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STRIKE BACK: Season Five Hits Hard on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

This week on Bluray/DVD and Digital from Cinemax is a new team with a new attitude with the hard hitting series STRIKE BACK: Season Five.

The men are sent in to be a part the transfer of terrorist Omair Idrisi (Don Hany) but his wife Jane Lowry (Katherine Kelly) has other plans. Putting an escape plan together, the attack on the entire convoy kills many men but Sgt. Mac McAllister (Warren Brown) survives. 

Determined to re-capture Isrisi, Sgt. Brown is assigned to Section 20 and the first thing they have to do is find undercover soldier Sgt. Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson). He is also working to get information on Idrisi. The group includes Grace Novan (Alin Sumarwata) and Captain Natalie Reynolds (Roxanne McKee). 

But they have to deal with prince who may or may not be giving money to the terrorists. What Haptaini does tell them is who he deals with for arms and that’s Morgan Ives (Trevor Eve). Finding him turns out to be a hard mission when they find themselves in the middle of a sand storm. 

Lowry seems to be on a different path as the group works on what her intentions are. Rosa Varga (Kelly Gough) and her brother Josef (Mark Strepan) and now a part of an already confusing mix. Quickly they discover Lowry’s hideout and are shocked to see photographs of missions Section 20 has been a part of. 

McAllister has put himself in serious danger and set for hanging when he is taken to Zaryn’s training camp. Rosa is also wanting to change sides when Josef starts to become unhinged and she wants safety. General Lazslo (Attilla Arpa) is trying to put Section 20 down but Col. Adeena Donovan (Nina Sosanya) isn’t going to stop. Especially when she discovers who Zaryn really is Dr. Markov (Daniel Cerqueira). 

The Russians are putting their hands in everything and now having to deal without military back up, Donovan makes a serious decision. The group has also discovered who is dealing with Lowry’s money and another player is in the mix. Milos Berisovich (Peter Firth), is a mob boss who ends up with Markov. He isn’t happy about what went down and sends his own message for Section 20.

Apparently Berisovich doesn’t know who he’s dealing with as Reynolds gives him a lesson. They also learn that Markov has a lab in the Ukraine that makes the Novichok but Berisovich is one step ahead of them. Reynolds is exposed to the gas but it is Lowry and Berisovich that go head to head for revenge.

Lowry learns her husband is still alive and arrives in Germany to learn a company called Octagon is where he is. Owned by Johannes Krieger (Adrian Bouchet), she forces him to tell her that the only person who knows is Rachel Sheridan (Dervia Kirwan). Section 20 skips the trip to Germany and finds Krieger but not before another assault rains down on the team as Rachel is taken.

Wyatt discovers what is on the black site and sees that Idrissi plans to release other terrorists. When things go horribly wrong with that plan, McAllister actually has to work with Idrissi to regain control. That partnership is short lived and it becomes clear that Corp. Jensen (Phil Dunster) has proof that Lowry and Donovan are working together.

It becomes even more harsh when someone high up has given Donovan orders that put Section 20 in jeopardy. Wyatt and MacAllister pull a meeting in Croatia between Ives, Idrissi and Lowry. That too goes awry and when Novan is close to capture, she is surprised to see two familiar faces.

The two familiar faces are after Idrissi from getting their hands on Atlas but Russian special forces are also wanting to get their hands on him. Novan grabs the server as the team once again comes under fire with another group trying to kill them but this is Section 20 – they might want to rethink that.

Brown as McAllister is a strong character who knows that every step they take could be their last yet he goes in hard. He doesn’t flinch at all when it comes down to the grit and has a stare that can freeze anyone in its way. MacPherson as Wyatt is equally as intense and knows that the mission is becoming more and more complicated as the players shift. Even with that he isn’t distracted from the goal that is plain – stop the spread of terror.

Sumarwata as Novan is strong, fast, clever and doesn’t hesitate in the slightest. She also doesn’t hesitate and makes it clear she is an intense force of nature. McKee as Reynolds communicates everything with such ease and I have to say that the scenes she shares with Sumarwata makes them such a powerful duo to watch. They are pretty awesome gals I have to say.

Gough as Rosa is a complicated character with a history that drives her to do things that would make me want to run in the opposite direction. I don’t do messy! Strepan as Josef has a magazine rack full of intensely crazed issues and he isn’t about to let anyone from Section 20 get what he wants. 

Sosanya as Donovan has a role that is strong and she knows when its time to break the rules to get the job done. Dunster as Jensen is a whiz with the technology that the crew needs to stay one step ahead of the shut down. Cerqueira as Markov seems to have something everyone wants and now we wait to see who gets it. Firth as Berisovich is a character that comes out of no where but isn’t going to go quietly!

Kelly as Lowry may only be the wife in all of this but trust me when I say she isn’t baking cookies or doing the laundry for her family – she’s got a plan and a twisted reason for it. Hany as Idrisi is the terrorist who started it all and may not realize that someone knows a little more than she does. 

HBO and Cinemax have an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows BANSHEE, OUTCAST and THE KNICK. For more of what they have to offer please visit 

The Bluray includes all ten episodes of the action packed series with the Bonus Features STRIKE BACK Season 5: Declassified: Get an inside look at each episode and THE NEW TEAM: Section 20’s new team and tactics they employ to fight terrorism around the globe. 

What I love best about having the entire fifth season is grabbing season four and doing a two season binge watch! This series is filled with action and suspense always leaving you guessing who is who and why trust is tough for Section 20. This may be a new team but it certainly slides right in and doesn’t miss a beat.

The chase leads all over Europe and putting the pieces of the puzzle together isn’t about to be easy. It is warfare from start to finish and Section 20 isn’t going to go away knowing there are people out there who want to do global damage. 

Good guys, bad guy, cat and mouse – it’s all here for the watching. What has made this season even more interesting is the swap around of the female characters never really knowing who is all in and who is playing the game. I loved watching it all unfold three bags of popcorn later!

In the end – it’s a new time with the same attitude!

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THE APPARITION is Suspenseful to the Very Last Frame

Jeri Jacquin

In theatres from director Xavier Giannoli and Music Box Films is a story that leaves us questioning faith and secrets with THE APPARITION.

