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Jeri Jacquin

Currently streaming on Apple+ from director Dennis Lehane is the story of a man who had it all and became careless with it in BLACK BIRD. 

Jimmy Keene (Taron Egerton) is a handsome and impeccably dressed young man who finds himself in a position of losing money and defending a friend who cheated and lied. Thinking that event was over, his house is raided by the FBI. Now he has traded in his impeccable suits for an orange coverall.

Visiting his son is, Big Jim Keene (Ray Liotta), a former cop, tells Jimmy that local prosecutor Edmund Beaumont (Robert Wisdom) can not be bought. Pleading guilty, he discovers that everyone who promised a few years lied as the judge hands down a 10-year prison sentence. Seven months in Jimmy comes face to face with Beaumont again and with Agent Lauren McCauley (Sepideh Moafi).

Admitting that Jimmy could charm his way out of anything, Agent McCauley wants Jimmy to get information from a serial killer. In exchange for his help, Jimmy would get full commutation of his sentence. If he doesn’t get the information then he is back where he started. At first, he says no because he does not trust Beaumont, but McCauley leaves the file for him to see what they are up against – and he starts to read. 

In 1994, Brian Miller (Greg Kinnear) is a Chief County Investigator for the sheriff along with Officer Holt (Trazi Lashawn) found one of the young victims in a corn field. Beginning their investigation, Miller discovers that the information they have matches with other incidences that have happened. Officer Chris Drysdale (Carlo Alban) mentions Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser) and Miller’s ears are burning. 

A chance to interview Hall, Miller also meets Det. Aborn (Cullen Moss) and they all think that the talk is a waste of time. That is until Larry starts talking about what he dreams about and about brother Gary (Jake McLaughlin) and then when presented with a photograph of a young woman, it all falls apart. 

Miller has no choice but to take it up the chair, enter Beaumont and McCauley and deciding if Jimmy can handle dealing with a serial killer. Bring Larry in again, he again starts talking and this time about his depression and loneliness and it leads to a shocking confession. As the team gets things on paper, they are shocked once again. Brother Gary is furious with the police and refuses to believe anything they say about Larry.

Now, Jimmy is being transferred to Springfield to the prison where Larry is being held. The rules are simple, don’t make an instant friendship with Hall, don’t break any rules and the only people who know who he really is are the warden and Dr. 

Outside, the court of appeals is moving forward and so is the schedule that Jimmy is on. Now the real story begins.

Egerton as Keene is a kid who has spent most of his life without doing what ever he wanted as if almost feeling bulletproof. Prison definetly is not for him so when offered a way out, he did not trust it because of lies he had been told before prison. The more he talks with the FBI, and with his father ill, Keene decides this is a way out. Egerton gives his character so much charm and, dare I say, almost as sly as Larry Hall without the murder. As he listens to the stories that are meant to free him, the walls are closing in and Egerton shows us that Keene is no longer bulletproof – he is literally crawling his way to freedom.

Kinnear as Miller is struck from the moment he is taken to the body of Jessica Roache. The look that this actor gives lets you know from that moment on, nothing is going to stop him from finding the killer. Hitting wall after wall, Miller twists, turns and dodges until he gets the answers. Kinnear does a stellar job in this role and I enjoyed it immensely which is odd considering the content of the material.

Moafi as McCauley is the proverbial dog with a bone. No one is going to convince this agent that anyone else is responsible other than Larry. Teaming up with Miller, they pull apart and piece together clues that lead to shocking revelations. Moafi gives her character courage, righteous anger and a coolness that I gave plenty of nods too.

Liotta as Big Keene is a father who is trying to do the right thing after knowing he was not the father he should have been. The problem is, now he is going overboard and puts his son’s life in danger. It was awesome to see Liotta and will be missed on big and small screens. Wisdom as Beaumont is doing his job but, in Keene’s eyes, he is not to be trusted. Alban as Drysdale can not believe that Larry could do anything wrong and refers to him as a “serial confessor”. McLaughlin as Gary is a dedicated brother who will protect him to the end – but what will it cost humanity?

Now, I save this for last because I still am stunned (but I shouldn’t be) at the performance of Paul Walter Hauser as Larry. The first time I truly noticed this actor was in the 2019 film RICHARD JEWELL and was gob smacked at his performance. When I read that he was in BLACK BIRD along with Egerton, I knew I had to see it. I was not disappointed – instead, I was disturbed, disgusted, confused, angry, yelling at the screen and exhausted by the end of the series. THAT is how you know that only Hauser could have played this role. Every moment Hauser is on screen is pure perfection (again, is weird considering the material, right?). He takes the audience on a journey as Larry of insanity, justification, weird innocence, even weirder childhood and a way of talking that is almost hypnotic and explanations that are jaw dropping. 

Apple+ is a video on demand web television that debuted in 2019. Viewable through Apple’s TV app, CEO Tim Cook wanted original content calling it “a great opportunity for us from a creation point of view”. From THE MORNING SHOW to TRYING and THE BANKER and Jason Momoa in SEE, there is plenty of choices for everyone. Plenty of genres? That is exactly what they are bringing to viewers and to see more of what they have to offer please visit

Director Lehane should be awarded for what he has put together with a cast that is so well chosen and riveting to watch. The mixture of flashbacks, the victims’ stories and those involved whirlwind around Keene and Hall as their own story unfolds. It is the bouncing back and forth between Keene and Hall that is a match that will send the brain scrambling. 

There is not one episode that wavers with the breakdown at the end of reality for almost everyone involved. The breaking point is so fragile in each of the characters that being prepared for it – I wasn’t. 

In the end – only one knows the truth until now!

Get Ready to Dine to THE MENU

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres this Friday from director Mark Mylod and Searchlight Pictures is the tasty and delectable food on THE MENU.

On a beautiful island, a very special dining experience with Chef Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) awaits invited guests. Arriving on the dock are food critic Lillian (Janet McTeer) and Ted (Paul Adelstein), a movie star (John Leguizamo) who loves to drop names and his assistant Felicity (Aimee Carrero), Richard (Reed Birney) and wife Anne (Judith Light), and business buddies Bryce (Rob Yang), Soren (Arturo Castro) and Dave (Mark St. Cry).

Finally, foodie groupie Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) and date Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) follow the group led by Elsa (Hong Chau). Explaining the surroundings of how the menu is created for the Hawthorne, it is clear that the staff is devoted to Chef Slowick. Led into the dining room, the group is served wine as they wait for the chef to appear.

When he does, he explains that the courses are special and have meaning. From molecular gastronomy to art on a plate, Chef Slowick wants his guests to taste everything. That is when Elsa whispers to the chef that Margot is a guest not on the original list. That upsets the him as he explains each part of the experience was perfectly planned and, Margot is not eating the food in front of her. 

Tyler is jealous that the chef wants to speak to her and not him but is not going to let that stop him from enjoying the plates put before him. As the evening progresses and the wine flows, the truth of their dining experience becomes clearer than a wine glass! 

Fiennes as Slowik gives a performance that is deliberate, controlled and knowledgeable. Even when you think he is going to lose control, he diverts to a story that should tell the guests everything. Fiennes is just a plate of perfection in this role and is the straight man to the last frame of the film. I just adore this performance from him.

Taylor-Joy as Margot is just a strong mysterious character who is not afraid of saying what she thinks or standing her ground. Even as she comes face to face with the chef, Margot does not back down as her part in all this expands more and more. Taylor-Joy meets his control word for word and even her panic is controlled and it is powerful.

Hoult as Tyler is just that guy who is so drawn into being a foodie groupie that he blocks out everything else that is happening. Upset with Margot that she does not share in his obsession, he looks forward to each plate with tunnel vision. Hoult gives it his all and although irritating at moments, his character has a purpose.

Bloom and Adelstein are so precocious that its hilarious and proves that having an opinion can be, well, dangerous. Leguizamo and Carrero have their own boss/employee issues with each other as the name dropper has his own confessions to make. Birney and Light are a couple that has spent a lot of time at Hawthorne dining and its time to pay the check.

Yang, Castro and Cyr are three men who have their own secrets that will take flight right before their eyes. 

A big mad respect shout-out to Chau as Elsa because I loved ever minute she was on screen. This character is not afraid of anything or anyone and has no problem saying ‘no’. The scene when the three business men try to bread-bully Elsa, she says with a straight face ‘no’, I broke out laughing. Chau is stunning!

Other cast include Christina Brucato as Katherine, Peter Grosz as the Sommelier, Adam Aalderks as Jeremy, Jon Paul Allyn as the Boat Waiter and Rebecca Koon as Linda.

Searchlight Pictures is responsible for such films as SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, 12 YEARS A SLAVE, THE SHAPE OF WATER and THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI. They have an extensive film library as well as documentaries, scripted series, and limited series. For more information, please visit

THE MENU is nothing short of a plate full of perfection, it is deliciously phuged-up and I could not get enough of it. Keeping the cast in one room 99% of the time is brilliantly done and as Fiennes character controls every aspect, it is thrilling to watch how each character begins to crack around the edges and Taylor-Joy matching wits with the chef. 

Those in the kitchen also have a part to play and are the raw characters. They are dedicated to the chef and they seem detached from everything that is happening. Focused on making delicious and intricate food, you hardly ever see them looking into the dining room. It was actually kind of freaky and disturbing but I loved it as well. 

The plates of food served are stunningly beautiful but, like Margot, is probably not something I would eat. That makes her character relatable on so many non-conformist levels. The last plate served was exactly my cup of flower-tea sizzling with no pretentiousness or fan-fare. 

Vague enough? Of course this is, why would I give away the best parts of the film when THE MENU is waiting to serve you as well. I am just going to let my palate savor every drop of what Chef Slowik served up and keep his secret recipes for everyone else to discover.

In the end – wonderful surprises wait you all!

Coming to Bluray are THE FABELMANS

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from writer/director Steven Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the tender story of THE FABELMANS.

Burt Fabelman (Paul Dano) and his wife Mitizi (Michelle Williams) are about to introduce their son Sam (Mateo Francis-DeFord) to his first movie, THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Watching in a crowded theatre, his attention is captivated during the circus train crash. Now, the young boy is wanting only one thing – a train set.

Wishing for a train set for Hannukah, Sam takes it one step further when mom Mitzi puts an 8 mm camera into his hands. What comes from all of this is a young boy’s dream coming true. He can not stop himself from creating more and more stories on film with his sisters Reggie (Birdie Borria), Natalie (Alina Brace) and Lisa (Sophia Kopera) as his actors.

The family gets together with family friend Bennie Loewy (Seth Rogen) and it is movie night. That is until the family moves to Phoenix, Arizona as dad Burt moves up in the technology world. Growing up, Sam (Gabriel LaBelle) never stops making films and while in Boy Scouts uses the opportunity to make his own film to get a badge.

When a family tragedy happens, Burt asks his son to put together something lovely for mom to bring her some joy. Uncle Boris (Judd Hirsch) comes to visit and tells Sam that he comes from a family of artists and what that can do to a person but it also those words leave a lasting impression. So much so, that Sam discovers something about his mom that he cannot deal with in the right way.

Once again, the family moves to norther California and Sam has lost the urge to create and puts his camera down. Focusing on school, a new challenge happens as antisemitism reaches into his life. Through harassment and bullying, Sam learns that he must take a stand in some way and with the help of girlfriend Monica (Chloe East) and a 16mm camera, he takes on a high school event to present at prom.

Now ready for college, the family dynamic has changed and Sam must face his father with what he wants for life. After years of dad calling his filmmaking a ‘hobby’, the young man finally says the words to make his father understand that everything has led up to that moment.

These are the Fabelmans!

Williams as Mitzi is a complex, complicated and very supportive wife which keep the family moving forward. That comes with the flaws of being a woman in 1952 and the stereotypes of keeping a perfect house with perfect kids and a perfect marriage. All of that comes with a price and William’s portrayal for Mitzi shows us that the cost is so personally destructive. Once again, this actress gives a performance that will make the list of awards but more importantly, leaves an impression for the viewer that is shaken and stirred.

Dano as Burt is a father trying to get ahead in the business world creating, supporting a family and making everyone happy. He is also set in the 50s stereotype that he does not realize affects his son. Dad wants a studious kid who will one day follow in his footsteps and although supportive, in a way, of his son, he continues to consider it only a ‘hobby’. Dano gives Burt that struggle of a man who has one idea of family in his head while the reality of family is passing him by. Dano is stunning!

LaBelle as Sam is nothing short of fantastic. He also lives in this world created by the times he lives but does not quite fit into the mold everything thinks he should. While excited about the prospect of making film and supported by his mother, he runs into those who can not embrace the prospect of filmmaking as a career. There are such beautiful moments that LaBelle provides in his role of Sam that are touching and heartbreaking all at the same time. We follow his life of creativity and growing pains willingly because the viewer also wants him to succeed. That is acting at its finest and well-done LaBelle!

Rogen as Bennie is Burt’s best friend and basically an uncle to the kids. They share everything together and it is all beautiful, until it isn’t. Rogen is equally into his work as Burt and also shares his total support of Sam and his filmmaking showing up for every showing. Rogen keeps his character a bit on the back burner of the Fabelman family. The scene between Bennie and Sam at the camera store is so heartbreaking to watch, trust me on this.

Shout out to Mateo Francis-DeFord as the young Sam because here is a young actor who just melted my heart. I know that feeling of being in a theatre for the first time and worrying about everything being so big when you are so little. My first film was BAMBI, and my ‘train scene’ was the death of Bambi’s mother and while everyone else around me was crushed and crying, I was riveted. Francis-DeFord took me there once again and that, for me, is priceless so thank you young man and extremely well done.

Other cast include Robin Bartlett as Tina Schildkraut, Sam Rechner as Logan Hall, Oakes Fegley as Chad Thomas, Isabelle Kusman as Claudia Denning, Jan Hoag as Nona, Nicolas Cantu as Hark, Cooper Dodson as Turkey, Gabriel Bateman as Roger, Lane Factor as Dean, Chandler Lovelle as Renee, Keeley Karsten as the older Natalie Fabelman, Julia Butters as the older Reggie Fabelman, Jeannie Berlin as Hadassah Fabelman and David Lynch as John Ford.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

MOVIES ANYWHERE gives viewers the ability to download the Movies Anywhere App. With that you can view films by downloading or streaming to your favorite device using a Digital Code. For more information on Movies Anywhere please visit

Bonus Features on Bluray, DVD and Digital are THE FABELMANS: A Personal Journey, Family Dynamics, and Crafting the World of the Fabelmans. 

