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The Complete Season Eight of ARCHER: Dreamland is Locked and Loaded

Jeri Jacquin

This week on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the coolest and smoothest spy who sees the world in his own unique way with The Complete Season Eight of ARCHER: Dreamland.

The season finally brings relieve when it left Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) face down in a swimming pool after being shot! In a coma, Archer is in a dream of being a private-eye who is looking for who killed Woodhouse. Detectives Figgis (Chris Parnell) and Poovey (Amber Nash) are irritating Archer so he takes it upon himself to a known crime boss called Mother (Jessica Walter). 

Making a deal, Archer gets help and Mother gets the dirty on mobster Len Trexler (Jeffrey Tambor). The deal of course is even sweeter when Archer lays his eyes on nightclub siren Lana (Aisha Tyler) Detective Poovey finds the mobster has been dealing in sex trade and Archer returns to his office to find Charlotte VanderTunt (Judy Greer) who has a request of Archer.

For a huge chunk of change, Charlotte asks Archer to help her fake death which will be easy since she’s set everything up. On their way to sending Charlotte’s car off like a Thelma & Louise stunt, the detectives catch and haul Archer and Charlotte off to the pokey!

In jail he finds Lana’s back up band behind bars and uses bartender Barry (Dave Willis) and the musicians to escape. That means Lana can’t sing so decides to try her hand at comedy via syphilis. Archer can’t leave until he gets Charlotte back and the arrest cards for his cohorts.

Trexler and Figgis decide they want to make use of Charlotte’s imprisonment but are slow on the draw. Of course Poovey catches on and makes sure that no one is getting out without a fight – a big fight. Getting back to Dreamland, the gang is pretty beaten up and Mother isn’t surprised and turns the tables on Trexler by using Charlotte as bait.

Of course that really means everything is screwed up when Mother sends Archer to the Vandertunt estate to get ransom for Charlotte. Figgis realizes that Charlotte is gone but figures he can make a phone call claiming to have the woman for ransom. Mother informs Archer that Figgis is in deep with Trexler which might explain where the money is.

When they all regroup and head to Trexler’s house, they are shocked to find that crazy-loves-to-melt-humans-with-acid Dutch has some upgrades from the crazy Nazi Tin Man (Lucky Yates). The chase is on and Archer is in the midst of a nervous breakdown rant about Woodhouse when he is told disturbing news.

Finally, Archer knows who is responsible for Woodhouse and Det. Poovey can’t find the sex slaves! Then again it’s all in an Archer dream that he needs to wake up from.

H. Jon Benjamin as the voice of Archer has done everything right with this character. I have been taken with this rogue spy since day one and Benjamin is totally responsible for that. The edge, humor, wit and sarcasm is stunningly brilliant and there is no one else who could give Archer the life he has except Benjamin.

Tyler as Lana is just the absolute everything that I love about this show. She is smart, witty, vulnerable and has no problem saying exactly what is on her mind. I realize that Lana is an animated character but damn if Tyler just doesn’t make it easy to forget that.

Walter as Mother is ruthless, maniacal, twisted and quite the little liar and uses Archer as only Mother can. I love when Walter lends her voice in such a way that is only heightened by the clinking of the ice in her constant glass of liquor.

Greer as Charlotte is clearly clueless about the way of the world and all she wants is to get away from her family. Irritated that she can’t get on with her plans, she is dragged from event to event and clearly not happy about it. Nash as Poovey is just twisted every which way but loose and has a vision of her future boat family.  

Parnell as Figgis is a little bit of a double crosser with his partner as well as anyone else that he gets next too. Yates as the Tin Man wanted to create perfect creatures but actually should have chosen his creations more carefully. Tambor as Trexler isn’t sure where his slaves are, where the money is or how he ended up in his underwear.

Guest stars include Wyatt Cenac, Keegan-Michael Key, Wendell Pierce, and Eugene Mirman as Cecil Vandertunt.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The DVD includes the episodes No Good Deed, Bernice, Ladyfingers, Sleepers Wake, Waxing Gibbous, Gramercy Halberd!, and Auflosung. The 2-Disc set also contains the Special Features of Audio Commentary on Select Episodes.

In 2009 I began to see commercials on FX for an animated series about a company of spy’s. Intrigued by what seemed to be an adult animated comedy and always up for a challenge, I watched the first episode. Needless to say not only did I laugh myself crazy but have spent the last eight seasons cheering on my favorite group of characters (and I do mean characters!)

Each season creator Adam Reed comes up with the most insanely brilliant stories and crazy laughs. The twists, turns and outrageousness is so up my alley of humor that each week it’s like a party I don’t need guests for! A glass of wine, a few snacks and I am ready for a great time! This is an adult animated series so trust me when I reiterate the word – adult!

This season with its detective-noir dreamlike storyline, Archer gets a chance to be – well, Archer while everyone else is shrouded in mystery. Finding Woodhouse’ killer is his main goal but like any good season of ARCHER, it wasn’t going to be easy and it certainly wasn’t going to be predictable. The only thing you can count on is that it is filled with side splitting – an occasionally drink spitting – laughter.

Knowing that ARCHER is getting ready for it’s 9th season and with a promise from creator Adam Reed for a tenth – I have more time to recruit followers so that maybe we can get an 11th season. The madness and mayhem between Archer, Lana, Mallory and the gang is cut with quick humor, rapid fire comments and comebacks and the occasional pause glance by Archer that causes antici………pation makes me giggle and sometimes even applaud.

So in preparation for the new season, grab The Complete Season Eight ARCHER: Dreamland and take a trip to noir-land with the gang!

In the end – there’s nothing like a trip to dreamland!

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Celebrates the Amazing Documentary about JANE

Jeri Jacquin

On March 12th to coincide with Women's History Month, National Geographic Documentary Films along with director Brett Morgen have chosen the most amazing women to tell the story of her life in the documentary with heart about JANE.

A very lovely 26-year-old British woman decides at a young age that she wants to be with animals in the wild and this documentary gives us all a glimpse of how it all began. Jane Goodall, with no formal education or training, was chosen by archaeologist and paleontologist Louis Leakey in 1960 to go to Gombe, Tanzania to study chimpanzees. 

Spending days traversing the jungles trying to get close to the chimpanzees, there were moments of frustration but not enough to stop her. Her patience would begin to pay off as she is slowly accepted by a group (called Kasakela chimpanzee community) that allows Jane to move freely among them. As she begins to document their behaviors in an unobtrusive way, she learns that their behaviors towards their babies and the way they use tools is something the world never knew before.

Giving the chimpanzees names, and my favorite is David Greybeard, made it all them all the more personal for Jane. Along with Greybeard was the dominant and very large male Goliath, Mr. McGregor who was considered the grumpy old man of the group, Flo who would have so many babies of her own including Fifi and Flint.

Their personable and affectionate side was clearly evident but their aggressive side took Jane by surprise and the effects of that were sometimes heartbreaking. Jane came to understand that this was the darker side of their nature which she said proved that their were social similarities between the chimpanzees and human beings.  

