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MY LITTLE PONY Friendship is Magic: Spring Into Friendship Brings Color and Fun on DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Kids Factory and Hasbro Studios is the next batch of adventures from our favorite hoofed friends with MY LITTLE PONY Friendship is Magic: Spring Into Friendship.

When Rainbow is invited to a party at Princess Celestia’s castle in The Ticket Master is becomes clear there is a dilemma. As much as she wants to go, so do all the other ponies and each one tries to do something special to show how much they want to go. Stressed out, Rainbow makes a decision that surprises them all showing how selfless one can truly be and rewarded just the same.

Rarity in Sisterhooves Social, her parents need to go out of town for a few days leaving sister Sweetie Bell in her care. Discovering that trying to keep a little sister occupied while keeping everything in order is a big job. Making Sweetie Bell feel unloved, Rarity learns that perhaps she may have been wrong about so many things.

Just for Sidekicks has Spike taking care of Angel while Fluttershy works on celebration plans at the Crystal Empire. That gives him an idea that he can collect more jewels by babysitting the pets of the other Pony’s. His real plan is to pawn the pets off on the smaller Pony’s so he can get back to doing what he really wanted to be doing – baking a cake. Spike is in for more than he ever bargained for!

Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 1) has Twilight learning how to be a princess in her first Summer Sun Celebration. What she doesn’t expect is a black vine coming after Princess Celestia! Even more surprising is that the sun and the moon are both sharing the sky. Twilight must return to Ponyville and get the Elements of Harmony along with her friends to try and find answers. Trusting Zecora puts Twilight in front of Princess Luna who isn’t quite right.

In Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 2) Twilight discovers that Luna’s new look has come about by the potion. More importantly, she discovers that it all began with a visit to the Everfree Forest. Knowing that she and her friends must also go in the forest, they seek out the Tree of Harmony only to discover it also is covered in a strange vine. Of course there is one thing Twilight doesn’t know that someone back in Ponyville does. Will they all make it to the Summer Sun Celebration?

Hasbro Studios is an iconic brand with some of the best in animation and family programming with MY LITTLE PONY, and LITTLEST PET SHOP. Since its formation in 2009, Hasbro Studios has received seven Daytime Emmy’s! 

SHOUT! Factory brings the best to fans offering up feature films, classic television series, animation and specials. For more of what they have to offer go to  

MY LITTLE PONY Friendship is Magic: Spring into Friendship is a delightful look at the power of friendship, being loyal, the importance of family and the importance of giving ones word. Those are pretty wonderful lessons to see, especially when My Little Pony’s are the ones showing us all how.

The DVD includes the episodes of The Ticket Master, Sisterhooves Social, Just for Sidekicks, Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1, and Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2. There is the fun Bonus Feature of the Sing-Along and if that isn’t enough, how about the Spring into Fun with special Egg-Decorating stickers!

MY LITTLE PONY has been a staple of programming in my family’s home for so many years that I’m thrilled it continues today with the grandkids. The storytelling is funny and colorful with so many elements of animation that are captivating. 

These characters have become so iconic that you’d have to be from another universe not to recognize them. The best part of this franchise is that it is for everyone to enjoy. One of the best experiences is to sit with a young child and watch to see the wonder through their eyes.

I still do this with my own family because when you know something has made such an impression of goodness and fun – you definitely want to share it!

In the end – these Pony’s know how to spring into friendship!

A Story of Two Worlds Comes to Bluray with NAPPING PRINCESS

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray & DVD from writer/director Kenji Kamiyama, Shout! Factory and GKids is a story of daring, family history and adventure for the NAPPING PRINCESS.

In 2020, Kokone Morikawa (Brina Palencia) is a young girl who has become well known for dozing off occasionally and when she does, she finds herself in world called Heartland. It is a dream world of factories, workers and a man who rules it all. 

Believing they are all dreams, Kokone and her father Peach (Doug Erholtz) have been living a quiet life but Kokone knows little about her mother. Meeting up with her childhood friend Morio ((Shinnosuke Mitsushima) they have a chance to reconnect as friends and it couldn't come at a better time. 

In a twist she doesn't fully understand, Peach has been kidnapped by a man named Watanabe (Lex Wutas) who is looking for a mysterious laptop containing important technology. It is the technology that Peach has been hiding from both worlds. Watanabe is now on the hunt for Kokone because she and Morio have decided to find her father on their own and nothing is going to get in their way.

