Jeri Jacquin

Currently on FX and HULU from writer/director Hannah Fidell is a limited series story of an educator and the line she crosses being A TEACHER.

Claire Wilson (Kate Mara) married to Matt (Ashley Zukerman) is starting a job at Westerbrook in Austin, Texas as an English teacher and meets new friend Kathryn (Marielle Scott). She seems happy to be starting something new and exciting as well as trying to start a family with Matt. Eric Walker (Nick Robinson) is a popular kid hanging out with friends Logan (Shane Harper) and Josh (Dylan Schmid) when they see Claire. Eric hangs back and they talk about what he wants from school.

Eric heads over to Logans and sees ex-girlfriend Alison (Camila Perez) but they do not have much of a chance to reconnect because the police are busting up the party. Giving a statement to Officer Nate (Adam Thompson), Eric confides that that he cannot call his Mom and asks that he call Claire to set things right. To help him refocus on school, Eric and Claire visit her alma mater and Logan’s older brother Cody entices them to party.

Dealing with the pressure of good grades and getting into college, Eric also helps single Mom Sandra (Rya Kihlstedt) with two young brothers. Needed at home, there comes a moment where he makes a decision about his family that puts his priorities in question. 

Enjoying each other’s company as student and teacher, Eric crosses the line and now Claire is conflicted about what to do. Focusing on her marriage, there is tension between the couple when they learn that to have a family, they would need to explore the option of an invitro pregnancy. Adding to the tension is Claire seeing Eric at the dance and confronting him about missing their tutoring meeting.

Now, the line is about to be crossed and both of them turn to lying, deception and it will tear their worlds apart.

Mara as Claire is a woman who believes that starting over at a new school is also a new beginning for she and husband Matt. Seeing the lines becoming blurred with her student, she tries to pull back but can not seem to control herself which means she cannot control anything around her. Pulling in every direction to justify her actions, Mara gives her character moments of likeability then the reality of what is happening screams out.

Robinson as Eric is a young man who thinks he knows what he wants. Trusting in the relationship, he does not see further down the road to the ramifications or the damage that is being done. Robinson gives us a wild young man who wants what he wants as young men his age think, its what comes later that he could have never imagined.

Scott as friend Kathryn is also a teacher at Westbrook and unwittingly becomes the person that Claire needs in her life. The problem with that is friendship should be a two-way street and not filled with deception. 

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A TEACHER is a story of betrayal most of all as Claire is in a position to know right from wrong and chooses a course of destructive action. Eric is a young man who trusts Claire and decides that his feelings are more important than the fact she happens to be married and his teacher. 

Claire is absolutely responsible for her behavior and the broken trust but let’s not give Eric a free pass in this all. Clearly, he is old enough to know what is wrong as shown by his response after kissing Claire and once the line is crossed – everything becomes blurred.

Once the word is out, that is when the destructive path becomes blurred again. Even the face-to-face meeting between them is agonizing and gruesome to watch. As with most affairs, the consequences are far reaching past Claire and Eric and seeing the pain it causes families, friendships and the education system. 

There has never been a story about a teacher and student affair that has not caused a stir and the biggest story of 1997 was teacher Mary Kay Letourneau. Having an affair and a child with her student, it opened the door to other stories of teachers breaking the trust of students and their families. 

FX takes a bold risk to make the story just as writer Hannah Fidell is equally bold in directing this cast. HULU brings each episode to streaming which is a wild ride for binge watchers looking for drama, tragedy and tension.

In the end – this is what happens when a line of trust is crossed!

We Have All Come to Love the STARZ Series OUTLANDER

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from STARZ is Season Five of the original massively successful series OUTLANDER.

We have come a long way with Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and his love Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and now they are in the Americas! Starting Season Five you know there is going to be intrigue, problems, dealing with time travel, love, enemies and everything else in the not-so-civilized world as the Revolutionary War comes closer and closer to Frasers Ridge.

Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) are finally tying the knot in a wedding that brings tears to both Claire and Jamie, happy to be a part of their day. Surrounded by friends and townsfolk, Jamie is pulled aside by Governor Tryon (Tim Downie) who is adamant about wanting to track down Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix). 

It doesn’t sit well with Jamie, but he has to play the game in order to keep his friend safe. On the road with Lt. Knox (Michael Xavier), Jamie does what he can to put up a good front and be trusted but things are getting even more complicated. The Regulators bring Claire on the march with Jamie and Roger trying to raise their own militia that will be loyal to the right person.