That is when National Geographic sends Dutch filmmaker Hugo van Lawick to document all of Jane's discoveries. What is captured is the purest example of what Jane has accomplished and the world is taken by her. The world isn't the only one taken by her as a relationship between she and Hugo becomes serious. So much so that they eventually marry and Jane has a life outside of Gombe as the chimpanzees are continually studied by students and grants.

Martin is sent to the Serengeti in Africa and Jane joins him along with their young son Hugo who would grow up among the animals. The Gombe always called to Jane even though she knew her place was now with her family. When a horrible outbreak hit the chimpanzee community, Jane was devastated as changes in her own personal life would lead her back to where it all began.

Director Brett Morgen has created groundbreaking and acclaimed documentaries that include the 1999 work ON THE ROPES, the 2002 THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE and the 2015 work KURT COBAIN: Montage of Heck. His work JANE premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and released nationally by National Geographic in 2017.

National Geographic Documentary Films brings the world premium feature documentaries that take on timely and globally relevant stories from the best documentary makers in the world. Bringing knowledge and understanding of our work for over 130 years, they are pushing the boundaries of storytelling reaching 730 million people in 172 countries and 43 languages. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.natgeotv.com.

JANE has been nominated by BAFTA, Alliance of Women Film Journalists, Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, Austin Film Critics Association along with so many more. It has won recognition from the Chicago Film Critics Association, Cinema Eye Honors Awards, Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards, PGA Awards and the National Board of Review along with so many others.

What makes this documentary stunning is that there is so much about Jane Goodall's life that I didn't know. I actually love chimpanzees myself so followed her work over these many years. Most of what I knew was about her work which is what makes JANE a must-see because there is so much more about her to know. Trying to learn as much as she can about the chimpanzees, she also learns how to have a marriage and a child while continuing a career that isn't just a career - but a life dream. 

Her activism for these amazing creatures is well documented but seeing footage that has been rediscovered, Jane says, "Seeing the film for the first time was incredibly nostalgic; there was something very immediate and real and unconstrained. JANE shows things as they were, bringing to light people's characters, especially mine and Hugo's, in such an intimate way. It took me back to the best days of my life in a way that none of the other documentaries have."

Morgen says, "The narrative I was interested in first and foremost was this story of female empowerment, particularly in the era that Jane was working in. The film is very much a love story, except the love is not between a man and woman, it's between a woman and her work."

Today, Dr. Jane Goodall travels around the world speaking about the threats facing chimpanzees as well as the environmental crisis happening and her reasons for hope. She is currently the U.N. Messenger of Peace and to learn more about this amazing woman please visit www.janegoodall.org.

I am absolutely moved by JANE because she truly was a woman before her time. Unafraid to take on such a task without training or education, she jumped in and refused to give up until the chimpanzees accepted her as one of their own. Learning from her mistakes and understanding that these creatures are something very special (as all creatures truly are), she embraced and continues to embrace every aspect of what she has learned and continues to learn. 

National Geographic and director Morgen should be so proud of themselves in bringing a very personal look at Jane Goodall's life. Having seen many of the pieces on her work, JANE brought in an intimate look at her life and made her even more endearing if that is at all possible.

On March 12th, National Geographic Documentary Films brings the story of a woman and her many loves in the story of JANE.

The Battle to Bring Back Humanity Begins with THE STRAIN: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from creators Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan, Carlton Cuse and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the epic final season with THE STRAIN: The Complete Fourth Season.

Since Eph’s (Corey Stoll) son Zach (Max Charles) detonated a bomb that has brought a nuclear winter, nine months have passed. Strigoi have created “The Partnership” trying to show everyone a togetherness with humans. Fet (Kevin Durand) and Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) are looking for another nuclear weapon to use on the Master (Robin Downes) and learn about a missile silo that may have one. 

Eph is in Philadelphia trying to survive when the Strigoi find him but with the help of Jason, they manage to get away. The Master is still favoring Zach and Eichhorst (Richard Sammel) isn’t exactly happy about it. But that isn’t all Eichhorst isn’t happy about as Sanjay’s (Sanjay Desai) project is moving too slow and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) is one of their captives.

Gus (Miguel Gomez) and Alonso (Jamie Hector) have spent the last months building back up their black market business and that will come in handy for Eph and the group. Fet and Quinlan are having problems once they get their hands on the nuclear bomb and Eph discovers a poison that might just slow down a large population of the strigoi. 

Zach meets a young maid who works for the Master but there comes a moment when he must decide where is loyalties actually lie. Sanjay’s project must now speed up, as Eichhorst wants the women who are captive to produce children. Dutch has another plan and comes face to face with Desai and a processing facility for humans but Eichhorst is onto Dutch and she learns that he has Setrakian (David Bradley). They escape to get the Lumen and Setrakian discovers what he didn’t see before.

Now, the story of Quinlan is told beginning in the 19th Century with Louisa along with daughter Lydia. Enjoying having a family in his own way, it all turns when the Master causes nothing but pain.  

The gang comes back together for an attack of a different kind and one no one saw coming. A plan is put together that brings about attacks from all sides bringing them all into the most danger they have ever faced. Eph comes to terms with the fate of his relationship with Zach when it becomes clear that the Master is using every trick in the book. 

The Master forgot one thing – humanity always finds a way to survive against evil!

Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather began the series as a man broken with the arrival of the Master and the Strigoi. What makes his character to unique to the story if that I could never tell which way the wind was going to blow his behavior. His anger ruled his drinking and his drinking actually brought out some amazing ideas. Not that I suggest drinking as an answer to problems but where blood sucking big tongued vampires are concerned, I can see the need.

Bradley as Setrakian is just superb! As his story and history with the Master unfolds, it is told so strongly and shows what motivates Setrakians need to wipe every bit of this evil off the planet. Bradley is amazing and through is gruffness is a sense of strength that requires no nonsense and secrets.

Durand as Fet is the different character of the bunch. He has a story to tell as well about where he comes from and what motivates him – and it isn’t just rats. He never gives up and isn’t about to let anything stop him from accomplishing his goal – stopping the new rats from taking the people and place he loves.

Sammel as Eichhorst is as evil as he wants to be. From the moment this character comes on screen it isn’t going to end well for anyone who comes into contact with him. His story also unfolds and it is clear why Setrakian gets under his skin – so to speak. The Master may rule the strigoi but it is Eichhorst who is the face of evil.

Gedmintas as Dutch has a lot in common with Fet in that she is tough, strong and very, very smart. She takes to Setrakian and Fet as they share a lot in common with a fighting spirit. Charles as Zach is a kid who is taken early enough to be influenced – so much so that Zach is willing to fry the world to prove he doesn’t need anyone but the Master. That kid drove me insane!

Penry-Jones as Quinlan has to be the most angrily charismatic intelligent straight villain I’ve ever seen. He knows what needs to be done but also realizes he can’t accomplish it without the help of humans. His history with the Master is intense and filled with personal pain that he doesn’t share with anyone. There are even moments where I think this character is amused with the silliness of humanity at times.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The DVD contains the final ten episodes including The Worm Turns, The Blood Tax, One Shot, New Horizons, Belly of the Beast, Tainted Love, Ouroboros, Extraction, The Traitor, and The Last Stand. Also, the Special Features include Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Coping with THE STRAIN: A Therapy Session and so much more!

