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It is the Return of EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad Movie

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray, DVD and Limited Edition Steelbook from writer/director Vince Gilligan and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Jesse (Aaron Paul) has escaped the Brotherhood cage in an El Camino. Running to the only place he can think of Skinny Peter (Charles Baker) and Badger (Matt Jones) are shocked to see him. Jesse passes out for the night while the two try to figure out what is going on and hide the car. By the next morning they decide that they need to make it look like Jesse has fled to Mexico. Handing Jesse a serious wad of cash, they say their goodbyes.

Getting away, Jesse thinks on his time in that cage when Todd (Jesse Plemons) is nice to him. Of course, it is because he wants something from Jesse. After helping Jesse take care of a problem in his apartment, he also learns that Todd has been holding a large sum of money in the home. In present day, Jesse returns to the apartment and searches getting interrupted by Casey (Scott Shepherd) and Neil (Scott MacArthur) and a deal is struck. 

Finding Ed Galbraith (Robert Forster), Jesse learns he wants more money than he has to help him disappear for good. Getting desperate, he turns to the most unexpected places putting himself in danger to get the cash. He wants to get away and stop the madness believing only Ed can help him do that, so no one is going to get in his way.

No one.

Paul as Jesse slides right back into his role from the AMC Breaking Bad series. From the moment he is on screen you can see that what has happened to him is far more complicated than fans of the show could have realized. He picks up the character mantle and tries to unravel everything that has happened to him and discover if its possible to be free and start over. Paul does a remarkable job giving us a finale to Jesse’s story.

Plemons as Todd, if he were not who he was, would be a pleasant fellow. Instead, he is a calm person who does not seem to know how to show real feelings. Even when he is up against Jesse, there is a moment that seems guy-like, but it feels awkward. At least I felt awkward for them! I really enjoy everything Plemons does because each role brings something new.

Forster as Galbraith is a character I really enjoyed watching unravel. Unsure of who he is or what Jesse wants, Forster stands hard in this character yet again, does not give away one ounce of emotion. He takes his work seriously – both in the vacuum shop and his other part time job. 

Baker and Jones as Skinny Pete and Badger are the ones Jesse goes to when it is time to make his getaway. They see what has happened to their friend and want to help just one more time. Cool and collected Skinny Pete puts the plan in motion and Badger is all in for Jesse. 

Shepherd and MacArthur are two men looking for the same thing Jesse is. When they are caught in the same place together, it becomes a game of cats and mouse – don’t let the mouse fool you. 

Other cast include Drysten Ritter as Jane Margolis, Kevin Rankin as Kenny, Larry Hankin as Old Joe, Tess Harper as Diane Pinkman, Michael Bofshever as Adam Pinkman, Jonathan Banks as Mike and Bryan Cranston as Walter White. 

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment encompasses motion picture production for television, digital content and theater releases. The studios include Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Stage 6 Films and Sony Picture Classics. To see what is coming to theaters and to home entertainment please visit www.sonypictures.com.

Bonus Materials include Gag Reel, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Audio Commentary with Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul, Scene Studies with Vince Gilligan, Super Commentary!, Making EL CAMINO, SNOW GLOBE: A Breaking Bad Short, Skinny Pete in the Box Teaser, On the Radio Teaser, Rocker Salvage Commercial, Vamanos Pest Commercial, “Enchanted” by Chloe x Halle and Visual Effects Design Galleries. 

EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad movie is a chance to see what happens to Jesse after the once successful drug business goes bad. There are so many flashbacks to make sure that we see how Jesse brings his life together so he can move forward.

It is one crazy moment after another because, lets face it, there hasn’t been anything easy in Jesse’s world for quite some time. This gives Breaking Bad fans one more opportunity to spend time with their favorite characters. 

In the end – he is trying to break free!


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Digital, On Demand and followed with Bluray and DVD from director Ryuhei Kitamura and Lionsate Home Entertainment is THE DOORMAN.

Ali (Ruby Rose) is a prior Marine dealing with a tragedy who finds employment as a doorman at a very prestigious hotel in New York City. She enjoys meeting the people who live in the building and learns that it is about to undergo some renovations. 

She learns from a neighbor that she actually has family living in the building. Her sister's husband Jon (Rupert Evans) along with nephew Max (Julian Feder) and niece Lily (Kila Cassidy) who were planning to leave during the renovations. Although Lila is thrilled to see her Aunt Ali, there is an uncomfortable distance between she and Jon.

What none of them know is that a man named Victor Dubois (Jean Reno) along with his henchman Borz (Aksel Hennie) are about to bring the building down. Dubois is looking for something he believes is hidden in the building but is surprised to find people still in the building. Ali sees what is happening and uses her skills to try and stop her family from being hurt.

That is not going to stop the chaos and thieves from tearing down the walls to find the secrets behind them, well maybe one person can stop them!

Rose as Ali comes to this film after her stellar performance in JOHN WICK: Chapter 2, so it is clear that she is perfectly capable of taking on this role. From start to finish she has the opportunity to show off what she can physically do with a role.

Reno as Dubois is a criminal who wants to have his heist go according to play and as smoothly as possible. Of course, when you surround yourself with a criminal element, it’s quite possible that your associates don't have the same plan. Hennie as Borz is the loose cannon and does not mind putting the hurt on anyone who gets in his way - especially Ali.

Evans as Jon has a history with Ali, and it has kept the family apart in many ways. Trying to keep his family safe, it is almost as if he his plan is to keep things calm in the apartment and let Ali take care of the rest. Feder as Max is the typical teen with parental issues, oh hell, he pretty much just has issues with everyone not his age. Kila Cassidy as Lily is thrilled to see Aunt Ali, especially not having a mom in her life.

Other cast include David Sakurai as Andrew, Louis Mandylor as Martinez, Hideaki Ito as Leo, Jamie Satterhwaite as Olsen, Andreea Androne as Nira, Raynor van de Water as Officer Griggs and Philip Whitchurch as Uncle Pat.

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theatres, television, home entertainment and more. Theatre franchises include THE HUNGER GAMES, and DIVERGENT along with JOHN WICK. Now, adding this film to its 16,000-motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at http://www.lionsgate.com.

THE DOORMAN'S special features include In the Service of Others: Reflections of the cast.

It does not take but a flash for the action to begin and it pretty much does not stop the entire film. Once the characters in the story are introduced, it becomes a game of cat and mouse with the winner getting the golden million-dollar painted cheese.

It is Rose who gets all the action and does not waste a moment making sure everyone in the film knows that she is no door mouse. This is a thriller-caper that as the thieves become desperate to find the hidden treasure, they are less and less polite about getting their information.

In the end - her second chance if their last hope!