Kokone also discovers that the world she lives in now and Heartland are not so far apart when secrets are revealed and a plot that could change everything becomes known with a little magic. They must come together in Heartland to reconcile old wounds and remember that family and friendship is everything.

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

GKIDS brings award winning feature animation for both adults and family audiences. The company has scored an astounding nine Best Animated Feature Oscar nominations with THE SECRET OF THE KELLS, A CAT IN PARIS, ERNEST & CELESTINE, SONG OF THE SEA and WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE. Also bringing Studio Ghibli library of films they include SPIRITED AWAY and PRINCESS MONONOKE.

NAPPING PRINCESS is an amazing story of two worlds that actually aren't so very different, except for the large engines of course, in that families makes mistakes and friendship can give us even more courage. Kokone is a young girl coming into her 
own wanting to know more about the dreams and a family she knows so little about.
Those two things along make her character amazingly believable which is important to the story.

The animation is every bit spectacular filled with vibrancy and stunning color. This is a definite film that needs to be seen in Bluray. The journey between the two worlds is amazingly displayed with this animation and because the story is so dynamic I found myself totally wrapped up in every frame.

Director Kamiyama is also responsible for the films GHOST IN THE SHELL: Stand Alone Complex and EDEN OF THE EAST so it is no surprise that NAPPING PRINCESS is equally as stellar and my favorite of his pieces is AKIRA. NAPPING PRINCESS is also titled ANCIEN and the MAGIC TABLET.

The Bonus Features include an Interview with Kenji Kamiyama, Special Interview with the Cast, Intro at Japanese Release, Okayama Scenery, Special TV Program and Trailers/TV Spots.

In the end - two worlds with one amazing girl!

P. KING DUCKLING Says Seize the Day on Family DVD!

Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from SHOUT! Factory Kids is the amazing animated series that will have you believing in friendship with P. KING DUCKLING Seize the Day.

P. King is a duck who loves being with his friends Chumpkins the pig and Wombat. Together they have wild adventures that begin with friendship, loyalty and silliness that comes with being diverse friends.

It is Wombat’s birthday! P. King and Chumpkins are doing everything possible to try and help her celebrate but want it to be a surprise. It’s becoming a challenge keeping each errand a secret, especially when Wombat begins to think that her two best friends want nothing to do with her.

On a special trip, P. King and Wombat head up a large hill to see the awesome view of Fishy Falls, Cow Canyon and the beautiful sunset. P. King gets the idea what he wants to move his house on the very spot they are standing. Calling on a crane, his house is moved but atop the hill all alone, P. King misses his friends but comes up with an idea that will solve everything.

Chumpkins shows P. King and Wombat how he can make the Hilly-copter do doggie tricks. P. King is equally thrilled to share with his friends a race car he built from cardboard. Greg the Goose shows off his flashy car and suggests that P. King enter the town race and even offers to help fix P. Kings car. That’s what P. King learns that sometimes someone who claims to be a friend is anything but.

Hilly Hole has become a heat wave that has P. King, Wombat and Chumpkins melting. Looking for a way to cool off, they get the idea to create an ice castle that would help the entire town escape the heat. They didn’t think it through as the ice castle begins to melt but what starts out as a good idea turns into something much more fun!

P. King decides he needs a pet and wants Chumpkins to help him find a Dog Fish. Wombat reminds P. King that a pet is a huge responsibility but P. King is sure he can handle it. When Barky arrives, Chumpkins gives P. King instructions on how to care for the new pet. When P. King forgets to read the care instructions, Chumpkins and Wombat come to the rescue as good friends do.

P. King loves to jog but is bored with his surroundings. When he sees a picture in Wombats book of the Great Wall of China, P. King decides that it is exactly where he needs to go jogging from one end to the other.

When fashion designer Armadillo comes to Hilly Hole, the gang wants to be more fashionable. P. King wants to expand his wardrobe and when he realizes clothes are expensive, he decides to make his own. Using recyclables, P. King catches the attention of Armadillo who wants to do a fashion show with the gang as models.

When P. King decides he wants a new friend, he sees a video of Lee the Panda. Sending an email asking to be friends, Lee the Panda responds that he is coming to Hilly Hole for a visit. Lee shows everyone his culture through kite flying, dancing and dumpling making. P. King is upset because Lee is spending more time with everyone else but Wombat and Chumpkins shows him true friendship.