The Strain written by del Toro was first published in 2012 in two volumes followed by The Strain: The Fall in volumes 3 & 4. The Strain: The Night Eternal Volume 5 & 6 were released in 2016. 

THE STRAIN is another of the fantastic series that landed on the FX channel! From the first episode to the last, fans were absolutely involved in the characters and storyline of these different vampires and their plans for humanity. Of course the mind of del Toro brought us every minute of horror and cheering for humanity – oh the duality of suspense. The ensemble cast brought about a story worthy of being followed until the very satisfying end.

It’s time to revisit the fight as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment brings THE STRAIN: The Complete Fourth Season to DVD.

In the end – they will do anything to save humanity!

FARGO Brings an Epic Third Season to DVD!

Jeri Jacquin

Nominated for Six Emmy Awards including Outstanding Series on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is the amazing FX series FARGO: Year 3.

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, it is 2010 and Ray Stussy (Ewan McGregor) really wants to put a ring on the finger of Nikki Swango (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Short on cash he asks his brother Emmit (Ewan McGregor) for a loan. That’s were most family problems start because Emmitt says no.

These two brothers have even deeper problems when Ray, a parole officer, decides he will enlist the help of Maurice (Scoot McNairy), a parolee to get back at Emmitt by taking what was first Ray’s anyway. This is where things get even more twisted because Maurice doesn’t really remember the address of Emmit’s house and ends up in another Stussy house!

Emmit’s problems come from a shade business dealing with Varga (David Thewlis) and a two year old loan. Now Emmit worries about his business and has Varga investigated which only causes a journey off a parking garage. 

Back at the address Maurice did go to, turns out it is the home of Ennis (Scott Hylands) Stussy of Eden Valley. To add insult to injury, temporary police chief Gloria Burgle (Carrie Coon) discovers the body of relative by marriage and their home all messed up. Of course when the new police chief shows up and dealing with a funeral, Gloria learns something about her stepfather that she never knew. But that is a side note as she begins to investigate the murder. 

Ray and Nikki try to figure out how they are going to get the stamp which is a moot point when Nikki discovers it has been moved. Emmit tells Sy (Michael Stuhlbarg) the stamp is being reframed and Sy says Ray better stay away and to make his point there is a little fender bender.

Thaddeus Mobley (Thomas Mann) writes a novel called The Planet Wyn in 1975 which catches the attention of Los Angeles producer Howard Zimmerman (Fred Melamed). Mobley also meets Vivian Lord (Francesca Eastwood) who tries to seduce him into a deal. He doesn’t fall for it and lets it be known he isn’t a sucker for Hollywood.

Gloria wants to know more about the Mobley story and heads to L.A. to discover that both Zimmerman and Vivian are still around with their own story to tell. In a weird time travel moment, the name Dennis Stussy takes on new meaning for Gloria. 

Gloria’s partner Marshman (Mark Forward) let’s her know that a man named Maurice has been found dead add more mystery to her life. Discovering Ray is his parole officer, it’s time for a visit from the local law. But before that Ray does a little brotherly costuming to get his hands on Emmitt’s money. Officer Winnie Lopez (Olivia Sandoval) is investigating a case against Sy and meets Gloria when the two piece together the weird coincidence about the slightly different addresses and names of Emmit and Ray.

Ray continues with his farce disguising himself as Emmit and it finally hits home. Ray moves his life along as a wedding is being prepared. Varga and Sy are not seeing eye to eye about the police nosing around but it gets more conflicted when someone wants to buy Stussy Lots in the form of Ruby Goldfarb (Mary McDonnell). 

Gloria and Winnie get their hands on Ray to question him about Ennis’ murder but the new police chief thinks there is nothing there and lets him go. He gets home to find Nikki in a shocking state at the hands of thugs Yuri (Goran Bogdan) and Memo (Andy Yu). Wanting revenge is what will bring two brothers together one final time.

Gloria and Winnie are about to expand their investigation even further when it’s brought to a halt just as quickly. Winnie’s boss puts her back on traffic duty and tells Gloria to get out of town. Gloria isn’t taking it at all and in a fluke actually saves Nikki’s life from Golem (DJ Qualls) but breaking her parole she has to head off to prison.

Now Yuri, Meemo and Golem are on the hunt to get Nikki but fail once again as she finds herself attached to Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard) running through the woods. All of this has Gloria demoted and everyone still on the run while Varga has expanded the business. 

Emmit isn’t free from suspicion as the police are still close by but freaking him out even more is his office has been broken into and, well, tagged with a photo of a certain stamp. Varga sees how this is all affecting him trying to keep him calm. Unable to deal with it Emmitt decides there is only one thing he can do.

In St. Cloud two more Stussy’s are killed and Emmitt is talking to Gloria about the issues he had with his brother. Varga freaks out and wants Meemo to get him out of their immediately but Nikki and Mr. Wrench have other plans. Nikki makes Varga an offer he can’t refuse – or can he?

When IRS agent Dollard (Hamish Linklater) gets to his office there is a mysterious package waiting for him along with Gloria’s telephone number. Waiting for some good news, Dollard tells Gloria that there is a tax scam going on at Stussy Lots. Emmitt returns only to discover he is responsible for all the debts of the business and Nikki takes one to many chances.

But it all comes together when Gloria finds her place at the Department of Homeland Security but is still dealing with Varga and a chance that things will once again change!

McGregor as Emmitt and Ray Stussy does an insanely incredible job of playing brothers who may seem different but when it comes to being greedy and vengeful – are exactly the same. I just love the way he portrays them both to uniquely that I forget McGregor is doing both parts. Love when that happens. He is also the voice of the Captain which means this was a busy season that I’m sure McGregor isn’t likely to forget

Coon as Gloria is such a joy to watch as she is involved in a little family mystery of her own brought to her by the Stussy brothers. She takes everything in stride where as I probably wouldn’t have been so calm. That’s what makes Coon riveting to watch and I can’t wait to see her again!

Winstead as Nikki is just a gorgeous wild child who loves her man and when things go south, she is only going to visit before returning north. Oh yes, she isn’t about to let anyone or anything get in the way of her revenge. 

Thewlis as Varga gets a chance to be as bad as he wants to be. Of course I knew he had it in him and if you have seen the 1996 film DRAGONHEART and his psycho role of King Einon, I’d say it was good training for the crazy of Varga.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The DVD of FARGO: Year 3 contains 4-discs with all ten episodes that include: The Law of Vacant Places, The Principles of Restricted Choice, The Law of Non-Contradiction, The Narrow Escape Problem, The House of Special Purpose, The Lord of No Mercy, The Law of Inevitability, Who Rules the Land of Denial?, Aporia and Somebody to Love. 

There are also Special Features that include First Look, Ray and Nikki, Emmit Stussy and Sy Feltz, One Actor Two Characters, Gloria Burgle, Varga, Anatomy of a Scene, The Digital Age, Connectivity and References, Locations and Noah Hawley.