FOCUS FEATURES Brings 10-Movie in the Spotlight

Jeri Jacquin

Coming from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is a collection of classic stories with FOCUS FEATURES 10-Movie Spotlight Collection.

Focus Features has always brought some of the most intense and compelling films and this collection gives you only ten good reasons for that. In 2013, Bill Murray plays Bob Harris, a movie star that is not as popular as he once was taking a job pushing whiskey in LOST IN TRANSLATION. At his hotel in Tokyo, he meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) is a university graduate who is in Japan with celebrity photographer husband John (Giovanni Ribisi). Bob and Charlotte strike up a friendship and share their hearts and stories in a night out in Tokyo. The next morning there is a misunderstanding and it can possibly ruin a wonderful friendship.

ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND brings Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) together in this 2004 story of a couple who meet on a train. What they do not yet realize is that they have met before, but Clementine had her memory of their relationship erased and later, so does Joel. Going on with their new lives, there is something that has brought them back together and that does not make Clementine’s new man Patrick (Elijah Wood) very happy. These two are not the only ones who visited the company Lacuna, Inc. Can their memories keep them apart?

Taking a step back in time, the 2005 PRIDE & PREJUDICE brings the Jane Austen novel to the screen telling the story of Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) and her family. Mrs. Bennet (Brenda Blethyn) wants to find good husbands for her daughters. Introduced to Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen), Elizabeth finds herself uninterested and even irritated with him. As the family goes through their struggles, what is clear is that Mr. Darcy seems to be the person they can rely on. Not everyone is exactly who they seem.

In 2005, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN became the must-see film of the year. The film tells story of Ennis (Heath Ledger) and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) who are hired sheep herders in Wyoming during the season. Spending time together, they become close and find themselves attracted to one another. After the season, Ennis marries Alma (Michelle Williams) and Jack moves to Texas and marries Lureen (Anne Hathaway). Time passes and the two meet up once again and people begin to notice their relationship. Trying to keep their friendship as much as they can, both their marriages are not going so well. Ennis becomes frustrated that they cannot spend more time together and when tragedy happens, Ennis must come to terms with the life that he is left with. 

In 1935 England, Briony (Saoirse Ronan) is a young girl who likes to spy on her sister Cecilia (Kiera Knightley) in the 2007 film ATONEMENT. Seeing an accident at the home front fountain, Briony sees Robbie (James McAvoy) deal with her sister and later sends her a note. Asking Briony to deliver it, she reads it and tells Cousin Robbie something she should not. Later Briony sees something that shocks her and is convinced that Robbie should be arrested for attacking her sister. It is not until later in her life does Briony write in a book about what really happened. 

In this do-not-miss-a-minute film, BURN AFTER READING is the 2008 story of Ozzie (John Malkovich), a CIA analyst who quits his job while wife Katie (Tilda Swinton) decides it’s time to get a divorce and continue the affair with U.S. Marshal Pfarrer (George Clooney). Copying files onto a CD for her lawyer, it is found by Chad (Brad Pitt) and Linda (Frances McDormand) who think they have found some credibly money worthy secret government information. Now the game begins as the Russian become involved, private detectives, divorces and missing persons. It is confusing until it’s not!

Sam (Jared Gilman) is a 12-year-old kid who is attending Khaki Scout camp with Master Randy Ward (Edward Norton) in the 2012 film MOONRISE KINGDOM. Suzy (Kara Hayward) lives near the camp at Summer’s End and they become friends. Determined to get away, they plan to run off together and spend their time doing everything together in the hopes of reaching a secret cove. When Ward finds out that Sam is missing, a search party is sent out and when they are found, Sam and Suzy defend themselves. Hiding inside the cave they name Moonrise Kingdom, and when they are confronted by mother nature, it brings about changes in just about everyone which is perhaps the magic of Moonrise Kingdom.

THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is the 2014 story of the incredible astrophysicist Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) and his life with wife Jane Hawking (Felicity Jones). Early in their relationship, Stephen is diagnosed with motor neuron disease and he is not expected to live more than a few years. That is when he puts it into high gear with mathematics and physics and his theory of black holes which became his thesis. They have a family together as Jane now deals with family and Stephen making it hard to write her own thesis. As each year passes, so do the needs of Stephen and Jane as they decide to live their separate lives but always do things as a family, just as they started out.

One of the most iconic women in our history, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, recently passed which is why is it even more important for everyone to see the 2018 film ON THE BASIS OF SEX. The film follows Ginsburg (Felicity Jones) in 1956 as she enters Harvard Law School. Husband Martin (Armie Hammer) is also a student who is diagnosed with cancer and Ruth takes care of him and her school by attending his courses and taking care of daughter Jane. Graduating, Ginsburg finds it difficult to find a job with a law firm because she is a woman. Instead, she takes a job as a professor at Rugers Law School. In the years that follow, Ginsburg would find cases that she felt needed her attention because of discrimination on the basis of sex. After the landmark case, Ginsburg continued her work being a voice of the people and her own voice on the law. 

In the 2019 film HARRIET, it is the 1800’s as Minty (Cynthia Erivo) marries freedman John Tubman. Still a slave on a farm, her father speaks with owner Mr. Brodess showing that Minty’s mother Harriet should be free. When that causes Brodess to become angry, the papers are torn up. Not long after, Brodess passes leaving son Gideon (Joe Alwyn) to take over and he has no intention of letting Minty go. That is when she decides to run after telling husband John that it would be easier for one of them to go. Gideon is furious and goes after her and when cornered on a bridge, she does what she must to be free. Arriving in Philadelphia through the Underground Railroad, she is told by abolitionist William Still to immediately change her name which she does to Harriet. After a time, she returns home to find everything changed. It leads her to become ‘Moses’, a person who helps other slaves escape. Once discovered she has no choice but to go further north to Canada and continue her work. She has one more thing to do, get her family and take on Brodess one final time. 

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

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Bonus Features include Filmmaker Feature Commentary, Cast Interviews, Featurettes, Deleted Scenes and more!

Directors of these classic films include Sofia Coppola, Michel Gondry, Joe Wright, Ang Lee, Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, Wes Anderson, James Marsh, Mimi Leder and Kasi Lemmons.

These ten films bring about love, family, painful decisions, emotions, story of the lives of iconic people and everything that makes us human. Focus Features chose these amazing stories that needed telling and brought to the big screen throughout the years. Now, having all ten films in one collection is a gift that, for film lovers, is a must-have.

I am a huge fan of period-piece films because of the characters each of them brings, the costuming, cinematography and direction that simply make them more than enjoyable. These are stunning pieces of filmmaking that are worthy of watching again and again, as I already have and 
will continue to do.