Back at Fraser Ridge, Claire is desperately needed as Jamie sends him home with Roger as an escort. Roger takes this as meaning that he doesn’t trust him to help with the militia but does as he’s asked. Jamie continues to Hillsborough only to discover once he gets there that Governor Tryon is muddle up everything with an unusual answer to the Regulators.

Returning home, Claire and Jaime attend Aunt Jocasta’s wedding (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and it is there that Jaime learns of what Tryon plans for the Regulators. Marching to Alamance Creek, Jaime asks Roger to find Fitzgibbons and tell him what is happening. Finding him, Roger explains everything, but Fitzgibbons is not swayed from his decision to fight, even when he knows the outcome.

The battle happens quickly and before Roger can get away, he is caught between the two sides. That will cost him one of the most horrific events to happen in his life. Returning to Frasers Ridge, Brianna is having a difficult time dealing with what happened to Roger because he refused to speak to anyone about it. Also, it is clear that Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) is back and he has plans for Brianna as well. But when someone Roger truly needs arrives; everyone is thrilled to see Ian (John Bell) once again.

Out hunting, Jamie is with Roger surrounding a buffalo when he is bitten by a venomous snake. Unable to find the others to help, Roger must get Jamie to Claire but even when he does, she is not sure she can save him. This forces Roger and Bri to once again consider returning to their own time. Now that they have their son Jemmy, it is clear that there are dangers with no medications. Ian takes them but something unexpected happens once they reach the stones!

A fire breaks out at the still but what Jaime does not know is that it is a diversion and Claire is kidnapped and treated brutally because of a medical article she wrote helping women. Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) has never liked Claire and means to show it. Jamie, Roger, Ian and others immediately track her down and bring her home, but not before the damage is done.

They all must get through because the Revolutionary War is almost at their door!

Heughan as Jamie Fraser has certainly made a career out of being the gorgeous, smart, loving, dedicated and forthright Scotsman. What makes his character so fantastic is his constant dedication to Claire no matter what is happening around them. She comes first in his life and every decision he makes it based on what is best for his family then everything on Frasers Ridge. This season we saw what happens when you hurt his family and it is not pretty but its effective. The times called for every move he made and Gabaldon writes him beautifully. 

Balfe as Claire does not mince words when it comes to helping her patients. Yes, she pushes the time travel and historic meddling a bit but cannot exactly let people be hurt if she can help them. Not everyone sees it that way and that is what comes to be the crashing in the finale. Claire is also like Jamie in that her man is everything to her and no one or nothing gets in the way of that or her family. Having Brianna, Roger and Jemmy with them gives her such comfort and yet she knows they might not stay. This is definetly Balfe’s season to shine.

Skelton as Brianna is trying to have a life on Frasers Ridge. There are moments where she talks to Roger about returning to their time but there is something constantly holding her back. Skelton finds her character growing mentally stronger as well and beginning to understand more and more Claire and Jamie’s reason for being together and the life they have made. If it were me, I would see the struggle as well with going. There is also a scene where I saw the “James Fraser” side of Brianna come out and it was well done. 

Rankin as Roger certainly has a rough season! He finally marries Brianna, they start creating a life of their own, but Roger believes that with his son, safety is everything and that includes medication and a less violent life in the future. It takes returning to the stones for him to realize that perhaps he is over thinking things and appreciate where he is and who he is with. I like Roger and this season he gets his chance to show what the professor side of him is made of! 

Lacroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons is such an amazing part of Jamie’s life and has been for so many seasons. Finally, he sort of breaks away to find a place of his own in the world by helping others fight against the rich taking from the poor. He has plenty of practice in Scotland in how to deal with those who think they are better, and it is coming in handy in the United States. The problem is the British don’t take to kindly to it!

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Aunt Jocasta (and may I say I am a huge fan!) may be blind but she sees everything perfectly, well almost everything. She still has a few surprises up her sleeve and not a good surprise waiting for her. She might not always say the right thing when it comes to Claire or even Roger, but she is a dedicated Aunt to Jamie. 

Bell as Ian returns to Frasers Ridge with a story, he is not willing to share with anyone. It is clear that something pains him deeply and as only a few tidbits are told; it leaves the rest of us waiting till season six hoping there is something else to his melancholia. His return brings a strong arm with it as he tells it like it is to his Uncle Jamie and defends Claire with everything in him.  