THE FABELMANS is written by Steven Spielberg with co-writer Tony Kushner who has written with the Oscar winner on the 2005 film MUNICH, the 2012 film LINCOLN and the 2021 WEST SIDE STORY.

On the recreating of his early works, Spielberg says, “It was joyful being able to recreate those films. I shot a lot of films when I was a kid on 8mm. It was unique in those days. Not a lot of people were going out and shooting in 8mm. It was physical; it was a craft. You had to sit there with a splicer, and then you had to scrape the emulsion off the film in order to get a seal so when you put glue on it, you literally glued the film together. I must say, I miss it.”

Being semi-autobiographical, it really is not something I concentrated on watching the film. Instead, I let the story tell me what it wanted to tell me in any way it wanted to present itself. Fact or fiction did not mean anything because THE FABELMANS swept me up in a story of family, love, secrets, perceptions, realities, sadness, fun and possibilities. These are all things that are relatable no matter who you are.

The cast is one of the best I have seen in a long time and with even the short stint for Hirsch, he was just so lovely to watch as a man who knows the pain of creativity! He sees what Sam is reaching for and although supports it, slaps on a warning label as well. Each character is memorable and unique to the journey we are all invited on.

For some it will be a look into the past of how the world perceived the role over mother, father, husband, wife and expectations of kids. Spielberg is doing what he does the best taking us from point A to Z with a box of tissue in-between, the dude is beautifully exhausting.

In the end – capture every moment!

AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD, Digital and On-Demand from directors Joe Zelada, Richard Claus and Shout! Factory Kids is the tale of AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon.

Hidden deep in the jungle of the Amazon, Ainbo (Lola Raie) is a 13-year-old-girl who wants nothing more than to be the best huntress for her tribe. Zumi (Naomi Serrano) is her best friend and is about to be crowned the Queen of the Candamo civilization.

Caught in her own favorite tree trap, spirit guides Dillo the armadillo and Vaca the tapir who tell Ainbo that they are Zumi’s spirit guides. She is going to need them as the curse of Yacuruna seems to be taking over the jungle. Trying to gift them to Zumi, Dillo (Dino Andrade) and Vaca (Joe Hernandez) don’t show up and it causes the tribe to think she is lying.

Chuni (Alejandra Gollas), who takes care of the girls, causes Ainbo to run away with the nasty Atok (Rene Mujica) chasing them running into the westerner Cornell DeWitt (Thom Hoffman). In the forest, the two spirits tell her that Motelo Mama (Susana Ballesteros) the turtle can help with the quest that she is now on and talks more about Ainbo’s favorite tree. From there she finds the sloth spirit Pelejo (Rico Sola) who gives her another item on her journey to a volcano. 

Coming back to the tribe, Ainbo finds that Atok and Zumi are in the company of DeWitt who promises to cure the illness of the people and land in exchange for gold. Calling upon her mother Lizeni (Yeni Alvarez), two who are against one another become one in the fight for the people of Candamo!

Raie as the voice of Ainbo gives the young girl all the emotions of a 13-year-old. She is insecure, unsure but loves her tribe and best friend Zumi. Willing to take on the journey that could save them all from destruction, she embraces all the danger with a bravery she did not know she possessed. 

Serrano as the voice of Zumi may not have started out a queen but quickly let it be known she knows what to do for Ainbo and her people. Trying to understand the outlander, it becomes clear what he wants because they don’t see gold in the same way. Mujica as Atok has his own personal issues and they constantly get in the way of doing the right thing. 

Andrade as Dillo and Hernandez as Vaca are wonderful companions to Ainbo on their journey. They try to help the best they can but sometimes manage to get into more chaos but it all works out for the best. 

Other cast include Gerardo Prat as Conibo and Bernardo De Paula as Huarinka.

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty and The Beast. Also, their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

DVD Bonus Features include special Featurette About the Making of AINBOW: SPIRIT OF THE AMAZON and the Music Video. 

Directors Zelada and Claus previously worked in the film THE LITTLE VAMPIRE with this film being the first animated film from the Tunche Films in Miraflores. The story itself was written by Jose Zelada. Bringing in Claus from the Amsterdam Cool Beans Studio created a collaboration between Peru and the Netherlands. The added history of AINBO is that the Zelada family lived near the Amazon Basin in the 80’s and they listened to local stories of the rain forest.

An official selection of the 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival and recently nominated for Best Feature, Best Sound Design and Best Original Music at the Ibero-American animation Quirino Awards in Madrid. AINBOW: Spirit of the Amazon smashed the box office in Spain and garnered international box office successes in France, Australia, New Zealand and Central America. 

AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon is a colorful, exciting and wonderful film that tells a story of what is truly important to this young girl. With no concern for her own safety, she tackles every obstacle in front of her to keep moving forward to find the answer. That answer is what will save her people and repair old wounds she didn’t even know surrounded her.

The friendship between Ainbo, Dillo and Vaca are just priceless and necessary, especially when the two girls find themselves at odds over what to believe about a stranger in their midst. New alliances are made because nothing has changed for Ainbo who will do anything to stop the chaos and the destruction headed towards her village.

In the end – it is a wild jungle adventure!

​CORALINE and PARANORMAN Are Classics on 4k UHD

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to 4K UHD from Laika and Shout! Factory are two classic films with CORALINE and PARANORMAN.

In 2009, writer/director Henry Selick took a story by Neil Gaiman and brought the most amazing dark stop-motion film with CORALINE. 

Coraline (voiced by Dakota Fanning) is a young girl who lives with parents Melanie (Teri Hatcher) and Charlie (John Hodgman) she is dealing with the new move a pink house in Ashland, Oregon. Almost instantly she makes friends with Wybie (Robert Bailey) and an interesting black cat. Living in another apartment of the house is the very limber and eccentric Sergei Alexander Bobinsky (Ian McShane), actress April Spink (Jennifer Saunders), and Miriam Forcible (Dawn French).

Wybie gives Coraline a doll that he thought looked a lot like her but the doll has a few things to teach the young girl. A door into a parallel universe opens and waiting for her is another Mother and Father who spend their time paying attention to her. Her parents are still busy with their workaholic lives that they don’t notice their daughters’ comings and goings.

The problem comes when Coraline is visiting her other parents and they want her to stay. The only caveat is that she has to exchange her eyes and she is stunned. When she tries to leave, other mother keeps her, well, hostage. The ghosts that are trapped as well finally tell Coraline everything she needs to know to stop the madness before her real parents become part of this nightmare!

Fanning gives life to the character of Coraline as a young girl dealing with a new home and parents who seem to be lost in their work. Finding her own place, she had no idea she would also be finding her own second world. Through everything she comes to understand how the world is and that she is loved.

CORALINE Special Features include Disc One New 4K Restoration and Dolby Atmos 7.1 Mix. Disc Two Inside Laika – Discovering the Characters of CORALINE Featuring Rare Test Footage, Inside Laika – Revisiting the Puppets with Laika’s Animation Team, Character, Concept Art and Behind-The-Scenes Photo Galleries, Audio Commentary with Director Henry Selick and Composer Bruno Coulais, The Making of CORALINE, Original Featurettes, Deleted Scenes and Feature Length Storyboards. 

In 2012, writer/directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell’s stop-motion film PARANORMAN came to the screen. 

Norman (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is a young boy who has the unique ability to speak with his grandmother who just happens to be dead. No one believes what he can do and it causes Norman to spend a lot of time alone. Neil (Tucker Albrizzi) is also a kid who sort of understands Norman. As a school play is rehearsing a play about witch-executions, Norman’s great-uncle Prenderghast (John Goodman) tells him he has to help protect the town of Blithe Hollow.

While the play is going on, Norman has a ghoulish site of what happened in the past. His father Perry (Jeff Garlin) and mother Sandra (Leslie Mann) know that there is something happening and are more than concerned. Learning that his great-uncle has passed, imagine Norman’s surprise when he sees him in the afterlife as he tells the boy to get a book that can help. 

Going with the local graveyard he thinks to read from the book but school bully Alvin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) wants to have his own twisted fun. Trying to complete his reading, Norman, Neil, his sister Courtney (Anna Kendrick) and Mitch (Casey Affleck) are chased by what could only be called zombies! That slows everything down and when a witch causes mayhem, Norman is knocked out only to see Aggie Prenderghast (Jodelle Ferland) and what happened to her.

Mayhem is hitting Blithe as vengeful spirits go after the town and Norman is the only person that knows how to stop it all and become the hero he never thought he’d be! 

Smit-McPhee as Norman is a young boy also trying to find his place in this world even though he has a look inside the next. Loving his family, he also struggles with knowing that people he loves don’t truly understand him. When the other world reaches out to him, Norman does not hesitate to find out what is causing the problems and realizing that he is the key to helping!

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty and The Beast. Also, their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

Laika is an American stop-motion animation studio specializing in feature films. The studios is best known for THE BOXTROLLS, KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS and MISSING LINK. To see more of what Laika has to offer please visit 

PARANORMAN Special Features Include Disc One New 4K Restoration and New Dolby Atmos 7.1 Mix. Disc Two Inside Laika – Discovering the Characters and Effects of PARANORMAN Featuring Rare Test Footage, Inside Laika – Revisiting the Puppets with Laika’s Animation Team, Feature-Length Storyboards, Character, Concept Art and Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery and Audio Commentary with writer/director Chris Butler and Co-Director Sam Fell. 

CORALINE and PARANORMAN are such iconic characters and bringing them back gives everyone another chance to update their home entertainment library. The deep darkness feeling and colors are stunning and add depth of richness to the story being told. 

CORALINE started it all for my family and every film since is a joy for us. To be honest, we watch it several times a year and when it pops up on television, we know its time to pop some corn and watch again! The story is one of family, understanding and love mixed in with all the crazy stuff we love to experience.

PARANORMAN is charming and thrilling keeping in line with our favorite Laika films. Norman is a young boy also trying to find his place in two worlds. We love what he is able to do and watching this film, we constantly cheer as he tries and tries to help the people who have not shown him much understanding.

Laika always tells such amazing stories and uses stop-motion that allow families to embrace such fantastic characters. Now, both films return on 4K UHD (Limited SteelBook Edition) for the first time and that makes the holiday gift giving season even more special. Perennial favorites and critically acclaimed, CORALINE and PARANORMAN stop-motion and CG hybrid techniques were both nominated for Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Films.

In the end – these are stories of unusual kids who we love to watch again and again!


Jeri Jacquin

Today on Digital HD and coming to Bluray from writer/director Martin McDonagh and Searchlight Pictures is the story of a friendship that is going through its paces with THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN.

It is 1923 Ireland on the island of Inisherin and Colm Doherty (Brendan Gleeson) and best friend and drinking buddy Padraic (Colin Farrell) are having a problem. Well, it actually seems that Colm has a problem and Padraic is confused. Out of nowhere, Colm decides he does not want to be friends with Padraic any longer.

Padraic is not the only one confused as the news reaches everyone in the sleepy little town. The only answer Colm seems to give is that he wants more out of life and friendships and Padraic just doesn’t have what it takes. Colm wants music, conversation and to be remembered for something other than drinking with his pal.

That does not sit well with Padraic who wants more answers and seeks out his friend time and time again. Frustrated, Colm gives Padraic an ultimatum – stop bothering him or he will do something horrific to make it clear. Someone else who does not understand the treatment of her brother is Padraic’s sister Siobhan (Kerry Condon) who does try to help. Taking care of her brother has been a full-time job.

It is the eerie Mrs. McCormick (Sheila Flitton) who warns of death in the town. Padraic starts to hang out with Dominic (Barry Keoghan) to at least have someone to vent to. When Dominic tells Padraic what is being said in town, he goes to Colm once again for answers and is only met with something vile being thrown at his door. But when one of Padraic’s animal friends is hurt by Colm’s threats, a side of Padraic is released that no one could have expected.

Friendships can be brutal.

Gleeson as Colm is a man going through changes. Practically overnight he has decided that his life should mean more and leaving something musically behind could be that thing. The one person he feels could stop him from having this new outlook is Padraic so, the friendship abruptly ends. Gleeson gives us a character that is resolved, literally, in making sure that no one stop him from what he wants. I just love the back and forth between he and Farrell. It is superb, strong and award worthy.

Farrell as Padraic is a man who does not want the changes. He enjoys his friendship with Colm and it boggles his mind that he would abruptly end it. Even given the reasons for the ending, it is not enough for Padraic. Farrell gives his character such a sad but determined place in this story. Sad in that he is so confused by his friend’s behavior and determined when things start to take a strange turn and another side of Padraic emerges. He is also superb, strong and award worthy.

Condon as Siobhan has been taking care of her brother in a life that hasn’t made her happy either. Trying to help the situation, she realizes they are both stubborn and it is time for her to think about life away from them all. Condon is not a weak woman in a man’s world, she is actually a strong woman on an island with crazy people (and I mean that in an ‘I know the feeling’ small town feeling way).

Keoghan as Dominic is a young man in love, or just really and truly wanting love. Finding friendship where he can, it is a small island and a small town so his choices are, well, small. Keoghan portrays his character in that smallness and it is tragically lovely.

Other cast include Pat Shortt as Jonjo Devine, Jon Kenny as Gerry, Brid Ni Neachtain as Mrs. O’Riordan, Gary Lydon as Peadar Kearney, Aaron Monaghan as Declan and David Pearse as the Priest.

Searchlight Pictures is responsible for such films as SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, 12 YEARS A SLAVE, THE SHAPE OF WATER and THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI. They have an extensive film library as well as documentaries, scripted series, and limited series. For more information, please visit

The Bonus Features include Creating THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN – Go into the inimitable mind of director-writer Martin McDonagh as he delves into THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN, from story inception and reunion of its gifted actors, to searching the islands of Ireland for the perfect, evocative locations. Also, Deleted Scenes with Chasing Colm, Colm Can’t Compose, Parent’s Grave and Peadar, Siobhan Crying Too Loud and Stoic Equals Boring. 