P. King is also looking for a mentor but everyone is busy in Hilly Hole. On his journey he finds a gorilla doing Tai Chi on a mountain top. Looking to find his better self, P. King follows his training but questions how it helps him. Then he meets a Dung Beetle who seems to put everything into perspective. 

Chumpkins is unhappy thinking about his life. P. King and Wombat want to show their friend that Hilly Hole would not be the same place without Chumpkins and all he has done. Programming one of his own inventions, the Zeus goggles, gives Chumpkins insight as to how important he is to the town of Hilly Hole.

Wombat gets tickets to Australia taking P. King and Chumpkins with her. Starting in Darwin, they journey to the End of the Road where other back packers are going to join in. Angus the guide takes them to see Wombats in the wild but gets side tracked. Wombat refuses to leave until she sees a wombat in the wild. Finding family is the highlight of her life.

P. King creates his super hero alter go Inflato-Man. Creating costumes for Wombat and Chumpkins, they all three go through Hilly Hole looking for good deeds to go. Just as P. King is about to give up trying to help, a town flood makes their services really important. 

P. King is worried that he will never be good at a sport. When the gang discovers that he excels in tetherball, they go to the tetherball championship. P. King wins but Wombat and Chumpkins start to see a change in their friend and it isn’t very nice. When Tim the tree frog challenges P. King, Wombat sees it as a chance to bring the braggy duck down to Earth. Another lesson P. King learns is that an apology to friends goes a long way.

Finally, a farmers market in Hilly Hole teaches P. King about organic food. Inspired, P. King decides he wants to be an organic farmer and create a crop that will wow people. Greg the goose is up to his old tricks and tells P. King that he has a special seed. Convincing P. King that cookie seeds would grow cookie bushes, Wombat and Chumpkins helps expose the joke. Unhappy that he couldn’t be a good farmer, P. King learns that an unexpected crop is now in his field making things alright again.

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

P. KING DUCKLING is created by the award-winning Josh Selig (who is known for Sesame Street and Wonder Pets!) in collaboration with James Chen Gu, General Manager of UYoung Animation. 

The DVD includes the episodes Wombat’s Big Surprise, A Hill With A View, Speed King Duckling, P. King’s Cool Castle, The Dog Fish, P. King’s Great Jog, Fowl Fashion, A Day with a Panda, Will You be my Mentor?, It’s a Wonderful Chumpkins, Wombats in the Wild, Hi-Ho Inflato-Man!, The Tetherball King and P. King’s Cookie Farm. 

This series is filled with bright and engaging animation with storytelling about friendship, loyalty and understanding. It is quite easy to forget that they are different animals because the stories are about working together and being understanding of differences instead of pointing them out.

Each character gives us a look at our own silliness and fears that may stop us from being the best human beings we can be. That is what I enjoyed most about P. KING DUCKLING, the ability to see ourselves in these characters.

I also have to say that my granddaughter who is two thought these characters were hilarious, engaging and she couldn’t stop watching. That means that P. KING DUCKLING gets the Jaycie-Lee seal of approval as well. This is important in wanting her to enjoy her television viewing time while grandma is happy she learns life lessons as well.

In the end – adventure takes flight with P. King and friends!

DESPICABLE ME 3 Expands the Family Fun on Bluray!

Jeri Jacquin

Get the family together because they family is back on Bluray & DVD from directors Eric Guillon, Kyle Balda and Pierre Cofflin along with Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment with DESPICABLE ME 3. 

Gru (Steve Carell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig) are on their next mission for the Anti-Villain League going after Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker), a once child star who took his role into adulthood. With his keytair and 80’s dance moves, Bratt gets away with a diamond as large as his head!

Returning to the AVL headquarters, Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan) announces that he will be stepping down. Taking his job is Valerie Da Vinci (Jenny Slate) and her first move is to fire Gru. Lucy threatens to walk if she follows through with the firing and now both are out of a job. The Minions aren’t happy when Gru refuses to return to villainy and stage a walk out.

Going home to explain it all to Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Nev Scharrel), the parents assure the girls it will all work out. That’s when a stranger shows up and announces that Gru has a twin brother names Dru (also voiced by Steve Carell). Not believing it Gru forces his Mom (Julie Andrews) and he learns the truth about his family.

Packing the family up, they fly to Dru’s luxurious estate and Gru learns more about who his father was. He also learns that Dru wants to be villainous and it’s Gru’s chance to capture Bratt while Lucy works on her Mom-skills. Bratt isn’t about to make anything easy as he has plans for tinsel town.