In the end – they are stories of love, hope and resilience!  


Jeri Jacquin

In theatres and coming to Digital from writer/directors Alex H. Fischer, Eleanor Wilson and Bleeker Street is a tale of unplugging in order to SAVE YOURSELVES.

In a world where putting down your phone can be cause for therapy, Su (Sunita Mani) and Jack (John Reynolds) cannot seem to find alone time without their phones. Their friend Ralph (Ben Sinclair) comes to visit and tells them that he finds peace away from technology in a remote cabin.

Thinking it is exactly they need to disconnect from the world and reconnect with one another, off they go. Spending time talking, playing games and enjoying each other's company, Suni makes sure their phones are turned off without telling Jack. After a night of fun, they wake to a, well poofy thing in their cabin. After it quickly escapes Jack and Suni wonder what could be going on.

Turning their phones on they discover that something has happened in the world. The poofy thing that came into their cabin has a bit of an alcohol problem and he is not really keen on people either. Suni and Jack try to make it back to civilization but what is attacking the planet has other plans.

Reynolds as Jack is a man who is attached to his phone and has an issue with lashing out in his sleep. His character is funny, insecure, and addicted to a phone that he believes is everything in his life dragging him away from commitments to Su.

Mani as Su wants more from their relationship but has a problem with letting go of her phone as well. When their friend offers up his cabin, Su sees this as a great opportunity to get reacquainted with Reynolds without the bother of phones ringing, messages or mindless scrolling. When the poof shows up, she springs into action, but it might not be enough.

Shout out to Sinclair as Ralph, convincing Jack and Su to spend time away. With friends like Ralph, who needs…well, you get it.

Bleeker Street is a New York City film company that has brought outstanding films to the public. Their library includes TRUMBO, DENIAL, THE LOST CITY OF Z, BEIRUT, HOTEL MUMBAI, ORDINARY LOVE and THE ROADS NOT TAKEN. For more information on the titles from Bleeker Street please visit www.bleeckerstreetmedia.com.

SAVE YOURSELVES is a relationship-alien-survival film at its simplest. The film is about Jack and Su but then again what is a relationship without dealing with outer space. I mean every time I go to the desert; I deal with seeing UFO's and aggressive little green, grey ummm…persons so there is that.

These characters begin with the distractions of technology, take a chance on getting away from it all and end up dealing with technology from another world. It is what happens in between that is hilarious., complicated, maternal and hilarious.

SAVE YOURSELVES received nomination nods from both the Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival and a Grand Jury Prize Nominee at the Sundance Film Festival.

In the end - turning off their phones was the dumbest thing they could have done on the planet!

No One is Prepared for AMERICAN PIE Presents: Girls' Rules

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD and Digital from director Mike Elliot and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the time that the girls have a say in AMERICAN PIE Presents: Girls' Rules.

It is senior year and best friends Annie (Madison Pettis), Kayla (Piper Curda), Michelle (Natasha Behnam) and Stephanie Stiffler (Lizze Broadway) are making plans. Annie is especially feeling a bit low as her boyfriend has gone off to college. So together they must make their last year of high school the best.

Michelle is the first one to lay eyes on Grant (Darren Barnet), followed by a slam up into a door. Later in the day Stephanie meets Grant in her own unique way on the lacrosse field and Kayla sees a prospect to help make her on again and off again boyfriend Tim (Camaron Engles) jealous.

Annie's father Kevin (Ed Quinn) answers a knock on their home door only to find Ellen (Sara Rue) and her son greeting the neighbors with a cherry pie. Deciding to share with Annie, there is an awkward introduction - especially since Annie has met Ellen before. A literal cherry on the pie is discovering that she is also the new principal AND Grant's mother.

Now that the girls have all seen Grant, the race is on to see who will get him minus Annie who is still devoted to her college man. Kayla is still trying to make Tim jealous; Michelle is making her moves but feeling strange about it all and Stephanie decides to enlist the help of childhood friend Emmett.

But all of this is about to get twisted, turned and bring about realizations that can only be found in the mess we call senior year!

Pettis as Annie is a sweet young girl who knows what she wants but sees it one way in her head when reality is telling her something quite different. Watching her friends go through their craziness, she develops a friendship with Grant, and they enjoy each other's company. Pettis is believable as Annie and charming.

Broadway as Stephanie Stifler has an iconic name to live up to and - she does just that. Fast witted dripping with bits of sarcasm mixed with fast talk, I have to say that I absolutely loved Broadway in this role. Behnam as Michelle is a very smart young woman when it comes to books but not as smart when it comes with how to deal with love. She is endearing and that's everything. Curda as Kayla has a bit of a problem with jealousy and when the boyfriend pushes her to far, she goes all out in making sure he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Barnet as Grant is a young man who is polite which is mistaken for crushing on each of the girls. There is one that he genuinely does like but it is an uphill battle to get there. Barnet's performance gives high school girls everywhere a smile thinking they can meet their own Grant.

Gordon as Emmett is so sweet and amazing because it is clear who he has eyes for but that does not stop him from helping Stephanie with her goal of getting Grant. Quinn as Dad Kevin gets to pair up with Rue as principal Ellen and it is hilarious.

Other cast include: Lucas Adams as McCormick, Lily Andrew as Meredith, Barry Bostwick as PeePaw, Clint Howard as Joe, Rasheda Crockett as Rose, Lisa Linke as Mrs. Sawyer, Jeannie Mai as Lily, Stephanie Wong as Misty, Blayne Weaver as Mr. Sawyer and Danny Trejo as Mr. Garcia the Janitor.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

MOVIES ANYWHERE gives viewers the ability to download the Movies Anywhere App. With that you can view films by downloading or streaming to your favorite device using a Digital Code. For more information on Movies Anywhere please visit www.MoviesAnywhere.com.

AMERICAN PIE Presents: Girls' Rules is everything that one would expect from the iconic AMERICAN PIE of 1999. Filled with teen angst, teen issues, teen rebellion, and teen hormones, this film raises the bar slightly in that it is the girls turn to have a say in all of it.

The film is funny and gives us the charm while runs down the edge of covering our eyes. The parents do not want to see their kids and the kids do not want to see their parents in those intimate situations and that brings even more giggles.

So, prepare to go back to school and join in their senior year because, let’s be honest, we've all been there done that.

In the end - it is their time to make the rules!

BECKMAN is on the Run

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from writer/director Gabriel Sabloff and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the story of running from it all when your name is BECKMAN.

Aaron Beckman (David A.R. White) is a reformed bad man who has taken the pulpit from PHILIP (Jeff Fahey). Thinking he made a mistake in that decision; he abruptly meets Tabitha (Brighton Shabino) who is looking for Philip. That meeting turns things around for them both and a year later the church is thriving, and college is in their future.