Director McDonagh has been one of my favorite filmmakers for quite some time. His films such as IN BRUGES (2008), SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS (2012, which is still one of my favorites) and THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI (2017) are only part of his repertoire. This film is equally as beautiful as those named above. Reuniting Gleason and Farrell (they starred together in IN BRUGES) is pure magic. 

THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN is a dark story of a friendship that has gone sideways. Keeping certain things out of this review because it needs to be experienced, just know when I say that these two have serious issues. Neither are sure what they want as their reasons will have heads shaking. 

I did not know whether to laugh or cry at the behavior of two grown men living on a sheltered island. Instead, my jaw spent a lot of time on the floor with their antics. Friendships are difficult enough at times, McDonagh has added a whole new layer of craziness that is completely wild. There are also undertones of a woman knowing it is time to make changes of her own as Siobhan realizes she cannot be her brother’s keeper forever.

THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN is a story filled with emotions, but not exactly the kind that one would expect of a friendship. 

In the end – everything was fine yesterday!

The True Story of SHE SAID

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from director Maria Schrader and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the true story of women fighting for justice with SHE SAID.

It is 2017 and Jodi Kantor (Zoe Kazan) is a reporter for the New York Times who receives a message from actress Rose McGowan. She tells about a sexual assault by the very famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein Mike Houston). She also learns that more actresses, Ashley Judd and Gwyneth Paltrow talk to Jodi but don’t want to be named in the article. 

Constantly being told not to name names, Jodi becomes frustrated and reaches out to reporter Megan Twohey (Carey Mulligan) for help. Now Megan begins to track down women who might have worked with Weinstein and one women she finds is afraid to talk because of an NDA she signed. Meanwhile, Jodi is confronting Miramax about payouts to accusers.

Finally, three women, Rowena Chiu (Angela Yeoh), Zelda Perkins (Samantha Morton) and Laura Madden (Jennifer Ehle) begin to slowly tell their stories as they are able. When Weinstein learns about what is happening, the war between he, the women along with Jodi and Megan begins. The more they dig, the dirtier it all gets but Jodi and Megan are not going to stop until everything is exposed. 

Mulligan as Twohey is a woman who is trying to juggle her life as a reporter for the New York Times and becoming a new mother and all that emotionally entails. Meeting up with Kantor, she begins to come out of her depression finding purpose in her work once again. Discovering that the story needs both women, Mulligan gives her character the strength to hear the worst a woman could. Mulligan is amazing!

Kazan as Kantor is not about to let anything stand in the way of making sure Weinstein’s abhorrent behavior is brought to the forefront and he is held accountable. Kazan gives her character the determination one would expect from a journalist who discovers that it is all so much more horrifying than she could have imagined. Kazan is stunning in this role.

Shout out to Patricia Clarkson as Corbett giving her character the strength to say ‘we are going to do this!’ and giving an impeccable performance and Andre Braugher portraying a no-nonsense boss who, with Corbett, want to make sure that the story is done right.

Cast also includes Zach Grenier as Irwin Reiter, Peter Friedman as Lanny Davis, Emily Steel as Sarah Ann Masse as Emily Steel, Lola Petticrew as young Laura, Molly Windsor as young Zelda, Tom Pelphrey as Jim Rutman, Frank Wood as Matt Purdy, Anastasia Barzee as Lisa Bloom, Sean Cullen as Lance Maerov, Adam Shapiro as Ron Lieber, Patricia Clarkson as Rebecca Corbett and Andre Braugher as Dean Baquet. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow’s voice and Ashley Judd as herself. 

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

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Exclusive Bonus Features on Bluray, DVD and Digital include Breaking the Story – As exclusive behind the scenes featurette with Journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor that recounts what it took for them to break this incredible true story and Theatrical Trailer. 

SHE SAID is a powerful film regarding the treatment of women by men in power. It reiterates what is happening in the world time and time again by men who, somehow, believe that they have the right to do whatever they want with no consequences. What they leave behind is a trail of women who had/have their lives destroyed for the rest of their lives.

Weinstein becomes trapped in his own criminal behaviors with rage, narcissism and the belief that his accusers are lying and that the journalists are trying to ruin him. Kantor and Twohey are not going to let lawyers or Weinstein or anyone else get in the way of finding justice for the women who’s lives he has ruined.

When the women start to discover their voices once again, it is clear that the power of those voices can push through any wall of deceit that their accuser continually tries to build. It is powerful as one by one the story is told and justice is finally being served so all the women can find healing.

In the end – it is the story behind the headlines!

Apple TV Brings Answers to the Final Season of SERVANT

Jeri Jacquin

Streaming on AppleTV+ tomorrow from M. Knight Shyamalan is the conclusion to the twisted and complicated series SERVANT.

Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) is decorating the house in anticipation of the return of Dorothy Turner (Lauren Ambrose). After her accident, it is time for Dorothy to return home to work on recovery and being home with son Jericho.

Husband Sean (Toby Kebbell) realizes there is a disconnect between he and Dorothy. He has his highly successful cooking show but it is on the back burner to the chaos in his home. Wanting to be there for his wife, she is distant and untrusting of him. Brother Julian (Rupert Grint) is wary of everything and even having problems in his relationship with Leanne.

There is something outside the brownstone that is determined to get Leanne back into the fold. Attack after attack, she manages to keep them at bay. When Dorothy returns, there is animosity between the two women that Leanne can not seem to grasp. Dorothy is determined to get well and calls on two women Bobbie (Barbara Kingsley) and Bev (Denny Dillon) to care for her.

Leanne is starting to unravel and everyone in the house sees it – especially Julian. As Bobbie and Bev make their mark on the Turner household, Leanne makes it clear that she is not happy with what is happening and it must be said, when Leanne isn’t happy bad things begin to happen.

As if they already haven’t been happening.

Ambrose as Dorothy is a woman who is clearly on the warpath. She may not be able to physically get to Leanne but she sure knows how to play the game. There are concessions to be made where Jericho is concerned but Dorothy is going to have her way. Ambrose has always given such complexity to the role of Dorothy and it has been mind boggling and delightful all at the same time. Keeping it together mentally was worth watching every moment of, now it’s time to see what Ambrose does physically with Dorothy and I’m all in. Well done!

Free as Leanne has gone from a sweet, loving, caring – oh wait, that was only in the first few episodes. Clearly this character begins to come into her own and discovers that she has something that other people want. Trying to stay away from those who would keep her captive, she makes a place for herself with the Turner family. The problem is that they are starting to question whether she truly does have a place. Free is absolutely stunning as Leanne and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her embrace and take this role in places I didn’t see coming. 

Kebbell as Sean is dealing with his own personal guilt. Constantly being pulled from Dorothy to Leanne and back again, I’m surprised he doesn’t have whiplash from the first three seasons. Now, with Dorothy literally down in the dumps, he might find a way to get back to her with the help of two little old ladies and a bit of ‘chef’ing. Kebbell has shown his character to be a bit of a narcissist and self-centered, but in this season, Kebbell has to show contrition with Sean and I have no doubt in my mind that will lead to choosing between Leanne and Dorothy for the fight of their lives.

Grint as Julian has, through these seasons, been the reason I laugh, a lot of jaw dropping and wondering what part his character will play in this last season. Right now he is shagging the nanny as it were but there is a price to pay for playing with crazy. I have so enjoyed watching the subtle and not so subtle changes in Julian and Grint is the reason for it. Come hell or high insanity, Grint’s portrayal of Julian is there in the thick of it and even if he doesn’t understand anything or everything, he doesn’t hesitate to talk about it. 
Shout out to Kingsley and Dillon for being the new gals in town. They bring their own brand of crazy that I kind of like. Moving into the Turner home isn’t a cake walk (chef pun intended) but these two women aren’t about to let anyone in the house push them around or stop them from helping Dorothy get well. That is making Leanne crazy!

Other cast include Tony Revolori as Tobe, Molly Griggs as Isabelle, and Todd Waring as Frank Pearce. 

Apple+ is a video on demand web television that debuted in 2019. Viewable through Apple’s TV app, CEO Tim Cook wanted original content calling it “a great opportunity for us from a creation point of view”. From THE MORNING SHOW to TRYING and THE BANKER and Jason Momoa in SEE, there is plenty of choices for everyone. Plenty of genres? That is exactly what they are bringing to viewers and to see more of what they have to offer please visit
SERVANT has been a series I could not stop watching, so much so that I have watched it twice to look for any clues as to where the story might be going. Honestly, I don’t think I wanted to know everything because it ruins the startling surprises and twists that are thrown into each thirty minute episode.

Yes, the thirty minutes never seems enough time but that’s the brilliance of SERVANT. Those thirty minutes are jam packed full of story telling and when the credits roll, I can guarantee you that those watching are practically throwing things at their television screens. To me, that is awesome!

This cast has brought four seasons of intensity, laughter, head smacks, and no denying a lot of ‘wtf’s along with way. Shyamalan, along with creator Tony Basgallop, have brought something unique and a bit mind blowing to Appletv+. But all good things must come to an end whether we like it or not right? It has been one heck of a unique wild ride!

Gawd what a great show.

KNOCK AT THE CABIN Brings Shyamalan Suspense

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres this Friday from writer/director M. Knight Shyamalan, Film Nation Entertainment and Universal Pictures are messengers starting with a KNOCK AT THE CABIN.

In a beautifully secluded cabin, family Andrew (Ben Aldridge), Eric (Jonathan Groff) and daughter Wen (Kristen Cui) are having a quiet vacation. While capturing and friending grasshoppers, young Wen meets Leonard (Dave Bautista) who is calm and announces that she and her dads are about to help the world.

Wen takes off to tell her dads what is happening when there is a knock at the cabin door. Andrew and Eric have no intention of letting them in but Leonard makes it clear that they will come in with or without their help – although he would prefer with their help. Once inside, Leonard comes in with Sabrina (Nikki Amuka-Bird), Adriane (Abby Quinn) and Redmond (Rupert Grint).

Each makes their introduction but it is Leonard that expresses why they are there. He tells them that a sacrifice must be made in order to stop an impending apocalypse and lays out how it must happen. Eric and Andrew are horrified at their request and make it clear that they will not comply.

What happens every time they refuse brings them closer and closer to a truth that is unfathomable.  

Bautista as Leonard is the character that immediately bring a tone of the ominous from the very beginning. He brings a presence that is both horrifying and calming in such a way that once his life story is explained, there is an ‘a-ha’ moment to his personality. I must say the choice was a fantastic one because of the duality of who Leonard is and what Leonard is saying. Bautista brings a dazzling hypnotic effect on the audience wanting to believe him and not wanting to believe him. Nicely done!

Aldridge as Andrew is in protect mode from the very beginning. Dealing with his own family and relationship issues, there is something in his past that has set him with a bit of anger. Now, the intruders bring it out full force in him as he tries to understand what is happening and, more importantly, how to get out of it alive. Aldridge brings the intensity full force.

Groff as Eric is the quieter side of the couple taking in everything that is going on around him. He listens and is the taking in what Leonard and the others are saying. Watching and putting the pieces together as he is able, it is Groff’s portrayal of Eric that brings the word ‘hope’ to mind. 

Cui as Wen is inquisitive, a bit trusting and wants it all to stop. Remaining close to her dads, Wen is exposed to the horror that Leonard and the others have brought to the cabin. That doesn’t mean she isn’t keenly aware of everything around her because she is also trying to put the adult pieces together. 

Amuka-Bird as Sabrina tries to keep things as calm as Leonard does but mainly begs Eric to listen to what they are saying. Amuka-Bird brings a determination to the truth of her character. Quinn as Ardiane is the nervous of the bunch but trusts in what she believes while also keeping the household calm. 

The not-so-calming force if Grint as Redmond. He comes in blazing and makes no excuse for it all. He wants things to go smoothly but knows none of what they are saying is easy to hear and believes that what is asked of Andrew and Eric isn’t going to go down the way the group wants. Grint’s character is a departure from that of the AppleTV+ series THE SERVANT (which if you haven’t watched I have to ask – why not?), playing the out-of-control Julian Pearce in another Shyamalan piece worth watching. 

Other cast includes McKenna Kerrigan as Andrew’s Mom, Ian Peakes as Andrew’s Father, Denise Nakano as the newscaster, Kittson O’Neill as the BBC Anchor and Billy Vargus as the Seismologist. 

Universal Pictures has films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

KNOCK AT THE CABIN is an adaptation of Paul Tremblay’s 2018 novel The Cabin at the End of the World. Shyamalan took an interest after reading the screenplay, rewrote the script and partnered with Universal Pictures. 

Coming in at one hour and forty minutes, this is not a fast-paced film nor does it need to be. Bautista’s character of Leonard set the pace and does not deviate from the path his character is on. Yes, it is a race against time but when dealing with human emotions and concepts that are difficult to grasp, the pace means nothing when there are only two outcomes.

I actually like the film because of that simple duality. Yes, there is a brutality that is not ignored and it is continually made clear that inaction has consequences but neither choice can not even be considered by Andrew. Keeping the location to a simple cabin in the woods keeps the audiences’ eyes on the story at hand making it impossible to be distracted or look away.

Am I being too vague, absolutely! We the audience, are equally tied to the chairs and forced to listen and then choose for ourselves and it will lead to many conversations long after the film has ended. That, my friends, is how you tell a story!

In the end – save family or humanity, make a choice!

BLACK PANTHER: Wakanda Forever Fights to 4K Ultra HD

Jeri Jacquin

Currently available on 4K Ultra HD, Bluray, and DVD from director Ryan Coogler and Marvel Studios is the return of BLACK PANTHER: Wakanda Forever.

King T’Challa has died from an unknown illness and Shuri (Letitia Wright) is in a spiral believing she could have helped him. Her anger comes from knowing that the stunning flower grown in Wakanda could have saved him, the same flowers destroyed by cousin Erik Killmonger.