Speleers as Stephen Bonnet and there pretty much isn’t anything nice we can say about his character. He’s back, causing trouble and plotting against Brianna in the worst way possible. You might think there is a moment there where maybe he’s just misunderstood…nahhhhhh…he’s as bad as we all think he is! Well done Mr. Speleers!

Shout out to Chris Larkin as Richard Brown and Ned Dennehy as Lionel Brown. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to knock out more but by the end of the season it was clear that Lionel Brown needed something extra to remind him of who he is messing with! That’s all I have to say about that.

Other cast include: Cesar Domboy as Fergus, Lauren Lyle as Marsali, Colin McFarlane as Ulysses, Kyle Rees as John Meyers, 

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The Bluray includes the episodes The Fiery Cross, Between Two Fires, Free Will, The Company We Keep, Perpetual Adoration, Better to Marry than Burn, The Ballad of Roger Mac, Famous Last Words, Monsters and Heroes, Mercy Shall Follow Me, Journeycake and Never My Love. 

It also includes 4 exclusive OUTLANDER UNTOLD Bonus Scenes along with Deleted Scenes, The Heart of the Frasers, Expanding the World: Sets & Costumes, Episode commentaries, Blooper Reel, Strength in Action: The Women of OUTLANDER, Through Fire & Hell: The Finale, “Flowers of the Forest” Lyric Video and At Home with Adso. 

There is also a Collector’s Edition Bluray set that will include a compact disc of the season 5 soundtrack, a 28-page digibook, and an excerpt from Diana Gabaldon’s upcoming ninth OUTLANDER novel, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, all within premium collector packaging. 

I have been an OUTLANDER fan since the very first episode aired. The series has taken fans to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and dialed in every human emotion possible and mixed in a little mysticism along the way. The story around Jamie and Claire is such a unique one that not having the series would be a shame because Balfe and Heughan are our Claire and Jamie. No one else will do – ever.

The chemistry between these two actors has held us captive for five seasons, and I think it will hold us for a few more. This isn’t a candy-roses-googly eyed love story; OUTLANDER is much more than that. It’s a leap into history, it is a romance novel come to life in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and it is a story of human endurance pushed past everything inconceivable only to come out the other side more determined.

That is Claire and Jaime because, and let us be honest, there are things that have happened to this couple that would buckle most of us. Even when they are separated, there is something that draws that back across time to finish what they started – taking us on a journey with them and we are more than alright with that. 

This is a great chance to binge season five as OUTLANDER arrives on Bluray!

In the end – they stand for all!


Jeri Jacquin

Now on the Travel Channel with executive producer Tom Jennings for all your spooky needs comes a new series that looks at true horror stories in America with SHOCK DOCS.

The series begins with names that are familiar to most who love the paranormal with DEVIL’S ROAD: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren. If those names seem familiar, then let me refresh why! A story came to theatres in 2013 with THE CONJURING telling the story of a family dealing with a dark presence in their home calling in Ed and Lorraine Warren and bringing movie goers into the chaos. Also, the film ANNABELLE in 2014, THE CONJURING 2 in 2016, ANABELLE Creations in 2017 and THE NUN in 2018.

That is not where their story began however but instead in becoming paranormal investigators in 1952 when doing such things was not even heard of. In their 50-years doing investigations, they claim to have dealt with thousands of cases. Ed was the demonologist while Lorraine was the extremely sensitive clairvoyant while also trying to have a normal life with daughter Judy.

The word began to spread of what this couple could do speaking on the paranormal and preternatural worlds but also created techniques still used in investigations today. I think many of the paranormal investigators know who to thank for such things as advanced electromagnetic devices!

This two-hour special delves into the 1970s and 1980s and the television show led by their son-in-law Tony Spera and never-before-heard audio of Ed Warren interviewing with a poltergeist case. Spera also provided access to footage of the series "Seekers of the Supernatural" as the couple explain their work in more detail.

The episode shows the many famous cases that the Warren's attended to such as Amityville in 1975 working with George and Kathy Lutz and the demons that overtook their home. Travelling to Enfield in London where a family was being terrorized in their home. The case of 'Not Guilty by Reason of Demonic Possession' in 1981 of Arne Johnson.