In their efforts to strengthen their family, Gru, Lucy and Dru along with the girls learn that love of family is amazing and there is no bad guy big enough to break them apart!

Recently at CinemaCon, Steve Carell spoke about his iconic work as Gru saying the DESPICABLE ME franchise is filled with “characters that are funny for adults as well as kids and that’s what has made it all successful”. How did the voice of Gru come to be? Carell says, “I tried voices on my daughter and when I did the voice of Gru they told me that was the one. Gru’s voice was like I flew over Eastern Europe and Dru’s voice had to be different. It had to be very fun, free and giddy in a way”.

Wiig as Lucy is trying her best to be a good Mom and it takes being herself to let everyone know that no one messes with Mama Bear! I just think the character of Lucy is crazy cool. Cosgrove, Gaier and Scharrel as Margo, Edith and Agnes are just girls growing up in a different household that is filled with unexpected adventure and they roll with it.

Parker as Bratt had me cracking up! His shoulder pads, keytar and dance moves along with a balding mullet and bubblegum means he isn’t about to let Gru, Dru, Lucy or anyone else stop him from a little Hollywood payback.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

The Bluray & DVD also includes the Bonus Features Deleted Scenes, Minion Moments, Character Profiles, The Making of Despicable Me 3, Developing Dru, The AVL Files, Freedonia Visitors Guide, Despicable Me TV, “Doowit” Sing-Along, “Yellow Light” Music Video and the All New Mini Movie: The Secret Life of Kyle. 

DESPICABLE ME 3 is going to give families over and over again everything they have come to love about Gru, the girls and even the minions. This may not be the average family but it sure is one filled with love, excitement, understanding and fun. One would have thought that completed the family.

Of course not, Illumination expands their family with Dru and a unicorn, well of sorts, which means a double dose of excitement. There are the usual jokes with the minions trying to be jail house rockers but they know where they truly belong. The animation is strong, vibrant and has such creativity that I am always surprised yet not surprised.

Gru and Dru have found one another which means Lucy and the girls have their hands full. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing but if Illumination wants one more story line I have a few ideas that I wouldn’t mind sharing!

So gather up your own minions, fill up the popcorn bowl and cuddle on the sofa with holiday family fun of the family kind with DESPICABLE ME 3.

In the end – ohhhhhhhh brother it’s good to be bad!

​THE NUT JOB 2 Nutty By Nature Brings Family Fun and Giggles on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from writer/director Cal Brunker and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the next nutty adventure with THE NUT JOB 2 Nutty By Nature.

Surly (Will Arnett) is back with Andie (Katherine Heigl), and Precious (Maya Rudolph), Buddy and the group is living and dining in a nut shop. Andie isn’t happy about it trying to tell them all that this isn’t how squirrels are suppose to live. Believing they should be working together, they have to when the nut shop closes with a bang.

Back at the park Andie explains that they must get back to nature and collect their own food. That might be difficult as Mayor Muldoon (Bobby Moynihan) is the city scrooge who wants to make money by trying to find a way to close Liberty park where the squirrels now live. Surly convinces the group, much to Andie’s dismay, to fight the Mayor for their park.

Mole (Jeff Dunham), Jimmy (Gabriel Iglesias), Gunther (Peter Stormare), and Johnny (Sebastian Maniscalco) join Surly and Andie to chase the workers out of the park. Canine Frankie (Bobby Cannavale) is sent to clear the park but instead falls instantly in love with Precious. The Mayor’s daughter decides she wants to keep Precious but moving up isn’t always a good thing.

Surly tries to find Precious but instead finds a cute little psycho mouse in Mr. Feng (Jackie Chan). Andie finds another local park that is huge she is excited about their new home until smacked by a golf ball. Tired of all the worry and fuss, the gang comes together once more time to make a stand to stop the Mayor’s plans from ruining their home. Surly calls in an unlikely army to make sure their plan unites the city and park animals.

It’s a nutty job but they’ve just got to do it!

Arnett returns as Surly giving us the carefree squirrel who isn’t about to let a silly Mayor and his psycho daughter change his lifestyle. Heigl as Andie is the straight forward no-nonsense squirrel of the group who just wants to be the furry creature nature intended. 

Rudolph as Precious comes in with her slobbery lovely self and finds that none of that matters to Frankie the love struck bulldog. Cannavale as Frankie just wants to show some love and learns to see another side of life. 