In the middle of it all, danger is brewing just below the happy surface. While enjoying family time, it is all interrupted by a man named Reese (William Baldwin) who claimed to have ownership over Tabitha. Deciding what to do, it is Beckman's old life that rears its talented head to make Reese and his gang pay for taking his daughter.

He makes it clear to Reese that there will be no mercy for taking away someone he loves! That is the only warning he is ever going to get as Beckman is out for one thing - revenge and it’s easy to remember how good he was at it. Especially when he discovers how far down the disgusting rabbit hole goes.

His focus is on one thing, doing what it takes to find his daughter which is made more complicated by those now after him!

White as Beckman is a one-time hit man who has changed his life around. Giving all that up he turns to being a part of the church and community. Although he has moments of doubt, it is the appearance of Tabitha that makes it all come together for him. Of course, there is always one person out there that wants to change it and White gives his character permission to make them all pay.

Sharbino as Tabitha is a young woman looking to escape a dangerous life as well. When she finds Beckman at the church, she also finds a bit of normal and a chance to perhaps have the life a teenage girl should have. When Reese tracks her down, she is once again dragged into a nightmare.

Baldwin as Reese is a man who believes everything he does is right, including kidnapping young girls for his cult. Tabitha is not the only young girl that Reese has taken but Beckman wants to make sure they are the last. Baldwin is the calm, cool and collected bad guy who does not seem phased by anything that is happening around him.

Other cast include Kira Lorsch as Janice, Danielle Moinet as isabel, Jacob Melton as Tom, Xander Bailey as Frank, Lynette DuPress as Abigail. Nobuaki Shimamoto as Terence, Kevin Downes as Dan, Anna Zielinski as Kara, Madison Mae as Wendy, David Buglione as Connor and Burt Young as Salvatore.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

Bonus Features include Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Gabriel Sabloff and Executive Producer and Star David A.R. White, The Making of BECKMAN: Faith and Hope Against the Storm and BECKMAN Bloopers.

BECKMAN is a total out and out seek and destroy mission from beginning to end. Trying to turn his life around was the goal and he was doing well until Reese came into their lives. Wanting the best for Tabitha, Reese enjoyed being a Dad and doing right by his community. And, as with all parents, no one is going to get away with hurting his child.

There is a lot of back and forth with flashbacks mixed in with time jumps but it all works together to tell the story. It is a very simple plot and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. It is a mixture of JOHN WICK meets TAKEN and you have an idea of where this is going to go. Prepare for the actions and everything that goes along with that as the guns go off and the chase is on.

In the end - it is a mission of vengeance!


Jeri Jacquin

This week on 4K Ultra, Bluray and Digital from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the most stunning works in filmmaking with ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S CLASSIC COLLECTION.

Hitchcock would be known as the Master of Suspense in bringing to the big screen over 50 feature films. In his career he would achieve 46 Oscar nominations and 6 wins. His first film came by way of London in 1925 with THE PLEASURE GARDEN and in 1938, it would be David O. Selznick convinced him to give Hollywood a try.

Success after success brought some accolades including a BAFTA Fellowship, a Life Achievement Award from AFI and even a knighthood. The one thing that eluded him was an Oscar for Best Director. That has not stopped film lovers from continually embracing the mystery, frights and spine-chilling story telling that we love still today. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment put together the most amazing four films to visit once again.

In the 1954 film REAR WINDOW, Jimmy Stewart plays L.B. Jefferies, a photographer who is confined to his apartment in Manhattan in a wheelchair. During a heatwave, he spends his time watching the neighbors who have their windows open. In the middle of a thunderstorm, Jeff believes that he hears a woman scream and notices one of his neighbors is gone.

Now begins his theory of what really happened that night and proving it might be the death of him! The film also stars Grace Kelly, another Hollywood icon who would later become a Princess in her own right and Wendell Corey, Thelma Ritter and Raymond Burr.

The Collection includes REAR WINDOW Ethics: An Original Documentary, A Conversation with Screenwriter John Michael Hayes, Pure Cinema: Through the Eyes of the Master, Breaking Barriers: The Sound of Hitchcock, Masters of Cinema and so much more!

The 1958 film VERTIGO brings Jimmy Stewart once again to Hitchcock's film playing John Ferguson, a retired cop who turns to being a private investigator to keep an eye on Madeleine played by Kim Novak. That can be difficult since Ferguson suffers from acrophobia and vertigo!

The film also stars Barbara Bel Geddes, Tom Helmore and Henry Jones. Bonus Features of the Collection are Obsessed with VERTIGHO: New Life for Hitchcock’s Masterpiece, Partners In Crime: Hitchcock’s Collaborators with Saul Bass, Edith Head, Bernard Herrmann and Alma, Foreign Censorship Ending, Hitchcock/Truffaut, Restoration of Theatrical Trailer and so much more!

Everyone has their favorite Hitchcock and for me its these last two. The first made people afraid of their own showers with Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins bringing us PSYCHO. Leigh plays Marion Crane, a woman who is on the run for reasons of her own and ends up at the Bates Motel run by Norman Bates played by Anthony Perkins.

Norman has problems as well when his mother is upset that he has asked a girl to dinner in their home. A home that sits up on the hill right behind the motel. That is when things go from bad to worse in a place that has frightening secrets of its own.

Additional cast include Vera Miles, John Gavin, Martin Balsam and John McIntire. The Bonus Features on the Bluray include The Making of PSYCHO, PSYCHO Sound, In the Master’s Shadow: Hitchcock’s Legacy, Newreel Footage: The Release of PSYCHO, The Shower Scene: With and Without Music, The PSYCHO Archives and so much more!

Finally, in 1963, we all got another fright from THE BIRDS. Tippi Hedren plays Melanie Daniels, a socialite who accidentally meets Mitch Brenner played by Rod Taylor. After they meet at a local birdstore, Melanie takes it upon herself to take Brenner a pair of lovebirds for his sister’s birthday. The moment she steps foot in Bodega Bay, Daniels is attacked by a bird. It won’t be the last time as more and more birds take on the human race.

The film also stars Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette and Veronica Cartwright. The Collection also includes THE BIRDS: Hitchcock’s Monster Movie, All About THE BIRDS, Tippi Hedren’s Screen Test, Deleted Scenes, The Original Ending THE BIRDS is Coming and so much more!

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

MOVIES ANYWHERE gives viewers the ability to download the Movies Anywhere App. With that you can view films by downloading or streaming to your favorite device using a Digital Code. For more information on Movies Anywhere please visit www.MoviesAnywhere.com.