A year has since passed and Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett) is dealing with the pressures of other countries wanting vibranium. Appearing to answer questions at the U.N., she tells them that it is not about sharing what Wakanda has, it is about those who will take what does not belong to them. Proving her point, General Okoye (Danai Gurira) arrives with soldiers who had tried to steal vibranium.

Back at home, a new threat by the name of K’uk’ulkan or Namor (Tenoch Huerta Mejia) comes from the deepest part of the ocean in search of a school girl who he believes is threatening his people. Shuri and Okoye learn from Agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) that the girl is an MIT student Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne), but before they can get the story, the three women are attacked by Tamor’s warriors and taken.

Beyond upset, Queen Ramonda strips Okoye of her command with the Dora Milaje and looks for Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o). Below the surface, Namor is showing Shuri about his vibranium-rich kingdom and the story behind how all it came to be. Shuri knows that no matter what he tells her, he has other motives that are dangerous – like taking on the entire world beginning with Wakanda. 

Nakia finds Shuri and Riri and takes them back to Wakanda which only sets off a battle between the two cultures. Shuri must decide if she is fighting for vengeance or finding a way to make it all work peacefully. Now is the time for Wakanda to cement their destiny – or are there more surprises?

Wright as Shuri is taking the reigns after the death of her brother but it is slow going. Dealing with what could have been puts her in a technological rut and avoiding everything. Wright plays it very straight forward without much in the way of emotion but more in the way of keeping her eye on the chessboard as all the pieces move about.

Mejia as Namor decides it is time to stop the land people from trying to not only take what belongs to his underwater kingdom but hurting his people. Mejia gives a strong performance of duality between hanging on to his ‘humanity’ as it were and being a vengeful leader of warrior people.

Bassett as Ramonda gets her chance to wear the crown of Wakanda and makes it clear to not be under estimated. Her role is piece-mealed out here but it finishes as I thought it would. Gurira as Okoye tries to keep the royal family safe but it is getting more and more difficult, especially when the threat is so strong and unpredictable. Gurira wields her weapon (what a shock right?) and deals with her own character demons. 

Thorne as Riri is a smart young woman and Shuri can relate. Keeping her alive is the goal and no matter what Namor wants to do, it is not going to happen. Thorne is learning the Wakandan ropes and it is clear she has something to offer if there are more Black Panther stories to be told. Nyong’o as Nakia has run off to Haiti to deal with her own grief about T’Challa and help people as much as she can. Nyong’o also does not have much to say but she does the talking with a weapon in her hand. 

Freeman as Ross is also flashing in and out of scenes but makes it clear he is there for his friends. Big shout out to Winston Duke as M’Baku – just love his character! He is bold, brazen and does not care what anyone thinks. In this film he is trying to guide Shuri away from her anger but it doesn’t mean he won’t get a chance to do a little fighting for himself!

Other cast include Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Mabel Cadena as Namora, Michaela Coel as Aneka, Florence Kasumba as Ayo and Michael B. Jordan’s cameo as Killmonger. 

Marvel Studios has released sixteen films since 2008 in what is known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel is built on a library of over eight thousand characters featured in a variety of media content for over seventy years. For more of what they have to offer please visit

Bonus Features include a Gag Reel – Take a look at some of the lighthearted moments on the set of BLACK PANTHER: Wakanda forever, Listen to Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole and Autumn Durald Arkapaw discuss the film, Envisioning Two Worlds – Uncover the making of BLACK PANTHER: Wakanda Forever through the lens and leadership of co-writer/director Ryan Coogler, Hannah Beachler and Ruth Carter, and Passing the Mantle – Follow the evolution of the Black Panther through films.

Also Deleted Scenes Outside the Scope – Okoye has a shocking standoff with Ayo and the Dora Milaje and Aneka makes a challenging decision, The Upstairs Toilet – Ross infiltrated the NSA in disguise in an attempt to uncover information, Daughter of the Border – After a conversation with her uncle, Okoye is faced with a daunting choice and Anytime, Anywhere – In Haiti, Shuri and Okoye share a bittersweet moment. 

BLACK PANTHER: Wakanda Forever does a heart felt job of saying goodbye to Chadwick Boseman in the beginning and at the end of the film. That is a nice way for fans to have their opportunity to also send him off Wakandan fan style.

The film is full of action as two cultures that should share peace, seem to be on opposite sides as they want to protect their own people.

In the end – it is forever!


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray and DVD celebrating 100 years of the most iconic mouse in the world is MICKEY & MINNIE TEN CLASSIC SHORTS – Vol. 1.

It was 1928 when Walt Disney and Ub Iweks brought a black and white animated film called Steamboat Willie. Using synchronized sound, Steamboat Willie became an instant success for its day. In 1994, the cartoon was voted 13th in the book The 50 Greatest Cartoons and in 1998, was selected for preservation with the U.S. National Film Registry.  

Mickey is on a ship with Captain Pete as they head to Podunk Landing to pick up cargo. Running to the boat is Minnie who misses the boat but Mickey finds a way to get her on board. When musical mayhem ensues, it lands Mickey peeling potatoes!

That’s only one of the amazing and iconic Mickey Mouse cartoons and I remember each of them. 

Mickey’s Delayed Date brings the mouse’s trusty dog Pluto into the story. Mickey is late for his date with Minnie and she is more than happy to let him know about it. Rushing to get ready, Mickey makes a few mistakes but it is man’s best friend to the rescue!

Brave Little Tailor brings Mickey to medieval times as he is given a huge task for a huge problem. He handles it the only way it can be handled, the Mickey Mouse way! On Ice Pluto is back but this time in the snow and with the naughtiness of Donald Duck. Of course, when things get out of hand, it is Mickey to the rescue. Hawaiian Holiday brings a much-needed island vacation with his pals along as well. 

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Mickey & Minnie 10 Classic Shorts – Volume 1 will soon be available to audiences to enjoy at home. This new collection gathers together ten classic animated shorts for the first time, including the iconic “Steamboat Willie,” and features all-new introductions from Mickey and Minnie Mouse for each short.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment continues to bring quality programming to kids and kids at heart. Home of the most beloved animated features including SNOW WHITE, PINOCCHIO and SLEEPING BEAUTY to name a few is what keeps families coming back for more. To see what is currently available to add to your own family library please visit. for their At Home titles!

I was so excited when the announcement came out about the release of these very special and undeniably iconic cartoons. From black and white to full on color, the stories are charming, mischievous, sweet and funny and pure Walt Disney.

What is so amazing is that I watched these with my 7-year-old granddaughter and she laughed just as hard as I did. She asked a few questions about why Mickey looked so different in Steamboat Willie and I explained it. She just said, ‘okay’ and continued to watch. That was a bit of stunner for me. Truthfully, she has been raised on Disney films of all kinds and from all years so it made sense. 

That’s Walt Disney – everything he has shared with audiences has become generational with such ease and fun. It is so easy to watch any Disney film again and again because it is everything magical for families like my own. Volume 2 is going to be so epic!

In the end – he is our one and only Mickey Mouse!


Jeri Jacquin

Coming on 4K Ultra HD and Bluray (and limited SteelBook Editions) from Shout! Factory are two of the most beloved films from Laika Studios with KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS and THE BOXTROLLS.

In 2014, directors Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi brought the stop-motion animated story of the small Victorian town of Cheesebridge, Norvenia. As with all towns, there are rumors and in this particular town, underneath are trolls who kidnap babies! Leader Lord Portley-Rind (Jared Harris) and his White Hats have better things to do with his cheese eating time and hires Archibald Snatcher (Ben Kingsley) to find and get rid of the named Boxtrolls. 

What they don’t understand is that Boxtrolls are actually very peaceful creatures who wear boxes and like to invent things. Someone who understands this is Eggs (Issac Hempstead Wright), a human boy who lives with the Boxtrolls and raised by Fish (Dee Bradley Baker). Trying to keep Eggs safe and away from harm, there comes the day when Eggs realizes that his family is being taken one by one!

When Fish is taken, Eggs goes above ground and is seen by Winnie (Elle Fanning) during a fair that is held to remember the disappearance of a certain Trubshaw Baby. The town believes the Boxtrolls are responsible. Winnie decides to help Eggs and in trying to rescue Fish, they discover something truly horrible about the leaders of their town and uncover those responsible! 

Other cast include Steve Blum as Shoe and Sparky, Toni Collette as Lady Cynthia Portley-Rind, Nick Frost as Mr. Trout, Richard Ayoade as Mr. Pickles, Tracy Morgan as Mr. Gristle, Toni Collette as Lady Cynthia Portley-Rind and Simon Pegg as Herbert Trubshaw.

Special Features: Inside LAIKA - Discovering the Characters of The Boxtrolls with Never-Before-Seen Test Footage. Inside LAIKA - Revisiting the Puppets with LAIKA’s Animation Team. Feature-Length Storyboards, Foreword by Ramin Zahed, the Editor in Chief of Animation Magazine, Audio Commentary with Directors Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi, The Making of The Boxtrolls and Original Featurettes.

The year 2016 brought one of the most beautiful Laika stories ever and our family’s personal favorite. Director Travis Knight brought the most amazing KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS to fans who instantly fell in love.

Kubo (Art Parkinson) is a young boy growing up in feudal Japan with his ill mother. They live in a cave near the local village and Kubo earns money by performing with origami while he plays his shamisen for the villagers. His most daring story is that of his samurai warrior father Hanzo. He always leaves the audience in suspense because, in reality, he does not know how the story ends.

Being told by his mother to never stay out after dark, Kubo knows the story of how he lost his eye to his mother’s sisters and grandfather, the Moon King (Ralph Fiennes). They are looking for Kubo and will take him away if they get the chance. During the Bon festival, Kubo attends to speak to those who have passed but realizes quickly that it is sunset. Almost immediately he is attacked by The Sister (Rooney Mara) but his mother tells the boy to go find his father’s armor and then uses magic sending Kubo away. 

When Kubo comes too, he is looking into the eyes of his wooden snow monkey charm in real life! Monkey (Charlize Theron) tells him the sad news of home but Kubo makes a oragami Little Hanzo to lead them to the mysterious armor. Along the way they meet Beetle (Matthew McConaughey), a bumbling protector who doesn’t remember much about who he is or how he came to be. The one thing he does believe is that he had to be Hanzo’s apprentice!

On their adventure to retrieve the amor and the Sword Unbreakable, Kubo knows he must return home and set things right for his mother, the village and the father he never knew. That means taking on the last siter and his grandfather, the Moon King. 

Other cast include Brenda Vaccaro as Kameyo, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Hashi and George Takei as Hosato. 

Special Features: Feature-Length Storyboards, Inside LAIKA -Revisiting the Puppets with LAIKA’s Animation Team, Inside LAIKA—Confronting the Epic Challenges of Kubo and the Two Strings, Audio Commentary with Director/Producer Travis Knight, “Kubo’s Journey” and
Original Featurettes.

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS was one of the first films my granddaughter watched and I knew immediately that she would love them all, and she does. Kubo is the story of a young man who could have easily just given way to all the sadness in his life but chose another path instead. What an amazing story to tell and it was very successful.

Parkinson as Kubo is the voice that is so memorable because it is filled with emotion, love, insecurity and a fierceness that comes in handy at the end of his journey. Theron as Monkey is wise and patient, well, most of the time but is absolutely wonderful. McConaughey is so delightful as Beetle and very funny. Fiennes as The Moon King is ferocious and focused but he’s never met anyone like Kubo!

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty and The Beast. Also, their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

The scrupulous remastering process for both titles was overseen by the team at LAIKA, led by LAIKA CEO (and Kubo and the Two Strings Director) Travis Knight, and Visual Effects Supervisor Steve Emerson, who pored over each film shot-by-shot, paying close attention to every last detail and color to present these groundbreaking films in the most dynamic format.

The use of Dolby Vision has made these films look more spectacular than ever before, with vivid colors and exacting picture quality, and with highlights brighter and essential dark elements darker, unleashing the full potential of HDR technology. The films were also mixed in Dolby Atmos spatial audio, bringing out more details and clarity in the sound, resulting in an even more immersive experience for fans.

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS and THE BOXTROLLS are an absolute must have (or don’t talk to me every again) in your own home entertainment library. The stories are so rich and wonderful with message of hope, family, love, courage and triumph. Laika has cornered something wonderful here and I can not wait to see what they do next!

The stop-motion is flawless, smooth and glides along with the story and becomes a subtle character in the film as well. That is how it’s done kids – with excellence and a lot of thought into the process of not just the stop-motion but the story as well making a combination that is unmatched. 

Gather the family because I do believe it is time for a Laika marathon because, like a good bucket of popcorn, you can not have just one! Now excuse me, we are preparing for our own marathon! Enjoy the shows!


Jeri Jacquin

On 4K Ultra HD and Bluray from director Jim Wynorski and Lightyear Entertainment is THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING.

Abigail Arcane (Heather Locklear) has always has questions regarding the death of her mother. Heading down to step-father Dr. Anton Arcane’s (Louis Jourdan) home, she knows he has the answers she really needs.

What she does not know is that Dr. Arcane, along with Dr. Lana Zurrell (Sarah Douglas), have never stopped working on a way to stop the aging process. The way they have been doing it is messing with the genes from swamp animals and human beings! In their laboratory there are failed experiments called the Un-Men.

Almost immediately, Abigail is in danger and becomes aware of Dr. Holland (Dick Durock) also known as Swamp Thing. He makes it clear that Dr. Arcane is responsible for some of the horrific things going on in his house. 

Abigail and Swamp Thing are going to do whatever it takes to stop Dr. Arcane’s horrific experiments and hold them accountable for it all.

Locklear as Abigail is a young woman looking for answers to help explain why she cannot seem to get her life together and it all has to do with her mother. It has been years since seeing her step-father and although she isn’t thrilled to return to him, Abigail has no choice. Locklear gives the performance akin to a new actress trying out her chops. That being said, she gives it her all.

Durock as The Swamp Thing is always trying to help people when trouble is around. He doesn’t manage to save everyone because Dr. Arcane has his hoodlums everywhere but he tries. Once he sees Abigail, he knows he will do whatever it takes to help her find answers and stop the experiments. Durock is a charming Swamp Thing and a very handsome pre-swamp thing and his charm comes through the plant.