FARGO has become such a stellar hit for the out of the box cable channel FX. When FARGO aired it’s first season I knew there were more stories that needed to be told with an appreciation of where it could all go. The introduction of new characters each season and the return of secret favorites, it is equally amazing as I would think everyone is biting at the bit to be part of FARGO.

So that begs the question, will there be another season of FARGO? Well, FX Chief John Landgraf has said, “We haven’t heard the idea from Noah Hawley for what the fourth season would be. What we’ve encouraged Noah to do is think about it and make sure he has an idea he’s excited about.”

As vague as that may seem, I’m going to keep my hopes high and my love of FARGO open for another season no matter how long it takes. That’s how the fans I’ve spoken to feel about their FARGO fix.

In the meantime, add FARGO: Year 3 to your home entertainment library along with the first two seasons of the amazing series that has kept us all thrilled!

In the end – it’s another limb in the tree that leads to FARGO!

HBO Brings the Story Straight from THE DEFIANT ONES on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from HBO and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the four-part series tells the story of music and a pairing of minds that come straight from THE DEFIANT ONES.

Dr. Dre begins by telling the story of his early ears in Compton and being raised by his mother and what was going on around him. In his teen years he danced as part of The Freak Patrol but Mom wanted him to do something more with his life. When he saw a local DJ scratchin’ he knew that it was something he wanted to be a part of.

Playing in Eazy-E’s backyard, he found a nitch making tapes for others. In 1984 Dr. Dre became part of the DJ group called the Wrecking Crew working at the club Eve After Dark. Mixing 60’s song with a new beat, people were taken by what they were hearing. 

The time came however when Dr. Dre knew it was time for something different and he partnered with Eazy-E to create Ruthless Records. Westcoast Hip-Hop was almost non-existent and the chance came for Eazy-E and Dre to create Boyz in the Hood. A group formed with Ice Cube, McRen, DJ Yella that would become N.W.A.

As their album is in production, Eazy-E asks that he stop what they are doing to take on the girl group JJ Fad and Supersonic. After run-ins with the police, Ice Cube wrote and they recorded F**k the Police and Dre knew it was dangerous. The violence comes home when Dre has a death in the family.

Ruthless Records is making music and doing videos but the group deals with more disasters when a member has a devastating car accident. Shug Knight comes into the picture when Ice Cube lets Dre know that there is something wrong with the business and then walks away. The group becomes even more divided when Eazy-E and Dre can’t agree on how to go forward. 

N.W.A.’s next album is practically banned everywhere from MTV to radio airwaves. Dre is floundering thinking of what he will do next when he hooks up with Suge Knight. The hookup between Dre and Snoop Dogg is another monumental team up of genius and the album The Chronic is made. In New York the two men took it upon themselves to get their work out.

James Iovine was born in Brooklyn to a hard working Italian-American family. His love of music turned to being part of a band. College at 19 his parents didn’t want him to go to war so he attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It was music that drove him and job after job would take him to Roy Cicala who took Jimmy under his wing. One Easter Sunday he was called into work and covering for an engineer he would work with John Lennon – it was 1973. 

In 1975, Jimmy would work with the legendary Bruce Springsteen and he moved on to the group Foghat. That would send him back to the studios and there he met Patti Smith who wanted him to produce her music. 

Jimmy now finds himself in Los Angeles working with Tom Petty and after hearing Break Down and Refugee, he was floored. Eight more songs later an album came together and Backstreet was a hit. Next he was working with Stevie Nicks and her first solo album was created. Stop Dragging My Heart Around brought Petty and Nicks together for a smash single hit!

Jimmy and Stevie parted ways and he moved on to Bob Seiger and Dire Straits and the executives kept him away from other artists. He meets Vicki McCarty and she introduces him to Bono of U2, different yet there is something that clicks between them. Another meshing of creativity takes place.

He is also dealing with deaths in his own family, he starts to become part of the music business rather than create as he had done in the past. He does work with U2 on their Rattle and Hum album (which is one of my favorites) but makes a decision that he is done. 

Wanting to spend more time at home so Jimmy meets up with investors to create Interscope Records. Signing the singing of Rico Suave, they also got Primus, Four Non-Blondes, Mark Wahlberg and a little group known as No Doubt. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails wasn’t happy with his record deal and Jimmy saw something outstanding in the group. 

Now that you know the players – it was inevitable that Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine would come together. Lawsuits disappeared and radio play is bought just as Jimmy promised with Dre and Snoop on the cover of Rolling Stones. Death Row Records and the gang are with Interscope Records and success is theirs.

With success comes trip ups and lead feet as moments with the law pop up. That sometimes happens when success isn’t explained. It becomes a job to keep up with Marilyn Manson, Tupak Shakur as well as Snoop when it comes to dealing with the law and the outcry of society at large.

If that wasn’t enough, a storm was brewing between Death Row Records and Bad Boy Records that became the East vs. West Coast rumble. Once Tupac is released from his prison, he hit the studio and the group started to crack. So much so that Jimmy and other executives are starting to feel in danger.

In Las Vegas it would come to a head as a fight happens and shots ring out. Tupak Shakur is killed on the streets with no one in custody and Shug also finds himself in trouble with the law. Now others begin to understand why Dr. Dre walked away and decided to start over on his own terms.

Starting Aftermath Records and a family, Dre is now in charge. Enter Marshall Mather also known as Eminem and once again there is magic in the studio. Followed by Fifty Cent, The Chronic 2001 and the Black Eyed Peas kept pushing Interscope talent skyward. 

Their next crisis came in the form of the internet and the downloading of music and trading it for free. Instead of panicking, Jimmy found a way to make it work toward their musical advantage. In the midst of this, these two men and their perfection also have to deal with how that affects the families they have created. It doesn’t stop Dre and Jimmy from creating the next big idea that came to be known as Beats headphones, speakers and accessing their music.

Now, these two men find a way to give back to the communities that they sprang from. The place in their lives now have come from the challenges and lessons that have given them the title of THE DEFIANT ONES. 

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit www.hbo.com. 

This is truly an amazing look at two men who have made an impact in music industry. Understanding their history and what drove them to follow the music and listen for the unique and creative talent is what THE DEFIANT ONES is all about. 

This is a four and a half hour history lesson of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine told by those who lived it with them including Snoop Dogg, Bruce Springsteen, Gwen Stefani, Bono, David Geffen, Eminem, Nas, Stevie Nicks, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube, Jon Landau, Patti Smith, Lady Gaga, Doug Morris, Trent Reznor, Diddy, Alonzo Williams, Will.I.Am and Tom Petty.

Four decades of two men who refused to be defined or labeled into a category, THE DEFIANT ONES doesn’t hold back in any way. Every bit of the good, bad, ugly and crazy is told from both Dre and Jimmy including things in their life that can’t be changed but can be acknowledged. 

Do not hesitate to experience this amazing four part series as HBO brings THE DEFIANT ONES to Bluray and DVD and available on Digital now.

In the end – it was an unlikely pairing that are now icons!

THE LONG ROAD HOME Begins from National Geographic

Jeri Jacquin

Beginning this week on the National Geographic channel is the global miniseries event with creator Mikko Alanne telling the story of THE LONG ROAD HOME.