When a funeral home is claimed to be filled with demons, Ed and Lorraine Warren are there in Southington, Connecticut and author Ray Garton writes a book that later finds itself in the film THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT.

This is only a small portion of the years that Ed and Lorraine Warren spent in their career with books, speaking engagements, cases and training others to continue the work they found so important.

Travel Channel knows how to start off their series and the Warren's story is the best place to start. Each installment is going to take viewers into true American horror stories and the history of these best-documented paranormal encounters. There are audio and video stories that share the terrifying tales of evil. Two of the episodes are AMITYVILLE HORROR HOUSE and THE EXORCISM OF ROLAND DOE.

"Travel Channel fans have an insatiable appetite for the classic cases that even the paranormal investigators revere," said Matthew Butler, general manager of the Travel Channel. "In these 'shockumentaries' we start at the beginning and explore why these places and cases remain the most famous - and the most haunted in the country."

The Travel Channel is for the bold, daring and spontaneous; those adventurers who embrace the thrill of the unexpected; those risk-takers who aren't afraid of a little mystery; if you're up for anything, down for whatever, and above all, love great stories, journey on to Travel Channel. We are more than you expected and everything you did not know you were looking for. Reaching more than 79 million homes, Travel Channel is the world's leading travel media brand. To find out more please visit www.travelchannel.com.

The two-hour SHOCK DOCS about Ed and Lorraine Warren is filled with information that I did not even know. I knew of their connection with The Conjuring Universe but no idea about Amityville or the other cases they investigated. That is what makes this installment so interesting, it gives the viewer a deeper look inside the story of these two remarkable paranormal investigators.

I am a huge fan of the Travel Channel and it started when I discovered the series GHOST ADVENTURES many, many years ago. I was intrigued by the GAC and the places they visited and the things that made the hairs on my arms stand up. I continue to check in on the boys (gotta love a DVR) so when I learned there was a new series from the Travel Channel, well, I had to see for myself.

It is true, this series is for those who are 'up for anything and down for whatever and love a great story' because that is what they do - bring it! I cannot wait for the next episode, especially the story in Amityville because, come on, who does not know a little about that and who doesn't want to know a whole lot more?

Tune in to the Travel Channel for SHOCK DOCS and the first special DEVIL'S ROAD: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren showing now. Oh, and dim the lights because that makes everything spooky so much sweeter to enjoy.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

COMIC CON 2022 is Here!

Jeri Jacquin

San Diego Comic Con 2022 is back and it is time to get in the best cosplay outfits or even just a good pair of tennis shoes to experience a two-year absence from our skyline!

Beginning on Wednesday, attendees had so many choices going from San Diego Central Library to Food Wars at the Marriott to seeing the films THE DARK CRYSTAL, STAR TREK The Wrath of Khan and BLADE RUNNER to games and Anime. 
Of course, there were costumes, meeting up with friends and fellow ComicCon lovers who have been absent for the last two years and lots of collectibles and special items to be bought and had. It is just the beginning to four more days of catching up!


Thursday began with the thrilling return to Hall H for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves from Paramount Pictures starring Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Rege-Jean Page, Sophia Lillis, Justice Smith, Hugh Grant and so many more. Unleashing the greatest evil the world has ever known might be a little harder than they could have imagined. 

Showing right in Hall H was the new TEEN WOLF: The Movie panel with Sarah Michelle Geellar, Jeff Bryan Davis, Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey. 

Ballroom 20 was taken over by GHOSTS! The CBS comedy follows Samantha and Jay, a couple who discovers their home has been taken over by ghosts from over the span of time. The series stars Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar as the couple with Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Roman Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca wisocky and Devan chandler Long as the misty houseguests.

Also in Ballroom 20, NATIONAL TREASURE: Edge of History from Disney+ and the panel included Jordan Rodrigues, Zuri Reed, Antonio Cipriano, Lisette Olivera and Jake Austin Walker. A woman sets out to discover the mystery that is in her family and maybe find lost treasure as well (bonus!). 

Hall H brings on the celebration of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: 40 Years. That is a big deal in my household considering that we spent afternoons and Saturdays watching the show. It is amazing and a little scary that so much time has gone by yet, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is still a staple of childhood.