Jourdan as Dr. Arcane is just as evil as he wants to be which meant that his charms didn’t work on me for one second. His experience prove he has no conscience at all and if Abigail thinks that gives her some family-like currency, it doesn’t. Jourdan is straight faced and gives his best evil.

Douglas as Zurrell doesn’t like Abigail being there and doesn’t hide it. Abigail knows she is up to something with Dr. Arcane and makes sure that when Zurrell uses her shade, she doesn’t take it from the beginning. Douglas is gets a chance to play the love-struck and just as evil Dr. Zurrell. 

Other cast include Monique Gabrielle as Miss Poinsettia, Daniel Emery Taylor as Darryl, Joey Sagal as Gunn, RonReaco Lee as Omar, Frank Welker as Gigi the Parrot and Ace Mask as Dr. Rochelle. 

Lightyear Entertainment is a distribution company enjoying its 35th Anniversary. In 2016, Lightyear theatrically released TANNA, which was Academy Award nominated for Best Foreign Film. Since then, Lightyear theatrically released THE ETRUSCAN SMILE, which starred Brian Cox of HBO’s series Succession, MAZE, GOLDSTONE, A-HA: The Movie, and VOODOO MACBETH among others. For more visit 

Bonus Features include Audio Commentary from Director Jim Wynorski, Composer Chuck Cirino and Editor Leslie Rosenthal (2018), Audio Commentary from Director Jim Wynorski (2003), Interviews with Director Jim Wynorski, Editor Leslie Rosenthal, Composer Chuck Cirino and Lightyear Entertainment Executive Arnie Holland, Original Theatrical Trailer, Six Promotional TV Clips, 2 TV Spots, 2 Greenpeace Public Service Announcements, 1989 Promo Reel and Photo Gallery (Accompanied by Chuck Cirino’s Film Score).

THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING picks up as Abigail is now a young woman that still has questions about her mother’s death. Meeting Swamp Thing is the opportunity to not only discover what happened to her mother but how Dr. Arcane’s home is a place that is causing pain and destruction. 

The film also has humor which made me giggle quite a bit. This film is actually a trip down memory lane because I remember when it first came out and it was a Friday night double feature at the drive in. Yes, the kids today will never know the fun of the drive-in on monster double feature night and that is such a shame.

Until the world spins right, get the family together, pop some corn and enjoy THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING!

In the end – he’s not just a plant!


Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from director William Cameron Menzies and Ignite Films is the 1953 classic INVADERS FROM MARS.

Young David (Jimmy Hunt) is soundly sleeping until a very loud crack of what he believes to be thunder wakes him up. Running to his window to see, he quickly realizes that it is not thunder but a large flying saucer that disappears behind his house.

Excitedly waking up his parents, David’s father is scientist George (Leif Erickson) and mother Mary (Hillary Brooke). George goes to check it out and in the morning David notices something different about his father, including a mark on his neck. Things are about to get worse when he sees schoolfriend Kathy completely disappear in front of his eyes. 

Going to the police himself, David meets Dr. Pat Blake (Helena Carter) who begins to believe what the boy is saying. He also meets Dr. Stuart Kelston (Arthur Franz) who is an astronomer who also believes David and now needs to convince the government and Col. Fielding (Morris Ankrum) that there is an invasion from Mars. As the military moves in, David and Dr. Blake find themselves sucked underground and captured by aliens. 

Now, the race is on to stop the aliens before they turn everyone into their mind-controlled slaves!

Hunt plays the young David who must convince the adults that he is not seeing things. Of course, he deals with ‘oh you must have been dreaming’ etc., which adults are known to do when they can not bring themselves to just listen. If anything, Hunt gives us a look early into a kid and aliens genre that continues in 2023.

Franz as Dr. Kelston is on it to realize that David is absolutely telling the truth. As an astronomer, he is use to people not believing what he has to say about what is beyond. Once it is established that there is something in what David says, he is the first to jump in when the boy and Dr. Blake disappear.

Carter as Dr. Blake does not skip a beat in believing David. She asks all the usual questions in the beginning but sees the young boy is strong and straight forward. When things start going a little sideways, she immediately stays with David until they are taken, then it is David who makes it clear that he will do everything possible save the good Dr. Blake.

Ankrum as Col. Fielding realizes that the aliens are responsible for the madness and are on the case to find David and Dr. Blake and stop the intruders. He is a strong presence knowing that he will do whatever is necessary to stop what the aliens are doing.

Other cast include Walter Sande as Police Mack Finlay, Max Wagner as Sgt. Rinaldi, Milburn Stone as Capt. Roth, Charles Cane as Officer Blain, Bert Freed as Police Chief Barrows, Fay Baker as Mrs. Wilson, Janine Perreau as Kathy Wilson, John Eldredge as Mr. Turner, Charles Gibb as Lt. Blair, Gil Herman as Maj. Clary and Luce Potter as the Globe Martian. 

Ignite Films Began acquiring classic film properties in the 1990s and this has built a collection of more than 80 features. Using original film elements, Ignite continues to restore and upgrade its collection for posterity and appreciation by generations of cinephiles and movie lovers, old and new. Films such as LETTERS FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, FORCE OF EVIL with John Garfield and THE BIG COMBO, we well as Otto Premingers’ SAINT JOAN. For more information, please visit

Bonus Features include Brand New 4K Restoration of the Film, Restored from the Original Camera Negative and Master Positives, Restored 4K Original 1953 Trailer and a Newly Commissioned Trailer 2022, Interviews with Star Jimmy Hunt, William Cameron Menzies Biographer James Curtis and Recollections of Menzies’ Eldest Granddaughter Pamela Lauesen, Featurette with Acclaimed Film Directors John Landis, Joe Dante, Editor Mark Goldblatt, Special Visual Enthusiast and Film Preservationist Scott MacQueen.

Also, John Sayles; Introduction at Turner Classic Movie Festival in Hollywood, Before/After clips of Restoration, Original Negative and Archival Film Elements with Film Restoration Supervisor Scott MacQueen, Restored Segments in 2K of the Alternate International Version Alternative Ending and Extended Planetarium Scene, Gallery with Original Press Book Pages Behind the Scenes Photo from the Restoration Process, 20-Page Collector’s Booklet Featuring an Extensive Essay on the Restoration Process and Mars: A Nightmare of Restoration by Scott MacQueen. 

It must be said, there is something totally amazing by the release of one of the first films I ever saw with aliens in it. Of course, it was a Saturday matinee on television but that was everything as a kid. I loved every bit of it, the story based on a kid, adults scrambling and the kid being front and center dealing with aliens.

It is films such as INVADERS FROM MARS that brought ideas for the aliens films we see today. Of course, the aliens of the past 30 years on film are seriously amazing but all of it had to begin with films such as this. 

Bringing back memories for me, I showed the film to my granddaughter who is seven, she absolutely loved every minute of it. She cheered on David and yelled at the aliens (something she learned from me) and hated when it was over. What that tells me is that even seventy years later, even the youngest film lover can appreciate how awesome INVADERS FROM MARS truly is. 

In the end – it could happen tomorrow!


Jeri Jacquin

Celebrating its 30th Anniversary on 4K Ultra HD and Digital from director James Ivory and Sony pictures Home Entertainment is the story of two people in an extraordinary time with THE REMAINS OF THE DAY.

English butler Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) is in charge of Darlington Hall in the 1930s belonging to Lord Darlington (James Fox). Dedicated to the house in every way, he keeps the house running smart and the staff focused. Interviewing Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson) as she is hired at the new estate’s housekeeper as well as Steven’s father (Peter Vaughn).

Almost immediately Stevens and Miss Kenton find themselves at odds. Having totally different demeanors, he keeps his feeling and opinions close to his well-groomed vest and she is spirited and believes that right is right no matter what a person’s status.

When Lord Darling brings together a conference of British and European aristocrats and, among them, is American Congressman Lewis (Christopher Reeve). Lewis is can not believe what he is hearing these men talk about but makes it clear to Darlington that he has come to admire and appreciate England and all it has to offer.

Stevens is disappointed in his employer when he dismisses two German-Jewish maids and Kenton makes it plain she will resign. Something else is happening between Stevens and Miss Kenton and they both don’t know how to deal with it. It confuses her even more, especially when one of the maids has decided to resign to marry another of the house staff.

It all comes to a shock when godson Reginald Cardinal (Hugh Grant) arrives for a secret meeting at Darlington Hall between Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and German ambassador Joachim von Ribbentrop. The bigger shock is for Stevens when Miss Kenton decides to accept a proposal from Tom Benn (Tim Pigott-Smith) when she realizes the butler will never speak his emotional truth.

It is now 1958 and Darlington Hall is much different but Stevens is on his way to meet Miss Kenton after years of being away, it is a chance to make amends for the past.

Hopkins as Stevens is absolutely stunning in this role. He has the ability to play the straight forward butler keeping his emotions in check at every turn. His eyes may start to show feeling but he quickly reels that in as well. Every step he takes in this film is deliberate, calculated and breath taking, but then I have come to expect nothing more from Hopkins. 

Thompson as Miss Kenton is a woman who clearly knows how to run a household and also does not stop at having an opinion. Ruffling Stevens feathers almost immediately, she finds herself not only getting the house in order but learning what Stevens is truly made of. She pushes his boundaries when able, challenges him when necessary and cares for him whether he sees it or not. Thompson is an actress that I have also come to admire as much as Hopkins.

Reeves as Lewis comes to Darlington Hall in the 30’s and sees the beauty of his surroundings. When the house comes up for sale, he makes it his focus to obtain it and bring his family. Reeves also trusts Stevens and again allows him to take control of the house. It is so good to see him in the film. Fox as Darlington is a man who is trying to do the right thing by his country. Trusting Stevens to run the house, he focuses on reaching out to his countrymen but in the process, becomes a man who is good in heart and not good at realizing who is using him. 

Grant as Cardinal is godson to Lord Darlington and starts to become frustrated with his godfather. It is interesting to see his character go from a kid who needs to learn about the birds n’ bees to a ranting journalist who wants Stevens to understand what is happening around him. 

Other cast include Ben Chaplin as Charlie, Rupert Vansittart as Sir Wren, Patrick Godfrey as Spencer, Michael Lonsdale as Dupon d’Ivry, Peter Eyre as Viscount Halifax, Peter Halliday as Canon Tufnell, Jeffry Wickham as Viscount Bigge, Lena Headey as Lizzie, Peter Cellier as Sir Bax, and Frank Shelley as Prime Minister Chamberlain. 

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment encompasses motion picture production for television, digital content and theater releases. The studios include Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Stage 6 Films and Sony Picture Classics. To see what is coming to theaters and to home entertainment please visit

MOVIES ANYWHERE gives viewers the ability to download the Movies Anywhere App. With that you can view films by downloading or streaming to your favorite device using a Digital Code. For more information on Movies Anywhere please visit

Special Features include Audio Commentary with Director James Ivory, Producer Ismail Merchant and Actress Emma Thompson, Love and Loyalty: The Making of REMAINS OF THE DAY Featurette, THE REMAINS OF THE DAY: The Filmmakers’ Journey Featurette, Blind Loyalty, Hollow Honor: England’s Fatal Flaw Featurette, Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary, Theatrical Trailer and International Trailer. 

THE REMAINS OF THE DAY is not only an amazing story being told but told with perfection with Hopkins and Thompson leading the way. Every scene they are in together has me captivated and thrilled that the film is 134 minutes. Although I would have preferred a different ending, the other side of me understands the longing to try and repair the heart of the past mixed with the fact that it is, after all, the past.

The cinematography is filled with shadowing, brilliant artistry and everything one would expect to find in the era. Director Ivory has taken the 1989 Nobel Prize-winning British author Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel of the same name and wasted not one single moment. 

In 1994, the film won Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins from BAFTA, and also DFWAFCA winner again for Hopkins. Plus, THE REMAINS OF THE DAY received 14 Oscar nominations including Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins, Best Actress for Emma Thompson, Best Director for James Ivory and Best Picture. 

In the end – it is a story of devotion and love!

AIR FORCE ONE Lands on 4K Ultra HD

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to 4K Ultra HD, Bluray, Digital from director Wolfgang Peterson is a thrill ride in the most famous planes with AIR FORCE ONE.

United States President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) is in Moscow at a dinner where he gives a speech making it clear that the U.S. ‘no longer negotiates with terrorists’. That sets a few nerves on edge but Marshall, wife Grace (Wendy Crewson) and young daughter Alice (Liesel Matthews) along with the press corps and a advisers return for the trip home on Air Force One. 

What they don’t realize is that a man named Egor Korshunov (Gary Oldman), a loyalist to a man named General Radek (Jurgen Prochnow) who has been imprisoned by Russia. As easy as it looks, that’s because Korshunov has inside help and when the big move is made, the plane becomes a place of chaos. Secret Service try to help Marshall escape and the plane to land. Instead, the president and passengers are captive and the plane diverted to Kazakhstan.

But Marshall isn’t any ordinary president, he is a veteran of Vietnam and still has a few moves up his sleeve. Managing to call Vice President Kathryn Bennett (Glenn Close), now everyone is on alert as to what is happening and Korshunov realizes that Marshall is on the loose. Threatening the president’s family, Marshall begins to take matters into his own hands with a plane that puts Korshunov on notice that not negotiating means just that!

Ford as the president gets an opportunity here in 1997 to be a bad-ass president. He may not be the loudest voice in the room but that’s because he processes everything happening around him. I’d rather that than all the ridiculous shouting. One step at a time Ford shows up as a man of action but with steps that are calculated and he makes it look easy and intense which is always an awesome combination.

Oldman as Korshunov is as awesome as I would want him to be. Let’s face it, the guy could do a sit down in a red velvet jacket in a high back chair reading the phone book and I’d be happy. What makes Oldman amazing his that what ever role he plays, he molds it, shapes it and presents it in a mesmerizing way to a glad audience. From vampire to futuristic shady businessman to a Gotham commissioner, Oldman knows what to give his characters that make them memorable.