Aguero (E.J. Bonilla) is with the First Cavalry Division at Ft. Hood but also a family man leaving behind wife Amber (Katie Paxton) and two small children to serve overseas. His youngest son Elijah is not taking it well and Aguero explains that he must go with the other soldiers because he is their leader. His son takes it the wrong way but it weighs heavy on his heart. 

The next morning the entire company boards their transport to leave for Sadr City in Baghdad, Iraq. Getting ready for transfer of authority Gary Volesky (Michael Kelly) prepares for the change working with Troy Denomy (Jason Ritter). Aguero, Sgt. Eric Bourquin (Jon Beavers), SPC Acevedo (Franklin Silverio), SPC Garza (Jorge Diaz), Sgt. Jackson (Joshua Brennan), Spc Carl Wild (Thomas McDonell) and the company are going through town learning the streets. 

Stopping to visit with children along with translator Jassim Al-Lani (Darius Homayoun) they are being watched. Sgt. Miltenberger (Jeremy Sisto) makes it clear to the other soldiers that things aren’t always what they appear and that they need to be prepared for that. 

Back home Gina Denomy (Kate Bosworth) begins working with Leann Volesky (Sarah Wayne Callies) in putting care packages together for the soldiers. Leann tells the families that help is only a phone call away and they should be afraid to reach out.

In Iraq, the platoon encounters weapons that are inside a mosque and when confronted, tensions rise. Calmed down by allowing the weapons to stay inside the mosque, the soldiers go on their way. Returning to their mission, the convoy is fired upon and they are trapped in an ambush. Taking fire from machine guns, they are forced to run through road blocks and into smoke laden streets where seeing is difficult at best.

At Camp War Eagle the wounded are being brought in and Volesky’s story is told. Celebrating Christmas early with his wife Leann and their young son Alex, the couple deals with last minute life things like changing the oil on the car. 

Sadr City has become even more dangerous as the troops begin to search for those shooting at the convoy. This is a fire fight that isn’t going to stop soon.

Bonilla as Aguero is the leader of the group and it is clear why. He knows what needs to be done and leads his men. Trying to find positions to protect them all, he waits while Volesky decides on the next course of action.

Kelly as Commander Volesky believes in the mission of returning every soldier under his command home again. As the ambush breaks out, he must bring about the best plan to take more soldiers into for a rescue. Seeing the wounded men pushes him harder to find answers. Beavers as Sgt. Bourquin doesn’t settle fools lightly and is clear on what he must do. The first casualty brings up Bourquin’s suspicions of their interpreter as he finds it difficult to deal with. 

Boseworth as Gina is raising a newborn while waiting word from her husband Troy. When it becomes clear that something is going on in Sadr City, she turns to Leann. Callies as Leann feels she has the trust of the women under her husbands command and does her best to keep them calm. Karina Ortiz is Lupita Garza who is the first to hear about the attack in Sadr City and wants answers.

This is only the first episode with Into the Unknown airing Tuesday, November 14th at 10 p.m. on National Geographic. It is a series that is to be experienced in it’s telling of the eight-hour battle that happened in Sadr City on April 4, 2004. Told in real time it is a confrontation of innocent Iraqis and trapped soldiers whose families are at home waiting for news. 

The film is based on the New York Times bestselling book The Long Road Home: A Story of War and Family by Martha Raddatz. She is the chief global affairs correspondent for ABC News and over a twenty year period she has covered the White House and conflict zones world wide.  

Please consider being a part of this experience from National Geographic. Also know that the scenes are intense and in that are the stories of these brave men. There is a frustration level in the first episode alone as these soldiers must come to terms with their situation and how to survive it.

Once again National Geographic has brought a compelling story to television. THE LONG ROAD HOME is just that – compelling and heartfelt in so many ways. This miniseries is worthy of discussion after just the first two episodes and I will be watching every single one of them.

In the end – it is a story of men, their families and a battle for survival.

FIREFLY Land on Bluray with a Stellar 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Jeri Jacquin

Available on Bluray from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and writer/director Joss Whedon is the amazing series that keeps bringing fans back again and again is the series FIREFLY.

It is the year 2517 and mankind has found its way into a new star system in their Firefly-class ship. Aboard the ship is the crew of Serenity is Captain Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and first mate Zoe Washburne (Gina Torres). Veterans of the Unification War, they join other settlers and refugees who live away from the central government. 

Now dealing in smugglings, two of their passengers River Tam (Summer Glau) and brother Dr. Simon Tam (Sean Maher) join the crew. Along with Zoe’s husband Wash (Alan Tudyk), Inara Serra (Morena Baccarin), Jayne Cobb (Adam Baldwin), ship’s mechanic Kaylee (Jewel Staite) and the Serenity’s moral compass Derrial (Ron Glass).

From the moment the series begins, Captain Mal looks for abandoned ships to salvage. After a confrontation with an Alliance federal agent, Mal brings Simon and River aboard the Serenity. 

Finding an abandoned ship, the crew also find Reavers and are attacked and the Alliance docks with the Serenity. Knowing that Simon and River are at risk, the rest of the crew is interrogated while the two passengers hide. This won’t be the only time the brother and sister will be put to the test.

When the Serenity needs engine repair that causes the life support system to be inoperable, the crew has only one hope – to find a passing ship. Putting the crew in shuttles, Mal remembers how the crew of the Serenity came to be.

With the ship in working order, it is River who now needs help. Simon needs to find a hospital but it is Jayne that has other plans. The Alliance isn’t going to reward Jayne’s actions and neither is Mal who has the choice of life and death.

Mal’s unexpected wife has returned and wants his help to relieve a wealthy gent of his funds. Once they come in contact, Mal is given a shock that is either a good thing or bad depending on how he wants to handle Saffron’s antics. 

Zoe and Mal are surprised to hear of the passing of their friend from the Battle of Serenity Valley, Tracey. They learn what their friend had been doing and how the Alliance was not only after Tracey but what he had been doing. Putting his crew in jeopardy, Mal is faced with the ultimate decision.

Inara needs Mal and the crews help when her friend Nandi is having trouble in her brothel. A man named Ranse Burgess is threatening one of the women who is pregnant. But what happens between Mal and Nandi could change everything.

River becomes disoriented and the crew isn’t sure whether there is a safety issue. It is Jubal Early they should be concerned with as the bounty hunter captures Simon. The safety issue isn’t an issue any longer when River does what she must to help her brother and the crew of Serenity.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The Bluray includes the fantastic Bonus Features of the **New** Firefly Poster and Collectible Character Cards Inside Packaging as Gift With Purchase for a Limited Time Only, Disc One: Here’s How It Was: The Making of Firefly Featurette, Disc Two: Firefly Cast Roundtable: Lunch with Joss, Nathan, Alan and Ron, Disc Three: Serenity: The 10th Character Featurette, Deleted Scenes, Alan Tudyk’s Audition, Joss Sings the Firefly Theme, Joss Tours the Set and Gag Reel. 