Jacques Mayano (Vincent Lindon) is a journalist who is asked by the Vatican to be a part of a canonical investigation in France. Anna (Galatea Bellugi) is a young girl living in small village that says she has seen the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Now Jacques and three others must learn as much as they can about the young Anna.

Not moved by Anna as much as his colleagues, Jacques begins to ask questions about where Anna came from, the schools she went to and who her friends were. He speaks to the men who heard her cries in a large pasture believing that is when she saw the apparition. 

Anna reaches out to Jacques feeling free to speak with him despite the objection of local priest Father Borrodine (Patrick d’Assumcao) who feels like he needs to be the lead for Anna in all things. At the same time Anton Meyer (Anatole Taubman) is rolling out the candles and likeness of Anna to bring in the followers – and their money. 

The more questions Jacques asks, the more questions there are following him from place to place. Putting the pieces together is more paramount than ever as Anna promises that all the answers will come soon and Jacques feels that prediction is ominous.

Faith can sometimes hold a secret.

Lindon as Jacques is a bulldog of a journalist and isn’t about to let the Vatican sway him in how he handles his part of the investigation. Even when he meets Anna and a part of him wants to believe in her, Jacques knows there is so much more to be known. I truly enjoyed Lindon’s portrayal and was right there with him all the way before I realized it. Having the same questions I did, Lindon had a side kick going step by step wanting to believe Anna but not able to stop the nagging feeling of a secret.

Bellugi as Anna is absolutely stunning with a face I would believe (if it weren’t for that dang nagging feeling). She is so genuine in her belief and has a sense of innocence about her and Bellugi gives the added push of being so lovely to watch. As the film goes on she doesn’t miss a beat and a protective nature kicks in for me. That’s the sign of a character portrayal so well done.

D’Assumcao as Father Borrodine is basking in the glow of what is happening to Anna publically and in the media. He bars her from talking to certain people and only agrees to Jacques questions because he comes with a clear mission from the Vatican. He isn’t happy about any of it and makes it clear. That leaves his character wide open for suspicion.

Taubman as Meyer is just the creepiest character in the film. He claims to care for Anna yet finds every way possible to exploit her. Once again my protective nature kicked in and every time Taubman was on screen as Meyer I found myself growling. That’s how you know a role is perfectly cast.

Other cast include Elina Lowensohn as Doctor de Villeneuve, Claude Leveque as Father Gallois, Gerard Dessalles as Stephane Mornay, Bruno Georis as Father Ezeradot, Candice Bouchet as Valerie and Alicia Hava as Meriem.

Am I telling you every little detail about THE APPARITION? Absolutely not. This is the genre of film that I truly am thrilled about letting the viewer discover. There are so many twists and secrets to be discovered that just when I think I have it worked out – it’s not. 

Watching Jacques wrestle with his journalistic instincts and that of wanting to believe Anna is stellar and watching Anna wrestle with her place at the convent and the people around her is both fascinating and heart wrenching at the same time. These two characters are meant to share this journey and director Giannoli makes us all feel a little blessed to walk the road with them.

I truly enjoyed this film and loved every aspect of the storytelling. That is what makes THE APPARITION one of my best films for 2018 and I urge you to see and decide for yourself. A beautiful film with kudos all around!

In the end – doubt and faith are about to collide!

​ABC’s A MILLION LITTLE THINGS is Going to Force Us all to Shed A Million Little Tears

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to the ABC line up this fall, and personally I can’t wait for all the new shows, is the first season of A Million Little Things.

The series opener brings friends Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston), Rome Howard (Romany Malco), Eddie Saville (David Giuntoli) and Gary (James Roday).

What brings them together even more is that Jon decides to do something that is about to change their lives forever. Rome almost met the same fate as his friend as he hides his depression; Eddie tries to stay away from the bottle and is in love but not with his wife and Gary works days to day to keep the fear of cancer at bay.

Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) must come to terms with why Jon chose to leave his family, Regina (Christina Marie Moses) discovers that Jon believed to much in her that he had a surprise waiting, Maggie (Allison Miller) also deals with a threat in her life and Jon’s assistant Ashley (Christina Ochoa) is hiding secrets from them all. 

Filled with fear, doubt, love, uncertainty, friendship, change, secrets and surprises – these friends and their loved ones are on a journey to discover why Jon did what he did and what that means moving forward. 

Livingston as Jon is going to be the ghost of the show in that we will only see him in the flashbacks of his family and friends. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest because Livingston is one of the most underrated actors we have today. His body of work has always kept me watching because he keeps taking on roles that challenge not only Livingston as an actor but me as a viewer. 

Roday as Gary is the first character in a series that addresses the fears of cancer for men. He is the jokester of the group with his witty come backs and one-liners but, as with most funny people, there is a deep well of fear that is going to bubble to the surface with each episode. I am a bit fond of Roday’s character from the first episode and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Malco as Rome is the character that is going to let us know that sometimes even the darkest places can have moments of light. Wanting to get a movie made, he is feeling his life out of control and confessing to his friends how he has been feeling, those same friends he was afraid to talk to will be the ones to reach out with a life preserver.

Giuntoli as Eddie has a secret that is a big one and I have to say as the story of all the characters unfold, I can’t say his role in it all is going to come off so well. I’m not sure how I feel about it all but at the season progresses I’m sure I will have a lot to say about him.
Szostak as Delilah has so many questions about Jon yet the answers might be more than she can take. Raising a teenage daughter and young son, they also want to know why tragedy has struck their family and she is going to have some explaining to do.

Moses as Regina has a big dream that she believes in unattainable considering the circumstances she and husband Rome are in. It’s hard to be a chef and start a new restaurant but Jon believes in her and proves it. Miller as Maggie joins the group swift and hard capturing Gary’s attention straight out. The group takes to her right away and Delilah likes her immediately.

Ochoa as Ashley is going to be the keeper of all secrets I think and I don’t like the look of what she’s done in just one episode. Of course with any good employee there is going to be a modicum of protecting one’s boss but boy, she is going above and beyond the call of duty. As Truuvy would say, “I think there’s a story there!”

From the first scene to the last, we are invited to talk about issues that still, to this day, remain hard to talk about or impossible in some cases. A Million Little Things isn’t about to let that stay the fact for long and I welcome it. If the stories of these characters open dialogue (as I hope it will) then trust when I say this series is well on its way to becoming a stand out favorite.