Ballroom 20 brings the Appletv+ series SEVERANCE and if you have not watched the show then you really, really should. The series is coming into its second season as moderator Patton Oswalt speaks with Dan Erickson who is the creator and writer of the show. 

Also, on the panel was director Ben Stiller, Britt Lower, Dichen Lachman, Jen Tullock and Tramell Tillman. If you want a show that is original, trippy and just has your head scratching before theories kick in, then SEVERANCE is for you.
Finally in Hall H, it is SHATNER ON SHATNER as William Shatner talks about the documentary of his life brought to the screen by Exhibit A Pictures and Legion M. Talking about how it came together, he says, “For years I’ve had people approaching me to do a documentary about my life, but I turned them all down because it didn’t feel like the right fit.” 

Continuing, Shatner included, “When I heard how Legion M wanted to incorporate audiences to be part of it, it was perfect.” He acknowledges that fans have been ‘responsible for my career – it only seems right that they should own this documentary.” Well said captain my captain!

All of this is just the beginning with three more days of panels, talks, and sites to behold for 2022’s San Diego Comic Con International!

Hall H on Friday Brought Excitement and a Sad Goodbye

Hall H is always the place to be for film and television and Friday’s panels are no exception. Beginning the morning with a huge surprise by Stephen Colbert opening the day and leading the way to Prime’s upcoming series LORD OF THE RINGS: The Rings of Power. With the unusual look of an orchestra on the stage, Colbert introduces musician extraordinaire Bear McCreary who plays the most intense music with choir right behind. It is stunning, beautiful and ethereal. That is exactly what LORD OF THE RINGS: The Rings of Power is.  

The cast is so large it took three different panels because the stage would be overcrowded if they all came at once. Showing trailer after trailer, the audience became more and more excited and, at times, bantered with Colbert on who knew more about Middle Earth and it was hilarious.

The panel included Patrick McCay, J.D. Payne and Lindsey Weber as they explained their love of Tolkien and how deep their feelings run. Making sure our trip back thousands of years before Frodo and the gang is as wonderful, trust me when I saw fans and even those who might just want to check it out will not be disappointed.

There will be more on this in another article because trust me when I saw there is so much to share. 

AMC brings Chris Hardwick back to the stage to moderate The Walking Dead Universe and after receiving a wonderful welcome back from the crowd, Hardwick introduces a new show. TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD is the next journey with six stories into the dead universe at Scott Gimple comes to the stage. 

The panel includes Showrunner and Executive Producer Channing Powell, Director Michael Satrazemis, Terry Crews, Danny Ramirez and Samantha Morton returning as Alpha. To best describe the show, Satrazemis says, “This is everything with amazing stories and new people. TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD feels exciting and we like what we have done”. Of course a trailer makes the audience cheer knowing that universe has many surprises.

Hardwick then moderates AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD for its final panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con. Speaking with a few people in the audience, they tell me it is a mixture of sheer sadness yet happiness to be in Hall H to be a part of saying goodbye. Hardwick, trying to keep it together himself, introduces the cast that includes the return of Scott Gimple, Angela Kang, Greg Nicotero, Melissa McBride, a very blonde Josh McDermitt, Ross Marquand, Seth Gilliam, Lauren Ridloff, Cailey Fleming, Michael James Shaw and, of course, Norman Reedus. 

There were laughs, memories shared and nods to other cast members but also there were tears coming from so many people on the stage and in the audience. McBride, who had played Carol from the very first season, tries to speak and continually becomes choked up tries to express her feelings about the end of THE WALKING DEAD. 

Everyone notices two cast members who were not present and that is because Maggie aka Lauren Cohen and Negan aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan had an announcement of their own to make. Seems Maggie and Negan are going to find their way to New York City in another break out show ISLAND OF THE DEAD. I don’t care what they call it because I am more interested in how Maggie and Negan end up in New York as all will be revealed.

As the cast says their final goodbyes both to the audience and each other, it gets very intense. Each of the cast tells the audience how much their support has meant and as much as we all love the show (and I am a huge fan, just ask my Sheriff Rick Grimes badge on my desk), they wanted the fans to know their feelings are equally returned.

As they exited the stage, Scott Gimple remained because an audience member earlier had asked about the movie that had been rumored to explain where Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes had gone. Gimple starts to talk when he is drowned out by the audience going nuts as Danai Guiria aka Michonne and Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes saunter onto the stage. 