Close as VP Bennett has just as much gumption as Marshall has and she certainly isn’t going to let a room full of twitchy fingered men lead her around by the high heels. I love when Close gets worked up because it rains awesomeness! Crewson as wife Grace is a thrilled First Lady until she gets a taste of the real world that a president deals with on the daily. She gets a chance to scream as only a mother would. Matthews as Alice has a few choice words of her own to say to the bad guys and I backed her up with a ‘yea, what the kid said!’. 

Other cast include Zander Berkeley as Agent Gibbs, Alan Woolf as Russian President Petrov, Donna Bullock as Press Secretary Melanie Mitchell, Michael Ray Miller as USAF Axelrod, Carl Weintraub as USAF Ingraham, Bill Smitrovich as General Northwoodm, Levan Uchaneishvili as Sergei Lenski, Dean Stockwell as Defense Secretary Walter Dean, Paul Guilfoyle as Chief of Staff Lloyd Shepherd and William H. Macy as Major Norman Caldwell. 

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment encompasses motion picture production for television, digital content and theater releases. The studios include Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Stage 6 Films and Sony Picture Classics. To see what is coming to theaters and to home entertainment please visit

MOVIES ANYWHERE gives viewers the ability to download the Movies Anywhere App. With that you can view films by downloading or streaming to your favorite device using a Digital Code. For more information on Movies Anywhere please visit

AIR FORCE ONE is available on 4K Ultra HD, Bluray, Digital and neatly packaged with cover artwork in an awesome SteelBook. 

Bonus Features include on 4K Ultra HD Feature presented in 4K Resolution with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos +5.1 Audio and Theatrical Trailer. On Bluray the Bonus Feature include Feature Presented in High Definition, 5.1 Audio and Commentary with Director Wolfgang Petersen. 

AIR FORCE ONE is a film that just made the 90’s so much fun, intense and awesome at the theatres. To say they don’t make them like that anymore is speaking the truth. The film gave drama, high intensity, action and a shift at every turn. Seeing it on the big screen with a tub of popcorn with Harrison and Oldman going at it was a thrill all its own.

Now, it is back! On my 75” with sound bar, I am back in the theatres with a tub of popcorn in a recliner cheering for the president and throwing popcorn at the screen’s bad guys. Except now the whole family has the chance to get in on the fun. Director Petersen definetly thought this story through before putting it on film and gave us what a true action film should look like.

In the end – the fate of the nation rests with the courage of one man!


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to 4K Ultra HD, Bluray and Digital from director Martin Campbell and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the 25th Anniversary release of THE MASK OF ZORRO.

Nobleman Don Diego de La Vega (Anthony Hopkins) fights against the Spanish in 1821 but not as a regular man, but as Zorro, a masked man who helps the peasants of California. His rival in life and love is the corrupt Governor Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson) who wants Zorro taken down by holding a public execution of innocent peasants.

Of course, Zorro is going to be there but also, two brothers Alejandro and Joaquin Murrieta who take on Montero’s soldiers. When Montero begins to suspect who Zorro is, de la Vega’s home is barraged by soldiers wanting to arrest him. During a sword fight, chaos happens as Montero steals de la Vega’s daughter Elena and sends the man to prison.

The two boys, Alejandro (Antonio Banderas) and Joaquin (Victor Rivers) have become bandits and have a bounty on them both. Their nemesis is Captain Harrison Love (Matt Letscher) who also happens to work with Montero who has returned to California with daughter Elena (Catherine Zeta Jones). Now it is Alejandro’s turn to have Montero’s murderous happenings fall on his family.

When de la Vega hears of Montero’s return, he finds Alejandro and takes him on as a protégé to become the new Zorro. Taking on a stunning stallion named Tornado, de la Vega makes it clear that he is no longer a thief but a standard for the people he will be helping. Now, the transformation is nearly complete as Alejandro becomes Don Alejandro del Castillo y Garcia and with his loyal servant Bernardo.

Attending a gathering at Montero’s hacienda, Alejandro meets Elena and is struck by her but that is not the goal this particular evening. He learns that Montero’s plan is to basically steal California from the other Dons and buy it from General Santa Ana. When wondering where the money would come from for such a purchase, the nobles are taken to a mine called El Dorado.

That’s when Zorro makes his move because once it is known that slaves and peasants are being used to work the mines, de la Vega and Alejandro know what must be done. Now the swordplay and revenge meet one last time!

Banderas as Alejandro is absolutely perfect for Zorro and you will never hear me say otherwise. He is dashing, roguish, charming, swoon-worthy, and has a comedic sense of timing when it plays perfectly. From the moment he is on screen, Banderas is in high action mode, even when kissing the girl! Playing opposite Hopkins and Jones, this actor uses the energy to bring life to the Zorro I grew up watching. There is a little more humor but it is all in the context of a man coming into his own Zorro, call it Zorro 2.0 if you will. 

Jones as Elena is equally charming and has the right amount of sass and skill that makes her the perfect match for Alejandro and Zorro for that matter. She is the good and devout daughter until she realizes she no longer has to be and then its game on. I enjoyed her portrayal as it comes at a time when women in film are beginning to find their power through these characters and Jones does that thinking credit.

Wilson as Montero is just plain bad to the bone but then anyone capable of doing what he did in the first 10 minutes of the film, could you expect things would change? Wilson is as dastardly as I would expect and he does it deliciously well. I enjoyed watching his character feel free to come and go into being every persons worst nightmare of a politician without so much as a scratch – well, almost.

Let us talk about Sir Anthony Hopkins as Don Diego de la Vega and can I say – wow. He carries himself with the world charm and grace of the Zorro I knew growing up. Yes, there was a Zorro in black and white on television people, come on now. Yet, this Zorro has a family and that is one step beyond the television character. He is not only dedicated to the people but now equally dedicated to the life he has created with Esperanza and Elena. Hopkins gives us a further look into that life of a character that has his own plans to make things right, well done sir.

Other cast include Julieta Rosen as Esperanza Del La Vega, William Marquez as Fray Felipe, Tony Amendola as Don Luiz, Pedro Armendariz Jr. as Don Pedro, Diego Sieres as Young Joaquin, and L.Q. Jones as Three-fingered Jack. 

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment encompasses motion picture production for television, digital content and theater releases. The studios include Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Stage 6 Films and Sony Picture Classics. To see what is coming to theaters and to home entertainment please visit

THE MASK OF ZORRO is available in 4K Ultra HD, Bluray and Digital in a stunning SteelBook that would look amazing in any home entertainment library shelf.

MOVIES ANYWHERE gives viewers the ability to download the Movies Anywhere App. With that you can view films by downloading or streaming to your favorite device using a Digital Code. For more information on Movies Anywhere please visit

Bonus Features on 4K Ultra HD include Feature Presented in High Definition, 5.1 Audio, Commentary with Director Martin Campbell, “Unmasking Zorro” Documentary, Two Additional Deleted Scenes and Music Video by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena. 

THE MASK OF ZORRO is just an action-packed film from start to finish leaving very little down time (except for maybe a kiss or two). It is a story of love, family, betrayal, revenge, change and revelations that make for an amazing time for a home family night at the movies.

What I enjoyed the first time I saw the film in theatres was the ease in which these wonderful actors drew me into a world of so much action, tension and adventure that I remember hardly eating any of my popcorn! I saw the film with my daughter who was then in her mid-teens and she loved it then. Sitting down to watch the film on 4K Ultra HD, she remarked how it was such a great memory we were repeating at home on a comfy sofa but this time we planned to finish the popcorn.

That’s what film excellence is all about, bringing a story that endures as THE MASK OF ZORRO has. You can easily say it has been 25 years since its release but watching it today, it stands tall, colorful, proud and still frakken amazing. Banderas, Jones, Wilson and Hopkins are responsible for making it so. These actors of quality made the adventure big, saucy and fun while director Campbell put it all in a neat stunning film. 

In the end – when freedom is a memory and justice is outlawed, then just must become outlaws!

There is Fear with WOMEN TALKING

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from writer/director Sarah Polley, Orion Pictures and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the film based on the novel inspired by true events 
by Miriam Toews with WOMEN TALKING. 

In a religious and secluded community, a group of women have gathered together to discuss a ultimatum given to them by the men of the community. After men are arrested for assaulting a the female, Ona (Rooney Mara), Mariche (Jessie Buckley), Salome (Claire Foy), Agata (Judith Ivey), Mejal (Michelle McLeod), Greta (Sheila McCarthy), Anna (Kira Guloien) and their children meet in a barn to decide if they will forgive the men accused.

Almost immediately the truth begins to come to the surface in the secret of the gathering. Taking notes is August (Ben Whishaw) and is moved hearing the plight of the women. Making a list of pros and cons of their decision, the conversation begins to turn between two groups – the angry and the calm.

Trying to keep the conversation focused on their final decision, emotions begin to surface on the treatment of women by the men of their religious community. Wanting to keep their faith, both groups are frightened that either decision will affect entering the kingdom of God. 

Then the issue of their children begins to hit home. What is happening is becoming generational and that’s where the women begin to draw the line. Between protecting their daughters and educating their sons, the anger makes its way to the surface but also makes way for a decision based on the discovery of their own power as human beings. 

Normally I would talk about each of these actresses separately but, in this case there is no way to do so. Each brings something unique to the table to be sure but, that uniqueness spreads throughout the hay barn and I can not pick out one stand out performance.

From the youngest woman to the elder women of this story’s community, these actresses give us the tale in the most amazing and humblest of ways. They each tell of the generational agony they have suffered at the hands of those who should be protecting them. The character of August is the only male to have a moment to speak in the barn but begins to understand the agony faced by each of them.

So, I will step aside and let them shine together in this cast that is exceptional and thought provoking. See and experience for yourself.

Other cast include Emily Mitchell as Miep, Kate Hallett as Autje, Live McNeil as Neitje, Shayla Brown as Helena, Locklan Miller as Julius, Nathaniel McParland as Aaron, August Winter as Melvin and Frances McDormand as Scarface Janz.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit 

MOVIES ANYWHERE gives viewers the ability to download the Movies Anywhere App. With that you can view films by downloading or streaming to your favorite device using a Digital Code. For more information on Movies Anywhere please visit

WOMEN TALKING has been nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Pictures and Adapted Screenplay in this years Oscars. 

This film is phenomenal! Stripping away everything down to a barn of hay and decisions, this cast of women carry every human emotion. Even the actors are down to the plainest of clothing and, what looks like, hardly any makeup. What we are left is to witness a struggle between faith and the rest of a closed in world of right and wrong. 

With so many films being remade, redone or re-shoved down theatrical throats, I was personally stunned by this film in its originality and thoughtfulness. These actors brought out so much that I talked about it with a friend for a very long time over tea and debate. That is what a substantial story should do, make us all walk away with the first thought of ‘what did I just see!’ and secondly telling a friend ‘you have to see this!’.

In the end – do nothing, stay and fight or leave!

Hanks is A MAN CALLED OTTO On Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray and Digital from director Marc Forster and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the complicated history and life of A MAN CALLED OTTO.

Living in a suburb of Pittsburgh and begrudgingly retired, widower Otto (Tom Hanks) is a rigid man with a routine that gets him up daily. He decides that he has had enough of life and had planned to make an end of it. Out the window he sees a boisterous family moving in. A very pregnant Marisol (Mariana Trevino), Tommy (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), Abby (Alessandra Perez) and Luna (Christiana Montoya) are not exactly what Otto expected. 

Marisol makes it clear that she is going to be his friend and tries to learn about him. Otto is not forthcoming with his memories of meeting wife Sonya, their life together or how she passed. His life is changing moment by moment as the neighborhood comes out of hiding to begin to embrace Otto. 

From teaching Marisol how to drive out of pure frustration and helping young Malcolm (Mack Bayda) how to care for his bike, Otto is busy again. He even tries to repair a friendship with life-long neighbors Anita (Juanita Jennings) and Reuben (Peter Lawson Jones) and caregiver Jimmy (Cameron Britton). The life he once thought he wanted to end, is a life he now sees with possibilities without having to change his grumpiness. 

But what really gets Otto in high gear is when he learns that real estate builders Dye & Merika are forcing his friends out of their home. Now, Otto knows what must be done and how to make his days more than he could have imagined.

He does it all in his own Otto way!

Hanks as Otto has managed to bring a little of every character he has played into this man who’s sadness and inability to budge is charming and endearing. The frightening part is that I have the same fixation with parking spots! When Otto finds Sonya, he finds a woman who accepts him for exactly who he is and Hanks runs with that in his character. I do love that although curt, Otto’s thought process can bring on giggles.

Trevino as Marison is fast talking, a bit loud and will not stop until she knows what Otto is up to. Once she does, she, like Sonya, embraces Otto for who he is and does what she can to help him see the joys he has been missing since his wife’s death. Trevino also gives us the mom who loves her family and embraces everything around her. Trevino gives us such a wonderful character.

Rulfo as Tommy just goes along with his wife and Otto but in such a loving way it is heartwarming. Perez and Montoya as their young daughters are not afraid of Otto but find him rather entertaining. Britton as Jimmy is a caregiver that truly does care about not only Anita and Ruben but all the neighbors. 

Bayda as young Malcom remembers Sonya and the times Otto came to class so as everyone else is a bit standoffish. He also sees something more in the man and knows where to turn for help.

Other cast include Mike Birbiglia as Real Estate Agent, Kelly Lamor Wilson as Shari Kenzie, Dave Magee as Dye & Merika Rep, Rachel Keller as Sonya, Emonie Ellison as young Anita, Laval Schley as young Reuben, and Truman Hanks as young Otto.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment encompasses motion picture production for television, digital content and theater releases. The studios include Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Stage 6 Films and Sony Picture Classics. To see what is coming to theaters and to home entertainment please visit

Bonus Materials include Breaking the Rules: Making A MAN CALLED OTTO, ‘Til You’re Home’ Music Video, In the Studio with Rita Wilson & Sebastian Yatra and Deleted Scenes. 

A MAN CALLED OTTO is heartwarming story of when a man who has wrapped himself in a cocoon of memories and sadness. Hanks gives us heart, soul and laughter in watching Otto become ‘alive’ once again. The cast starting with Trevino as Marisol has me cheering from start to finish with each character bringing level upon level of compassion.

The film is based on the New York Times Bestseller A Man Called Ove. Gather the family because this story is the definition of a movie night!