Hold onto your Kleenex boxes because this show is going to have us all understanding and embracing the complexities of these characters with occasional tears. Diving into their individual stories is going to be complicated and bringing us even more questions and personally – I can’t wait.

DJ Nash is the creator and executive producer of A Million Little Things. Also Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor are executive producers of the show along with James Griffiths who also directs the pilot. The show is brought to viewers by ABC Studios and Kapital Entertainment.

A Million Little Things premiers Wednesday September 26th at 10:00 p.m. on ABC!

THIS IS US Season Two is on DVD and it Should Come with Kleenex!

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is the amazing Pearson family and the hit series from NBC with This is Us: The Complete Second Season.

The season begins with Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) 37th birthday with the news to wife that he wants to adopt as Beth (Susan Watson) convinces her husband it might be better to open their home to an older child. Kate (Chrissy Metz) is still dealing with her weight issues and struggles even more when going to an audition where all the girls are thin. Kevin (Justin Hartley) tries to bring his sister some comfort when Toby (Chris Sullivan) tells him to pump the breaks a little and let him be there for Kate. The memories come flooding back of a time when Rebecca (Mandy Moore) deals with Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) drinking and a tragedy for the Pearson’s.

Kevin deals with his series The Manny celebrating a milestone but he wants out and leans on girlfriend Sophie. The family packs up and heads to see the live episode. Kate gets the call on an audition but doesn’t want Rebecca to know but it finally happens that mother and daughter must talk out their long silent issues with each other. The memory of Jack telling a younger Kate about his problem brings him and Rebecca to AA.

Kevin is back in front of the camera working on a film with Sylvester Stallone as a co-star but it also brings back memories of his father Jack. While filming him hurts his knee and pain medication is prescribed. Randall and Beth meet Déjà (Lyric Ross) who is a young girl from a home the two adults can’t fathom. Kate has some wonderful but scary news for Toby. All of this leads to a memory for Rebecca when her mother wonders why she treats Randall better than Kate and Kevin.

Randall works on earning Déjà’s trust and Kate’s news becomes family wide. Kevin and Sophie work in a charity event but he manages to make things chaotic. The relationship between Jack and his own father bring Rebecca into memories knowing that there is so much more to their issues. 

The ten-year-old Pearson triplets are trick or treating as Jack takes Kate and Kevin to see a haunted house. Not to eager to do that, Rebecca and Randall spend a little spooky time together. The flashes continue with Kate’s relationship issues, Kevin’s road to being an actor as Randall and Beth await their first baby’s birth. All of this leading to Rebecca reconnecting with Miguel (Jon Hearts), Jack’s old friend.

Randall is a year old now, Jack and Rebecca work towards full adoption not knowing that on the other side of town a man named William (Ron Jones) is entering a guilty plea for drugs. The prospect of long jail time is interrupted as the judge sees something in William. In exchange for a shorter jail time, William must agree to stay sober. Fast forward he has kept that promise only to discover he is ill and a knock on his door is about to change everything.

Kevin in his younger years had the potential to go all the way as a football player. Dad Jack encourages his son but also isn’t happy with his son’s attitude. That’s when fate takes its turn and an injury might change everything. That’s when Kevin learns that his father has seen more about the world than the young man could have ever imagined. Jack gives him a necklace that gave the father hope when he needed it most. Now Kevin has a chance to speak as an alumnus at his high school and it goes horribly wrong causing him to lose that which his father held dear.

Going to Randall with his problems, Kevin discovers that he has been neglecting Kate and her news. Flashing back she has no interest in college but tries to please her parents. Now Kate wants to do things differently but it changes nothing and the pains of her life come flooding back with a vengeance. Toby believes in Kate and wants to protect her from any more pain but finally lets it be known that his feelings matter in their relationship as well. Rebecca remembers the pain of Kyle and how she hides it just like her daughter.

Jack is thrilled to think that Randall might go to Harvard but his son is thinking Howard University wanting to feel more inclusive. Visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Randall hears from his father and they share feelings about that ‘off-balance’ feeling. Now Déjà is still having issues with her own mother as Randall and Beth consider fighting for custody of the teen. When Kevin hops in a car he has no idea that his niece Tess (Eris Baker) is in the back seat when he makes another mistake.

After rehab, Kevin is with Rebecca who is now being watched by Miguel who has been quite during all of the problems. Not so quiet now, he tells Kevin how he feels about Jack and Rebecca as a couple and reminds him that no one is leaving because of his actions. William is finding a place with Randall and learning the story of what happened when he was a baby.

Now the home that Jack and Rebecca built for their three children comes into play as excitement, a slow cooker and Super Bowl Sunday goes through changes. Kevin is with his girl, Randall is with a date and Kate is working on her music. That means the couple finally have a little ‘me’ time. Presently, Randall and Beth buy the apartment complex where William lived and quickly discover the intricacies of being a land lord. Toby decides that Kate needs some place to put all the love she hides and Kevin tries to make things right with the people he has hurt.

It is 1988 and the Pearson home is in trouble as Jack is taken away to the hospital. It is the 20th anniversary of that day and Kate isn’t dealing well with any of it. Watching a tape her father made for her, the VCR damages it. Toby jumps into action to bring her some peace of mind. Rebecca and Kevin know there is only one way to remember their feelings – a favorite meal. Randall goes bold with a Super Bowl that is interrupted by a lizard. 

A Wagoneer becomes the Pearson’s new ride going to see “Weird Al” and then again to go to get an autograph from Alanis Morissette. The car holds memories for all of the family and a final memory along with Bruce Springsteen. 

Jack and Rebecca are surprised when their ten year olds decide they are going to do something romantic for the couple which show the kids how their parents feel about each other. Toby and Kate go to Vegas to celebrate their upcoming nuptials and this is a chance for everyone to get to know the new incoming family member. Instead inner feelings are finally shared and because of that a decision is made about young Déjà.

Her story comes to light learning that mother Shauna was raised by her grandmother G.G. and years later began using drugs. Déjà began her stint in the foster system and the forward and back of being with her mother Shauna (Joy Brunson). After a boyfriend practically ruins mother and daughter, Randall and Beth open their home once again.