There big announcement is that instead of a movie, there will be six episodes on AMC+ (I’m sure their subscription is going to go through the roof now!) that will explain where Rick and Michonne have been and wrap up that part of the story…or will it? Lincoln makes a date with the audience for next years Comic Con to answer questions and I’m sure there will be plenty. Its not like we want these characters to ever go away. 

The next panel kept everyone in their seats as the panel for BRZRKR, Keanu Reeves comic book character gets its first time in the very large Hall H. Along with Ron Garney, the book is about a half-man-half-god making his way through time. Moderator Coy Jandreau was geeking out a little speaking with Matt Kindt, Matt Gagnon, Eric Harburn, Mattson Tomlin and Stephen Christy. 

Speaking about the character of B, Reeves says, “I had this idea of a character who can punch you through the chest and rip arms off who was cursed with violence trying to figure out who they are and reclaim their humanity.” Meeting with Boom! Studios, the idea was pitched and it took a few years to put it together. 

Continuing to gush about the project, Reeves says, “The people at Boom! Curated my experience in a special way. They brought together a team that helped this be more enjoyable. But when the first issue was in my hand, I thought it was f**king Christmas. When I read it, I thought it was some of the best creative days of my life.”

Growing up with comic books in Toronto, it is clear that this project is something special by Reeves and his team so expect it to be epic.

But that isn’t all – Reeves returns to the stage letting fans know they were not going to get out of Hall H with empty hands. Giving out posters for JOHN WICK 4, fans (yes, I’m one) get an even bigger swag gift with a trailer to the film.

That is a day fill with excitement that can only be found in Hall H! Now comes Saturday, the day people have slept overnight for on concrete because who doesn’t want to go home with a story of their own to tell. It is going to be a feast for the eyes and senses because San Diego Comic Con in Hall H never disappoints!

Saturday at Comic Con Brings Action and Action Heroes

After a long night of waiting in line, and some since Friday, for Hall H on Saturday, there turned out to be a lot to be excited about. 

Moderator Tiffany Smith begins the morning with SHAZAM! Fury of the Gods with the panel including Zachary Levi, David F. Sandberg, Asher Angel, Dylan Grazer, Lucy Liu and a screen appearance from the ever-delightful Helen Mirren as Hespera. Mirren made it clear, “I absolutely loved playing Hespera. She’s such a baddie and a bad-ass. And Zach, I have such a lovely time kicking the s**t out of you! Yea, pussy power!” 

Levi introduces the trailer for the film by saying, “We’re all just trying to figure it out. It adds for a real great interesting bedrock of reality that you can connect to as a human being because we’re super heroes but we’re human beings.”

Next is Warner Bros. bringing out Dwayne Johnson as only they could – in his costume for the DC Comics film BLACK ADAM high above the rest of us mere mortals. Causing quite a ruckus of, he gives the death star before announcing, “Hall H, you’ve been warned. The DC Universe will never be the same again.” Well, after all, he is The Rock so I tend to think we should all listen to the man.

The panel includes Jaume Collett-Serra, Quintessa Swindell, Aldis Hodge and Noah Centineo along with Dwayne Johnson making a quick change out of his extremely tight super suit. He also makes it clear that his goal is to bring in ‘a new era in the DC universe.” 

Johnson also says, “It has been a long journey, one that has been fueled with passion, with commitment and grit to push BLACK ADAM along. It has easily been over ten years as Jaume and I worked together for over five years now. The journey has been an incredible one and as many of you know I love coming to Comic Con but to be here in Hall H representing DC, DC superheroes, super villains is truly a dream come true.”

Continuing he says, “Because the dream when I started in this business many moons ago, I would come here and bring movies here and you all would be here. I would always hope people liked them and my dream and Seven Bucks Productions and to be here today to watch BLACK ADAM throw around lightening like he was passing out candy, I have to tell you it really is a dream come true. So, thank you so much for this kind of love and support.”

Of course, fans responded with enthusiasm and equal love.

Over in Ballroom 20, AMC’s INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE is taking a bite out of fans even before its premiered. Moderator Damian Holbrook has the opportunity to talk about Louis played by Jacob Anderson, Lestate played by Sam Reid and Claudia played by Bailey Bass and the story through the eyes of Daniel played by Eric Bogosian. 