In the end – fall in love with the grumpiest man in America!

They are MOVING ON

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres from writer/director Paul Weitz and Roadside Attractions is a pair who team up when MOVING ON.

When a long-time friend passes away, Claire (Jane Fonda) has a reason to attend the funeral. During the eulogy given by husband Howard (Malcolm McDowell), another longtime friend Evelyn (Lily Tomlin) bounds in making it clear she is not interested in anything being said by Howard.

Meeting up at the gathering after, Claire informs Evelyn that the only reason she is there is to kill Howard. At first Evelyn tries to talk Claire out of it but as they talk to one another about what has happened in their lives since college and revelations come out, Evelyn decides to help Claire after all.  

But something unexpected happens when Claire sees ex-husband Ralph (Richard Roundtree) and goes to his house for dinner. Meeting his grown daughter and grandkids, she sees that he has done well. When they have the chance to speak alone, Ralph wants to know what he did that made their marriage end. 

That reminds Claire of her plan and Evelyn is two steps ahead. Calling Howard, he agrees to meet with her to talk later at the park. Packed and ready with Evelyn, Claire takes Howard aside and things do not go as she plans. It is Evelyn who receives a bit of a nice shock from Howard’s daughter Molly (Catherine Dent) that brings her joy.

Life has a way of setting things right, especially when these two women decide to move on!

Fonda as Claire is a woman who has been holding in pain for decades. Staying loyal to her college friend, once passed, she is going use that pain to end him. The problem is saying a thing and doing a thing are opposites. Fonda as Claire gives us a character that has spent all her time living with the pain on the incident by not telling anyone and it ruins the happiness she could have had. Fonda gives giggles, the sadness of regret and still amazing playing opposite Tomlin.

Tomlin as Evelyn has taken life in stride the best way she can. Trying not to let the bad seep in, she accepts what life has given her. When Claire arrives announcing her intentions, Evelyn slowly realizes her own pains and jumps on the revenge bandwagon. I love this character because of the ease in which Tomlin changes gears given the situations. Tomlin is hilarious, authentic and still amazing playing opposite Fonda. 

McDowell as Howard is a man who clearly knows how to make everyone believe he is the victim in life. Using his selective memory, Howard makes Claire feel dirty and worthless in the way she remembers the biggest pain of her life. An ugly character from a beloved actor which means he is so good at his craft.

Roundtree as Ralph has questions of his own. Remembering a marriage that was good, he still decades later does not understand what truly happened. Having the chance to talk to Claire is important plus, he is thrilled to see her again. Roundtree performance is that of a man who moved on and created a good life and I thought this character so graceful.

Roadside Attractions has, since 2003, grossed over $300M and garnered nineteen Academy Award nominations. They have had critical and commercial hits such as MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, BEN IS BACK, BEATRIZ AT DINNER, HELLO MY NAME IS DORIS, WINTER’S BONE and THE COVER as well as so many others. For more information of what Roadside Attractions has to offer please visit

MOVING ON is a film about how decades can go by so swiftly to some but to those with unanswered questions and pain, those decades can drag by. Claire is a woman who never spoke about the one traumatic thing that changed the course of her life and there is painful regret. The difference is the regret has turned to revenge – with a little help from Evelyn.

Being women of a certain age (not sure what that age is but okay), looking back can be hurtful along with the reality that so much time is wasted on what can’t be changed. That’s the lesson of becoming older! Claire and Evelyn come to understand it and then life has its say. Watching these two actresses together is always amazing. I still love them in 9 TO 5, and love them in GRACE AND FRANKIE, and once again in MOVING ON.

There is a chemistry between Fonda and Tomlin that is undeniable and a combination of so many emotions. They play off each other with such ease and style that I hope they return to the screen again soon. For now, catch MOVING ON and know that revenge can be fun to watch!

In the end – it’s never too late for revenge!

JOHN WICK: Chapter 4

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres this Friday from director Chad Stahelski, Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate comes the final chapter with JOHN WICK: Chapter 4.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) has not changed his revenge against the High Table and begins again with The Elder in Morocco. What he doesn’t know is that the High Table has called up on the Marquis Vincent de Gramont (Bill Skarsgard) who believes he knows how to take down Wick and it starts with the New York Continental Hotel and Winston Scott (Ian McShane).

Wick turns to friend Shimazu Koji (Hiroyuki Sanada), the manager of the Osaka Continental Hotel much to the dismay of Koji’s daughter Akira (Rina Sawayama). The Marquis sets his sites on Osaka as his next point of impact but with the help of Caine (Donnie Yen) who has begrudgingly been recruited. 

Now on the run again with limited places to go, Winston reminds Wick that he has every right to challenge the Marquis to a duel. The only problem is that Wick must be part of a family and the only place he can find that is in Berlin. He must convince Katia (Natalia Tena) that what he plans is good for everyone. 

Helping with the plan is The Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) who has found an excellent life under the streets of Paris and is thrilled to help his friend Wick. Watching all of this with fascination is Mr. Nobody (Shamier Anderson) who tracks Wick while playing the money game with the Marquis.

As the rules for the dual are set by the Harbinger (Clancy Brown), the die is cast for the final showdown that could earn John Wick what he has been fighting for – freedom!

Reeves as John Wick will always be John Wick and any attempt to remake or carry on the franchise without him would be an outrage. In this film, Wick is in for a two hour and 50-minute fight with time for one suit change only and Reeves makes it look fantastic. There is no reason to go over his performance because this is purely a visual film and Wick isn’t about conversation. This time out, Wick announces from the beginning that he intends to finish what they started and Reeves is taking it seriously in every step he takes. 

McShane as Winston has his own axe to grind and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind grinding it in the Marquis! Knowing that he has always been limited in how he can help Wick, this is an opportunity to set his own path straight. I’ve always loved McShane in this role because he brings the cool and calm to a very intense storyline.

Skarsgard as the Marquis is full of himself and has no problem loving the extra fine things in life. Making promises to the table about the destruction of John Wick has made him a little more than full of himself and everyone has taken notice. The Marquis is a smooth talker but Wick is not falling for it and neither did I. That being said, Skarsgard glides through the film without ever raising his voice and looks good doing it.

Yen as Caine comes to understand the pain Wick is fighting for now that he has his own family. Having no choice but to go after Wick, he also goes up against men he calls brothers. Yen is capable of some fantastic stunts and martial arts which is seamless in this film. He has always been on the list of actors I’ve enjoyed and, in this film, he is smooth and aware.

Anderson as Mr. Nobody (are you catching that Mr. Anderson is in the same film as Neo and Morpheus? Just sayin’) clearly knows how to track John Wick but there is something else. He knows the job, he knows the money but to get to see Wick in action and a side no one else has, Mr. Nobody starts to wonder what is the truth behind the man. Anderson’s role is that of a swift and smart man who knows his business and has a dog that I’d like to hang out with.

Fishburne as the King is clever and always has John Wick’s back. Working with Winston becomes so much more enjoyable under the streets of Paris. I am always thrilled to see Fishburne on the screen but as the King, he is a man who sees all and knows how to handle it. 

Sanada as Koji understands Wick and tries to find a way to truly help bring this all to a close. As the manager of the Osaka Continental, he is aware that something bigger is no at play. Sanada is such an overlooked actor and this is a shining example of his acting and martial arts skill. Sawayama as Akira knows that anyone around John Wick has a target on them and coming upon him and Caine means that the world as she knows it is over. Her stint was short but listen to what she has to say to Wick in the subway.

Shout out to Brown as the Harbinger keeping character cool, calling it as he sees it and looking stunning in black. 

Other cast include George Georgiou as The Elder, Aimee Kwan as Mia, Scott Adkins as Killa, Marko Zaror as Chidi, and Lance Reddick as Charon.

JOHN WICK: Chapter 4 needs no introduction, no explanation and no sum up because this character has been doing it since 2014. We know why it all started, we know we it keeps happening and we know why it comes to taking out anyone that gets in the way of ending it. Reeves has put his stamp on this role that was created by Greg Pak and Giovanni Valletta from the comic book limited series telling the story of Jardani ‘Johnny’ Jovanovich aka John Wick.

The film comes in at two hours and fifty minutes (bathroom first!) and if you think that’s too long then you don’t deserve to see it. John Wick has come a long way in the franchise so, as far as I’m concerned, he can take as long as he damn well pleases to finish what he started. This is a film of constant bombardment of those who are intent on being the one to take out John Wick.

Now, there are a few moments that were a little far fetched but, as a fan of John Wick, I am willing to overlook it. I did giggle at what seemed to be a bit of Walter Hill’s 1979 film THE WARRIORS and I’ll leave that hint right here. I also thought it funny to see Wick in a subway tunnel waiting for a train in a bit of a reminiscent Neo moment. Again, I ain’t mad about it!

The smashing up, car chases, clubs, countries, music, action, martial arts – all of it – fantastic! The audience was cheering, laughing, cheering, pain reacting, fist pumping, and yelling at the screen which made watching the film a total audience experience. Now that is how you go to the movies to see a film like JOHN WICK: Chapter 4.

This is a gather-up-a-gang-of-people film so that popcorn, snacks, soda and experience are shared so leaving the theatre is loud talking about the film. Go to the theatre excited and leave the theatre excited!

In the end – Baba Yaga! 

Distributed by Amazon Studios and Exclusively In Theaters Globally April 5, 2023



Tuesday, April 4th
Edwards Mira Mesa

Each ticket is admitting two, please arrive early as it is first come first seated – enjoy the show!

From award-winning director Ben Affleck, AIR reveals the unbelievable game-changing partnership between a then-rookie Michael Jordan and Nike’s fledgling basketball division which revolutionized the world of sports and contemporary culture with the Air Jordan brand. This moving story follows the career-defining gamble of an unconventional team with everything on the line, the uncompromising vision of a mother who knows the worth of her son’s immense talent, and the basketball phenom who would become the greatest of all time. 

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Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray from writer/director Florian Zeiller and Sony Picture Classics is the story of struggle, pain and remembering THE SON.

Nicholas (Zen McGrath) is a seventeen-year-old kid who is struggling with his life. Living with Mom Kate (Laura Dern), he expresses that he can no longer live with her and she does not understand why. Turning to dad Peter (Hugh Jackman) and new wife Beth (Vanessa Kirby), he asks to live with them and his new baby brother.

Promising to attend school, go to therapy and do whatever his father asks, it seems that Nicholas is on the right path. Peter is thrilled to see his son doing so well, especially since his job keeps him away. But someone is noticing things aren’t quite right, Beth tries to speak with Peter about what she is sensing but Peter isn’t convinced.

Peter visits his father Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) and revisits old issues but Dad is not hearing it. Instead, he is making it clear that it is ridiculous that Peter lives in the past and holds resentments toward him. Returning home, Peter discovers that Nicholas has not been keeping his promises and a spiral sends the whole family into a place no family wants too ever be.

Jackman as Peter is a man torn between two families. Being consistently reminded of the breakup of his first family from both Nicholas and Kate, Peter is trying to do better the second time around. Jackman puts on a brave front for both families and believes that Nicholas will pull out of whatever is bothering him. Jackman’s performance is one of a man who cannot bring himself to see the reality of what is happening around him.

Dern as Kate clearly does not know where to put her feelings. Still speaking of a life that no longer applies, it is a constant reminder to her son of what he feels he has lost. Dern is weepy and needy which makes the relationship with Peter awkwardly uncomfortable for anyone seeing it. That does not mean she doesn’t see what is happening with Nicholas but is equally confused about what to do as Peter. Dern turns on the needy and weepy full force.

McGrath as Nicholas is a young man who makes it clear that he does not feel like he fits in, has no friends and sees school as torture. Normally, if I saw this in a teen, I would make immediate calls and not stop until it was handled properly. Unfortunately, what I see in the character of Nicholas is a raging teen that seems more like he is throwing fits than crying for help. I do not believe that is what the director intended.

Kirby as Beth seems to be the only one who understands what is happening between the two families. Trying to bring it to Peter’s attention, she is reminding him that he is repeating neglecting his second family. She also understands far better what Nicholas is doing.

Other cast include William Hope as Andrew, Joseph Mydell as Brian, Erick Hayden as Allan, Isaura Barbe-Brown as Sophia, Akie Kotabe as Mr. Yama, Shin-Fei Chen as Alexandra, Danielle Lewis as Jessica and George Cobell as young Nicholas.

Sony Pictures Classics brings television, digital content, new entertainment services, independent films and technologies to viewers. Such films as GREED, THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY, THE CLIMB, CHARM CITY KINGS, I CARRY YOU WITH ME and THE FATHER are just a few of the current and upcoming releases. For more information on what Sony Pictures Classics has to offer please visit 

The Special Feature includes Bringing THE SON to the Big Screen. 

The accolades include nominations from the Venice International Film Festival, Satellite Awards and the Golden Globe Awards nomination for Hugh Jackman for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama.

THE SON is a story of two families struggling with the issues of a teen who is living with his own whirlwind of insecurities and uncertainties. Those issues for a young person are serious, require immediate attention and ability to have available resources without a ‘waiting’ list. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

The film also brings to the forefront the issue of parents who believe they can solve a problem that is not in their wheel house. As a parent I can say it is difficult when your child needs something that you cannot provide, but then again, if there is someone who can you can believe I’d get my kid to them.

I found the characters of Peter and Kate just so clearly in denial of everything. Their own lives, their unresolved issues, and their inability to admit to practically anything that has happened between them and the issues about Nicholas. They seemed more concerned about optics than solving the problem.

Then again, that’s just the opinion of someone who raised four kids.

In the end – family is complicated and love even more so.

AVATAR: The Way of Water

Jeri Jacquin

Available on 4K Ultra HD, Bluray and Digital from director James Cameron and 20th Century Studios is the continuing adventure and Oscar winner for 
Best Visual Effects with AVATAR: The Way of Water.

Things have been quiet for the Na’vi since expelling the sky people with the help of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) who is now chief. Now, he and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have an ever-expanding family they are raising. Sons Lo’ak (Britain Dalton) and Neteyam (Jamie Flatters) and daughters Kiri (Sigourney Weaver) and Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li Bliss). In addition to their family is a teenage human boy names Spider (Jack Champion) who is fluent in the ways of the Na’vi and spends all his time with the Sully family.