Moynihan as the Mayor can only think of money and how to make more of it all while handling a crazy daughter. Speaking of crazy daughter, shout out to Moner as Heather who needs serious anger management classes!

Dunham, Inglesias, Stormare and Maniscalco round out the park kingdom nicely. Adding Chan as Mr. Feng as a cute (don’t say cute!) city mouse with a gang that that may look er, um, sweet but don’t let the big eyes fool you.

Other voice cast include Isabela Moner as Heather, Kari Wahlgren as Jamie, Julie Lemieux as Lil’ Chip, and Rob Tinkler as Redline.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

THE NUT JOB 2 Nutty By Nature is so much fun and a bit, well, nutty! It is a story of the animal world taking back what is there’s by joining together to prove they might just be a little smarter than we think. The animation is absolutely stunning with such detail that always amazes me. The flow of the fur is just mesmerizing actually. 

The relationship between Surly and Buddy is so endearing without Buddy ever saying a word. Their friendship is based on a history that the film reveals in such a touching way. Andie is who I would call the ‘mother’ figure always watching out for the animals and wanting to keep them safe. She is funny in her break out of song too!

The pairing of Precious with Frankie is just so dang cute I can’t stand it. Precious may be rough and tough but Frankie brings out the soft side. Now, the city cute wide eyed mice led by Mr. Feng are hilarious. 

THE NUT JOB 2 Nutty By Nature has fantastic Bonus Features including Deleted Scenes, Animation Progression Reels, Concept Art Reel, and Feature Commentary with Director/Co-Writer Cal Brunker and Producer/Co-Writer Bob Barlen. Also included with a Digital copy of the film that can be streamed and downloaded on your computer, television, Tablet or Smartphone.

You will never see the park in same way again so gather the family and grab a bag of nuts to celebrate the new adventure of the animal world with THE NUT JOB 2 Nutty By Nature.

In the end – get ready, get set, get nuts!

CARS 3 Revs Up Their Engines Once Again To Race Home!

Jeri Jacquin

Racing into Bluray/DVD and Digital HD from writer/director Brian Fee, Pixar Animated Studios and Walt Disney Home Entertainment is everyone’s favorite racers with CARS 3.

Lightening McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) has been a winner on the track race after race. That is until one day a big race that he felt was a win suddenly changes when a new generation car speeds past to take the win. Shocked, McQueen meets Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), a new race car that is all teched out and he isn’t sure how to deal with it.

When an event on the track happens, McQueen goes back to his little town to basically hide. That is until his friends Sally (Bonnie Hunt), Luigi (Tony Shalhoub) and Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) convince him that he needs to reach out Rust-eze, the sponsor who is now owned by Sterling (Nathan Fillion).

Sterling gives McQueen trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) who makes her duty to get him up to speed, literally, before the next big race in Florida. Wanting to go back to training the old-school way, McQueen and Cruz begin to understand one another.

But there is still one more thing McQueen needs to do and that’s return to where his mentor Doc (Paul Newman) lived and discover what motivated him! He meets Smokey (Chris Cooper) who introduced him to old-school racers who push McQueen.

When they arrive in Florida, McQueen begins to realize that the racing world is changing and it might be time for him to change too!

Wilson as McQueen once again brings humor and fun to his vocal role. This is a character that just continues to grow, even if he doesn’t understand why he has to. Wanting to be the best for as long as he can isn’t a new concept in life and McQueen eventually shows us all that being the best only changes when we realize change can be oh so good!

Alonzo as Cruz is a young lady car that absolutely needs to know her worth. As McQueen begins to understand her drive, he realizes that he can either help his new friend or be part of the problem. I love Cruz’s get up and go but also her dreams.

Cooper as Smokey brings in the old school gang to straighten out McQueen letting him know that Doc has always been with him. Those scenes are extremely touching. Hammer as Storm is a car that plays to the cameras but his wit even though it is stingingly aimed at McQueen. The addition of Fillion as Sterling is an owner that seems committed to McQueen but, of course he’s only in it for what he can get out of it and not the love of racing. 

Larry the Cable Guy as Mater is till the sweetest and sometimes smartest car of them all. He wants what is best for his friends, believes in them and will drop everything to help them. He helps McQueen in ways that even Mater doesn’t realize. Larry will always be Mater! 