FIREFLY aired on Fox in 2002 and cancelled by episode eleven. What is amazing about this is that FIREFLY won a Primetime Emmy in 2003 for Outstanding Special Visual Effects. Even TV Guide ranks it as one of the shows “Cancelled Too Soon” to which fans couldn’t agree more.

For those that attending San Diego Comic Con International, it is clear that FIREFLY isn’t about to be forgotten anytime soon. Every year there is a cry for the show to be started up once again and ears listening for Joss Whedon to say ‘yes, it will happen’.

I have met Nat Fillion and asked him if he would be on board and I heard him say it at several Con’s - “it was everything and how can everything not be enough?” In other words, those fourteen episodes are as perfect of a FIREFLY world as we are going to get close to and that’s okay actually. 

That’s what continues to make the series special and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment knows that. Capturing it in an amazing box set, this 500 year into the future look at characters that walk about on Earth today shows no signs of stopping fans from keeping FIREFLY a part of their home entertainment library.

Watching FIREFLY once again is such a joy because of the fantastic mesh of actors that brought Serenity to life. It is a series that is full of action, storyline and even has sharp humor that I enjoy. Let this 665 minute 3-disc DVD Collectors Edition be a way to bring more fans into the fold and let them in on the adulation for our favorite Captain – Nathan Fillion!

In the end – hang on for the ride of your life!

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Commemorates 20 Years of Slaying in a DVD Box Set

Jeri Jacquin

It has been twenty years since Buffy introduced us to a series that still brings fans to their feet. If you are ready to revisit the gang, well, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has put together an amazing boxed set that is going to deserve a special space in your home entertainment library with BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a young girl going about her life as any other teenager would arriving in Sunnydale with her Mom Joyce (Kristine Sutherland). Except for one thing, Buffy isn’t exactly a normal teenager. In fact, she comes from a line of Vampire Slayers who battle the forces of evil. Getting her through it all is her Watcher Giles (Anthony Steward Head) and the Watchers’ Council.

Trying to start over, Buffy attends Sunnydale High and meets Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Willow (Alyson Hannigan). It doesn’t take long before The Master (Mark Metcalf) becomes a threat wanting to take over Sunnydale through the portal of Hellmouth.

Buffy and the Scooby Gang also deal with the vampires Spike (James Marsters) and Drusilla (Juliet Landau) (although I find the name Spike hilarious). The young Slayer also finds love with Angel (David Boreanaz), a vampire who has a curse that could put a stake right through their relationship. Devastated by the pain she thinks she has caused, Buffy leaves Sunnydale.

Not for long however as Angel needs her help but that isn’t the only thing that is about to change as Giles is replaced by the Watcher’s Council with Wesley (Alexis Denisof). Buffy isn’t happy with anything they are doing and decides to go it on her own. Of course all of this as Graduation Day approaches and the Mayor (Harry Groener) decides to become a total demon – literally – bringing about one big graduating sending off!

Buffy and Willow decide to attend college in Sunnydale but Xander decides to become a member of the working class. Buffy learns there is a military group called The Initiative below the campus and Spike’s return doesn’t last long. Giving him a little technology boost, Spike becomes one of the Scooby Gang. Buffy meets Riley Finn (Marc Blucas) and they begin dating but all the joy is put on hold when a creature named Adam (George Hertzberg) go after Buffy and The Initiative.

When a Hell God named Glory (Clare Kramer) is on the search for a special key, what comes next hits closer to home, especially when the key is Buffy’s sister Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg). Giles returns because of Buffy’s demands to The Watcher’s Council as Spike comes to terms with his own feelings by leaving. Buffy discovers that Glory has taken Dawn and the only way to get her back is by her own life sacrifice.

But her life isn’t about to be taken without the Scooby Gang coming in to help but Buffy isn’t exactly happy about the return. The crazy continues when Xander after proposing to Anya (Emma Caulfield) is left at the altar, Dawn is lashing out, Willow is addicted to the unusual and now The Trio is trying to kill an already worn out Buffy. When Giles tries to help set everything back to order, Spike loses control and seeks out a demon who will help make him evil again. He wants to hurt Buffy in the worst way and the demon obliges!

When the Turok-Han vampire army is raised, there is a shaking up everywhere. The Watchers’ Council is demolished and Slayers begin seeking refuge with Buffy. Led by Caleb (Nathan Fillion) who is an evil preacher, the Hellmouth bursts with demons. Willow must help to bring power to the Slayers and Angel returns to help as well. 

In an epic finale, all the vampires and Hellmouth begin a battle with an ending no one could see coming!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Bonus Features include **New** Official Buffy Dark Horse Comic Book Featuring Exclusive Cover and Coloring Sheet Inside Packaging as a Gift with Purchase for a Limited Time Only, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete series Season 1-7 along with Special Features Material from Previous Seasons. 

Created by Joss Whedon, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER began it’s run in 1997 on The WB. The series would continue until 2003 (and that’s quite a run folks) signing off on UPN.

That didn’t stop the Buffy-ness train from rolling strong as fans continue to celebrate all things BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. The spin off ANGEL is another series created by Joss Whedon giving the dark character time in Los Angeles as a private detective. There would also be cross over appearances because, lets be honest, you can’t keep these two apart for long.

There is also the comics of BUFFY that was taken on by Dark Horse with Whedon writing an eight-issue storyline. There are also BUFFY novels published by Pocket Books with sixty stories in all. If video games are your thing then know that BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER has it’s place there as well. 

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER made lists that included TV Guide, Empire, The Hollywood Reporter, Time, AOL TV and Rolling Stones 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. 

That means that you get to celebrate Buffy and the Scooby Squad again and again with this frakken cool as hell box set from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. There are 39 discs containing 144 episodes and Special Features that are going to blow your mind. 

The Comic Book by Dark Horse and the Original Coloring Sheet are extras that are more fun than a vampire slayer admirer should be allowed to have.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER is a series that took risks and reached into the farthest parts of our imagination to thrill us each week. Gellar and the amazing cast of characters gave us action, thrills, suspense, mystery and made it all look so very seamless and easy. 

Trying to be a normal teen is hard enough but when you are a slayer and evil is pretty much guaranteed to show up on your doorstep, Buffy and the gang gave us their all. This is a group of characters that fans line up to see again and again with no hesitation in their dedication to good storytelling and fantastic characters.

Now, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Commemorates 20 Years of Slaying with one of the best boxed sets I’ve ever seen. This is a marathon waiting to happen like no other and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment does it in style.

In the end – they brought slaying to a whole new level!

MODERN FAMILY Brings Laughs and Love in Season 8 on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Now available on DVD is the Emmy Nominated zany family that has worked its way into America’s hearts as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment delivers a MODERN FAMILY.

The Dunphy family is still living the life in New York and everybody wants to stay a little longer. The same might not be said for the hot sauce business when family is involved. Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is about to go ballistic when her sister takes things into her own hands.

Back home a new family moves into the neighborhood about the same time Jay (Ed O’Neill) is putting in security for the house. Worried that the new family might see his move as a bit racist, he takes his nervousness a bit too far. Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) have to rethink their open parenting a bit when Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) makes a comment towards a transgender boy.