As the attacks against the forest people continue, the sky people are expanding their base and taking more resources than ever before. Knowing his family is being hunted, Jake decides it is time for them to go in order to save the Omaticaya people. Planning to get as far away as possible, they seek refuge with the Metkayina sea people. Chief Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) listens to the plea for help but it is his wife Ronal (Kate Winslet) who see’s pain and heartache in their future.

Trying to embrace this new culture, the boys find themselves constantly in trouble, Tuk is enjoying the water and all the creatures and Kiri begins to understand that although different, she easily embraces the sea life. Lo’ak, trying to make friends with the chief’s son Aonung (Filip Geljo), finds himself once again in trouble but is helped by a Tulkun names Payakan. Looking on at the encounter is the chief’s lovely daughter Tsireya (Bailey Bass) who realizes there is something special happening.

Now, for the hard part, As Pandora becomes more and more colonized, the company RDA has found a way to create Na’vi people without needing a human host but yet transferring their essence. One of these is Quaritch (Stephen Lang) who has a score to settle with Sully. Having no conscience previously, he makes it clear that he has no qualms about killing the Sully family and anyone that gets in his way.

The battle is on once again for the world Jake has come to love and the people in it. The Na’vi may be different tribes but one thing is clear, when you attack one, you attack all! As Quaritch comes closer and closer, it is clear that he and those with him are out for destruction.

Worthington as Sully returns and now is a father of quite a brood. He has trained his sons to be warriors but they have his disregard for orders and rules. Trying to find safety for his family, Sully packs up and tries to find the farthest place anyone would look for them. Like life, problems have radar and will always find you. Sully has become a respected member of the Omaticaya people and they look to him for guidance during their time of peace. When it becomes clear that peace is over, he knows what has to be done and does so with a broken heart. Worthington picks up right where he left off without a misstep in his character portrayal of the blue Na’vi Sully. 

Saldana is now a mother lioness who is not about to let anyone hurt her children (too bad she needs to worry more about what they are doing than others are doing). She is not happy to be joining the sea tribe but makes the best of it and remains supportive of Sully. Like other mother lioness’, Saldana’s Neytiri does a lot of hissing in this film and when her angry rears its very tall head, stand back because the rage is on.

Curtis as Chief Tonowari is unsure from the beginning about the Sully clan hanging around but knows that they are Na’vi and that means something. Curtis gives his character a quieter leadership than Sully but that changes when the sky people decide it’s time to do their damage. Winslet as Ronal is also a mother lioness and pitted against Saldana’s Neytiri get a little tense at times. She wants the best for her family which includes son Aonung and beautiful daughter Tsireya and once her belief system is on the verge of destruction, Winslet sets her vocal Ronal loose.

Dalton as son Lo’ak is trying to fit in as the youngest boy in the family. Ready to fight, he makes mistakes and does not listen to his father’s orders and that continually gets him in trouble. Dalton gives us a fierce warrior kid who also has a softer side for whale-like creatures and feels a kinship with their plight. Flatters as Neyeuam is the older son who sees the wisdom of his father’s orders but does make a mistake here and there. Once he is in fighting mode, it is easy to look at Flatters portrayal and think ‘yep, he acts like the son of Jake Sully!’. 

Bliss as young Tuk is nothing short of adorable and loves adventure in any shape and form. She understands what is at stake with the family and comes very close a time or two of becoming a sad story in this tale but she is fiery and I love it. Weaver as daughter Kiri feels like the outsider of the Sully group (although I associate that with being a moody teenager) but discovers with the sea people that she has a gift. There is a story here that Weaver is trying to tell and I am sure there will be more answers in the next AVATAR installment.

Lang as Quaritch is back to his old tricks again. Trying to be a warrior for the sky people and the military, let’s face it, the guy is just nuts. There are a few surprises in this film for him as well. Bass as Tsireya does not see a reason to be unsure about the Sully clan, in fact she embraces and teaches them quickly and with a smile. She fights with the Sully clan with heart, soul and wisdom and that’s quite beautiful. Champion as Spider is a human boy who has lived with the Na’vi since he was born. Accepting their ways and being a part of the Sully clan is a bit confusing for him but he knows what’s wrong and makes it clear he is not that person. Geljo as Aonung is a chief’s son and he behaves with all the problems that can come with that. Hey, Na’vi will be Na’vi!

Cast also includes Joel David Moore as Norm, Jermaine Clement as Dr. Gavin, CCH Pounder as Mo’at, Brendan Cowell as Scoresby, Dileep Rao as Dr. Max Patel, Giovanni Ribisi as Parker Selfridge, and Edie Falco as General Ardmore.

Celebrate today’s release with an all-new clip from the 3+ hours of never-before-seen bonus features. 

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water is available to buy TODAY exclusively on all major digital retailers including Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play and Movies Anywhere. To celebrate today’s digital release and Earth Month, fans can continue to participate in the “Keep Our Oceans Amazing'' campaign, which launched with the theatrical release of Avatar: The Way of Water. This initiative supports The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and its work to protect 10 of our oceans’ amazing animals and their habitats, connected to the beauty of Pandora. From now through July 31, 2023, fans can create their very own Avatar-inspired Ocean creature. For every creature created in the Virtual Pandoran Ocean, Disney U.S. will give $5 to TNC U.S. to help them achieve their global goal of protecting 10 percent of the ocean by 2030. Visit to learn more.

AVATAR: The Way of Water comes flooding into theatres at almost three hours and thirteen years after the original AVATAR. There is a mish-mash of storytelling here which leads me to think that the next film will clarify things a little more. 

Cameron’s reasoning behind the almost three hours is, “The goal is to tell an extremely compelling story on an emotional basis, I would say the emphasis in the new film is more on character, more on story, more on relationships, more on emotion. We didn’t spend as much time on relationships and emotion in the first film as we do in the second film, and it’s a longer film, because there’s more characters to service. There is more story to service.”

All the scenes underwater are really pretty. The good news is that the characters returning to their original roles offered something comforting about seeing the film. I think Worthington, Saldana, Weaver and Lang are the films safety net although I do not think Weaver and Lang’s story lines have a lot to offer other than a way to get butts in the seats at the next installment.

People are still wanting an escape and Cameron gives it to them while throwing in lessons about hurting sea creatures, bad guys do bad things and misunderstood teenagers who out of control (unfortunately that’s my pet peeve in films, mouthy and whiny teenagers). This is a family film for sure but not for the small ones and only because of the time issue. It is a BIG tub of popcorn type of film that does not hold to many surprises but instead plants seeds for the next film. Hopefully not in 13 years.

In the end – they are a family!

When Mom Goes MISSING

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from directors Will Merrick, Nick Johnson and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the story of a mother who goes MISSING.

June (Storm Reid) lives with her mother Grace (Nia Long) after her father passes when she is very young. Into technology and friends, June is thrilled when Grace decides to go on a vacation with new boyfriend Kevin (Ken Leung) to Cartagena, Columbia. As Grace gives her final instructions that friend Heather (Amy Landecker) is in charge and June pretending to listen, the first thing the teen does is set up party time.

One week later, June is supposed to be picking Grace up from the airport but as passengers leave the plane, June’s mother is not in sight. Using her savvy of the computer, June starts looking for where her mom could be. Running out of ideas, she turns to a Columbia P.I. Javi (Joaquim de Almeida) to do some of the leg work for her.

June also manages to get into personal information about Kevin and learns about his past and how it effects what is happening now. Not able to find anything, she needs Javier to find out where they were seen last. June also finds a man named Jimmy (Tim Griffin) who says that Kevin is a good guy and really cares for Grace.

Elijah Park (Daniel Henney), an FBI agent, also stays in touch with June giving her information as he gets it. That doesn’t stop June from following her own leads and investigating through the internet. With all her investigating, June discovers the horrible truth about her mother and it leads to a situation that could end her own life.

Reid as June Allen is a young girl who believes that because she is 18 that she does not have to follow rules and feels her mother is just a kill joy. Once she realizes that life is much more complicated and dangerous, she dives into a world of secrets and lies. Reid is the main focus of the film and does her utmost to portray a young woman who does not rely on others to find her mother.

De Almeida as Javier gives us a part time private investigator who knows his way around Cartagena. Getting the information just leads to more questions and a very long distance relationship with June. His soft spot for the young girl is showing and he chases leads with a vengeance. I have always enjoyed the roles that De Almeida has taken and this film joins the list of performances.

Landecker as Heather is the ‘adult’ while Grace is away but when it is clear she is missing, she helps June get the ball rolling on finding her. Leung as Kevin is the man dating June’s Mom. He has a past and June has to discover whether it has anything to do with what is happening now.

Long as Grace has a small role in the beginning setting up her life with June/Reid. She is a mom who is dealing with a daughter that is starting to show her independence (even if she really isn’t ready for it). Wanting to be a good mom and wanting a love life as well can be complicated enough without disappearing as the cherry on top.

Other cast include Ava Zaria Lee as young June, Michael Segovia as Angel, Megan Suri as Veena, Tracy Vilar as Det. Gomez, Lisa Yamada as Alison, Jameel Shivji as Karthik, and Lauren B. Mosely as Rachel Page.

The film follows the 2018 film SEARCHING and also reminds me of the 2018 film PROFILE. These are also two interesting films dealing with people and their sleuthing ability to use the internet.

MISSING is a film about family, love, and the ability to outsmart bad guys. The character of June is definetly tech savvy because I couldn’t even keep up with how to do what she was doing. I need a class just to figure out how to install an app most of the time. Once June starts, her magic is fast and furious.

It is interesting to watch the trail of breadcrumbs she follows and, although illegal, the ways in which she gets information. That’s the world we live in however, information is key to everything and the internet is full of information. Good or bad, the search for answers is diligent by June and where it all leads her is an absolute shock.

Cuddle up with popcorn because this is about to get strange, fast and intense and jaw dropping in its conclusion. 

In the end – no one disappears without a trace!

The Adventure of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres from directors Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, eOne and Paramount Pictures is the adventure of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves.

As a member of the Harpers, Edgin Darvis (Chris Pine) has turned away from his order when a Red Wizard brings pain into his life. Raising daughter Kira (Chloe Coleman) with companion Holga Kilgore (Michelle Rodriguez), they have turned to becoming thieves. Along with Simon the sorcerer (Justice Smith) and Forge Fitzwilliam (Hugh Grant), they take without hurting anyone.

Forge brings a mission that could change Darvis’ life but it all turns when a Red Wizard Sofina (Daisy Head) puts Darvis and Holga in prison leaving Forge to take care of Kira. A few years later, Darvis and Holga make their way out of prison discovering Forge has become the Lord of Neverwinter. Finding lovely daughter Kira, Darvis also learns that Forge has not been telling the truth about what happened. 

Leaving Neverwinter without Kira, Darvis knows there is only one way to change this, find Simon to help get into the castle for Kira and retrieve the resurrection tablet. Needing more help, they look for the tiefling shapeshifting druid Doris (Sophia Lillis). She begrudgingly decides to help and each step leads them to more relics with the help of Xenk (Rege-Jean Page). 

All of this is to get inside the vault to change their fates and deal with Sofina during Forges’ opening of public games. Not swayed by the danger, Darvis, Holga, Simon and Doris take on everything thrown at them because together – they are a mess, but a mess with heart!

Pine as Darvis leads this rag tag group of misfits on an adventure that is really kind of cool. He is a man on a mission and sometimes the character forgets that it isn’t all about him. Pine has got some great lines, swing into action and is fun to watch. Coleman as daughter Kira is a delight to watch. Her character obviously cares for her father but hurt can be a powerful thing. Kira gives a performance of how I would think a young daughter would feel believing what she does about her father Darvis.

Grant as Fitzwilliam is clever, silly, hilarious and cowardly. I just loved watching his character be as shifty as I know Grant can play a character. This is also the character type of a man who will use anyone to get what he wants – even if it kills them. He has the twinkle eye of greed and Grant has such timing and it is totally fun to watch.

Rodriguez as Kilgore has a short fuse when it comes to people attacking her or pretty much anyone else for that matter. She is strong, swings what ever is in her hands like a pro and does not suffer fools. I actually enjoyed watching Rodriguez in this role believing that it is actually she who holds them all together.

Smith as Simon just wants everyone to know that he needs to learn a lot more about the world of magic. Yet, when he is called upon to help take on the big mission, he rolls his eyes, protests a bit and then off he goes to help Darvis. Smith is funny and yet sweet at the same time in this role. Lillis as Doris is another strong female character that just does not have time for stupidity. Wanting to stop the madness that is happening all around them, she reluctantly joins Darvis on his mission.

Page as Xenk is the handsome good guy that offsets Darvis’ sort of bad guy. He is charming, thoughtful, giving and wants to help the band get what they need. From the moment he is on the screen he oozes smooth and I’m okay with that. Head as Sofina is a woman that has powers to make even the earth shake. She is on her own mission to turn the world into zombieland and stopping her becomes just as important. Head is awesome and a tad scary in her portrayal, well done. 

Other cast include Spencer Wilding as Gorg, Will Irvine as Tobias, Nicholas Blane as Chancellor Anderton, Bryan Larkin as Chancellor Norixius, Sarah Amankwah as Baroness Torbo, Colin Carnegie as Elvin High Harper, Georgia Landers as Zia and clayton Grover as Chancellor Harnathan. 

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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves is definetly a fun family film. I saw it with family and we had such a good time together. I did not know what to expect and left the theatre talking about the film. There is action, adventure, a solid story, great special effects, and lots of humor that everyone gets to enjoy.

Directors Daley and Goldstein might have a franchise on their hands for sure. Yes, it did remind me a bit of THE MUMMY franchise but I’m a huge fan of those films so sure, do it with DUNEGEONS & DRAGONS. If you can keep the story from breaking off into ridiculous directions then I’d be all in. 

Get ready for a whole lot of fun because that’s what DUNEGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves brings. If non-stop action is your thing, if video games are your thing, if having fun is your thing then this is the film to see this weekend!

In the end – who needs heroes when you have thieves?