This is an amazing four film collection that honesty has my four favorite Hitchcock films although I would not have minded the fifth with REBECCA, but I am hardly complaining. This is such a fantastic way to introduce family and friends to suspense, nail biting, jaw dropping and thrilling storytelling.

Hitchcock deserves the title of Master of Suspense and taught me how the right actor, the right setting and the right person behind the lens can create something that looks effortless and remains timeless.

In the end – he will show you frights you never knew existed!


Jeri Jacquin

Currently on Bluray, DVD and Digital from writer/director Judd Apatow and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the story when all you have is being THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND.

Scott Carlin (Pete Davison) is a twenty-four-year-old high school dropout, living at home, hanging with friends and watching everyone else work millennial. At home is Mom Margie (Marisa Tomei) and soon to be college bound sister Claire (Maude Apatow). Scott's father, a firefighter, died when he was a younger kid and it’s still something he deals with.

Hanging out with friends Oscar (Ricky Velez), Richie (Lou Wilson) and Igor (Moises Arias) smoking pot and drinking beer, he meets Harold (Luke Blumm) and offers him a tattoo. Of course, this goes haywire and the kids father Ray (Bill Burr) comes banging on the door. After an argument about how it’s all going to get fix, imagine Scott's surprise when he discovers that Margie and Ray are hanging out together - like seriously.

Ray tries to find a middle ground with Scott to motivate him to do something with his life and even gets Margie in on the intervention that pushes him to walk Harold to school as a way of "helping". When it is put to Scott that he needs to get his life started and find a place to live, he goes to sister Claire at college for help. Claire is not having any of Scott's nonsense believing that it's time for their mother to have love in her life after their father has been gone for so many years.

In desperation, Scott turns to Ray's ex-wife Joy (Lynne Loplitz) to get the dirt on him. Well, Joy has no problem letting him know a few things about her ex, especially since she can't see why Margie is with him. Immediately Scott runs home to tell Mama and when confronted by Ray, a brawl breaks out and Margie sends them both away. First Scott turns to his friends and a crazy idea they had turns bad quickly.

Running to the only girl who would have him, Kelsey (Bel Powley) catches on quickly enough that he only wanted to be with her to have a place to stay. Striking out everywhere, he has no choice but go to Ray at the firehouse. Almost immediately Ray would rather throw the kid in the street but knows it would only anger Margie more. Scott meets the other firemen Thompson (Mike Vecchione), Lockwood (Domenick Lombardozzi), Savage (Jimmy Tatro) and Captain Papa (Steve Muscemi).

Scott starts to see a change as he learns more about his father and gives his mother a little bit of a break but it's time for him to choose a direction that will make him happy and give everyone around him a break!

Davidson as Scott is as hyperactive as they come and proves it not stopping for a moment throughout the film. When he isn't being sarcastic to his mother and sister or isn't hanging out with his friends doing nothing with his life or even giving Ray a hard time, he could make a good boyfriend. Davidson is hilarious, mean spirited, quick mouthed and a nice guy all rolled into one. That makes for getting whiplash keeping up with his moods.

Tomei as Margie is a Mom who has put up with a lot from her son, perhaps because she felt a twang of guilt that her husband died. Even though Scott seems to be the one dragging it out emotionally, Margie has also placed her own life on hold waiting for…well…something. Tomei cracked me up every which way dealing with the men in her life. Apatow as Claire has had about enough of her brother and is happy to run away to college thinking that distance will stop the madness - well, Scott knows the road there!

Burr as Ray jumps into Margie and Scott's life with the quickness that knocks Scott completely on his emotional ass. Wanting a life with Margie, he takes a few liberties with telling them both how to live their lives when he should be checking his own children first. Powley as Kelsey can't stop having feelings for Scott, no matter how crazy he makes her, she still cares about him.

Velez, Wilson, and Arias are Scott's friends and they have the very same life he does (except one has a car) and they are looking for a big pay day for a tattoo-restaurant. When it comes time to put a plan into action, nothing goes as planned and Scott's life is a sliver away from prison.

Other cast include Pamela Adion as Gina, Kevin Corrigan as Joe, Derek Gaines as Zoots, Pauline Chalamet as Joanne, Colton Merrill as Scooter and Carly Aquilino as Tara.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

MOVIES ANYWHERE gives viewers the ability to download the Movies Anywhere App. With that you can view films by downloading or streaming to your favorite device using a Digital Code. For more information on Movies Anywhere please visit www.MoviesAnywhere.com.

Packed with Hilarious Bonus Features: Alternate Ending Which Didn't Work!, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Line-O-Rama, The Kid From Staten Island, Judd Apatow's Production Dares, You're Not My Dad, Marge Knows Best, Friends with Benefits, Sibling Rivalry, Best Friends, Scott Davidson Tribute and More.

THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND is a combination of life, the perils of a millennial dealing with death and his own neurosis, a mom who gives up her life when she shouldn't have, a sister who feels responsible for a brother who won't take responsibility for anything and a constant 'woe is me' coming out of a grownups mouth. If that seems like a lot, it is but that is not all. The film takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride of every range of human emotion on steroids.

Of course, that should not be anything new as Apatow likes to take stories to a whole other level. This film plays along with his consistent was of making us all laugh, think about life and cut each other a little bit of slack in the midst of madness. I do not mind that so much, especially now.

In the end - it is time to grow up even for him!


Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray, DVD and Digital from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and director Giuseppe Capotondi is the story of a man who needs THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY.

James Figueras (Claes Bang) is an art critic who gives classes on what could only be called art appreciation and understanding. During one of his lectures, Berenice Hollis (Elizabeth Debicki) walks in and catches James attention. She sits listening to the story of artist Jerome Debney (Donald Sutherland) and is surprised to discover that James has a way with the crowd.

After the lecture, Berenice speaks with James and they hit it off almost immediately as both have a sharp wit and twisted sense of humor. Start off a hot and heavy relationship comes in handy when James gets a call from Joseph Cassidy in Lake Cuomo, Italy (Mick Jagger) who tells him the artist Jerome Dabney lives on his estate and Cassidy wants something specific from him.

Asking Berenice to join him on his jaunt to Cassidy's estate, they get to spend more time together. Meeting Cassidy, both James and Bernice are surprised at his forthright manner and what it is he wants. Specifically, Debney has not shown anyone his work in more years than anyone can count - he wants a peek and James it to help him get it.

Within days, James and Berenice meet Debney and immediately the artist is taken with the young girl. Explaining his philosophy about his art and feeling the freedom in his art, James is hopeful to find something. When Debney finally does take them to his little house in the woods and opens up his art room, James is in shock much to the artists humor.