The wedding is bringing Kate to the point of dealing with her grief and opening up her life to Toby. Thinking she is the only one with problems, Kate meets Toby’s parents and sees what he has been dealing with. From family talking about what they don’t know about and Toby showing his depression, what comes next only brings closer the fact that This is Us.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit 

The DVD includes the episodes A Father’s Advice, A Manny-Splendored Thing, Déjà Vu, Still There, Brothers, The 20’s, The Most Disappointed Man, Number One, Number Two, Number Three, The Fifth Wheel, Clooney, That’ll Be The Day, Super Bowl Sunday, The Car, Vegas Baby, This Big Amazing Beautiful Life, and The Wedding. The most amazing Special Feature is The Aftershow on all of the episodes is there in case you didn’t see them during the season. 

This Is Us is a series that has continued from its pilot episode up until last season of bringing the buzz. By this I mean there isn’t anyone I know that doesn’t watch, talk about or hand Kleenex around when it comes to this show. We love the Pearson’s and embrace ever aspect of their past that helps explain the trials and love they experience in the present.

There isn’t anything about this show that doesn’t resonate in some way with people. We might hate the fact that we cry but cry we are proud to do for the characters and laugh and laugh proudly at the silliness that resembles our own family in some small way.

This cast is absolutely amazing and it begins with Ventimiglia and Moore who have just rocked their characters and our minds to their very core. Every fan of the show has embraced Jack and Rebecca and it’s hard to believe it has only been two seasons. Each episode isn’t wasted in the telling of their past and present and I can tell you quite honestly that after each episode my friends and I do a number-of-kleenex we used for that episode. Trust me when I say we haven’t gone below three tissues!

Season Three of This Is Us premiers September 25th so now is your chance to catch up and have the Pearson’s with THIS IS US: The Complete Second Season as part of your home entertainment library. 

In the end – everyone has a family!

SINGLE PARENTS Brings the Realities of Parenthood with Twisted Comedy from ABC

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to ABC beginning Wednesday, September 26 at 9:30 is a new comedy series that handles the realities of being a parent by helping us all laugh at it with Single Parents.

It is the first day of class and Will Cooper (Taram Killam) is introducing himself as the classroom parent. The other parents including Angie (Leighton Meester), Douglas (Brad Garrett), Poppy (Kimrie Lewis) and Miggy (Jake Choi) are trying to find their place in the single parent world. Making it clear to Will that they aren’t about to be part of his clip-board vortex, they offer support with a little judgment attached.

Talking Will into dating to avoid volunteering for anything in the classroom, Angie and Miggy show up at his house only to discover it is all sadder than they could have possibly imagined. Working on his image for the date they’ve set up, Angie wants to scream and Miggy can’t get away fast enough. Douglas and Poppy try to figure out who has babysitting duties so the other can get out for the night.

Will’s date brings the law, Angie and Miggy come to the rescue as Poppy and Douglas want to help with shoe jokes and a few dollars. How does one get out of it all? Well, a little help from boldness, friendship, and a Hawaiian girl who has us asking ourselves How Far I’ll Go.

That will smash any vortex you got! 

Killam as Will is just a man trying to raise his daughter with the hope that his memories of marriage don’t squash him totally. Keeping himself busy with being a classroom parent doesn’t go over well with other single parents. He thinks that perhaps finally there are friendships to be had but sure takes a hard trip to find that out. I like Killam’s character of Will and see how sweet he is in the midst of figuring out adulthood and parenting.

Meester as Angie is tough and mouthy which can be cool if you have friends that are tough and mouthy but a little cutting when it comes to Will. He doesn’t quite have the thick skin she does – or does she? Lewis as Poppy is raising a child that might just be a tad cooler than she is but she isn’t about to let that mess with her appearance of having it all together.

Choi as Miggy is a man who is learning all about life when you have a child. Those expensive shoes aren’t what life is all about but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to pretend it all isn’t happening. 

Garrett as Douglas has twin daughters who he teaches to be tough and if that doesn’t work – break out the Benjamin’s! He embraces his single life but the fact is that when it comes to friendship he might just be a bit softer than he wants to admit. I love Garrett in this role because he rolls his eyes a lot and yet embraces, in his own way, the role of a single dad of two very cool twin girls.

Other cast include Marlow Barkley as Sophie Cooper, Tyler Wladis as Graham, Devin Trey Campell as Rory, Mia Allan as Emma and Ella Allan as Amy.

Single Parents is a half hour look at the single life of parents by using comedy, caring, friendship, insanity, kids, love and all the things that life throws at them. I laughed from beginning to end and perhaps that’s because I understand every smart remark, every eye roll and every moment where you realize that being a single parent does have its moments worth smiling about.

The cast just seem to roll with the punches and are flawless together. The one-liners and zingers fly fast but each character also has a story to tell that explains who they are and how they are. 

It is going to be fun to get to know them each as Garrett, Choi, Killam, Meester and Lewis give us a look into their world and that is going to make it easier to live in ours. There is nothing better than hearing the characters of the series say out loud what many of us think on a daily basis. 

The kids – Barkley, Wladis, Campell and the Allan twins are going to give as good as they get and remind us all that dang kids are getting smarter and smarter. They have such unique personalities and I already love them all. 

Beginning September 26th, join a group that is a little bit off center and a lot funny with the new series Single Parents. Thanks for the laughs ABC!

In the end – we know them and we are gonna love them!


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John Boorman’s Film of EXORCIST II: The Heretic Returns on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from director John Boorman and Scream Factory is the next chapter in a young girl’s life of danger with 1977 film EXORCIST II: The Heretic

Living with guardian Sharon (Kitty Winn), grown Regan (Linda Blair) works with Dr. Gene Tuskin (Louise Fletcher) to help children who are plagued by sleep disorders and memories they keep hidden. Regan understands what the kids are going through because of the event in her life four years earlier. 

Father Lamont (Richard Burton) receives his next order from the Cardinal (Paul Henreid) to find out what really happened to the beloved Father Merrin (Max von Sydow) that same night four years ago. It was during the exorcism of Regan that he died but that is all they know. 