The panel brought executive producer Matt Johnson, showrunner Rolin Jones, Designer Mara LePere-Schloop along with Anderson, Reid, Bass and Bogosian. John says, “The books are so fun and so different, it is hard to believe they are connected in that way. The Anne Rice world is going to go on for some time on AMC.”

Anderson says of being cast, “I watched the movie when I was a teen. As soon as I got the email about the audition, I got this weird feeling in my stomach. I am really excited to be part of this world as I deeply connect with Louis.”

What I am excited about is that Rolin Jones teases, “If you have read Prince Lestat, The Vampire Armand and Interview with the Vampire, you’ll see lots of nods to the material. We are trying to build a universe, and there is some witchery thrown in there as well”. I have read ALL of Anne Rice’s books and if Marius makes an appearance, I’m going to lose my mind as he is my favorite character with a rich history.  

Back in Hall H, the Netflix series THE SANDMAN proves to be another amazing move for the streaming service. Tom Sturridge stars as Dream, the younger brother of Death who has been captured by a wizard. After his escape, he goes on a quest to find his lost powers. Comic creator Neil Gaiman has brought the story to life and will be seen by all August 5th. 

The panel moderator Kari Byron included Neil Gaiman, Allan Heinberg, Tom Sturridge, Vivienne Acheampong, Boyd Holbrook, Gwendoline Christie, Joanna Constantine, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Vanesu Samunyai and Patton Oswalt. 

Gaiman said, “What I’m really excited about is that in less than two weeks, everyone’s going to see what we made. I’m so excited about it. I’m so proud of it.” Playing the role of Dream, Sturridge says, “I care so deeply about this piece of literature. I read and re-read the comic over and over.”

Leave it to Christie after spending years in armor in her role as Lady Brianne in the GAME OF THRONES series, she is in a different set of armor. In the role of Lucifer, she reminds the audience that at one time Lucifer was God’s favorite angel before falling.

After hundreds and hundreds of fans had spent almost 48 hours sleeping on concrete, their dedication will not be in vain. Hall H is about to erupt as Marvel Studios brings their slate. Starting with the iconic voice of Stan Lee, he says tell the audience that, “Marvel has always been and always will be a reflection of the world right outside out window.” 

Moderator Ash Crossan asks Kevin Feige about WAKANDA FOREVER and are told that the film is the last Phase 4 film. Moving on to the next phase, the films ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: Quantumania, SECRET INVASION, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3, ECHO, LOKI Season 2 (which I have been waiting ages for!), THE MARVELS, BLADE, IRONHEART, AGATHA: Coven of Chaos, and CAPTAIN AMERICA: New World Order.

Also included in that slate are the eighteen episodes of DAREDEVIL: Born Again and THUNDERBOLTS which concludes Phase 5.

SHE-HULK: Attorney at Law has Jamila Jameel commenting on her role and character as, “She’s extremely annoying and I learned that from myself” also claiming jealousy is what motivates her. SECRET INVASION has a trailer as well with Nick Fury (minus an eye patch) talking about Skrull. Cobie Smulder as Maria Hill calls the film an exciting thriller. 

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: Quantumania is up next as Kathryn Newton, Evangeline Lilly and Paul Rudd are introduced by director Peyton Reed to kick off Phase Five. There is a trailer to get fans captivated telling a little of the upcoming story so check out the trailer as soon as its released tomorrow morning. 

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 has James Gunn taking the Hall H stage. It is also the end of the Guardians Era. The good news is that Bill Murray will be part of the cast in some way or another. The cast gets a chance to see the first trailer and trust me when I say the cheering for Groot and Rocket was pretty cool. 

It is the drums and vocals of Baba Maal that lead the audience cheering for BLACK PANTHER: Wakanda Forever. Ryan Coogler, director of the film, has the audience sending out cheers as he acknowledges the late Chadwick Boseman and his “enormous hands.” Bringing out Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, Danai Gurira, Florence Kasuma and Winston Duke he also includes newcomers Tenoch Huerta and Dominique Thorne.

Huerta has a chance to speak about being in the film and says, “I come from the hood. Without inclusion, I wouldn’t be here. By the way, Namor is amazing!”.

What a way to end Hall H for the evening and very difficult for Kevin Smith to follow with. Those that left, walked away very tired but very happy with what they have seen and the reason for Comic Con in the first place – the shared experience.

One more day folks!