Later, Debney and Bernice take a walk together and she finds that he is clever, funny and charming. James returns to Debney's home and sets in motion a plan that is far beyond anything anyone could have imagined. Once the chain of events begins, there is no turning back.

Bang as James is a bit of a self-indulgent narcissist who uses his humor to get through life. Believing what he had being told about becoming an artist himself, he turned to talking about other people's work. I loved Bang in the cable series THE AFFAIR so I already knew he could be an absolute cad and do it with a straight face. What I did not see was what the character of James would become and for that - bravo sir!

Debicki as Berenice is a lovely young woman who fell quickly for the fun and excitement that James brought into her life. She does not seem to have a care in the world and just flitters from place to place with no real story to tell. That intrigues James a bit which, I am assuming, why he keeps her around. No story means no mess. Debicki is so lovely in her scenes with Sutherland and that is what stood out for me.

Jagger as Cassidy is just a douchebag with a gleam in his eye. Wanting what he wants when he wants it, he will use anybody to make that happen, ergo James. When he hears that there is artwork by Debney, he is going to make sure it ends up in his hands. The final scene at the museum is going to bring about some questions so let the chatter begin. Jagger has been away from the screen for some time, so this is a wicked comeback.

Can we talk about Sutherland as Debney for a moment? Let’s just get this out of the way, I have been a Donald Sutherland fan for more years than I will admit (when he had a full head of brown curly hair if that tells you anything). Every role he takes on has something special flowing from it, even if he is not a very nice character. As Debney, Sutherland makes it perfectly clear who he is and why he is and if everyone has an issue, he does not care. I dug that completely.

Other cast include: Rosalind Halstead as Evelina Macri, Rasneet Kaur as Lea and Alessandro Fabrizi as Rodolfo.

Sony Pictures Classics brings television, digital content, new entertainment services, independent films and technologies to viewers. Such films as GREED, THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY, THE CLIMB, CHARM CITY KINGS, I CARRY YOU WITH ME and THE FATHER are just a few of the current and upcoming releases. For more information on what Sony Pictures Classics has to offer please visit www.sonyclassics.com.  

Bluray, DVD and Digital Bonus Material includes Commentary with Director Capotondi - Explores the film's production, locations and themes in this in-depth commentary and Behind THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY - Stars Claes Bang Elizabeth Debicki explore their complex, absorbing characters, Mick Jagger's unnerving turn as Cassidy in his first film role in nearly twenty years, and the perfectly cast Donald Sutherland as the reclusive artist at the heart of the film.

THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY is an unpredictable film because we are not given time to truly understand each character which, translated for me means, I have no frakken idea what they will do next. There is something very cool about that especially given that so many films are predictable from start to finish.

Director Capotondi takes us on a spin through the art world and how it is perceived, what art critics (oh my) say about other people’s work and who controls the strings. All of these things are very subtle and slide in because the character of James is taking up so much space in the film. His antics and constant fluttering take us away from the bigger picture until it has been painted in a HUGE way.

The cast is small which is impressive pulling off a story like this and I thoroughly enjoyed what they did and exactly how they did it. Don't you hate when I am vague?

In the end - you cannot paint over the truth!

TRAIN TO BUSAN Presents: Peninsula

Jeri Jacquin

Coming from writer/director Yeon Sang-Ho and Well Go USA Entertainment is the exciting second chapter of the highly successful zombie movie TRAIN TO BUSAN with PENINSULA.

As the zombie outbreak reaches a fever pitch in South Korea, Captain Jung-seok (Gang Dong-won) is making his way to a ship leaving the country. In the car are his sister, her husband and young nephew as that race to get to the ship on time. In the middle of the road, the Marine Captain sees a family who needs a ride, but he is spooked and ignores the pleas driving away.

Finding their place on the ship, Jung-seok looks for answers and steps away from the family for supplies. That is when the chaos he thought he left behind happens the other side of a bulkhead door. The only family member saved is brother-in-law Chul-min (Kim Do-yoon) as the rest take over the ship.

Four years has passed and Jung-seok is still having a difficult time with what happened on the ship. Now living in Hong Kong, he and Chul-min (and two others) are brought before a nefarious type who wants them to go back to Incheon and find a food truck that has $20 million dollars in it. Their reward is some of the loot.

Thinking this was an easy job and on their way back to the harbor to be picked up, they are attacked by Unit 631, a group of rogue survivors that have grouped into a militia. Jung-seok is knocked out of the truck and Chul-min is still inside as it drives away. Driving up is Joon (Lee Re) and sister Yu-jin (Lee Ye-won) and through some very fancy driving manage to get away from the undead.

They take Jung-seok to safety and he meets Mom Min-jung (Lee Jung-hyun) and grandfather Elder Kim (Kwon Hae-hyo) who share both food, rest and information. Chul-min is immediately found in the truck and taken captive. Captain Seo (Koo Kyo-hwan) also finds the money and wants to use it to get away from leader Hwang (Kim Min-jae) who doesn't seem to lead the people these days.

Jung-seok wants to find his brother-in-law and will do whatever it takes to get him back. Joon wants to get her family out of Incheon and the only people stopping them are zombies and crazies. It becomes a race to see who will get the truck to the port and find freedom from the living and the dead!

Who really is the monster?

Dong-won takes the lead in the next chapter with PENINSULA and does not miss a beat. Starting out as a family man trying to save them from zombies, the aftermath is not only sad for his life but destructive. Returning to Incheon seemed like a way to get himself out of the darkness but instead puts him right back in it. I love watching Dong-won lead this cast on an insane ride through the film as Jung-seok still wants to do what is right and, in some way, make up for past regrets.

Do-yoon as Chul-min keeps his brother-in-law close as they try to remain a family but there is tension between the two. Once kidnapped, Chul-min discovers that perhaps he should have listened to someone who knew better but Jung-seok wasn’t about to leave the one person he still called 'brother' behind. Do-yoon's character survives by the seat of his pants and I cheered him on.

Re as Joon is a strong and no-nonsense young woman who has the driving skills that had me jealous by the end of the film. She shares one thing with Jung-seok, the love of family and always puts them first. Re is a thrill to watch and gives the film the feminine toughness that does not outshine everyone else but instead melds with the other characters - but with a lead foot! Ye-won is a younger version of Joon and has a way with electronics that has kept the family alive for the last four years. She made me laugh more than once yet Ye-won gives her character a sweet gentleness in the midst of madness.

Min-jae as Hwang is a leader of a rag tag bunch of weapons carrying lunatics - and that's being nice about it. It takes a lot to be a maniac leader and Min-jae gives it a creepiness as if the film needed anymore - excellent! Kyo-hwan as Captain Seo knows the leadership is waning and is more than happy to take over but when he sees the money, he also sees a chance to get away. Kyo-hwan wants to be the big man on top but life has other plans.