Father Lamont isn’t happy about the assignment knowing he is only asked because of his previous exposure to Merrin’s teachings. Dealing with a failed exorcism in South America, he goes into his assignment with less than holy feelings.

With the help of equipment developed by Dr. Tuskin, Regan and the doctor can synch up their memories. In a session, the demon Pazuzu who took over the young girls body four years ago, seems to still be around and wants Regan once again. Father Lamont tries to question Regan but the good doctor isn’t about to let that happen. Sharon takes the Father to the house in Georgetown where it all took place but feels that using the device with Regan is the only way.

That’s when he sees a boy named Kokumo and a swarm of locusts fighting Pazuzu and realizes he must go to Africa and find the boy who is now a man. Learning things he didn’t know before from the grown Kokumo (James Earl Jones), its back to Regan and the house in Georgetown where once again a battle between good and evil must happen if they are all to be saved.

Blair as Regan returns as the lovely young woman Regan who struggles with the memory of what happened in her mother’s house four years earlier. Tackling the first film at a young age was an incredible feat for this actress and taking up the mantle of Regan again can only be done by Blair. Seeing the storyline all the way through she shares the screen with Fletcher, Sydow and Burton and that doesn’t look bad on a resume.

Fletcher as Tuskin is a strong influence on Regan and only wants what is best for her. Protecting her is one thing but finally reaching what is inside of the young girl is something she could never have imagined. I believe Fletcher is one of our finest actors and I will watch and have watched everything she has performed in. Good, bad and in between, Fletcher has played her roles strongly.

Jones as Kukomo is a very young actor in this film and I’d know that voice anywhere even then. In this role he goes from a young man taking on a demon to a scientist who wants to forget it. Henreid as the Cardinal makes his final film appearance as a part of the church that wants to know exactly what happened to the priests who died at the hands of a demon. Winn returns as guardian Sharon and makes it her purpose to make sure Regan is looked after. 

Two iconic actors share the screen in this film. Burton as Father Lamont has a history with Father Merrin having spent time with him as a younger priest. Dealing with his own failure at an exorcism, he is reluctant to deal with Regan. Max von Sydow – what an amazing iconic actor who returns to the film to give us more of the story behind the priest and his teachings.

Other cast include Joey Green as young Kokumo, Ned Beatty as Edwards, Belinda Beatty as Liz, Barbara Cason as Mrs. Phalor, Ken Renard as Abbott, Dana Plato as Sandra and Karen Knapp as the voice of Pazuzu.

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

The 2-disc Bluray includes the Special Features of Two Cuts of the Film, 117-Minute and 201 Minute Versions, New 2K Scan of Both Cuts from the Original Film Elements, New Audio Commentary with Director John Boorman (Longer Cut), New Interview with Actress Linda Blair, New Audio Commentary with Special Project Consultant Scott Michael Bosco, Teaser and Theatrical Trailers and Still Galleries. 

William Goodhard took on the screenplay and used the works of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin for the storyline. Director Boorman found the new direction of the film quite different than the first film. It was the director who convinced Max von Sydow to return as Father Merrin and Kitty Winn to return as Sharon.

EXORCIST II: The Heretic has its own set of frights and scares that may not be as shocking as the first film but equally as engrossing. I might be playing favorites a bit since Burton, Blair, Fletcher, von Sydow and Jones happen to be on my list of actors I think made an impact on films.  

We are getting closer and closer to the season of spooky time and scary movies are high on the list of things to stack up for at my house. After scaring the neighbor kids and handing out candy – its time to shut off the lights and hunker down for a night of lights out frights. 

EXORCIST II: The Heretic brings all that and more. I personally suggest watching the original and the new Bluray release back to back because that is four hours of spine tingles well worth every tingle!

If you would like the chance to win a copy for your own home entertainment library, please visit to find out how.

In the end – four years later and what does she remember? 

Time Life Gives Us a Four Year Dose of Music with ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME IN CONCERT: Encore on Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Time Life has always been ahead of the game when it comes to bringing back the music we have come to love and pass on to our own kids and grandkids. Now, they continue with their musical tradition of excellence bringing the best and amazing people who still rock in our hearts with ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME IN CONCERT: Encore on Bluray.

Every year the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame honors those that have brought something stellar and amazing to Rock and Roll and music in general. In thirty years, the Hall of Fame has inducted those who have brought classy to classic rock from the 60s, 70s and 80s. These are the years that will never be again but thanks to Time Life we can once again experience some of those most touching moments and rock out to music that will never die! 

At the 25th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held at the Waldorf Astoria on March 16, 2010 in New York, the opening is a performance by Phish with Watcher of the Skies in tribute to Genesis. Trey Anastasio has the honors of inducting the group for their long contribution to music with Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford accepting.

Billie Joe Armstrong inducts The Stooges and the memorable performance of their songs Search and Destroy as well as I Wanna Be Your Dog. Steven Van Zandt inducts The Hollies with Bernie Calvert, Allan Clarke, Eric Haydock, Graham Nash and Terry Sylvester. The musical performance includes Adam Levine and Paul Shaffer with Bus Stop, Carrie-Anne and Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) and the audience clearly loved it so much they sang along. 

Paul Shaffer receives the 25 Years of Great Music Appreciation Award and it isn't surprising that he would only surprising that it took 25 years.

Barry Gibb and brother Robin take to the stage to induct Abba into the Hall of Fame with Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad accepting. Faith Hill takes the stage for her heart felt rendition of the classic Abba song The Winner Takes It All. 

At the 26th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, the list of attendees is even bigger. Beginning with John Legend's induction speech for the incomparable Dr. John, it is amazing to experience someone else’s feelings towards the amazing performer. 
Bette Midler has a chance to take the stage with her speech for the induction of the well deserved Darlene Love. Her speech about the career she has experienced was informative and long time in coming.

Growing up in this next inductees era, there was one song that rocked for years, oh lets face it EVERY year around June when it was time to leave our books behind and enjoy the sun and beach. Rob Zombie inducts Alice Cooper which also gave me a thrill to see him perform the songs that kept me riveted for years with Eighteen, Under My Heels and, of course, the iconic anthem that is still played to School's Out. The groups acceptance speech included Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and an endearing 'thanks to my wife', the irreplaceable Alice Cooper.

