holiday Party is being used for wooing, of course she’s doing it herself. Off to Camp David, Selina tries to talk reason with the President of China. 

Then it all turns for Selina as James pulls out the presidency and when Selina asks about the post of Secretary of State, she is thrown under the bus by Vice President Doyle (Phil Reeves). Even her deal for the Chinese government to free Tibet is stolen from her. 

The politics just treat Selina like a bug and a windshield!

Louis-Dreyfus as Selina continues to bring in a performance that IS the reason I keep coming back. She is stunning and brings everything to Selina and by that I mean she handles things the way I probably would. I watch each episode and just shake my head because I know this to be true. Even more so everyone I know who watches the show agrees with me. This is one of the shows I never want to be over.

Chlumsky as Amy is all grown up right before our very eyes. Yes, I still see her occasionally as Vada, I won’t deny it, but that little girl is fading farther and farther away. It’s alright though because Chlumsky is absolutely fantastic and her talent has grown right along with her. 

Scott as Dan just love networking, I think I’d definitely want him on my side. Simons as Jonah is the thorn in everyone’s side yet I can’t imagine him not being part of the group – ever. Walsh as Mike is, this season, wants to be part of a family with Wendy played by the uber fantastic Kathy Najimy. I just wanted to give him a hug for his efforts.

Sutherland as Catherine is a girl trying to find something in her life but always comes back to Mom, and in this season she brings along a friend! Slattery as Charlie doesn’t know what Selina is contemplating but then again what guy does.

Mull as Bradley – I mean what can be said about this actor that hasn’t been said before except astounding. I just love whenever he is on the screen no matter what he does. Tom James played by Hugh Laurie just shoes me that you never know what this actor is going to do with a character until he does it. Don’t let the charm fool you!

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

VEEP: The Complete Fifth Season includes the episodes: Morning After, Nev-AD-a, The Eagle, Mother, Thanksgiving, C**tgate, Congressional Ball, Camp David, Kissing Your Sister, and Inauguration. Also includes are Deleted Scenes and Audio Commentaries. 

This original HBO series has a winning season each and every time. The following is huge and this is your chance to catch up! VEEP is a 3 time Emmy Award winning show including Outstanding Comedy Series with Season 6 coming in April.

Need to catch up? I can make that happen! Go to http://moviemaven.homestead.com and find out how you can get a copy of VEEP: The Complete Fifth Season for your own home entertainment library. 

In the end – the buck stops somewhere near here!

SILICON VALLEY: The Complete Third Season Comes to Bluray and DVD & Win a Copy!

Jeri Jacquin

This week from HBO Home Entertainment is another awesome addition to anyone’s home library with SILICON VALLEY: The Complete Third Season.

Demoted to Chief Technology Officer of Raviga-run, Richard (Thomas Middleditch) is now being courted by Flutterbeam but he doesn’t bite. At a meeting, Jack says they need fast money but Richard learns it is at the cost of their product with a tacky commercial adding insult to injury. 

Belson at Hooli fires the entire staff to take back stock options for Big Head. Gavin (Matt Ross) wants to manipulate the algorithm for the bad searches about Nucleus. Jared (Zach Woods) is having difficult reclaiming his condo when the tenants don’t pay rent and aren’t leaving and Jian-Yang (Jimmy O. Yang) is looking to move. 

Richard can’t seem to let go and wants Pied Piper as a platform but Jack isn’t about to let that happen. Laurie (Suzanne Cryer) is the only other person who agrees with Richard but isn’t sure how that will play out. 

Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) knows he has two Hooli coders and uses them to crack Richard’s algorithm. Jack thinks everything is going as planned when actually Gilfoyle and company are doing a side by side with Pied Piper as a platform and box appliance. 

Secrets have a way of coming out and the platform idea is no exception, Jack threatens the staff but Richard tells him flat out that he is aware the company can’t meet the Maleant deadline. This is all pretty much a moot thing when Gavin calls Richard to let him know he acquired Endframe which means the Pied Piper platform is now in play.

Jack (Stephen Tobolowsky) is out and the CEO position is once again back open and working on the new platform is back up and running. 

Erlich (T.J. Miller) goes to the Big Head mansion and makes a deal to live their with the BH gang. Also wanting to save cash, Pied Piper leaves the office and its trappings behind for Erlich’s digs. Laurie is also told she never should have gotten rid of Richard as CEO.

An article about Richard and Pied Piper is pretty inflammatory but Erlich knows how to help. In order to get writer Cantwell to back off, Erlich lets it out that Belson wanted a cover up of negative publicity from the internet taken care of by his staff. He also announces a new partnership deal calling it Bachmanity.

Belson is on the warpath and Erlich is told that if he finds out how the story leaked, it could ruin him. What does he do? Well, Erlich buys Code/Rag which has Cantwell’s blog and the info can’t be revealed. Richard decides to date a Facebook coder named Winnie but it doesn’t last because of a peccadillo.

After a Hawaiian party costing several pretty pennies, Erlich learns that Bachmanity can’t pay its debts. Learning there is $6 million floating about; he can’t get the district attorney to do something immediately. When that doesn’t work, it’s Laurie to the rescue.

Richard waits for the launch of Pied Piper and it hits 100,000 downloads in a matter of days but his glee is short-lived when he learns Erlich owns no shares! Even as Pied Piper gets ready to hit Hooli’s app store, Laurie has to explain to Richard what has happened with Erlich’s shares.

When five hundred thousands downloads happen, Laurie throws a party. It’s Richard that isn’t celebrating knowing that he needs to have a way to teach others how to use the platform for it to be truly successful. Belson learns about the low DAU’s from a Pied Piper employee looking to move up the ladder. 

Trying to turn everything in their favor at Hooli, Richard discovers that Jared and Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) has been padding the numbers to make them spike with a click of a Bangladeshi mouse! Needing money to continue, Erlich finds some in Coleman Blair Partners but Richard can’t continue with what he knows about the numbers.

When it all comes crashing down it bringing a result that no one could have seen coming – except for the new owners of Pied Piper!

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SILICON VALLEY: The Complete Third Season includes the episodes Founder Friendly, Two in the Box, Meinertzhagen’s Haversack, Maleant Data Systems Solutions, The Empty Chair, Bachmanity Insanity, To Build a Better Beta, Bachman’s Earning’s Over-Ride, Daily Active Users, and The Uptick. The Bluray/DVD also includes Deleted Scenes. 

SILICON VALLEY has received 11 Emmy Nominations and SILICON VALLEY begins its fourth season soon on HBO!

Let me tell you what I love about this show – it leaves me totally confused but in an awesome way. When I first began watching I wasn’t sure where the show was going. Of course this means I knew absolutely nothing about Silicon Valley, programs, apps, tools – none of it. All I knew about computers is pretty much how to turn on one.

I then found myself taken in by what was going on, how these characters thought and the actors who made it all happen and I was taken in. Season after season I wonder where it’s going to go and how I’m going to be confused by the technology I should understand after all these years.

And although the technological side is interesting enough, it is the characters that I watch continually ride the roller coaster of ‘what could possibly go wrong now?’ It is the way they make everything about the show happen that keeps me coming back. Each character brings something to the table and if you remove one – it doesn’t work. Congratulations HBO for knowing that about this extremely talented ensemble.

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In the end – they’ve got company!