Final Day of San Diego Comic Con 2022

Sunday, the final day always seems a little bit more relaxed when gathering my things to head over to Hall H. Everyone is heading to the convention center to get the last-minute collectable, see friends one more time before heading back to where ever they have journeyed from, get pictures taken with kids who are spending their Sunday meeting their favorite super heroes or characters.

Me? Well, I’m back to Hall H for two of my favorite television shows and both from the fantastic FX channel. This morning it is the return of MAYANS M.C. and the vampire comedy WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. 

The crowd is told some good news when Elgin James announces that the motorcycle club drama is being given the green light for another season. That’s good news considering we have to know who is responsible for blowing up the warehouse that EZ says in the final episode of season four is ‘the clubs legacy’. The entire cast is not only excited but a few tears of joy were shed.

The panel, along with Elgin James, consisted of J.D. Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Danny Pino, Sarah Bolger, Emilio Rivera, Michael Irby, Raoul Truillo, Frankie Loyal, Gino Vento, JR Bourne, Vincent Vargas, Emily Toasta, and Vanessa Giselle. Each and every one spoke on their experiences working on MAYANS MC and, most of all, thanking fans for its continual success and, from my perspective, it felt absolutely sincere.

James says of the show, “And every single member of the Mayans family, from our top of the call sheet to our set Pas and every single person in between have put their blood and sweat into making MAYANS something special on the set and on the screen. I’m deeply indebted to John, Eric, Nick and all of the FX and particularly Colette Wilson who’s been in the trenches with us from day one for allowing us to continue to explore and create.”

The last episode of the season left us with EZ taking over the top dog seat, Bishop in a shocked second and Padrino walking away from a club he was trying to keep alive. With the last battle in their own ranks, the vote to go to war with the Sons of Anarchy is ahead. Now, the we are all going to have to take sides!

“Kurt Sutter and I talked about how EZ has this path. The universe was going to spit him out back where he belongs – that was always going to be his fate.” James talked about EZ never knowing if he was in or our because we all saw the mistakes he was making yet still rising in the ranks. “That’s what he’s doing now with the club where there are egos in the way like Bishop and Angel, and I don’t say ego in a negative way.”

Bishop spent the season licking his wounds and Angel spent the season going in and out of love and sadness as his own family starts to change his feelings toward life. But, EZ, well, EZ has the look of a man that is either going to succeed in taking down SAMCRO or, well, lets leave it at that. There will be more on this in a longer article once I have recovered from Comic Con, hey, a girl has got to get some beauty sleep here!

Attendees are told as well that their gift ticket is none other than a MAYANS MC t-shirt and trust when I say that it is the first best nightshirt in my 2022 collection for Comic Con this year. 

Next up, the FX hilarious comedy WHAT WE DO IN SHADOWS. The cast panel included Executive Producer and writer Paul Simms, Executive Producer and writer Stefani Robinson, Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillen, Mark Proksch and Kristen Schaal (who cracks me up EVERY time). 

Starting out watching an exclusive screening THE NIGHT MARKET, Simms teases that it is the biggest episode yet. That’s fine by me because it had me giggling for half an hour. The process was “Lot of hours of twiddling with my sword and playing with my sword and putting my sword up against Harvey’s sword. Take that as you will, my fellow Nandermo lovers”. The crowd loved it!

Demetriou as Nadja, talks about the hottest vampire club saying, “The reason we have the nightclub is because they’ve seen me dance. When you see a talent like that, you have to use it.” What the audience doesn’t know at this point is that the Comic Con gift from WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is a tee-shirt with Nadja’s outline and club on it, suitable for becoming the next best nightshirt in my collection. 

Simms says that future episodes including the gang in one room and a ‘boys weekend’ which is going to be epic when you think about it. Other tidbits are teasing that viewers are going to meet Guillermo’s family while he tries to find love. WHAT WE DO IN THE SHAWDOWS is on FX and can be seen Tuesday nights with new episodes and streaming the next day on Hulu. 

That, my friends, is how I ended my journey through San Diego Comic Con International 2022 at the convention center in San Diego. There was excitement, surprises, trailers, talent and things to do walking around downtown to welcome back fans after a two-year absence. Comic Con did their utmost to protect attendees and with that, masks became part of costumes and it worked!

It a joy to see friends once again, reconnect with our fellow attendees and the excitement that we will once again come back to San Diego Comic Con International in 2023!

See you then!