Neil Young inducts Tom Waits into the Hall of Fame and Waits comes to the stage with his unique voice thanking all he could and giving us a bit more of his humor as well. I have to say that although I am thrilled to say that I couldn't get enough of Tom Waits through the years, I do enjoy his film roles as well. He continues to be unique both in front of a music crowd but a theatre screen as well.

Elton John comes to the podium and gives a riveting speech to induct Leon Russell into the Hall of Fame. Sharing his memories of when he met Russell, Elton also recalls the time he listened to Russell and broke down in sobs. Knowing it needed to happen, Elton embarked on a journey to make music with Russell. The speech about the inductee almost had me in tears as well. 

That is when the concert of a lifetime begins as Tom Waits and Dr. John along with Paul Shaffer and the Hall of Fame Orchestra perform the songs Make It Rain, Rain Dogs, House Where Nobody Lives, and Right Place Wrong Time. It is followed by Leon Russell singing out Delta Lady, A Song For You with an amazing performance with John Legend. Darlene Love is joined by another legend onstage as Bruce Springsteen is introduced to join her in a musical set. Love and Bette Midler take on (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry and He's A Rebel. 

The 27th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held at the Public Hall in Cleveland, Ohio begins with a performance by Green Day singing Letterbomb and Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill inducting Freddie King into the hall of fame with a speech by Wanda King followed by a performance of the songs Hide Away and Going Down. John Mellencamp inducts Donovan next with a performance by the inductee of his songs Catch the Wind, Sunshine Superman and Season of the Witch. 

Steven Van Zandt inducts Small Faces/Faces attended by Kenney Jones, Mollie Marriott (on behalf of Steve Marriott), Ian McLagan and Ron Wood. The band performs Ooh La La and Stay With Me. Chuck D and LL Cool J inducts the Beastie Boys with an acceptance speech by Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz. The audience is treated to their songs No Sleep Till Brooklyn, So What 'Cha Want and Sabotage. 

Chris Rock gets his time to induct the Red Hot Chili Peppers and there to accept is Flea, Jack Irons, Anthony Kiedis, Josh Klinghoffer, Cliff Martinez, James Slovak (on behalf of Hillel Slovak) and Chad Smith. A performance of their songs By The Way, The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie and Give It Away had me hopping around the house a little (don't tell anyone!). 

The finale caps off the event with the Red Hot Chili Peppers with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Jam Band with Higher Ground.

The 28th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles begins with Randy Newman, the beloved Tom Petty, John Fogerty and Jackson Browne doing the song that makes people everywhere wish they were there in I Love LA. Don Henley gives us a look at Newman's musical history and what he has accomplished. Newman and Henley take the stage to rock a little with I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It).

John Mayer arrives onstage to induct Albert King to the Hall of Fame as Gary Clark Jr. performs Oh, Pretty Woman and is joined by Booker T. Jones and John Mayer for Born Under a Bad Sign. If you don't know Albert Kings work, it is worth everything in your musical world to experience. The performance is stirring and filled with all the soul intended by Albert King the first time he played them. Born Under A Bad Sign performance is the reason we go to musical church time after time!

Chris Cornell inducts the band called Heart. The speeches include Michael DeRosier, Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen and Howard Leese. It is Ann and Nancy Wilson who prove that sisters can rock it like there is no music in the world. Their range and talent can not be matched and I dare anyone to try because you can't break sisters. As Ann Wilson said, they came at a time when there were only four career choices for women and being part of a rock band wasn't one of them. Performing Crazy On You and Barracuda, they are joined by Jerry Cantrell, Chris Cornell and Mike McCready. 

Oprah Winfrey inducts Quincy Jones into the Hall of Fame along with receiving the Ahmet Ertegun Award for Lifetime Achievement. Spike Lee and Harry Belefonte induct Public Enemy and the acceptance speeches include Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X and Professor Griff. 

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins induct the band Rush into the Hall of Fame as Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart take the stage. Along with Grohl and Hawkins, Rush gears up to play the final set with 2112: Overture, Tom Sawyer and The Spirit of Radio. Watching Rush play gives the feeling of being transported back to being at one of their concerts in the early days. This group has made its mark and is the epitome of the era of music.

Time Life continues to bring never before released anywhere classic collections of television shows for fans to revisit and remember what has made television so special. Time Life has released Mama’s Family, CPO Sharkey and The Tonight Show and they now reminds of us of a time when sex and politics were up for grabs with ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit 

The Bluray includes 44 iconic performances from 2010 to 2013 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony's. Four years induction on two brilliantly mastered discs reminds us all why we love our rock and roll as well as other genres of music that has endured. It is over 481 minutes of extensive inductions and musical performances.

This collection has some of the most amazing collaboration of performances that has ever been seen and I personally am thrilled by them. It has been some time since I've seen many of these performers so having this Bluray makes sure that will never happen again. Memorable songs that have become iconic for so many reasons are only one of the added bonuses to this collection.

Adding this four year Rock & Roll Hall of Fame two-disc set to your home entertainment library is like having a concert in your home anytime you like and embracing the music that we keep listening, dancing and occasionally dance around our house in. Music has an amazing ability to transport us back into emotions, both good and maybe not-so-good, memorable times and places that are welcoming. 

Time Life once again takes us on a musical journey that is uplifting, soul searching, endearing, and empowering. That is what they do best with their CD's that I love but now adding the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony's so we can see the singers, bands and performers that have impacted our lives.

In the end - because..long live rock and roll!!!!

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Cult Comes to DVD with the Complete Seventh Season

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the stellar hit FX series that brings questions, fright and jaw drops with AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Cult, The Complete Seventh Season.

The 2016 Presidential elections are happening and it is even reaching the city of Brookfield Heights, Michigan in an emotional way. Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) can't believe that the people of the United States would elect the likes of Donald Trump as President. Suffering from many ailments, this latest catastrophe isn't exactly helping her feel emotionally secure. Ally isn't the only person reeling from the news as Winter (Billie Lourd) is finding her own way of dealing with it all and it doesn't help that 
her brother Kai (Evan Peters) is about to find a way to use that to his advantage. But I've jumped ahead a let me slow down.