Manny (Rico Rodriguez) is running for class president and Luke (Nolan Gould) is thinking about doing the same thing. Oh kids! Jay and Gloria are trying to help manner and make Claire (Julie Bowen) their manager and Haley (Sarah Hyland) is thinking now she wants her own company too.

Trying to help Manny get into Julliard, Jay works with him to produce a video application to get the attention of the selection committee. Cam has a house guest that isn’t making either Mitchell or Lily happy but it’s Lily who is going to do something about it.

Halloween is here and the Dunphy family comes together to help Luke with his party bringing unexpected guest Rod Skyhook into the mix. With all the family madness Jay heads off to his favorite place, the country club, to unwind and take a minute. Finding out that Phil (Ty Burrell) wants to be a member isn’t setting too well with Jay. Claire thinks she is helping Alex (Ariel Winter) but it might not turn out that way. 

The next family holiday is here as Thanksgiving brings Cameron his chance to do it up right. The first sign of trouble is when Haley announces she would rather spend the day with her boyfriend. All Jay can do is watch the family do what they do best – make him crazy. If running for the same office wasn’t enough, the winter dance brings Manny and Luke working together. Of course the parents are deciding their futures on the side as well. 

Hearts and flowers are the order of the day but Claire thinks maybe a little magic is needed for her and Phil’s special day. Cupid is making his rounds as well when it becomes clear that Ben may have a tiny little crush on Claire!

Phil is looking to invest in some property and Jay is his target partner. That’s the least of his worries when Jay discovers that Gloria has hired a new handyman who seems to be handier than Jay would like.

It’s getting closer to wedding and time for Frank’s bachelor party with Phil waiting to meet the new family member. If he isn’t busy enough he also volunteers to play basketball at a charity game with two NBA players who aren’t going to baby him.

Frank’s wedding may have a 1920’s theme but it seems Phil gets it wrong when asking Claire to era dress up for the occasion with crazy results. Added to that it seems the couple is going through empty nest syndrome.

All of that culminates to graduation day for Manny and Luke which means the entire family gets together to celebrate. Of course if you think everything goes beautifully then you obviously don’t know this particular MODERN FAMILY!

Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara are hilarious together and it is mainly because as different as they may be, they are also absolutely perfect for one another. That means if these two can pull off a relationship then so can Claire and Phil, along with Mitch and Cameron. All of their relationships have their ups and downs yet these three couples remind us that it’s just one foot of love in front of the other to make it believable.

The kids are hilarious but at the same time fall in line with what kids all around me are up to. Of course some of their antics are exaggerated and I think some of it wouldn’t fly with parents I know but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to watch. The relationships with the parents are at that point where the kids want to be older than they are and make grown up decisions. The parents seem to have other plans though.

Special appearances by Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Peyton Manning, Victor Garber, Charles Barkley, DeAndre Jordan

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The MODERN FAMILY Season 8 DVD contains the Special Features of a hilarious and must-see Gag Reel and Deleted Scenes. 

Also included are the episodes A Tale of Three Cities, A Stereotypical Day, Blindsided, Weathering Heights, Halloween IV: Revenge of Rod Skyhook, Grab It, Thanksgiving Jamboree, The Alliance, Snow Ball, Ringmaster Keith, Sarge & Pea, Do You Believe in Magic, Do It Yourself, Heavy is the Head, Finding Fizbo, Basketball, Pig Moon Rising, Five Minutes, Frank’s Wedding, All Things Being Equal, Time Alone and The Graduates. That’s 472 minutes of family time!

MODERN FAMILY is a television show that has embraced the diversity and differences of families without forgetting that we all have craziness in our ranks. I love that the characters have relatibility about them because, honestly, I know someone like each one of the Dunphy’s in my own family.

Perhaps that is what brings us together to embrace this series. We do know these characters and we get to laugh, share and love their journey because it parallels our own. No one said life was easy but having family can make the difference between not having a family at all or adding MODERN FAMILY to our own. I’m thinking we just add the Dunphy’s to our own – happily!

The show continues to be a television favorite with their 10th season starting Wednesday this fall on ABC.

In the end – they may be modern but they are definitely a family!

EMPIRE: The Complete Third Season Puts Family Drama in the Music Business

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD is the family that takes music and drama to another level as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment brings it all together atop an EMPIRE: The Complete Third Season.

Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) has left the altar and a fight between Anika (Grace Byers) and Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) will lead to a life and a death. Empire-X-Steam is Lucious’ (Terrence Howard) creation but it’s causing problems within the family and the feds aren’t far behind. Knowing it’s time for a sit down to work out issues, a Lyons dinner is in order.

Jamal (Jussie Smollett) has decided to work toward a campaign for gun violence awareness with Councilman Angelo Dubois (Taye Diggs). Nessa Parker (Sierra A. McClain), a new talent, works with Hakeem on music while Lucious knows he must find a working peace with Cookie (Taraji P. Henson).

Cookie is busy trying to get Jamal back to performing by pairing him up with Kitty (Mariah Carey). When Andre (Trai Byers) is falsely accused of charges, he believes it is due to racial profiling by the police but Tariq (Morocco Omari) uses this as a way to cause Andre to turn. Lucious is once again trying to get Empire but Cookie lets him know that he is all but declaring war. 

Lucious gets Shyne (Xzibit) on a deal and sees Angelo as someone who can get in the way of his plans. He also lets Hakeem know that Andre is feeling some kind of way for Nessa and uses that to boost his sales with Empire-X. That all might be a mute point when it is discovered that the family is about to blow when Empire is hacked. 

Cookie wants to make a good impression with Diana by having a family dinner and Lucious isn’t happy about anything that has to do with Angelo. Cookie and Lucious have done a good job teaching back handedness in the family when Jamal presents Cookie with a home video that just isn’t cool.

During Helene Von Wyeth’s (Gina Gershon) brings a big fashion event that gets Nessa time in the spotlight, Andre causes problems. Lucious better watch his back as Tariq enlists the help of Leah after making a deal with the feds. Cookie keeps busy with the concert to help Andre become mayor when she really should have been keeping an eye on Empire as the FBI freezes their assets.

Between the FBI and the ex’s feuding, Andre and Shyne are planning something worse for Lucious. An even bigger shocker is who is actually after Lucious in an underhanded way. Cookie has a moment with Lucious and now begins to question her relationship with Angelo.

The family dynamic shifts and the power struggle takes a threatening turn between Empire and X-Stream. The secret between Lucious and Guilana (Nia Long) comes out giving Cookie a reason to glare in that way only she can. When her son is in the emotional crossfire, Diana (Phylicia Rashad) plans her own destruction for the Lyon family. The expansion into Las Vegas is giving everyone an in to cause problems beginning with Angelo and his mother. Lucious, Jamal and Cookie actually have a moment where they see eye to eye about the future of their business until an unexpected agency knocks on their door.

In the middle of family struggles with Bella, it is clear that the DuBois and Lyons are going for the jugular. While trying to discover how all of this has happened, they are shocked with what Diana reveals to them.