Other cast includes Ray Magliozzi as Dusty, Kerry Washington as Natalie Certain, Bob Costas as Bob Cutlass, Margo Martindale as Louise Nash, Darrell Waltrip as Darrell Cartrip and Isiah Whitlock Jr. as River Scott. 

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment began distributing under its own label in 1980 and continues to bring quality programming to kids and kids at heart. Home of the most beloved animated features including SNOW WHITE, PINOCCHIO and SLEEPING BEAUTY to name a few is what keeps families coming back for more. To see what is currently available to add to your own family library please visit. for their At Home titles!

The Bluray/DVD and Digital HD Special Features include Exclusive New Mini-Movie: Miss Fritter’s Racing Skool, Theatrical Short: Lou [Deleted Scenes], Cruz Ramirez: The Yellow Car that Could, Let’s. Get. Crazy., Ready for the Race, Cars to Die For, Generations: The Story of Cars 3, My First Car, Legendary, World’s Fastest Billboard, Commentary, Cars D’oeuvres, Cars 3 Trailers, Cars 3 Car Reveals and Cars 3 Set Fly-Throughs.

CARS 3 is an absolute and fast riding winner! It is fantastic that Pixar and Disney have returned to the original formula that made the original CARS so much fun. Having come full circle with the inclusion of Paul Newman’s character just brought a tear.

The story gives each character an added depth of loyalty, belief in one another, can-do attitude and even when feeling defeated the uplifting of friends. It is thrilling that the original cast came together bringing all the comedy and laughs I felt missing in the second film.

Everyone in the audience truly had a great time and with school ending it is a great beginning to the summer family movie going experience. Lightening McQueen and the gang have brought their story full circle and it is nothing short of well done and fun. 

Grab the family and curl up on the sofa with some popcorn and an amazing story from beloved friends who just happen to be CARS. 

In the end – It’s not over until lightning strikes!

Dr. Seuss’ HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS on Fuzzy Bluray is a Must Have for the Holidays!

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray/DVD and Digital HD from director Ron Howard and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is amazing holiday fun with Dr. Seuss’ HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS.

In the land of Whoville lives a little Who named Cindy Lou (Taylor Momsen). Feeling rather blue about the holidays she is watching her parents Lou Lou Who (Bill Irwin) and Betty Lou (Molly Shannon) relish the holidays.

Mayor Maywho (Jeffrey Tambor) along with his sidekick Whobris (Clint Howard) are preparing for the Who-bilation that brings everyone close – well, except for one person. Up on the mountain lives the Grinch (Jim Carrey), an unhappy Who-villain who doesn’t see how anything good can come of Christmas.

Cindy Lou has the idea to get to know the Grinch and starts by talking to those who knew him growing up. Martha May Whovier (Christine Baranski) told her story about a young Grinch has how badly he was treated by Who-children but it is clear she still has feelings for the Grinch.

Going up the mountain, Cindy Lou meets the Grinch and tells him that he is chosen to be the Cheer-meister at the Who-bilation. Convincing him to join them in town, the Grinch dresses for the occasion in his own unique way. Once in town he joins in the festivities but all too quickly it turns into mayhem. 

Returning to his lair, he plans to make Christmas less jovial for the town people. The best way for him to do this is by stealing their holiday. Waiting until Christmas Eve, the Grinch slinks and slithers through every Who home taking anything that might bring cheer!

That’s when the unexpected happens and the holiday as they all know it changes them all!

Carrey as the Grinch is absolutely stunning and he has been welcome into our homes since the film’s release in 2000. He brought humor, laughter, craziness and green to levels that will never be duplicated. The original animated classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas first arrived on television in 1966 and it was a revelation for the holidays. Carrey brought the character alive in ways that continue to delight families. No one else could have pulled this off – no one.

Irwin and Shannon as Cindy Lou’s parents are delightful and loving towards their daughter and crazy about the Who holidays. They are festive and fun wanting love and joy for the holidays. Tambor is crazy good as the Mayor and Howard as his sidekick is equally hilarious. Baranski as Martha May is Who-ville’s Jessica Rabbit! She is sweet and feeling a bit nostalgic towards the Grinch and I loved her performance.

The absolute winner here is Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou. She is delightful, adorable, sassy, hilarious, giggly and a voice that just resonate into all of our childhoods. I love her gutsy spirit and no nonsense when it comes to believing that the Grinch has every right to be considered a member of Who-ville’s citizenry. 