Ally and her partner Ivy (Alison Pill) share a son named Oz (Cooper Dodson) who they both dote on lovingly. Since Ally can't keep herself under control emotionally, she leans on her psychiatrist Dr. Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) to help put it all into perspective. Winter becomes Oz's nanny to help relieve some of the stress Ally is feeling and give her more time to help her restaurant succeed. What she doesn't know is that Winter has a little bit of a different nanny style. Kai has a plan that requires unthinkable actions that he sees no problem with - beginning with the clown-deaths of Ally's neighbors and paying someone to beat him up.

With the death of the neighbor, a city council seat magically opens up and Kai is all over it. But Ally is dealing with problems at the restaurant when one of her employees is found in the meat locker. The new neighbors, Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow Wiltons (Leslie Grossman), help Ally get a gun for protection especially since Ally is now seeing killer clowns roaming the streets. Det. Jack Samuels (Colton Haynes) suspect 
Ally's delivery man Pedro (Jorge-Luis Pallo) for the crime and that puts her in a position to defend herself with the same gun the Wiltons gave her. When the neighborhood is covered in a mysterious gas, Ally blames the Wilton's and it's only going to get worse when Meadow disappears.
Kai sees what's happening with Ally and say's he'll help try to stop the protests at her business but he has motives for everything he does. As the election draws closer Ivy meets Winter at a rally. Upset that a man took advantage of her in the crowd, Ivy tells Winter and a plan is hatched to make his day a little less important. Thinking it's harmless, Kai decides to make an example of the man by giving him a choice - stay 
chained up or do the unthinkable so he can vote. 

The election is in full swing and Kai moves onto bigger and better things and starts with getting himself in shape. Hiring a personal trainer, it becomes clear that he will have other uses. He also becomes interested in reporter Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) and uses his charm to prove he is dedicated to her. In return, Beverly gives Kai the scoop on the news coverage about Kai that shows her boss Bob is clearly not a fan of the new political figure. Things aren't looking good for Bob at the moment when Kai and his friends visit him for a 'friendly' chat about his future. The journalist wants to know where Kai came from and what is the odd connection with Ally's doctor.

Kai is having lady problems and when a lady's feelings aren't being returned, well, all sorts of mayhem ensure and there comes a time when Ally discovers that all friends aren't true friends. Thinking that the only way to keep her family safe is to expose Kai turns badly, Meadow has no choice but to take matters into her own armed hands. Surviving Meadow's instructions, Kai decides to take his political bid one step further and announce a run for Senate publically, but privately he asks his followers to prove their loyalty. The problem is by the time the event is over, Ally is left holding evidence and the police want to arrest now and ask questions later. 

Once again Ally is the victim of people with their own agendas and driving her crazy is just a bonus that gets her out of the way and into the hospital. There are still women in the group that have a plan of their own as Kai keeps moving forward.

Winter isn't sure what to make when Kai announces his divinity and believes that she should carry a child. In the meantime Ally is finally released from the hospital and 
has had time to formulate a little plan of her own that includes getting her son Oz back from the group and settling little fires here and there and see what burns - and joining the group is step number one. Ivy isn't thrilled but Ally tries to show that having her family back is the most important thing. Using a little psychology of her own, Ally's steps are slow but very, very deliberate as she edges closer to her mark.

She needn't have worried about Kai because his own delusions have taken him down a dark road and visions of Charles Manson. Believing there is a mole in the group, Ally shuffles the information around with deadly accuracy.

Stronger by the deed, Ally secretly puts everyone on notice and knows it is what has to happen in order for the group and Kai to be stopped. Even when she begins to get her life 
together, Kai tries to strike one more time. Of course you can't keep a good woman down!

Paulson as Ally continues to just own her parts in the American Horror Story seasons. There is not one part that she has played that isn't filled with every human emotion possible and maybe a few inhumane ones as well. She can freeze up one minute and pour it on the next and she has the most stunning facial expressions to pull it all off. She continues with each season to broaden the characters she plays and take them just one step further never truly knowing until the end whether she's gone over or rides the edge of insanity with unique perfection.
From the beginning, along with Lange and Bates, Paulson has made this series ever changing and ever glorious to watch. With the new season premier of American Horror Story already airing its first episode, it is clear that she is going full bore.

Peters as Kai leaves no doubt almost immediately that this character is a force to be reckoned with and showing no fear of repercussions means he is well past being dangerous. He has a little bit of someone else we all know in that Kai can be very endearing to your face while planning your demise at the very same time - to your face. This character seeks out like minded crazies and if you don't follow the rules - a new crazy will emerge. Watching Peters take on such depth with each of his characters has also proven that from the moment he came aboard AHS, it isn't going to be over until he damn well says its over.

Lourd as Winter has such duality in this season. There are moments when Lourd's portrayal of Winter gives you hope that she isn't going to be like her brother and then she flips the script and I'm saying, "oh there is the crazy lady now!". The character of Winter is cold, harsh, loving, loyal and every bit as whacked out as her brother - but which brother? I have so enjoyed watching Lourd come into her own and she is her mother's daughter when it comes to talent and the ability to give us all a reason to keep watching. 

Pill as Ivy is another actress that has just managed to keep me guessing as to whether her character has the ability to be real or has her nose right on too tight which makes it easy to lead her around. Becoming one of the group wasn't something I thought was going to happen but then again, that's AHS for you!

Other case include Emma Roberts as Serena Belinda, Mare Winningham as Sally Effler, Lena Dunham as Valerie Solanas, Frances Conroy as Bebe Babbitt, Chaz Bono as Gary Longstreet, Dermot Mulroney as Bob Thompson, Cameron Cowperthwaite as Speedwagon, John Carroll Lynch as Twist the Clown, Zack Ward as Roger, Laura Allen as Rosie, Dot-Marie Jones as Butchy May and Jamie Brewer as Hedda.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

FX continues to provide viewers with amazing programming including the new series Mayans M.C. along with favorites Legion, Archer and You’re the Worst. For more of what FX has to offer as well as shows, apps and information please visit 

The DVD also includes the Special Bonus Features of the FX Promo Spots which are artistic, misleading, strong, telling, mysterious and everything else every season manages to bring to American Horror Story fans. It's like the biggest most colorful tease in the world. The three disc set contains all eleven episodes including Election Night, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Neighbors from Hell, 11/9, Holes, Mid-Western Assassin, Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag, Winter of Our Discontent, Drink the Kool-Aid, Charles (Manson) in Charge and Great Again. 