Other cast include Jang So-yeon as Sister, Kim Kyu-baek as Private Kim, Moon woo-jin as Dong-hwan, Daniel Albright as McClain and Bella Rahim as Major Jane.

Well Go USA Entertainment is a theatrical and home entertainment company specializing in bringing the best Action, Genre and Independent films from around the world to North American markets. As a leader in independent film distribution, Well Go USA Entertainment’s titles can be seen across a variety of platforms including theatrical, digital, subscription and cable VOD, packaged media and broadcast television. Well Go USA Entertainment currently releases three to five films per month. To see more please visit www.wellgousa.com.

PENINSULA is everything that I was hoping for and so very much more. A hug fan of TRAIN TO BUSAN, I was thrilled the day it was announced that there would be another chapter to the zombie saga. Six months before the film date was announced, I went into a giggle fit with anticipation.

This film takes action to another level from its predecessor on a train and gives zombies a little bit of a run around. That does not mean they do not get a meal now and then which is why we watch them in film in the first place right? The story is grave and heartbreaking, but we aren't allowed to be melancholy long because bad guys are still alive and causing trouble.

Writer/director Yeon Sang-Ho, along with Joo-Suk Park, did not try to reinvent the dead wheel but instead grabbed it and lets it spin out of control and let us all go for the ride. Speeding around and coming in at 116 minutes, PENINSULA is everything I wanted and more so buckle up because it is going to be wild!

In the end - its four years later!

Based on a True Story Comes THE OUTPOST

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from Screen Media is the story by author Jake Tapper and director Rod Lurie and the brave men guarding THE OUTPOST.

Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha (Scott Eastwood) and his men Specialist Ty Carter (Caleb Landry Jones), Staff Sgt. Justin Gallegos (Jacob Scipio), Sgt. Josh Kirk (Jack Kesy) helicopter ride into a deep valley in Afghanistan. Surrounded by mountains, they are attacked daily by the Taliban. First Lt. Benjamin Keating (Orlando Bloom) gives the men a tour of the camp letting them know that they must always be at the ready.

It does not take long before the new crew takes a few hits and sees what they are up against. When they get the call to take a very large vehicle to another camp, Keating takes Romesha on roads that aren’t meant to be traversed. When an accident happens, Sylvanius Broward (Kwame Patterson) is sent in telling the men that the camp is going to be shut down. What should be good news really is not. 

Their own Afghan interpreter tells the men that the Taliban are coming and although they listen, they go about their mission. Each attack gets a little bolder until the capture a young man who comes into the camp taking pictures of everything he sees. When caught, Romesha along with Broward go to the town elders to explain why the promise made by Lt. Keating of funds is being held up.

Romesha is frustrated because he does not see that Broward is listening to anything the people who live at the outpost are telling him. That is until the camp is hit again. One more time the men must gather together to protect the outpost even though there are more and more Taliban in the mountains above.

When one massive explosion follows another, every takes their places to battle the men coming towards them with more weapons than the outpost has seen. Now, Romesha and his men will do what they must to protect one another and stay alive until the call for help can bring what they need to stop the invasion.

Now they wait.

Eastwood comes on the scene strong with the attitude of a military man with concerns for his men, especially when he sees the camp by the light of day. He turns in a solid performance that isn’t over the top but instead storytelling with the entire cast. Jones as Carter is a young man who is dealing with the stress and anxiety about everything happening around them. When the men need him the most, he puts himself on the line time and time again. Carter gives us the human side of those feelings.

Bloom as Keating knows they are in a raw deal with where the camp is located but tries to make the best of it for everyone. Never sending a man to do something he wouldn’t do himself, he is respected by the men. Scipio as Gallegos and Kesy as Kirk aren’t thrilled with their situation and even less thrilled with those who claim to be in charge but they follow their leader. Both men are a definite benefit to the film. Shout out to Gibson for his second time in a film dealing with war and soldiers as he was in the 2016 film HACKSAW RIDGE directed by his father Mel Gibson. 

Other cast include Petar Petrov as Malak, Ahmad Sakhi as Commander Zahid, George Arvidson as Captain Cordova, Brandon Wengrzynek as Sgt. Breed, Jeremy Jones as PFC Jordan Wong, Scott Coffey as Michael Scusa, Jack DeVos as Sgt. Hardt, Ernest Cavazos as Sgt. Avalos, Jonathan Yunger as SFC Jonathan Hill, Alexandar Aleksiev as Sgt. Janis Lakis, Alfie Stewart as Sgt. Yunger, Marin Rangelov as Nasir, Cory Hardrict as Sgt. Vernon Martin, Taylor Smith as First Lt. Andrew Bundermann, Celina Sinden as Cpt. Katie Kopp, Will Attenborough as Ed Faulkner and Milo Gibson as Capt. Yllescas.  

Screen Media is an international distributor of television series and films, licensing content through theatrical, home video, pay-per-view, free, cable and pay television, and subscription and advertising video-on-demand platforms. With one of the largest independently-owned libraries of filmed entertainment in the world and license agreements across all forms of media. The company is continually looking to add films and television series to its content library. For more information please visit www.screenmedia.com.

The Bonus Content includes Inside COP Keating: Behind the Scenes, Behind the Lines, Audio Commentary with Director Rod Lurie and Scene Rehearsals. 

THE OUTPOST is bases on The New York Times best seller The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor. Written by CNN journalist Jake Tapper, he tells the story of soldiers living in the remote mountains of Afghanistan and Combat Outpost Keating. It is a story about the battle to defend against a coordinated Taliban attack that later came to be known as The Battle of Kamdesh. 

Bravo Troop 3-62 would become the most decorated unit of the 2009 Afghan War. Staff Sgt. Cliff Romesha and Specialist Ty Carter were awarded the Medal of Honor. Rod Lurie, the director, is a graduate of West Point and former soldier. Adding to the realism of the film, he added veterans to play various military roles including Henry Hughes and Daniel Rodriguez.

“The gates of Heaven and the gates of hell are claimed to be in the same spot. During the firefight, COP Keating was like the gates of hell: violent, bloody and full of sorrow. However, watching men sacrificing themselves to protect each other, I could see the true form of brotherhood and love, making the firefight at COP Keating like the gates of heaven as well.” Ty M. Carter, Medal of Honor Recipient.

The cast brings the story to us all in a way that allows us to care about them because they each have a story. Adding to that the fact that most of us have family members who are active military, the scenes where the soldiers are calling home are moving and intense at the same time. There is also clearly camaraderie between the cast that transitions into the people they are portraying. 

In the end – the mission was survival!

YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT Jumps onto Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Digital and DVD this week from writer/director David Koepp, Blumhouse and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes a story of vacationing fear when YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT.

Theo (Kevin Bacon) is a man married to his young actress wife Susanna (Amanda Seyfried) and they share the very young Ella (Avery Essex). Dealing with his emotions of the past, he visits the set where Susanna only to have more pressure to be a good and supportive husband. This is especially difficult since the topic of people not liking Theo comes up.

He convinces Susanna that they need some time together before she heads for an 8 week shoot in London. That is when they drive up to a huge vacation home in Wales. It is spacious and minimalist in its furnishing, but the family is enchanted by the house and the surrounding grounds. But beauty can be deceiving…

…as Ella begins to see shadows. The next day Susanna and Ella talk a walk and the young girl asked the question she probably should not have, "why do people not like Daddy?" and the story is unraveled before her. Theo is furious that she subjected their daughter to the story, but Ella makes it clear she loves her father.

Theo goes to the grocery store where a shopkeeper questions him about their stay at the house. He finds the questions strange. It gets stranger when a woman asks him if he is spoken to the owner Stetler. Trying to chalk it up to the area, Theo has a dream that night that the house is changing, and that Ella is in harm’s way.

Trying to keep it together, the final straw is discovering that Susanna is not being honest with him and she leaves for the evening. Theo and Ella find ways to keep themselves amused and that is when he begins to suspect that the house has a bigger story to tell. Instead, the house turns against Theo with strange twists and turns making it impossible to leave.

What it wants from him might be more than he can take.

Bacon as Theo does an excellent job as an insecure husband mixed with a supernatural. One of my favorite films he has done is the 1990 FLATLINERS and the 1999 STIR OF ECHOES. As Theo, Bacon's character delves into a life before Susanna and Ella and the strain of his own insecurities. The scene between Bacon and young Ella is something to have tissue for which is unexpected for a suspense/supernatural thriller.

Seyfried as Susanna is a young actress who finds herself taking roles that cause conflict between she and husband Theo. Seyfried seems concerned about her husband but also shuts herself away a bit when Theo can't seem to control his insecurities. She pulls her weight in the film but does not get to get her hands dirty.

Essex as Ella is absolutely stunning! She is smart, doesn't miss much, has a bit of a wild streak but also sees that her father is struggling, oh, and has her own issues with the house. This young actress is powerful and gives her little self a resilience that her parents should have taken a lesson from. 

Other cast include Colin Blumenau as the Shopkeeper, Lowri Richards as the town Welsh Woman, Joshua Jackson as Susanna’s Production Assistant and Eli Powers as Susann's Assistant.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT is a mind-bending story with some jumps that got me easily. Okay, I did holler once but I am sure you will holler even more. It is a cast of 2 1/2 that carry the film and they do it well. As the story starts to unfold it is a tad bit predictable but none the less fun to watch.

Might I suggest watching it in the dark as I did, you will get the full effect that is pretty cool, especially on a Friday night. Living in the times we are, it is cool to have a movie night at home and scary movies happen to be our favorite.

Don't turn away from the screen or you will miss the small pieces of the larger supernatural puzzle.

In the end – the house finds you!


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from writer/directors Brett and Drew T. Pierce, and IFC Midnight comes a story of mythology and horror with THE WRETCHED.

Ben (John-Paul Howard) is a teenager who is visiting his father Liam (Jamison Jones) and trying to work with the fact that they are divorcing. Making things worse is that Ben makes it clear that his father hanging out with lady friend Sara (Azie Tesfai) does not sit well with him. Working at the harbor with kids, he meets Dillon (Blane Crockarell) a kid who lives next door and his mother Abbie (Zarah Mahler) and dad Ty (Kevin Bigley). 

During the night Dillion’s parents hit a deer on the way home and what they don’t know is that something is living inside the deer carcass. Ben starts hearing weird noises and follows it next door and thinks he sees something under their house but is not really sure. He also is not the only one as young Dillon is also seeing strange things. 

That night, something happens to Abbie and Dillon is not sure of what he saw, only that is scares him enough to hide with Ben. That is when Ben discovers markings on the porch of Dillon’s house and reads about a witch that makes people forget about their children. Sharing what he learns with friend Mallory (Piper Curda), she tempts whatever it is and it starts a circle of horror that they might not all recover from. 

Never mess with nature!

Howard as Ben is a young man dealing with the usual teenage issues of troubles, parents and girls so what’s adding a little witch problem, right? He knows fairly quickly that something is wrong, actually something is creepy, and he wants answers. As the story begins to unravel, he makes a choice to save those he loves no matter what it takes or how deep he has to go.

Curda as Mallory understands Ben and finds herself having feelings for him. When she realizes he is serious about what is happening around them, she jumps in to help him find answers but at what cost? 

Crockarell as Dillon is a kid who knows that something is wrong with his mother. Let me tell you, if I was that kid, even acting, I would have been totally thrown because that witch is nothing to look at in the dark. Well done kid! Mahler as Abbie gets caught up into the chaos fairly quickly but darn it if she doesn’t freak me out in the scene with her face up against Ben’s screen door. Yeeeesh!

Bigley as Ty has no idea what is going on in his own house which was a little annoying actually at first. Then I realized that he isn’t the first guy not to notice that his wife is acting strangely. Tesfai as Sara is a friend who understands that Ben isn’t happy but then again, he might be jumping to conclusions. 

Other cast include Gabriela Bloomgarden as JJ, Richard Ellis as Gage, Amy Waller as Nora, Ja’layah Washington as Lily, Judah Paul as Nathan, Pamela Gray as Counselor Rutland, Sydney Mikelle as Megan, Tug Coker as Mr. Gambel, Kenzie Jones as Ashley Gambel, Ryan Holmes as Adam and Madelynn Stuenkel as The Witch. 

IFC Films is a leading distributor of quality talent-driven independent films. Some of the company’s successes include BOYHOOD, FRANCES HA, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, TOUCHING THE VOID, CHE, TINY FURNITURE and CARLOS. For more information on films from IFC please visit www.ifcfilms.com.

Special Features include Commentary with The Pierce Brothers and Commentary with Composer Devin Burrows. 

THE WRETCHED is a film that twists, turns and dives into a little bit of mother nature horror that is always awesome in a dark room. I am a huge horror film fan but not of the blood and guts type, but instead stories that are dark in the telling and make me wonder from moment to moment what could possible happen next.

That’s what this film is, a cuddle up in the dark with popcorn film and a big screen television with, preferably, an excellent sound bar. A good soundtrack can make or break a film and in this case, it is done superbly. Get ready to be grabbed by your roots.

In the end – something wicked wants inside!