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

The Bluray/DVD includes the Bonus Features of Deleted Scenes, Spotlight on Location, Who School Makeup Application and Design, Seussian Set Decoration, Visual Effects, Faith Hill’s song “Where Are You Christmas”, Theatrical Trailer and Feature Commentary by Director Ron Howard. 

How can anyone not have this film for the holidays? Especially now that it is wrapped in a fur cover that is totally awesome and Grinchy! Dr. Seuss’ HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS has become an iconic part of the holidays for everyone. 

The message of love, friendship, belief, reconnection and forgiveness are everything we have come to celebrate about the holidays. From memorable moments of song to watching the Grinch’s heart go from two sizes to small to enormous, gather the family together one more time to laugh and love Dr. Seuss’ HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS.

In the end – He puts the mean in green!

HOME ALONE 2 Lost in New York Arrives for the Holidays to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

This week on Bluray from writer John Hughes, director Chris Columbus and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a signal that the holidays are upon us with HOME ALONE 2 Lost in New York.

Once again the Christmas season is here and there is a mad dash to the airport for the McCallisters. Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) becomes confused and separated from his family. Taking the plane he thinks his family is on, Kevin ends up in the Big Apple!

Checking into a swanky hotel, Kevin takes advantage of life in the big city and a twitchy hotel manager Mr. Hector (Tim Curry) to live it up a little. He meets the Pigeon Lady (Brenda Fricker) in the park and after hearing her story knows things must change. He also is drawn to a toy store owned by E.F. Duncan (Eddie Bracken) that is magical for many.

He also sees Harry (Joe Pesci) & Marv (Daniel Stern), the burglars who made his life difficult back home and learns what they have planned – and it isn’t good. When Harry and Marv see Kevin – their lust for revenge brings them right into the hands of a master kid who knows how to set traps! 

In the meantime mom Kate (Catherine O’Hara) and dad Peter (John Heard) realize they have once again lost their son and will do what they have to when it comes to having the family together for the holidays.

It is another McCallister Christmas to remember!

Culkin as Kevin is now and forever the kid who brought a twist to Christmas and also brought this series of films into everyone’s holiday. Now that the film is on Bluray, it means that family’s can actually plan a movie night that includes the antics of Kevin and the gang. In this film Culkin is still that kid who has a twinkle in his eye and really isn’t afraid of much once he gets it in his head that no one is going to ruin another holiday!

Pesci as Harry is hilarious, continually and amazingly hilarious. Of course Pesci can play a bad guy with the best of them as he has proven over and over again. When it comes to comedy, Pesci is equally as talented and no one can say differently. Stern as Marv is the guy who follows along with everything – even when it knows it might not end well. I love Stern in this role because he has such a childlike quality and yes, he sure can do a pratfall like no one else!

Fricker as the Pigeon Lady is lovely, endearing, sweet and reminds me of the bird-lady in Mary Poppins. I don’t mind that at all because she gives Kevin focus on the true meaning of love and friendship – even with bird droppings on her shoulder. Bracken as E.F. Duncan is a man who still has a heart for the holidays and an even bigger heart for knowing what his city needs.

O’Hara as Kate is a mother on a mission as she once again navigates the terror that is getting home. Heard as Peter seems less stressed but then again Kate has enough for everyone. 

It must be said that seeing Tim Curry in the role of the Concierge is nothing short of fantastic. His facial expressions are perfection and every scene he is in I savor. Yes, a Curry fan most definitely and in this film he deserves a shout out!

Other cast include Devin Ratray as Buzz, Hillary Wolf as Megan, Maureen Shay as Linnie, Michael Maronna as Jeff, Gerry Bamman as Uncle Frank, and Terrie Snell as Aunt Leslie. The film also hosts Rob Schneider as the Bellman, Bob Eubanks as the Ding-Dang-Dong Host, Rip Taylor, Jaye P. Morgan, Jimmie Walker, and Ally Sheedy.  

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HOME ALONE 2 Lost in New York is such an amazing family film filled with humor, family, life, love and all the insanity that goes with that (even if you have to nutty burglars chasing you around). My own kids watched all of the Home Alone films over and over never tiring of the antics and now they are sharing their memories to a new generation. 

So when out doing early holiday shopping (admit it – you are doing it!) pick up a copy for your own home entertainment library and let Kevin, Harry and Marv along with the entire McCallister family help you celebrate with HOME ALONE 2 Lost in New York.

In the end – he is up past his bedtime in a city that never sleeps!
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