American Horror Story began it's run on FX in 2016 and hasn't shown any signs of slowing. Fans have waited patiently year after year to see how all the seasons connect yet don't mind if its not so straight forward in the explanation. 

In 2016, viewers had no idea what to expect from the show and it has continued to be the case since then. Already, people I know who watch AHS are trying to guess where the 2018 story is going to take them and all I say to them is, 'why are you trying to guess?'. I mean seriously folks, that's what makes good television when you sit back and let the ride take you wherever it may.

Nominated for two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Sarah Paulson and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Adina Porter is validation that the show is award worthy (as if AHS followers needed that to know how fantastic the show is!). 

What truly makes this show is the cast that returns to show us the range and diversity of AHS. I just love their dedication to the show and the storyline which, I believe, is another reason fans of the show come back time and time again. 

In the end – know your neighbors and politicians!

Get your Dino Fix with JURASSIC WORLD: Fallen Kingdom

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray/DVD and Digital from director J.A. Bayona and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the next chapter in the world of dinosaur’s with JURASSIC WORLD: Fallen Kingdom.

After the 2015 disaster of the dinosaur park, a new disaster is on the horizon. The island’s volcano is about to destroy what is left of any living creature. A committee in the U.S. debates whether to help them or let the volcano handle it is being watched by Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard). 

She receives a telephone call from Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell) who wants to help. Working for Lockwood is Eli Mills (Rafe Spall) who explains that they have another island for the animals to go to where they will be safe. The problem is locating them all and they need Claire’s help.

The location system on the island is shut down and Mills needs her to go back and start it up as well as find Blue. Claire knows there is only one person that can help with that part of the trip – Owen Grady (Chris Pratt). Finding him is easy but convincing him to come help Blue is trickier.

Loading up for the trip, Claire takes computer wizard Franklin (Justice Smith) and dino-vet Zia Rodriguez (Daniella Pineda). Also with them is back up Ken Wheatley (Ted Levine) and his band of gun toting men. Owen realizes he needs to help and off they go to the island. 

It doesn’t take long before the group realizes they’ve been duped and Blue gets hurt. Wheatley only used the group to get their hands on Blue leaving them for dead. It becomes clear that Mills is actually only interested in selling the animals to the highest bidder. It is Lockwood’s granddaughter Maisie (Isabella Sermon) who catches on and tries to alert her grandfather. 

Owen and Claire make their way to the caravan to discover that Mills is not only responsible for everything that is happening, but that underneath the Lockwood mansion lies another world that is about to be torn apart by something new and far more dangerous.

Because once again the dinosaurs prove life will find a way!

Pratt as Grady jumps in once again because who can resist a lovely raptor creature named Blue. Of course he isn’t about to let Claire go into the fray alone and it doesn’t take long before he is running through an island for his very life. From start to finish Pratt is go-go-go and trying to put a stop to those who seemed destined to bring destruction – and I don’t mean the islands previous inhabitants.

Howard as Claire wants to save the dinosaurs so badly that she’ll take any opportunity to get help. Believing in Lockwood’s plan, she is also back to the island were running is a foregone conclusion – only this time she isn’t wearing heels! After she and Owen find out where Mills has taken the creatures, she eventually will have to make a decision about their fate. 

Smith as Webb is clearly not happy with visiting an island full of creatures that want to eat him but he hangs in for the long haul. Pineda as Zia is the reason we still have Blue on our side! Spall as Mills is a total douche bag and I didn’t need five minutes to figure that out. Once again it seems that the millionaires put their bucks and trust into the wrong people. 

Jones as Eversol gets what he deserves and so does Levine as Wheatley – I mean seriously guys, you can’t crack a whip at a creature with large teeth and not expect something bad to happen right? Wong as Dr. Wu makes an appearance and I still can’t stand him – Dr. Wu that is.

Much love to Geraldine Chaplin as Iris because she is a woman I’ve absolutely adored since seeing her face in the 1965 brilliant film DR. ZHIVAGO. She always brings a gentle nature and in this film it returns with beauty.

Of course I can not let another line go by without saying how thrilled I am that Jeff Goldblum, the man, the myth, the Jurassic Park legend came back to give us a little more of Ian Malcolm. 

Other cast includes Toby Jones as Mr. Eversol, BD Wong as Dr. Wu, Peter Jason as Senator Sherwood, the lovely Geraldine Chaplin as Iris and the incomparable Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

The Bonus Features include Chris Pratt’s Jurassic Journals, On Set with Chris & Bryce, Start the Bidding!, The Kingdom Evolves, Death by Dino, Birth of the Indoraptor, Malcolm’s Return, Rooftop Showdown, Monster in a Mansion and Much More!

You can also Play With Blue with an interactive experience inside the Bluray. JURASSIC WORLD: Fallen Kingdom includes a Digital Movie from Movies Anywhere so you can enjoy films with the Anywhere App through download or streaming. 

JURASSIC WORLD: Fallen Kingdom is furious, a tad predictable, full of dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, bad men coming out of the woodwork and a few surprises. I think we can let the dinosaur’s rest for a bit while Maisie grows up to take over the sprint to catch those that got away.

I had a good time and am still very vocal during the film with ‘oh no!’, ‘did you see that?’, ‘oh my gawd’, ‘whoa!’ and other words not meant for print. That’s what makes the JURASSIC PARK films so much fun to see over and over again from the very first – it is a collective experience for dinosaur lovers everywhere. I mean come on, you have to admit that we actually root for them to get their pound or two of man-flesh! 

There are genres of films that we all love to watch – scary movies, zombie movies and a good dinosaur movie. JURASSIC PARK: Fallen Kingdom is added to the Jurassic series making one heck of an iconic set of films for anyone’s home entertainment library. 

The film is what summer blockbusters are all about and JURASSIC WORLD: Fallen Kingdom is just that in every sense of the word. So gather up the family (might want to let the smaller kids hang out with grandma and grandpa for this one) and prepare for the next chapter in the Jurassic saga. It calls for a big screen, a sound bar and feet up off the floor. 

In the end – the park is gone!




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