The Laviticus Casino opens but there is still the issue of Bella that needs to be taken care of. Cookie is thrown out of the club after causing her normal ruckus and she is on the rampage to bring Lucious big problems. Wanting Jamal to launch is album; she learns that he has done something unexpected. Tariq discovers what the DuBois have done but Leah (Leslie Uggams) stops him from telling anyone else.

It all comes to an even bigger head when Lucious believes he has control of Leah and Cookie doesn’t trust Guliana for one second. The DuBois aren’t even close to being finished with their plans for the Lyon family when Shine turns Empire on its head!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit www.fox.com. 

The DVD if EMPIRE: The Complete Third Season includes the episodes Light in the Darkness, Sin that Amends, What Remains is Bestial, Cupid Kills, One Before Another, Chimes at Midnight, What We May Be, The Unkindest Cut, A Furnace for your Foe, Sound and Fury, Play On, Strange Bedfellows, My Naked Villainy, Love is a Smoke, Civil Hands Unclean, Absent Child, Toll & Trouble Pt. 1, and Toll & Trouble Pt. 2. 

The Special Features include Uncut Music Performances and Studio Sessions that shouldn’t be missed and prepare for the fourth season of EMPIRE that is coming soon on Fox! 

EMPIRE: The Complete Third Season is an even more complex season than ever before. Mixing the family drama with outstanding music is what keeps this series high on the list of television watching. Of course Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson bring so much tension and down right shocking twists and turns that I watch just to see what these two characters are going to do next.

Now with the DuBois putting their proverbial hats into the ring to become the next twisted family on the block, I think this season had my jaw dropping harder and more often than the first two seasons.

So, before season four begins, it is time to revisit EMPIRE: The Complete Third Season because this family doesn’t miss a trick!

In the end – it is their reign and their rules!

The Boys are Back with PRISON BREAK Event Series on Bluray!

Jeri Jacquin

This week from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the return of a mega-hit series on Fox as the boys are back with PRISON BREAK Event Series. 

Seven years has passed and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is back to his old tricks owing money to a local dealer. He is more than surprised when T-Bag (Robert Knepper) knocks on his door with news that is shocking. In an envelope is a paper photograph that looks like Linc’s brother Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller).

Refusing to believe it, Linc throws T-Bag out the door but keeps the paper. Letting it set in that it might be true, he begins to figure out the clue that takes him to sister-in-law Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies). He shows her the photograph and it sets off hope for them both that it might be true. The problem is that Sara is now married to Jacob Ness (Mark Feuerstein) who is helping to raise her son Mike (Christian Cooper). 

In a prison in Yemen, inmate Kaniel Outis is forming a plan to escape with fellow cell mates Whip (Augustus Prew), Ja (Rick Yune) and Mustapha (Bobby Naderi). Every night they go to the roof waiting for a sign that it’s time to run. Linc has tried to make contact with Michael by going to Yemen with C-Note who has converted to Islam and can help.

At home, T-Bag receives a new hand thanks to a donor who specifically requested to help him. Sara waits for word when Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) and A&W (Marina Benedict), two armed intruders shoot Jacob and try to get her and Mike. Swift thinking brings the police and send Jacob to the hospital. Recovering, Sara and Jacob talk about the possibility that Michael might still be alive.

Getting closer to escape, things go differently when ISIL comes closer to the town and the prison. When Michael rescues a terrorist leader Abu Ramal, Linc wonders if his brother is in deeper than he could have imagined. Being helped by Sheba (Inbar Lavi), the war intrudes on the escape and a decision is made that she must escape with C-Note and others before they are captures.

That puts Michael, Linc, Whip, Ja and Mustapha on the run with Abu Ramal. In a situation where no one can trust no one, it is in a split second that plans years in the making crumble. Frustrated, Linc demands to know the truth about why Michael faked his death and more importantly where has he been?

Michael finally tells his brother everything and that a man named Poseidon came to him threatening Sara and Michael. He also threaten to put everyone back in prison and disappearing to work for Poseidon was the only way to keep them safe. But Michael was betrayed and now it is time to set things straight.

But first they have to get back to the United States and Michael knows exactly what he needs to do to make things right. With the help of friends and a brother who is dedicated to family, there isn’t anything or anyone that will stand in their way.

Prepare for shock and awe of a brotherly kind!

Miller as Michael Scofield still has the intense gaze of a man who is always thinking, planning and doing what ever it takes to make things happen. There is a stand-offishness about this character but then again there has to be, especially when trust is something hard to come by after seven years dead. 

Purcell as Linc has the same intense gaze and has no problem flattening anyone that gets in his way. The funny thing is that in scenes with Miller, they could easily be mistaken for brothers because of that serious “I’ll kick your ass” gaze. Purcell has a chance to show a softer side of the character he has made iconic.

Callies as Sara is once again married to a man who is a little obsessive about his wife and family. A strong pull back to Michael means she will do anything to help him, even if it means going against what her new husband wants.

Knepper as T-Bag has such a way about him. Working his prose into his mood is something that can either make you laugh or wonder what evil lurks. Having been the bad dude for so long, it’s hard to see the character turn a new leaf. Dunbar as C-Note has changed his life up but not so much that he doesn’t remember how to throw down.

Feuerstein as Jacob loves his life with wife Sarah and boy Michael. He doesn’t want anything to interfere with that, including a supposed dead husband rising up to mess with his home life. Feuerstein has the ability to give off the caring guy characteristics yet when he isn’t happy, there is a glassy eyed look that might as well have a flashing sign above his head that says ‘psycho here!’

Prew as Whip is a man who is taken in by Michael and has a short fuse. He wants things done quickly and gawd forbid if there is an encounter with a weapon – he kinds of loses his mind a bit. Feeling like he has a brother in Michael, even when feeling a bit left out of things at times, he always come around to help. 

Benedict as Blake is seriously disturbed – the ‘shoot first and don’t bother with questions later’ kind of assassin. Mouzakis as Van Gogh is the conscious of the two even if Blake doesn’t want to hear about it. These two are settling a score for Poseidon but have a personal beef of their own.

Other cast include Paul Adelstein as Paul Kellerman, Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre, Amin El Gamal as Cyclops, Kunal Sharma as Sid, Curtis Lum as Agent Kishida, Crystal Balint as Heather, TJ Ramini as Cross and Akin Gazi as Omar.

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The Bluray includes the 309 minutes total episodes Ogygia, Kaniel Outis, The Liar, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, Contingency, Phaecia, Wine Dark Sea, Progeny and Behind the Eyes. The 3 disc set also includes the Special Features of A Return Home: The Making of Prison Break Event Series.

PRISON BREAK Event Series on Bluray is a fantastic revisiting of characters that took over Fox once a week. Leaving fans feeling empty when the series came to a close on television, This storyline is a chance to bring closure in a very cool way and giving both Michael and Linc a chance at a normal existence…for a while at least.

This is a seriously fun, awesome, intense and twisted storyline for the boys who made PRISON BREAK memorable. The characters of Michael and Linc took brotherhood to a whole new level and I have to say that these two made breaking out of anything a little nerve wrackingly exciting so thanks for that!

In the end – first it was a prison and now it’s a nation!

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